Lucas Ocampos scores for Sevilla in 3-0 win vs. Getafe, reaches 8 goals in league


Lucas Ocampos scored for Sevilla in their 3-0 win vs. Getafe.

Ocampos reached 8 goals in the league this season for Sevilla as he opened the scoring in the match. A defensive mistake by Getafe lead to a low cross being sent into the penalty area and Ocampos scoring from close range.


  1. Lo celso js looking really really good in spurs.He suddenly fou d his form,i wanted this form in Copa but still he can give something to Argentina.Lo cwlso would be good at left midfield.There are many option now.Lo celso passsing and creativity is great.Now we have Messi and Lo celso as creative player.

  2. Marcos Rojo is not the same player anymore,rather than competing for his place in Man United squad he just ran away to Argentina Superliga.This is his escape plan i do not like.Marcos Rojo has lost his discipline and agility.No chance in Argentina team.He is overweighted.

    • Bro check out the last two matches of estudiantes he is the worst defender on the pitch . I wud literally put buendia as a CB over him . He didn’t run away from Manchester United. United might have chucked him out

      • Hi destro..are you from India ? Usage of slang ‘Bro’ made me to ask this question. As for as Rojo.. good player and more committed especially for our national team but immensely lacks some basic discipline..if he’s selected again then there is nothing to surprise because that’s what we are witnessing for a long long time..Cabellaro was almost best keeper in 2014 and age also on his side but he was not even selected as a third keeper and his second cap (presume) comes against high intensity match against Croatia.. not even in the picture in qualifiers.. same was happening with Sevilla’s Vasquez.. reasonable player

  3. G.keeper=Benitez/Gazzaniga/Marchesin
    Rb= montiel/foyth
    Lb=licha Martinez/ tagliafico
    CB=Lucas Martinez/Balerdi/Romero/

    DM= pardes/ battagila
    Mf=palacios/lo celso/ocampos/Nicolas Dominguez/Nicolas Gonzalez/buendia

    Attack=Messi/dybala/ lautaro Martinez/thiago almada/Mauro Icardi

    best xi …..

    Walter benitez
    Montiel…… Martinez quarta…… Leondro Balerdi………………. Licha Martinez
    Lo celso….. battagila…. Palacios

    dybala. Lautaro

    My best choice

    • I like the line-up with the exception of Balerdi. He lacks experience and is not getting a lot of playing minutes at Borussia. He is talented and definitely someone for the future.

      • No Canadian royal in the current Dortmund defence he is fourth in the pecking order behind Hummel’s,zagadou,akanji although actually he shud be third because akanji is similar to foyth he is a time bomb hugely error prone n balerdi is definitely more better and reliable than him

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