Paulo Dybala named Serie A MVP of 2019-2020 season, Papu Gomez best midfielder


Congratulations to Paulo Dybala who has been named the Serie A MVP of the 2019-2020 season and Alejandro “Papu” Gomez on winning the best midfielder award.

From nearly leaving Juventus and Serie A all together last season to this, the Argentina man turned his fortune around with hard work and determination. Finishing the campaign with 11 goals and 11 assists to his name as he beat out league top scorer Ciro Immobile for the award.

Another Argentine was recognized for his great play as Alejandro “Papu” Gomez was awarded the midfielder of the season. The Atalanta man finished the season with 7 goals and 16 assists.


  1. Never mind the pandemic saga, but almost all of the argentines have had a really good season except few ones, who struggled to rack up game times. Considering it was a tough period for most our players and young prospects, the lads didn’t showed any signs of sucking and gave their best consistently. The likes of dybala, buendia, nico gonzalez, messi, lautaro, perez, de paul, musso and lately emi had ensured that they better be ready mentally, physically and emotionally, when the WC qualifiers come knocking. And also, we cannot forget about the major achievement of Papa Bielsa who took leeds united to some real heights, this season. I’m eagerly inspired to see, how he would do and thrive among the other greats in PL.

    But what struck me so enticingly about this season, was the rise of Inter and Atalanta, especially inter( and yes not atalanta,cause i was quite aware of their project and wasn’t surprised to see them butchering other italian giants). Inter genuinely, looked the only team in the last 2-3 years who could cut the strings between juventus and scudetto . This season , they looked terrifying and at one time, thought that conte would end up winning it. But they blowed their chances regretfully, with silly defeats and draws and bottled eventually.
    Needless to stay, their defence crumbled badly after the restart and consequently lautaro too,who found himself kicking grasses, may be it was because of the useless barcelona rumors, but it did get a better of him.
    I see inter have real possibility of cliffing off juventus next season if they manage to make some really good signings. Especially in their defense, even though after having Skriniar and Godin in their ranks. Godin will hang up after next season most probably, so it necessary that Zanetti takes initiatives to sign Martinez Quarta. I know Bielsa wants to lure him, but we cannot forget the technical and nurturing abilities of Italian system of unearthing defenders. Doesn’t matter where the player comes from. The signing of Martinez quarta will not only improve Conte’s side but it will also benefit Quarta, as he would expectedly spend the first season as Godin’s understudy. And then make the leap when he hangs up, which is essential as well as logical.
    The other major signing should be De paul, more because, he has the caliber and dynamism to change the rhythm and pace of the play at anytime and he’s versatile too. The inclusion of Eriksen in the squad hasn’t been beneficial upto now. I mean, how can a player be such fallen and dull at the age of 27-28, an age where players usually are in their prime. The guy was shivering at times. Had he upped his game, lautaro could have put 20 in the basket by now, but i guess, blame won’t do justice cause lautaro missed a lot of chances too. But, overall the signing of De paul will be blessing, if inter manages.
    Not only it will shoot up his rise, but it also means, more opportunities and chances for lautaro and lukaku. If Inter wants the title, they better look out for these players, Conte should note too. And side by side we will reap the benefits in the NT as well.
    About Musso, i’m optimistic that, even if Zanetti fails with the above negotiations, at least he may do a bit favor to inter as well as Argentina by signing him. i don’t see Handanovic holding on to his form next season. So they definitely goona need Musso.

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  3. Great news. Dybala’s level was absurd at times and kept proving himself when given the chance as 9. This guy has been at top level for years and this season, CR7 may have scored more, but Juve clearly ticked better with Dybala’s forward drive.

    It’s a bit interesting that people here keep arguing about Aguero vs Martinez vs Icardi vs Alario as if the most inform 9 isn’t in our faces. Besides, Dybala did well with Messi against Uruguay and Brazil, exciting to see how they progress.

  4. Marco Senesi is the latest to be linked with Leeds. He and Buendia, are the only 2 Argentines in their long purchase list. They are looking at players with English or Euro experience only. Buendia also seems unlikely, since norwich are making 2 other major sales.

    18 year old Santiago Hezze is being linked to Genoa and Club Bruges. He is part of the current u20 set up.
    Hezze is just one of 5 or 6 young players brought into Huracán squad by coach Damonte. Another highly rated 16 year old Juan Gauto has also been promoted. Really wish Huracán do well so that it will encourage other teams to follow suit.

  5. Papu Gomez deserved the second chance to be called by N/T; it will bring new and refresh the standard of our mid field; along with Messi and one lethal striker the attack will be awesome. Beside he is on fire, only De Paul and Ocampos are doing well.

    Lo Celso exhausted under Mourinho so do others..

  6. Icardi won MVP 2018, Dybala won 2020. After 2007 golden generation only Icardi and Dybala shined as the best Argentine footballer now Lautaro is the new addition.

  7. The “4–3—2—1” Christmas Tree plan gives many players in the middle of the field, helping to establish a high-pressure style in the middle.
    This plan lacks width but the movement and rotation of the full backs up and down going high with attacking midfielder coming inside will disrupt the opponent defense
    This formation is a defensive tactic, as a structure the emphasis is on solidity and rigidity, the full backs should give width in the defensive and midfield third
    The N/T needs to try this plan instead of the 4–4—2
    It is suitable to cover up lazy Paredes because it is witnessing 5 players in the middle
    Messi will play a free role as Kaka was with Milan 2007 and beside him Ocampos (Seedorf), where he will play an important tactical role here physically strong , good with feet , presses well and a strong defensive contributor with Lautaro or icardi in the forward and support from Montiel, Tagliafico or Acuna would be great
    And the advantage of this formation is flexible and dynamic, it can be transformed according to the circumstances of the match to 4-3-3 by Ocampos, messi push out wide
    Or to 3—4—2—1 or 4—4—2 diamond or even flat

  8. Musso – Montiel Pazella Foyth Tagliafico – LO Celso Paredes De Paul – Messi – Dybala Lautaro

        • Hi son why did you not include Icardi he is good no doubt but he is lazy does not do any work Messi is special that’s why he gets special treatment dybala is lazy too overrated I would have Icardi instead of dybala every time

  9. As Argentina is playing attacking or possession kind of football so we need Emi Martinez kind of goalkeepeer than Musso.Not taking anything away from Musso he is a great goalkeeper but condition suits Emi Martinez more as he has transformed himself to such kind of goalkeeper that who can play in any formation,in any team.

    • Argentina NT wont play possession based football against every team for example against a team like uruguay,vevenzuela,colombia or portugal and other teams who usually use park the bus strategy Argentina NT might use attacking football or possession based football but against attacking teams like spain, brazil, Netherlands, Germany, England and even France Argentina NT might use counter attacking football since Scaloni dosent believe in a particular style like Bielsa or Guardiola or Klopp. He changes his strategy according to the opponent as i have noticed in his matches as the coach of NT. Zidane of real Madrid also does similar things he also dosent have a fixed strategy for all the teams he also changes his strategy according to the opponent.

    • I’m not sure we can characterize Argentina under Scaloni as a possession based team. He prefers vertical, direct football, getting the ball into attacking third quickly and not possession a la tiki taka. At times Scaloni is more that happy to sit back and let the opponent attack us.

      As for Emiliano Martinez, I also like him but think that Musso has spent more time playing on a regular basis and deserves the starting spot more. I would certainly include Emiliano in the squad though. Overall, I think players who don’t play regularly should not be called up at all.

      • Musso’s distribution is not good i never saw him making any long balls for forward player.Musso is great keeper but Emi is better than Musso in various aspects.With 2nd choice goalkeeper Argentina reached 3 finals because Romero was great goalkeeper.Skills should be considered more than playing time.

      • Enganche, totally agree. Scaloni isn’t a possession based coach and our games show it. Many copa and friendlies, our possession was astonishing low, like 30% sometimes. If i recall correctly, the friendly against Uruguay was one the 1st instances Scaloni controlled the game against a top opponent through possession. We had like 65%.

    • I’m still not familiar wilth Emi’s game as he just started to play more. Musso had the most clean sheets in Serie A when he plays for a team that was near relegation in the final two weeks of season. Some of the athleticism Musso has shown in his saves is incredible

      • Musso distance shot stoping something exceptional, but i feel he is little weak in close range which Will be solid with time, and exerience, on the other hand despite less game time emiliano prove that what he is worth, for me both of them 50-50 for starting goalkeepe, both of them force theit spot in nt,,, i bet emiliano will further show why he is one of the top goalkeeper if he is regular in his game, emiliano this man is real deal, i bet he is worth to be best

    • When sample size is low, everyone looks Good, the situation of Gazza was also similar. Musso is the world class GK on making, Alison also won Golden Glove playing with Roma in 2017 then rest is history.

      • Hay Romance king,stop talking like shit.A report suggested that Emi Martinez saved almost 81% on target shots,more than anyone in EPL and you continuesly compared him with a Bellow average gk Gazzanigga.!!

        • Merza, thats the point. Martinez saved 81%, which is fantastic, but the number of games is few (aka “sample size”). Like many have mentioned, perhaps is wise for Martinez to play an entire season as he can lose form or be benched by Leno upon his return. Similar to Gazza last year…. he was on fire for a brief moment but that didn’t last long as lloris returned from injury and benched Gazza again.

          • class is permanent form is temporary, some people needs to knowledge it, they need to give respect on that, emiliano is not a joke even leno benched him,

  10. A huge injustice done here instead of Wojciech Szczesny being named best goalkkeper of the season .Juan musso should have won the award he performed better than szczesny and even handanovic peformed beeter than szczesny but happy for dybala and gomez they deserved their awards though.Hopefully musso gets transfered to inter this season and he is made starting GK for NT by Scaloni.

  11. De Paul had a great season as well. If judged by the performance this season I think this should be the team:

    Montiel——–Pezzella———-Licha —-Tagliafico
    ————-De Paul————Lo Celso————-

    • Good team enganche, love the fact that Dybala is there because the kid’s been amazing, however I would still make a few changes though; take out Paredes because, up to the Dortumond game, he wasn’t doing well at all for PSG and put Licha there instead.
      Bring in Cristian Romero (in whoscored U21 team of the season) and put him in Licha’s place next to Pezzella and put Celso right behind messi while De Paul takes his favored position on the left side as follows:

      Montiel——–C.Romero———-Pezzella —-Tagliafico
      Lo Celso——————————-De Paul————-

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