Geronimo Rulli joins Villarreal on permanent deal from Real Sociedad


Geronimo Rulli has joined Spanish club Villarreal from Real Sociedad.

Rulli, who spent a full season on loan with Montpellier is back in Spain but with a new club. After joining Real Socidad initially on loan in 2014, he later signed for Manchester City where he played zero games and spent another season on loan at Sociedad. In 2017, the move was made permanent and while initially doing well, he would go on to lose his starting spot.

He spent last season at Montpellier and has joined Villarreal on a four year deal for a reported €5 million. Still only 28 years old, Rulli has already played for the Argentina national team and will look to once more be called-up to the team.


  1. Celta made an offer for Martinez Quarta. I am very disappointed, I can’t believe that Argentinian players can’t have offers from big clubs anymore. Since Gago and Higuain no Argentinian players leave the league for a big in Europe. What do you guys think about this?

    • “What do you guys think about this?”

      My view: Where is he getting first team minutes. That is most important for NT. If he is good enough to walk into Real Madrid XI on first day nothing better.

      But the most important thing for development is game time. I would much prefer a 24 year old new export to play 40 full games a season in a B level team than 8-10 full games in a A level team. Why? Sports science tell us conclusively the best practice is actually consistent, week after week match time. Not training ground practice, not camp battles, not doing drills. Nothing can substitute or prepare for match time.Only iron sharpens iron. Of course from fan point of view that is not sexy.But from talent growth perspective slow and steady is better than quick one year shot at glory.

      Just have to be careful not to be in a team that is relegated next year. In other words, for national team talent management, consistent starting XI of mid table > bench of league winner.

      • yes agree . Cristian Romero profited by being with Genoa & has progressed well last season by being regular starter & against playing top attackers in Serie A. But at some stage they should be able to graduate into a bigger team & thats where most of our stars are failing . Rojo’s graduation to ManU is the ideal progress . Unfortunately injuries & maybe discipline wrecked him.

  2. Farmer Romance King is my favourite football critic. So much knowledge , soothsaying , fortunetelling in one person !
    Amazing ! May the Balon d Lord Icardi have mercy !

  3. in mainland Argentina we have the famous Gaucho.
    it is like the cowboys in US. The Argentine version of cowboys.

    Neuer and Ter stegen will be perfect to work as farmers there.
    milking the cows and do the works in our farms in mainland Argentina together with Gaucho.

  4. Germans are good only in farming.
    especially their goalkeepers are good for farming and to cut trees in the woods.

    German farmers are the best.

  5. “According to Marca, Barcelona FC management, in search for a somewhat low-cost backline target, are planning a move on Argentinian international centre-back Germàn Pezzella (29). Fiorentina captain, who might leave on an about 14 million euros transfer fee, is also tracked by AC Milan, Napoli, AS Roma, and Valencia.”

    • On a two-year loan with option to buy and counter-option. Its so sad Simeone not see an Atletico-caliber defender in him, same as Romero in Juventus, Foyth in Spurs, Dortmund in Balerdi.

      • Well, at least they are going to play, I’m ok with that.
        If they are going to play they will eventually find a big club. But, the most important thing is to play and improve.

      • I still look at this optimistically . If u note Perez, Romero & Balerdi have moved on loans . Even Mourinho preference is loan & not sale of Foyth. This can also be a reflection that these clubs sees future in these youngsters & they want them to move to relatively smaller clubs & gain playing minutes.

    • There is no problem with this. He is still very young and not developed enough for atlético. Plus a move to Italy is a major improvement from Liga NOS.

    • His parents are argentines, born in Mexico, but growing up in Spain, parents want him to play in ARG NT, let him go if he feels himself rather spanish, not a real argentine hearted player, like Messi.

      “Stretty News claim Man Utd held some discussions over possibly bringing Romero to Old Trafford, but it seems the Argentine’s current preference is to remain where he is.

      The report adds that United are not the only big club interested in Romero, with the teenager attracting suitors from all across Europe.”

  6. Regarding the Tokyo Olympics, the coach maintains his idea of not using players other than Under 23. He also ruled that he considers that there are boys with a high level and that this type of tournaments is going to be important for Scaloni to see and in the future be part of the senior team.
    -Fernando Batista

  7. Best goalkeeper for next season 2020-21
    1 Juan Oblak
    2 Emi Martinez
    3. Courtious
    4 Manuel Neuer
    5. Allison
    6 Ter Stergn
    7 Ederson
    8 De Gea

    • Shut UP idiot Austun Villa caliber Goalkeeper and FA Cup winner ahead of European Top club, league champion, UCL winner. Being a fan of someone is good but your comment making fun Argentine players. Musso is much ahead of Emi Martinez but he isn’t world’s top 5 best GK. Just show respect towards Neuer or Alison.

      • No one here wants you to exist in this site.You are piece of shit,your parents must be thinking of you as their worst mistake.
        By the way it is never about club but about individual player.Musso does not exist in top 20.Many golden gloves are coming for Emi Martinez.Mark my words.

        • LOL Villa caliber goalkeeper, Musso is the future of big club like Inter. What is the definition of individual player. Farmer Emi Martinez can’t even bench Leno and individually better than Neuer and Tar Stegen. There is a limit of Idiotness. It’s good to be the fan of someone but without crossing limit. Emi Martinez individually better than Neuer and Tar Stegen who can’t bench leno is like Sanchez is individually better than messi and Ronaldo who is bench warmer to lautaro. Don’t make fun of yourself, Emi Martinez is behind Armani, Andrada according to scaloni.

          • Many Arsenal greats are saying that Emi Martinez should be starting goalie in Arsenal and he has the caliber for top 6 clubs in Premiere league but it depends on coach and club.Let season come you will see why Emi Martinez is special.Arsenals many goals started with Martinez playing out from the back.He gives extra edge to any team.
            Musso is just good shot stopper,he needs to commands his box well and make better his distribution with feets.

          • The goalkeeper you mentioned were worldclass and no1 in a big club at the age of 21. Emi Martinez is no where near them, just stop being fanatic. Cheak out stats of Neuer and Oblak at 23, Emi Martinez flopped in la liga a season ago. It’s utter insult to mention a goalkeeper who played barely 30 league matches at the age of 28 with world class goalkeeper playing champion league football bellow 23. Emi Martinez is no where near them and stop making fun of yourself. I want Emi Martinez to succeed but he isn’t the level of Courtious, Neuer, Alison or Tar Stegen.

          • You are absolute piece of shit.It does not matter if they started at 21.Their peak came around 30.Xavi peak came when he was 30+.Look at Sergio Busquet started young, he was great but now he has become a piece of shit like you,he could not contain his abilities.Does not matter he started young or old what he is now at present is more important.Martinez is a complete package he has all abilities to become world class.

        • Your ranking is the insult to Neuer, Tar Stegen, Allison, Courtious. Emi Martinez is no where near them in terms of ability, respect world class GK and don’t behave like stupid blind Fan. Currently Armani, Andrada and Musso ahead of Emi Martinez. Let’s the season starts and how Emi Martinez performed for Villa. Even Rulli can claim no1 spot for Villarreal under Emery. As of now scaloni prefer musso 🆚 andrada.

          • I am not a fan of Emi Martinez,he has everything that a world class goalkeeper needs.If he starts in Arsenal as no.1 that would be great,you are going to see.I have seen many world class goalkeepers from Oliver Kahn,Casillas to Neurer and Oblak.Emi Martinez has somethong special in him world will know it soon.

          • @Kavi please do not argue with Romance King. As he is legend in football game as he thinks. We r the farmers who loves Argentina football. We are always excited with any Argentine player who performed well in football. We love to dream as our goalie will becoming the world best in the form of Emi Mertinez as he is playing exiting football. We do not want any so called Argentine lover like Romance King in our site. Please leave.

        • That’s the different things, putting Emi Martinez in the bracket of world class Goalkeeper is the insult to them, a real football fan never do it. According to scaloni Emi Martinez behind Andrada. Let’s see how he performed for Auston villa, Musso is the best Argentina GK who is just 26 and performed top label since 24 in Europe even in Racing Musso was outstanding. Musso played twice number of first team matches despite younger than Martinez, 14 matches can’t make anyone superior and you’re comparing villa caliber goalkeeper to world’s best goalkeeper, have some shame man.

  8. Old Mundo user knows how much I used to admire Rulli despite his poor season in Real Socided, without any doubt Rulli is world class GK like De Gea but lost in confidence and poor form reflects his performance. I stopped praising Rulli from last season onward when he moved to Farmer league where he performed at his best again but statistically Rulli outshine farmer benitez. Now Rulli back to top league again under top manager like Emery, his performance will be evaluated and could solve no1 problem for Argentina. Experience wise Rulli is just behind Armani who is Argentina first choice GK as of now.

    • We remember.
      But we also wanted him but he didn’t progress as expected. Plus he’s error-prone. In a tournament, it may cost you. Just like Higuain miss.

      Musso progressed well during this period. Now Emi Martinez showing his class.

    • Foyth is currently in Villareal, Brighton & maybe v remotely in Leeds agenda . Leeds’s current preference is the Croatian 18yr youngster Gvardiol who is more left based CB. Gvardiol can be a cover for Liam Cooper who is their captain. The situation was complicated by Mourinho who is seeming to want to only loan him while Villareal & Leeds wanted to buy him.
      Leeds was best suited for Foyth as a CB & thats a terrible miss due to Mourinho & Leeds has moved on by buying Robin Koch who is a right footed CB. Foyth anyway cannot fit in as a rightback with Bielsa as his style doesn’t suit & could have only looked for Right CB role in 4 man or 3 man defense.
      Brighton has many good defenders. so crowded for him .
      That way Villareal is best for Foyth in current options. He can displace the 35 yr Raul Albiol & be their long term CB with a brilliant manager in Unai Emery. Just hope Mourinho is not adamant & agrees a sale.

  9. Good luck to the once promising future GK of Argentina who so far did not live up to the expectations. He’s at his peak now and at 28 is still young for a goalie. Hope he becomes a starting GK at Villareal and shows consistently what he is capable of.

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