Roberto Pereyra scores for Udinese in 2-2 draw vs. Bologna


Roberto Pereyra scored for Udinese in their 2-2 draw vs. Bologna.

Pereyra scored his first goal of the season for Udinese as he drew them 1-1 level vs. Bologna. It was initially a strike by Rodrigo de Paul which was saved by the goalkeeper but Pereyra would get the second chance and score from close range.

In addition to Pereyra and de Paul, Udinese also had goalkeeper Juan Musso in their starting eleven. For Bologna, the veteran Rodrigo Palacio also started for them.


  1. Sergio Romero is moving to Boca juniors he should have gone to other Premiere league or La Liga club.Sergio Romero will be considered one of the best goalkeeper for Argentina.

  2. Roberto Pereyra suits with his playing style in Italy. Hopefully he will regain his form and make a good impact for Udiness alongwith De Paul and Musso

  3. Messi was very sharp vs Athletico Bilbao that is the Messi we want to see in every match. Little by little he is gaining his form.

    • and he was in happy mood; we can see it from his body language. good for Barca and N/T…

      Anyhow, most probably Messi will move to Man City next season

  4. Lautaro morales had a cracker match today & kept lanus in pole position for copa sudamericana finals spot. High time batista gets him in U23 squad. Clearly the best young GK in Argentina.
    A bit surprised why almada did not start. He & luca orellano created some good runs in last 15mins while overall lanus deserved the win.
    Boca still hanging on though not convincing. But maybe our only hope now for CL.

  5. Messi was HIMSELF today, all over the pitch, scored 2 should have been 3 and assisted on a third, he passed the ball from his bathroom into the mailbox :0)
    I saw the Messi of all, RUNNING with pace the whole game, WELCOME BACK BOSS.

  6. Watched most of the game and I have to say all the Argentine boys did well.
    De Paul was his usual creative self, Pereyra got on the score sheet and he’s actually been quite good since moving into Italy and Molina continues to be impressive off the bench and honestly is far better than Larson and should start more.
    On Fiorentina’s sad, Pezzella was reliable as always but Quarta was quite good actually especially when he handled the ball, he got frozen out after that Roma game but hopefully this will bring him back into the fold because he’s a fine defender.

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