Nicolas Tagliafico set to return, Argentina possible eleven


Nicolas Tagliafico, who missed Argentina’s 1-1 draw vs. Paraguay is set to return to the team’s eleven vs. Peru in the World Cup qualifier.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni recover some good news as the left back is set to get the green light and return to the team. The 28 year old missed the World Cup qualifier vs. Paraguay due to foot injury in his left foot.

The entire Argentina squad also tested negative for COVID ahead of the game vs. Peru. Per a report by TyC Sports, should Tagliafico be back in the eleven, it wouldn’t mean that Nicolas Gonzalez would be out. The Stuttgart man impressed and could find himself started ahead of Lucas Ocampos up front. Per the report, here is the rumored eleven vs. Peru in the World Cup qualifier on Tuesday:

Armani; Montiel, Quarta, Otamendi, Tagliafico; de Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso; Messi, Lautaro Martinez, Ocampos or Nicolas Gonzalez



  1. The great Mascherano has hung up his boots after a long career. I have so many memories from his leadership, resistance, and resilience, but whenever his name got mentioned I see two things before my eyes; his timely and clean tackle against the Netherlands in the dying minutes of that semi final which I think will go down in football history books as the finest tackle a player ever made and his bravery taking of the penalty shootout when Messi missed it in the final and every other Argentine player was either dissapointed or scared of taking the penalty. I think a great coaching career is ahead of him as he has everything that transforms him into an amazing manager. As I think he will be better than Simeone and Poch.Thank you Masche for your services!

  2. Mascherano retires. What a legend. Mascherano didn’t have a great body for a centre-back and had to adapt to a new position in Barcelona. Since his arrival, he imposed his effort and leadership, and was not afraid of anything. After giving everything, he had to leave the club and since then the club and the national team has not found anyone like him.

    The lion. The maestro of the clean tackle. There is not a day when Argentina and Barcelona’s defence does not miss Javier Mascherano. A player whose nickname says it all: El Jefecito, the little chief. His height opposes to any characteristic sought in a centre-back. Mascherano was a small player, but he had a level of lethality and mentality as high as the peak of the mountain.

  3. I think here everyone knows that sooner or later Armani going to cost Argentina.Armani is used to play against sub-standard players of Argentina domestic league but when he will face top-standard players he will be exposed.
    Not in a single aspect of game he seems to be better than any other goalkeeper.
    Mascherano retired, Argentina going to miss him, A Legend, A warrior

  4. Its dissapointing to see Martinez not getting a chance so i assume he has no chance before copa. We have 3 problematic positions to be frank defensive midfield where we don’t have a world class talent after retirement of Mascherano then comes right back which is shaky and not creative enough and also the left wing which is not as threatening as it should be. Even i have doubt regarding tagliafico he is surely not world class and struggled big time against France in 2018 wc and im not convinced he is improved enough to be our undisputed starter at lb mayb acuna can be tried there he is playing regularly in much more competitive league. I rate lisandro Martinez highly and love to see him and romero as a cb pair in future. Its good scaloni trying to stabilize the team with stability bt in some position he needs to be brave many top talents like buendia romero is overlooked for no reason. 2014 batch of attackers were far better that we have right now. Defensive workrate is ok bt as a forward players their first priority should be forward runs, good passing, goal scoring threats we need to improve a lot both defensively and in scoring the chances as in big games chances will not come easily. Fluidity is missing because apart from locelso and palacios other midfielder we have all are more or less workhorses not creative enough.

  5. I was out of town for work all last week, missed the game but watched some highlights and I guess some things remain the same as in South American shitty officiating and the misuse of VAR but as always a new upcoming game will lift the spirits, providing it goes the way we all want it to go.

    Speaking of somethings that will not change, the nonsense that has plagued this site!

  6. Some are saying chemistry is the issue but chemistry is never better than the talent one have.Against best Europian teams Armani does not have chance. Neither he is good at long and short passes or in playing out from back too slow to release the ball. Argentina should not let the national team down because of local politics that sends a bad message to everyone.

    • You are trying to show your right with wrong way.
      Chemistry is the most important aspect in football. especially in 21 century football.
      in Maradona era and before era talent of one player could make the difference.
      Not anymore. football change totally from then.

      Exactly because politics exist unfortunately it should not sends the bad message to everyone.
      which is behaviour like Sampaoli that lost the dressing rooms and the respect of everybody inside the team. that cost us 2018 world cup that wasted.

      i don t know your age but do you know how many times in past i have see defenders or other line players to expose intentionally some teammates (goalkeepers or other ) because they didn t like them or they was not in good relations with them? or because one new come that didn t have the acception from veterans of team yet?

      i am not saying that this will happened. i mention only just to give some different ways to see the picture.

      But in the end i don t want you to understand that i try convince you that you are wrong.
      No you are not wrong.

    • So was said about gonna happen to Romero,Rojo,Basanta and Biglia too against so called big European team but all you have known the results. There is a process in NT and fans and players and coach should have patient and faith. France, Germany or even Portugal playing relatively better than everyone else only because they had their fair share of time together to achieve the chemistry and system. They didn’t start get playing better suddenly. Your big European team France lost in big tournament final in their back yard but they didn’t change anything even they changed so it was a slow process I don’t know what is your problem with Armani but he is good gk only negative is he is little bit older than all of our young gk. If Martinez given chance and he fucked up then his carrier is finished even before started. And people like you all here will call for his head. I have seen this happening for long time here so it’s nothing new. You can write your opinion but again and again insult and saying over same thing is annoying my friend.

  7. This site has 5 or 6 decent people in it
    Everyone one else are just crybabies
    Who know nothing about foot nor argentina for that matter…. Some people are just master’s
    At sucking the energy and fill the blog negativity and nonsense

  8. Here are my thoughts..

    There are two full teams who are practicing together. 23 players. At least 2 players for each position should be ready to play. I believe that is how the team is prepared. So I would be surprised to believe Damian Martinez or Papu Gomez are not ready to play. What if Armani gets injured, we will play without a GK?

    I don’t see logical reason for Armani to be above Martinez at this moment. I think its just the combination of experience, don’t change if its not severely broken and local politics. The next set of 4 games are tough and then there is Copa, so I don’t see Martinez or anyone else replacing Armani in near future.

    Some players are in form now. That means they are high on confidence. They should play like Papu, Martinez etc. No point playing them when they are out of form.

  9. Gonzalez will be better option than Ocumpas i think. Ocumpas looks off so far this season. Gonzalez is brave,hard working, direct,can pass and dribble also good header,most importantly has eye for goal. It wasn’t easy for him to play as LB but he did really good. After seeing him in last game he looks better and better on left side in defence and offence wise to balance the team with Tagliafico will back in his place. Also with Peru height won’t be matter so we can sit out Ocumpas maybe. Hope this few days give the squad time to know each other more

  10. I Don’t know why gomez is not started in 1st 11,he is consistent player in his club and he is performing consistently without any doubt but still he is not selected for the team… He is more fast creative crosser and defending also good ahead from ocampos and even di maria but he never get a chance as a substitute for 1minute… Emi martinez is way ahead from armani andrada but still he never gets his chance also… In form player alario performing far far better than lautaro but still he is not starter… Scaloni take the charge of this team 2years ago and still he is not balanced and shaping the team,he said that we are not practicing together etc etc,but other team also face the same situation and they perform better than us… Their team chemistry way better than us and scaloni give excuse of this… I.know that referring of previous match was worst but we never get the winning goal,only messi gives some brilliant effort and others are just showpiece,no agressive penitrating football we saw from scaloni, slow posession based football we seeing under scaloni…even he never like counter attacking football which is way better than possession tactics…i am really huge disappointed with scaloni…just finger crossed and pray to god against big teams…

  11. Don’t get me wrong guys messi karate control was amazing.. but where is the communication between players. Lo celso and parades was in a better position to hit a volley if messi had left the ball.

  12. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still watching the replay of messi flying karate kick to bring down and control the ball. Unbelievable! What a player. I don’t care if he vomited on the sideline. I don’t care if armani is starting, or if tagla is starting over nico.
    Many people waste their lives complaining and asking why… I learned that we should just enjoy, especially if we are lucky enough to support a team like argentina.
    No matter the lineup scaloni makes, we will still qualify for the world cup.

  13. The First Point is : THE BOARD OF ARGENTINA FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION! I don’t know why they appoint some fuckin’ Managers as Head Coach! Always they don’t give chance to Argentina’s Top Players! Scaloni benched Di Maria first half against Paraguay match! Armani Instead Of Emiliano Martinez!
    It gives Messi no hopes to win any big tournaments with National Team!
    If there was Dybala then i know they would obviously benched him!
    Why they don’t appoint some More Experienced Manager, also they have so many Great Manager like : Mauricio Pochettino, Gabriel Batistuta, Gerrardo Martino and many more! But still Sampaoli’s Assistant!
    I don’t know how Messi can win World Cup with this Squad in 2022! I’ve no hope by this Squad in front of like France, Brazil, Spain, Belgium etc!

    • wait bro, Argentina will lose this.match by 2-0. what is the reason scaloni is call up e.martinez, Gomez during this amid situation.if he wanted to choose 11 players he supposed to choose 11 players. this team won’t win against Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Chile. can draw with uruguay, win against venezuela.

  14. Gonzalez did better in 1 game than Tagliafico in 3 years as titular !

    Tagliafico is fucking overrated. He is not a amazing defender, not very good with the ball and never do any crosses. Not a mystery if any big club tried to get him during the last summer.

    • You said it all in your first sentence !!!! BigFacts Gonzalez should start for tagliafucko!!! Tagliafucko is the king of two things:
      1) not getting back in time in counter attacks
      2) the back pass

      • The backpassing has be from top down because its not only Tag. Paredes, De Paul, etc. in general, we do lack forward passing. Its painful to watch..hopefully Scaloni et al change it up because that ain’t going to get us closer to WC victory.

  15. Don’t underestimate club connection. Armani, Montiel and Quarta had played together for a while. NT team coaches have very little time to implement their ideas so having a few players with better chemistry and understanding can make a difference.

    • River isnt a big club. Players from that club dont know what is to fight against the best strickers of the world because their biggest rivals are Tevez (36y) from Boca or Gignac from Tigres …

      Quarta : 1 game with Fio, already a red card because he wasnt ready for that level yet. In europe everything is more strong, fast and powerful.That’s why many argentinans are stars in South American and random players in Europe (like Kranevitter, Lanzini, Palacios, Mac Allister, Drussi or Bennedetto). it’s like to play the Argentinan basket ball league and go in NBA !

      • Why not mention those who succeed
        In top European leagues
        Lo celso
        N gonzalez
        L Alario
        C Romero
        M. Senesi
        Lich martinez
        L martinez
        F medina
        De Paul
        And many more
        BTW lanzini didn’t fail in fact he was
        West ham hero before he got
        Devastating injury in 2018
        You re one of those who spreading negative

        • They are in eroupe for years. So its obivous that they improved. In argentina league there are talented players but they cant reach their full potential unless they move to eroupe. Look at lautaro. He has improved many ways after joining to inter.

      • RIVER PLATE is not big club !!!

        whatever you will post from today and after i will press my personal IGNORE BUTTON for you like Romance king because as i see you are not one person to take serious. Jesus what else i will read in this forum !!!

        • River Place is a historic club but not a big club of football right now !

          In PL, Liga ou Serie A it could be a team between the 8 and 12 positions. No more.

          Dont live in a illusion.

          • you live with your illusions. not me. it is nonsense what you saying. River plate and Boca is among the biggest clubs in world. in every aspect. it is not my opinion only. it is accepted from people all around the world. and from your beloved Europeans by the way.

          • River and Boca are ones of the best team in the World ? Nice joke ! They are random team! Only Argentinan who dont understand nothing about Europeen football can think they are top team right now ! Look the clubs world cup: Boca was destroying easily by Barcelona 4y ago and 2 years ago River was ridiculous against Al-Aïn in semi ! This is the real level

            It’s funny to see some people living in a illusion and think River or Boca could compet for the Champion’s League if they was in europe. Enzo Perez or Salvio was totaly down for European Football and now they are the leaders of Boca and River. Kranevitter was the “mastermind” of River but failed everywhere in Europe. Gonzalo Martinez was the superstar of River, He never had a offert in europe. Same for Pavon… Bennedetto the striker of Boca ? Ridiculous in the French Farmer League. Funes Mori the new Ayala ? Nobody remember him in Villareal, McAllister the genius of Boca ? On the bench with Brigthon. Palacios the playmaker of Boca ? On the bench of Leverkusern. Oh sorry they are all amazing players, just all the coachs dont understand how strong they are.

            Welcome in the real world my friend. River couldnt probably even win again medium solid team like Betis Seville, Grenada, Fiorentina or Aston Villa. This is the only true. Boca’s and River’s Players are not Elite players they are random players !

          • River not a big club ?
            Okay. First off when talking about a massive club like River or Boca you should make clear what you mean by “Big”.
            River and Boca belong to the highest echelons of football. Usually a big club implies clubs that fight for high stakes tournaments , fan base etc.
            Rive plays for the highest tournament in SA the “Copa Libertadores” has one of the biggest fan bases in world football and plays as favourites year in year out.
            CL and those tournaments are europe centric and its really dumb to say whether River deserves to play in those tournaments. Other point being in any sport growth is where the money is. So it is expected that clubs in europe will afford better players potentially. Not because they made them but because they bought them.
            There are far too many shitty teams in CL anyway today. Please qualify what you mean by “big”. For any sensible football fan River is just as big as a Barcelona or a MU etc.

      • Somethiong last. Manu Ginobili ,Louis Scolla , Carlos Delfino and others actually begin from Argentine league and actually went to NBA with big success. GINOBILI is NBA LEGEND !!!

        for not mention that we are curently RUNNERS UP OF WORLD CUP !!!
        we are SECOND in WORLD !!!
        stop the nonsense.

        • Are you talking about Ginobili who came in NBA 20y ago to argue about 2020 ? Lol.

          In which year are you living ? I talk to you about NOW. And by the way Ginobili was in Italy before to go at the Spurs and he needed years to be a top NBA players like Tony Parker… Stop to transform the history please.

          • you mention NBA not me firstly. read your post if you don t remember what you write. and we are SECOND in world in basketball in 2019 WORLC CUP !!!

            is it fresh enough for you?

            whatever you will say from now on to insult my country s football basketball or people you will not receive any answer anymore. You are Romance king material.

          • THis is the problem of some argentinian like you : they are so arrogant. Argentinan have a amazing sport history for sure. But you always think you are the best … its why your teams dont evolve in the good way, they refuse to see the true. If Argentinan had coachs, supporters and players who can analyze what didnt work, they had the potential to already won the World cup.

            I said the true :Argentinan players in the Argentinan League are not Elite world players When i said the difference of level between Argentinan Basket Ball League and NBA is the same like a Tennis game between Nadal and a random player people. I cant hide that true.

            And talking about Ginobili to defend your Basketball League is ridiculous because Gino become a great player in Italy at the end of the 90’s before to go with the Spurs and evolve step by step. You dont even know his career… And yes i repeat : the difference of Level between the Argentinan football league and the Champions league or the Argentinan basket league and the NBA is the same like a boxe fight between me and my 10y old little sister.

            And if you are hurt by this true im sorry for you.

          • You seem to mistake a big club versus a high level club. River and Boca are large clubs but that doesn’t mean they are at the same level of Europeans. Regardless it’s not about that, it’s about the individual talent of the players in those clubs. Many players in Europea flop like Kranevitter, such as Götze. Him flopping in Europe has nothing to do with River. MQ on the other hand got a red card in a single game. You are going to judge him off of that?? Of course it takes a while to acclimate. We’ve had some succeed and some fail in Europe, but cherry picking the ones that failed to call River a small club is stupid

          • Cool down dude. You are right but no one cares. Argentina never win trophy with this shetty team. Only real hero of present Argentina team is dybala, messi, di maria, emi martine, lo celso, aguero, nico gonzales, C romero , mauro icard, aguero

      • Calimeroi, saying that River is not a big club is silly and unnecessary. I can just easily provide loads of examples of River Plate legends who went on to have great careers in Europe.

        • Never said they wasnt Historic clubs their are ! I said their fooball level now is not enough to compet for the Champion’s league. They are not strong team who could be dominante in Europe.

      • I agree with this point. Yes, River, Boca, and many other South American clubs have long history but the greatest talents don’t play there unfortunately. This is because the best talents from Argentina and indeed from across globe move to Europe and we all have to accept that. Europe is where the money is, and consequently over the years all the best players end up in Europe. Players in top European leagues are playing at a higher level. And I have always failed to understand Argentina’s reluctance to accept the fact. Most of the teams play their best players – the players who are cutting it week in and week out in Europe. However, Argentina always seems to have this very confusing bunch of players. Despite having better options, coaches are either not innovative enough to put up a formation leveraging most of the elite talents or its politics and bureaucracy, which prevents the best 11 ever in a Argentina team.

    • Club connection does not matter much. Van Dijk came to Liverpool and istantly clicked. Liverpool won Premiere League and Champion League same year. Same for E. Mendy, Thiago Silva, T. Werner, K. Havertez all are doing good in Chelsea. Ruben Dias doing good in Man City. Emi Martinez doing good in Aston Villa.
      They players are professional they have been playing for years they already know their role in the team so club connection does not matter much.

        • How De Paul instanltly clicked for Argentina,how Pezella clicked,Ocampus gelled well into team prior to injury,Lehman replaced Kahn in world cup. There are many example

      • > Club connection does not matter much.

        Dead wrong. WC winners Spain and Germany had common club players. Having players build chem in club gives an advantage over a team that doesn’t have any.

        You know how great it would be for the NT if De Paul/Lo Celso and Laturao played at Barca with Messi day in day out. Same shit with keepers and CB and fullbacks.

        Regardless, your examples are narrow and cherry picked. You point out success stories of players transferring…now do the opposite, go point how many unsuccessful stories where player play poorly after transferring.

  16. Enough with this GK subject.
    it became boring to repeat the same again and again and again and again and again ….AND AGAIN !!!!

    ENOUGH !!!
    you guys listen anymore like old broken radio !!!
    WE GET IT. you want MARTINEZ !!!

    • It is also boring to repeat Armani again and again and again. Even English media people are saying why Emi Martinez is not starting for Argentina

      • and just because you and many here in Mundo you keep saying that it means that Scaloni will do what you all and English media saying?

        No of course. he is the coach and he is living every day with the players in the dressing rooms. so something more he knows and see i guess than all of us outside.

        Nobody saying that Armani is the best GK we have.
        we will change GK when the coach will decide it is the better timing.
        that is all about.

    • See this is the problem with the national team and fans like you . This delay that he will be and will and will is all talk and time wasting . This isn’t a club that plays weekly .

      Emi Martinez should be playing over Armani . I haven’t seen a single match for Armani with river , but I trust my instincts and I know when there is a confident goalie

    • Yup, considering his outstanding 2020 Emi Martinez easily become undisputed no1 for England. The British press rate Emi Martinez higher. For for Argentina affecting NT career of both Icardi and Emi Martinez, in terms of talent no player in Argentina close to them, favoritism and politics costing Argentina from wining trophies.

      • Yes boss you are right. I really enjoy to read your comment 🤗
        Icardi deserves national team number 9 Jersey permanently.
        Justice for Emi martinez and icardi

      • Hahaha idiot. A month ago you were saying Emi was overrated and shouldn’t go to Aston Villa and he was average as he was a small club keeper. But no you have no footballing brain so you only come to decisions when you are proven wrong

  17. I have some questions to Roy Nemar and all the people here from Argentina…

    I live far far away from Argentina but this is the most favourite sports team for me of any kind. I have been following this team for the last 2.5 decades.

    Could you please let me know? what’s wrong with the people with Argentina?
    Why always they chose the wrong people every time?
    1. Why Armani under the goal post? What quality you Argentines see in him? I heard that majority of the Argentine think he should be your keeper, but why? why not Emi or Musso? If its of quota then why not Andrada?

    the thing is what is understood by the whole world, why the people here can’t understand?

    2. Every fucking time, you guys get spoiled by sub-standard players like- Salvio, Acuna, Armani, Enzo Perez and a lot.. your substitutes are also horrible. on the other hand, why do Argentine coaches ignore the rightmost people in the team always?

    3. Finally, is this for your food habit from childhood or lack of awareness for fitness? I don’t find so many injuries ( let alone Palacio’
    s case) like this country ( people living the same geography as Uruguay, Colombia, Chile are not that much injury-prone. Just take the example of Aguero ( he could be all record-breaker for EPL, rather he misses 1/3 of matches every year), Maria ( always costs us in big matches), Gago, Rojo?

    Why and why?

    I wish somebody would answer these.

    • Andrada is worsen compare to Armani. Emi Martinez, Musso, Marchesin are top3 Argentina GK at moment.

    • you just don t know our culture first of all. just because you have different doesn t mean that we are wrong.
      nothing wrong with us. if you want to understand who is Armani then i advice you to watch some old games of River plate in Gallardo era. GK will change the correct timing. if you can t understand then make little patient. Me and friends here with calm eye had post here details of that subject recently. i will not repeat again the same. it is boring.

      2.this is generally your idea. your thinking. every era and period and players is not the should be more specific. you speak very therytically.

      3.again you speaK very generally without i understand your logic. in all around the world happening this things. not in Argentina only. just because you mention 2-3 national teams without injuries what it means? it is not happenning in all around the world or it is our fault?
      it is crazy. plus the number of football players that Argentina have is much more bigger than Chile ,Colombia or Uruguay. so it is normal in one long list of players you have bigger amound of injuries. this is generally speaking. this subject should be more specific again.

      • So what I understood,

        1) you want to stick to your old successful guy who can’t even jump or dive to any shot … and you guys are happy with them? it implies that you guys know better than the rest of the world.
        Like everybody understands Armani is trash now, Otamendi should be replaced, RB position requires a solid one … but, you think all your current selection are Okay…

        2) I have been waiting for 26 years, and you can’t lift a single trophy except for Olympic, while Colombia, Chile, Uruguay won …just reminding you, before, 2014 WC, both Higuain and Aguero came out from injury.. Argentina could have won if Di Maria were in the final, in 2016 Copa, after semi 3 key players got injured, and it affected the game and eventually lost :/
        does it happen for Brazil? did it happen for Colombia/ Chile? you said Argentina had a lot of players but what is the outcome if you don’t get your key players at the right time?

        3) Finally, don’t take me wrong… what I wanted, at least an International Trophy with Argentina …if the Argentine coach and people feel that you are quite happy with only runners up or finishing 2nd/3rd is okay… then it’s up to you…
        best of luck

        • 1.i am just saying that Scaloni knows better why he is doing what he is doing. He have the full picture. Not us outside. i trust him and the work he is doing. Plus Armani is not as bad as you saying.

          2.we are not Brasil. we don t control Conmebol and we don t have VAR with us like Varsil. the combination of bad luck and some mistakes cost us to lose all finals.

          3.i am sad as sad you are too about the fact that we lost all finals we played.nobody is happy or satisfy. Just in the same time we can t say that we are garbage. all the countries don t going to finals every day. it is something than nothing.

          best of luck you too.
          keep posting. Stay with us in this forum.

  18. I saw a bad dream today, useless shaky Armani concede a silly goal!oops!
    I wanna ask to @roy, why you & your site are so sloppy? Just copy from tyc sports and paste here! Lol
    I think you should active with your site.not only depend on tyc sports, you should also create very own news and also publish news about what fans demand. Example, 99.9% fans want D E Martinez over Armani..thanks

  19. Given the format of this WC qualifier which I presume as the most competitive amongst all, it’s so vital to use starters that the coach is mostly comfortable with and bench others that require more adaptation to his strategy, especially at 1st leg games, I believe every player will undoubtedly have a crack..IMO all top class national teams are following same strategy, look at France, Brazil and the like and you will realise that coaches are not quite creative with their squad selections, I believe the national team is on the right track, there will be draws and losses however the most important factor is the psychological impact on players and how to lift their morale to keep fighting on every game and this is the paramount role for Scaloni and his staff

  20. The argument isn’t who is better golie
    Emi martinez or f. Armani
    I don’t think anyone here believe Armani
    Is better goile than emi martinez
    The irritating bit is ppl keep barking here
    Like Argentina nt coaching staff are in here
    Is f…king pointless keep repeating same
    Things over and over again
    Let me ask questions?
    Do you really think most of Argentine fans
    Want to keep seeing otamendi playing for nt-Or some guys want to see parades as dm
    The answer is no. But they Understand football.
    They know scaloni will choose otamendi and Parades as long as they fit to play
    Same goes Armani so got used it
    BTW I do believe parades is most consistent performer in the nt. He doesn’t get credit he deserves.

    • These are two different scenerio.
      In case of goalkeeping Argentina do have better option in Emi Martinez. In case of Otamendi and Paredes Argentina do not have better option. Guido Rodriguez and Lisandro are not better than Paredes. Perez, Medina, Romero are not better than Otamendi for right now. They can replace him in future.

      • I will take any defender over otamendi
        As your shouting for Emi over Armani
        I can keep shouting medina, Perez and lich over otamendi but I’m realistic person know how football works no point waste my energy knowing every manager have thier perfer players.

    • Bro don’t you see armani’s problem of anticipation and positioning, he is shaky and is already 35
      We have a world class goalkeeper emi who is facing world class forwards in best league week in week out,
      It is simple there must be some external pressure on scaloni to play armani

      • Munawar
        Bro I totally I gree with you
        I swear to my lord I want emi martinez over Armani or any golie Argentina have now the guy is complete keeper
        But things is scaloni is adamant to drop Armani when he already know emi is much better than Arman having said That.I will always remain hopefully for the nt just one day to get it right

    • Paredes, with over 15 back passes in the last match…..there were time messi and depaul had to come deep to get the attack rolling.
      He’s a liability just like otamendi

  21. Nico Gonzalez even Di Maria must play ahead of headless chicken ocumpos. Still don’t understand how Emi Martinez not debuted in 2020 despite his career best year. Still I believe musso is better GK than Emi Martinez but Armani is worst without any doubt, if Peru beat Argentina then it would be the last game for Armani.

    • We all are frustrated. I cannot control myself. Lmq is overrated player no doubt about it. Armani what can he bring for us? Question of the day?

      • Cristian romero and pazella should be cb duo and for God sake we have to look beyond this boca river nexus, there are better players in other clubs of local league who never get chance, especially after appointment of menotti who has tactfully sidelined all non-river boca players after 6-7 months of his appointment
        I mean yes you are free to select players from boca river but atleast select deserving ones not Lord salvio and Lord armani

      • Favoritism is always there in NT, before 2018 the famous Friends Club was there. Scaloni did right initially but new Friends Club seems created again, Emi Martinez is the best Argentina GK everyone knows but few players taking his place guranteed like Paredes Armani for example.

  22. Can anyone pls give me a logical explanation, why we r using Armani again & again??! When we have other world class gks..🙄🙄
    I m just very bored about Scaloni for his gk selection.
    Its very clear to say that these type of dumb & illogical selection by the previous coaches have kept Argentina trophyless till now..thats it! & if this going on, the time will be surely more lengthy!
    Just bogus!! 😡😡😡😡

    • Can you please explain what logic
      Behind to drop him because he is playing in Local league or emi martinez playing So call best league in the world? So far Armani did alright

      • Scaloni needs to drop Armani and start Emi Martinez.Emi Martinez is more commanding than Armani, got height, good with feets,better in playing out from the back, better handling of the ball,better at penalties
        You can see what Armani did to save that penalty,completely useless he just always drops his body even in River Plate game he uses same technique.
        Armani does not read the game well takes too much time to release the ball. Emi Martinez is better than Armani in every aspects.

    • The real reason:
      Armani hasn’t given Scaloni a reason to be replaced yet. He hasn’t made a drastic fuck-up yet. Sure, some goals conceded have been saveable, but nothing terrible. He also has more previous experience as a GK for both clubs and NT. He has experience playing with Montiel and LMQ in River. Lastly, he plays in the local league.

      It would have been the perfect time to try Emi vs Paraguay and Peru though…
      Next up is Uruguay and Brazil in March. Then Chile and Colombia in June right before Copa21.

      I do believe that sooner or later Emi will prove himself too good to be benched by Armani though. He has 21 EPL games before we play Uruguay and Brazil.

  23. Nicolas Gonzalez for Ocampos is worth a shoat, But i think Ocampos height gives us an extra edge while defending, At the same time Nico Gonzales is good in air too as we saw in that goal vs Paraguay.

    Tagliafico is any day welcomed in our backline. He has owned the spot, I don’t think he will be replaced soon. The guy is a Captain material. One spot in defence which gives us calm is the LB spot due to this guy. Rest all 3 positions are still a massive headache for us, Otamendi-Pezzella duo and wont be able to cope up with Speedy players the Europeans are gonna throw at us in events like the WC. We need A young defense with experience, If we don’t start to test the likes of Romero, Lisandro, Foyth, Quarta (Who is already playing for us which is good) etc etc, We will be in trouble sooner or later. RB spot also is an open shoat as of now, Montiel or Saravia havent convinced yet in those spot.

    • Just Believe in Scaloni he learns from his mistakes and most likely Otamendi could be relpaced by Romero and Pezella could be replaced by either of Medina or Senesi or maybe even Quarta martinez while for RB most likely it would be Foyth in future Matches. First hopefully Argentina NT qualifies comfortably for WC 2022 after that we could worry about WC 2022.

  24. About Tagliafico, I am glad to see him back. We need him to play a more regular formation, and it would be silly to see that Gonzalez should replace him at LB, remember he played LWB and is not defensive. Regardless I am excited to see Gonzalez play in a more natural position and for Ocampos, who has not had great consistency this season.

  25. Watched the River game. Girotti scored as a sub with his first touch of the ball. Alvarez played decently but had a couple of bad touches. Although he did play a wonderful through pass to I believe Pratto. Sosa played out of position as a center back and while he did have a good score on SofaScore he made a couple of mistakes and didn’t seem like a natural center back. That is okay, River have lost Diaz, Rojas to international break and MQ in transfer, so he had to fill in and got some more defensive experience. I think he’s more of a good passer of the ball than a very defensive player. But as a CDM I think he is decent and doesn’t have to rely on pace. Ferreira did not play bad but nothing special. Will hope to see him play more this season though and evaluate in the future.

    • Did u watch matias palcios? How good is he watchig him at age groups i have a feeling that this kid is special he can be a worldclass attacking midfielder needs to be in national team as soon as possible talents like him has to debut as teenagers

      • I am very interested in M Palacios. I think he is out with Covid now and he usually comes off of the bench because of his age. But his youth performances with Argentina were amazing. I will take a look at him next time he plays.

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