Argentina legend Mario Kempes wants Lautaro Martinez to join Barcelona


Argentina legend Mario Kempes has urged Lautaro Martinez to join Lionel Messi at Barcelona.

Mario Kempes would like for Lautaro Martinez to leave Inter and join Lionel Messi at Barcelona as he thinks it could be a good leap for the Argentina man. Speaking with TuttoSport, here’s what Kempes had to say:

“Inter are a great club and they are known world wide but Barcelona is totally different. The train only passes once in your life.

“Playing with Messi would be fantastic for him. If he stays with Inter, it could also be good for him to continue gaining experience. It’s been a few years now he has shown that he’s a great number nine. He has shown it with Inter and with Argentina.”


  1. La Liga is the best place for the Arg youths to develop their skills, Lautaro will be fit to replace the old squad, although will compete with Suarez, Griezman or even Ansu Fati or Dembele. Probably Barca will release Griezman and Dembele upon the arrival of Lautoro. Barca playing style, atmosphere and spirit is still outstanding ! Worth learning and experienced

  2. Like others have mentioned – Lautaro to Barcelona would be highly beneficial for Argentina NT!
    Every Barca game would give us a taste of what our national team’s attack could look like. With Messi and Lautaro building a strong, world-class attacking connection in the club, Scaloni could put more work into utilizing other parts of the team

  3. Off topic
    According to the vice president of FIFA, Victor Montagliani, it is very likely that international matches in the second half of 2020 will be cancelled. That would mean that all NT’s will not play a single match in 2020. Qualification for the WC will come under pressure. Maybe Conmebol should split it in 2 groups of five in stead of one group of 10. An international doctor linked to Obama-care stated there won’t be any big audience events (football matches, music festivals etc.) until the fall of 2021. Let’s hope we have a vaccine before that time. Otherwise many clubs will go bankrupt. Although, to put it in perspective, bankruptcy of clubs is not important compared to what is happening to the world with so many people dying.

    • I was thinking about this just few days ago……..I just don’t see how they will have time to play 20 qualifiers, all the club games…..etc between now and the WC???

      NOTHING like this has ever happened before, unprecedented time calls for unprecedented actions……I say they will go with the same countries that qualified for Russia and call it a day.

      • it is very early for have clear picture about world cup qualifiers.
        till august exist very long time.
        as it is picture now exist time for all matches to be played.

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  4. I personally want the Kid to play along side Messi for ONE and ONLY ONE REASON>>>>>to benefit ARGENTINA. NOBODY knows how things will be in a couple of months, nm few weeks BUT I hope he is picked up by Barcelona, playing a “hopefully” full season with Messi for at least the next two seasons>>> Copa and the WC and all the qualifiers in between.

  5. Not sure if this is the good train, Barca is not the same Barca without Iniesta and Xavi. The key players are getting old, the junior and the recently joined players are quite overrated and only Messi carry the entire team by himself. I think staying at Inter will be much better option, they build the team around him. They got Eriksen and probably few more midfielders.

  6. Gonzalo where are you we are missing you and your domestic Argentina league updates.I think Conembol qualifiers has started

  7. Lautaro would be an ideal No.9 at Barcelona and could give a service even as replacement for Luis Suarez. Messi’s presence will give extra benefit to him.

    • Will you continue with your irrelevant comment?
      Which player Pep has develeped, its not called player’s development if you spend 2.5 bn $ in transfer market.
      If he is great at devloping players why is he sweating replace Aguero, why cant he develop jesus. Aguero,Kdb, Silva, Walker, Fernandinho these were already great players before and pep is spending huge amount to replace them. Pep may have developed Ederson, Bernando silva and overrated Sterling.
      If someone deserves praise for player’s development it should be Klopp Salah, Mane, Firminho, TAA, Robertson, Fabinho…….these guys were no one before Klopp.
      If Lautaro comes to Barcelona and establish the connection with Messi like Suarez then and it will relieve the work of Scaloni and we will have World Class attack , we have already seen some of our great individual players performing at very high levels at their clubs but unable to make proper connection at NT.
      If Lautaro plays for Barca he will learn to handle huge pressure of Barca jersey and their fans.
      Pep himself once said about Bravo ” He played for Barcelona where 1000 times more pressure than playing for Man City”
      And where is Gonzalo i have never seen him absent for such a longtime, Is he alright although Poland is not severly affected from Corona but it still worrying even Csabalala would be missing his Rival.

        • Pep made Neuer best in the world, Pep made Muller world class after pep leave bayern muller was no more the player he used to be, pep developed messi, pep made lewndoski best striker in the world, Pep developed Aguero is late 20’s Had Pep coached peck Aguero then Aguero career will be more successful and recognized more like messi or ronaldo. Pep made starling looks like world class Yes Koolp is also great and I would love the young Argentina player develop under Kolpe to but barcelona is famous for destroying Young player even De Jong also flopped where coutinho, dembele, griezmaan need not to mention either. Only positive Lautaro barca move is playing weak and weak with messi which create better chemistry for NT but if Lautaro failed in one or two matches will be leveled flop and his confidence will be destroy. As Lautaro isn’t finished product yet Pep can make him huge like next big thing like mbappe.

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