Claudio Caniggia asked AFA president not to miss 1990 World Cup final


Claudio Caniggia found himself being the hero for Argentina on more than one occasion at the 1990 World Cup but ironically enough, couldn’t play when the team needed him the most.

The World Cup in Italy was one of many ups and downs for the then reigning world champions. A shocker of an opening loss, injury to the starting goalkeeper, a win against Brazil, a penalty shootout against Yugoslavia and a win against the hosts in the semi finals. Claudio Caniggia emerged through all of it as the star man alongside Diego Maradona.

Caniggia scored the goal for Argentina against Italy in the semi finals but also picked up a yellow card which meant that he would miss the final. Speaking in an interview with the AFA Play website, Caniggia revealed what was going through his mind and what he told then AFA president Julio Grondona:

“The moment that I got the yellow card, it was just anguish… I was bad for two minutes. I said: “Ay, mother f*****, if we make it to the final, I can’t play. It’s like this? It’s true?” I couldn’t believe it. Maybe there was a chance, I didn’t know how…

“When we were back with the team, I told him: “Julio, you have to do something, I can’t not play the final. There’s something you have to do.””


  1. Icardi is one of the worst striker . Argentina don’t need him . We have enough of telented striker like dybala Alario . L.martinez .chimy avilla .aguro . Gaich.

  2. I get nervous every time Vidal gets a pass from his Barcelona teammates. His touches do not excite me and he comes across to me as being flat-footed.

  3. every article about 1990 world cup remind me very strong emotions feelings and memories about my beloved national team.
    1990 world cup was the first world cup i remember myself and always i feel nostalgic for this era since was my childhood.

    i feel blessed that i lived and that i have memories from this world cup.
    i feel blessed that i lived Diego era even if not in his prime years.

    something last that every Argentina fan in my age knows is that Claudio said one part of the story only. the other part that he didn t say and nobody can say in public is that Grondona and all the players in that squad knew that they didn t follow the order of FIFA president (that era FIFA president was Brasilian ) to lose the game against italy.

    everybody knew that they make FIFA and UEFA confederations “UNHAPPY”.
    everybody knew that in final we was lost before we even go out in pitch in Rome.
    we knew what was coming for us.
    what expected to happened in final was something that the rest of world saw 8 July of 1990.
    Diego ,Claudio , Grondona and the rest knew it from that night in 3 of July of 1990.

    of course the revenge of FIFA to Argentina wasn t end with the Rome final events.
    FIFA was continue take revenge to Argentina for many years after but…. anyway this is something that there is no reason to bring it up in 2020.

    just always when the world cup of 1990 come up my brain and my memory run to those events. that world cup mark my childhood and for that reason i am always emotional.

    sorry from friends here if i make them tired.

    • As i have told you many times my friend, personally i never get tired reading your commemts, on the contrary, although i am not in the mood of posting nowadays, your comment has just brought my reply.

      Once again, i couldn’t have said things better as they were exactly as you said. The fifa president back then, the Brazilian Juao Havelanze, together with the rest of fifa took care to continue their revenge on how they planned to finish Diego and Argentina’s chances in 1994 wc as well. I am not sure if there are many in here who know what exactly happened with Diego in order to participate in that wc, but as Argentina fans we all have to know.

      That is why such comments of yours are way too important than just making people tired. And finally, i understand exactly what you are saying, i am also getting emotional and nostalgic as my beloved Argentina is a part of me, a part of my childhood as well.

  4. Argentina defence is better than Barca,in last 3 matches Barca conceded 5 goals.Alba is defensively very weak we can not forget Liverpool game,Semedo is only good in defending and not consistent,Pique is not fast and weak in air only recently Lenglet seemed to improve but prior to that he was in shamble.Vidal is one of the worst after lockdown,Vidal is tireless but lacks technique and vision,Busquet is always one second slower,way past his prime.De jong is very good as DM but Sentien does not use him in that position, Riqui Puig is playing very good, i do not know when Sergio Roberto proved himself he is either injured or does not know where to play as right back or in midfield he rarely starts.Aguero is better than Suarez,Suarez scores only if Messi assists him.In many season he was worthless.After 2015 he was never same.Griezaman is better but he is not creative enough always needs support from teammates.He can play goid only if he is in his best position and he is crybaby too

  5. Aguero is 33 and he won’t do the same like used to earlier. Icardi is 27 and in his prime year, icardi must be utilized because next 3-4 year He will rule in football.

    • Icardi never gonna to rule anything.Get out of your shell man see the real world.Only Mabapoe,Haland going to rule the world.Icardi is too static to rule the football world.One who always needs services can not rule the world. But Icardi is good player.In place of Alario i can see him

      • Tell me a better striker than Icardi in his age, Aguero Lewandowski won’t be there after 2-3 year. Lewandowski hailed best striker in the world at 31, Icardi will reach the similar level, Icardi will win Golden Boot in coming year and I can bet it with you.

  6. Messi declined comment took many wrong way. Messi isn’t his peak anymore, yes messi is crush for himself messi and we used to win messi topped Golden Boot and highest assist every year. Valverde survived 2 season because of peak messi, Current season barca performed badly even the addition of De Jong because messi single handily won’t carry barca like he used to do earlier. Griezmaan flopped so as Dembele or Countinho still valverde survived because of peak messi. Now messi won’t able to replicate his previous season anymore as he declined in 2019-20 season, Cristiano declined in 2015-16 season still won 2 ballon dor after that but he won’t able to replicate 2007-2015, similarly messi is still best player in the world but he won’t able to replicate 2008-2019 anymore, Messi prime year lasted longer but this season he declined reason barca has tough season, Valverde sacked and Setian is on the verge of sacking.

  7. Now Sentien is following Scaloni that is best for Barca.Messi gonna be more experienced in that role now when he comes to national team.I think Aguero and Lautaro or Dybla or Alario is better than Griezaman and Suarez.Lo celso Paredes De paul better than Busquet Vidal and Roberto.Otamendi Pezella better than Pique and Lenglet.Tagliafico Foyth or Sarvia better than Alba and Semedo. Only Ter Stergen is better than Musso and Andrada.
    Argentina >Barcelona
    Even Argentina has better substitution than this Barcelona.Argentina is in its golden time

    • Well, not sure about defence, I think Barca’s one is lot better.
      As for midfield, there is no doubt our midfielders are more talented and exciting.( De Jong is good but he is not a difference maker like de Paul or lo celso). Puig also looks promising though.
      Attack is kinda same but if we count substitutes, then we have better options coming off the match.

    • Dude, need a bit of realty check.
      There is no way in hell our defenders are better. Alba still edges Tagliafico in attack and they may equal in defense. He’s just older so he’s more inconsistent. Semedo is miles ahead of any right back we currently have especially Saravia who fell out of form. Pique is still a great leader even if he’s slowing down. Id take Pique and Lenglet/Umtiti any day over Otamendi and Pezz. They also play day in the day our while our defenders don’t.

      i don’t know man. I wish we had a Vidal type soldier..B2B tireless brut running chaos in the midfield (Lamela can play that role). Busquet definitely slowing down but he can still have great games. Busquets and De Jong are way better than Paredes right now and i don’t think too many people would argue otherwise. Especially youngster De Jong, the guy is world class at such a young age and is playing at the highest level. i doubt Paredes name would even show up if De Jong was Argentine. Lo Celso and De Paul are better than their attacking mids although Roberto has proven himself over and over again.

      Suarez is the best #9 of the decade, only Aguero could be better if it weren’t for his injuries (Alario is not even on the same planet as Suarez). I would say Dybala is just as good as Griezmann although the frenchies defensive contribution is better that most midfielders lol (thanks to Simeonie).

    • Langlet alone enough than whole Argentina defense and De Jong is better than whole Argentina midfield. Yes attack wise Barca is not even close to Argentina with Icardi, aguero, lautaro, Dybala plus Messi 100 times better than suarez, dembele, griezmaan, Fati. Tar Stegen is the best GK in the world so no comparison. Overall Barca >>> Argentina.

  8. This is my comment on the previous post. Please read it, guys, and give me your opinion about it
    In yesterday’s game, Sittin played 4312, with Griezmann and Suarez at the front and Messi at the back, while in the midfield, Busquets was as DM (Regista), and on both sides he played Vidal and Roberto as CM (Box to Box).
    This is the same plan that Scaloni plays, and I think Barcelona made a good performance, and Messi appeared very comfortable in his new role, which previously announced that he would retreat a little back to take the role of Riquelme as a playmaker and give many decisive passes to the attackers and with the presence of many names that can play as a striker and enjoy high techniques and amazing abilities to tame the ball and shoot from a distance with ultimate accuracy such as Dybala Ocampos Alaryo Icardi Lotaro Correa and Avila (later) there is no longer any fear for the Argentine attack
    As for the midfield, in my opinion, Scalloni is restricting the CM with a lot of defensive tasks like DePaul should be given enough freedom to move forward, the player is very creative, I do not know why all this restriction, while Argentina has excellent Box to Box players and their fitness is high, such as Lucelso Dominguez DePaul Alistair Boindia, in my opinion, scaloni have to revisit this issue

  9. Lautaro should focus and stay at inter .they are building a very good team by signing quality players both young promising talents and old experienced players.

  10. Icardi >Aguero >>> Lautaro=Dybala. Only Messi comes close to Icardi (Messi declined after 2018-19 season)where Alario is a farmer.

    • I think you (Romance King) should marry Wanda and live your own life. And stop posting shit here again and again. Please man have some self respect and sham. Why are you insulting yourself man.

    • Messi declined so rapidly with his 8,71 rating on whoscored this season, only one player had better since 10/11 except Messi ofc, Neymar in his first french year, nothing else. 1 player’s one season of the last 10 years is better individually than declining Messi LOL

      • Neymar is finshed, Sancho is better than him. Comparing with neymar is the insult of messi, Yes Mabappe is close and will overtake in coming year.

    • Icardi will be better than Aguero in your dreams Romance king.Aguero is best center forward in the world and Icardi is not even best in Ligue 1 Cavani is far better than him.

      • that’s the reason PSG wanted to get rid of Cavani and desperate to sign Icardi knowing Juventus interest as well as Arsenal.

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