Manchester City, Real Madrid, Ajax interested in Lucas Martinez Quarta


Several clubs are interested in signing Lucas Martinez Quarta of River Plate.

Lucas Martinez Quarta has grabbed the attention of several of the top European clubs. Per a report by TyC Sports, Manchester City are the latest club to be linked to the 23 year old.

With club captain Vincent Kompany already out of Manchester, Pep Guardiola could be looking to give himself other options in central defense. However, per the report, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Ajax and Borussia Dortmund are also keeping tabs on the Argentine.

Martinez has already played two matches for the senior Argentina national team. Both of them coming in September of last year.


  1. How is the speed of Gonzel Montiel,he has everthing but i am just concerned about his speed against Chile and Mexico he did not do much.His passing,understanding crosses are good but he takes time to gel with team and kind of slow in long sprint,,his acceleration is good but we need who can whole field with same intensity.

  2. France Football team of the season:

    Predrag Rajkovic (Reims) : 5,96.
    Hamari Traoré (Rennes) : 5,41.
    Thiago Silva (Paris-SG) : 5,75.
    Yunis Abdelhamid (Reims) : 5,64.
    Faitout Maouassa (Rennes) : 5,59.
    Marco Verratti (Paris-SG) : 6,00.
    Eduardo Camavinga (Rennes) : 6,13.
    Angel Di Maria (Paris-SG) : 6,17.
    Neymar Jr (Paris-SG) : 6,07.
    Kylian Mbappé (Paris-SG) : 6,35.
    Wissam Ben Yedder (Monaco) : 5,84.

    Di Maria second best player behind Mbappe.

  3. Marcos Sensi
    Cristian Romero
    Lucas Martinz Quarta
    Who is the fastest defender among them.
    We need a fast centre back now, who can it be.
    Mammana was there but now he is injured.
    Who all are the fastest defenders we have
    Pls replay

    • The possible CB candidates are :
      C Romero, Lucas Martinez Quarta , Leanardo Balerdi , Lisandro Martinez, Juan Foyth , Marcos Sensei, Nehuan Perez , Alan Franco
      I must admit that i have not seen anyone in a full match. Just seen some youtube highlight which is never a right reflection . But there are lot of scouting reports/analysis available in net which can give some idea on these youngsters . What i could understand is
      1) CRomero (right)- physically strong , good aerially , pacey ; Avg passer , fouls often
      2) N Perez (right) – good aerially , pacey ; weaker positioning , avg passer
      3) Leonardo Balerdi (left) – good positioning & aerial play,
      4) Lisandro Martinez (left)- good positioning , ball playing ( forward passes ), versatile ( DM,LCB), pacey, aerially weak
      5) Marcos Sensei (left)- decent ballplaying , pace & aerial play ; avg positioning
      6) Juan Foyth ( right) – good ballplaying, versatile (RB) ; fouls often & aerially weak
      7) ALan Franco (right) –
      8) Lucas Martinez Quarta ( right)-

      • So seeing our options , our future CB pairing can be Romero-Lisandro Martinez . or Romero – Sensei
        Romero – Lisandro will be an ideal combination of a physically strong CB + ball playing CB who can do long passes

  4. The main reason Argentina is performing poorly in youth competitions is they are not selecting argentines playing in primerva or youth squads of big clubs like Inter, Juventus, Barca etc. for example Franco vezzoni,Benjamin garay (not garre),Facundo Colodio. those guys have good experience in these clubs youth divisions so hopefully the coaches of U20 and U17 try those players rather than local league players(Nothing wrong with them but they dont play in europe) and it would reduce the risk of losing those youngsters to other NT like Italy etc.

  5. Ajax would be a good destination since their style is very similar to that of River, not to mention that Nico, Licha and Senesi seem to have flourished there.
    Man City (if Pep is there) would be quite good especially since Quarta is the type of ball playing CB that Pep likes and City are in need of a defenders.
    Dortumund is a good destination….in theory atleast, but we saw what happened (or hasn’t) with Balerdi so maybe not.
    AC Milan ain’t what they used to be but playing in Italy wouldn’t be terrible especially as a stepping stone.
    Real Madrid would be a bad idea.

    • the initial hype of argentine young players in transfer market gets deflated pretty fast . Palacios was like destined for Real Madrid . Today it looks like the top clubs prefer brazilians & not argentine young talent . I think thats fine as playing regularly in a mid tier club is better than being regularly benched in a top club at this stage of career. Clearly we have some good prospects in C Romero , JuanFoyth, Lisandro Martinez , Lucas Quarta Martinez , Neuhen Perez , Balerdi , Marcos Sensei . Hope Scalani starts regularly playing them as Otamendi is definitely not going to last till WC22. I believe Pezella can hold guard on one side .

        • i think c romero, lucas martinez , neuhen perez, foyth & even pezella prefer Right CB role. So its maybe Sensei/Balerdi/Lisandro who will be natural prime candidates for Left CB role. Lisandro’s physicality can be a weakness for a CB & hope to see him as an effective DM & CB backup.
          I am really hoping to see Scaloni play youngster CBs in upcoming matches with an eye for future.

      • Hype is meaningless, the most important thing is that a player finds his groove and reaches his potential.
        Palacios was destined for real but injury stopped that and it’s fortunate because he would’ve found it almost impossible to play regularly, but then again Valverde came out of nowhere and established himself so you never know.
        Argentina’s miserable showing at the youth levels in the last decade or so has made their players less desirable that brazil’s that’s true but things change quickly especially if the olympic team does well next year.
        The important things is that there is plenty of talent coming through such as Lautaro, Gaich, Buendia, Palacios, Ascacibar, Nico Dominguez, Mac Allister, Neuhen Perez, C.Romero, Licha Martinez, Montiel, Quarta, Senesi etc….not to mention that Ocampos, De Paul and both Correas are finally living up to their potential while Dybala and Celso have regained their world class status.
        The talent is there, now it’s up to Scaloni to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

        • Agree. Its all upto how Scaloni can maximize this new brigade & blend them with Messi & other establihsed stars. Scaloni has been pretty accomodative – no big egoes of high profile coaches is an initial advantage .
          What i am hoping to see further from him is
          1) Young CBs starting . Start reducing Otamendi’s minutes
          2) freeze on one person as long term goalie No1 . too much rotation here & that wont help. Maybe Musso. One of the reasons for Romero’s decent NT times is the consistency of all coaches ( maradona to batista to sabella to martino & bauza ) to continue him . Even in 2014 when Caballero was at his peak of powers , Sabella didnt even try him once.

          • i dont think Lanzini & Mammana will make it back. They seem to be lost in wilderness & too brittle. Parades clearly is Scaloni’s favourite .

        • I think that not going to Real is a blessing for Palacios. With the arrival of Zidane on the bench, I believe he would have the same fate as Foyth as Tottenham. Palacios can become a very important player but at his young age, I don’t believe that Real would be a good destination for him. Making the first steps in a middle table team is ideal for player development.

  6. Lucas Martinez,Nehuen Perez,Balerdi are best young center back for Argentina.Future is bright in CB position.I hold high hope for Nehuen Perez he looks very wise and stable center back.

  7. Wish Quarta goes to city, Pep will make him world class and partnership with Laporte will improve him too

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