Former Argentina coach Jorge Sampaoli set to manage Olympique Marseille


Former Argentina national team coach Jorge Sampaoli will reportedly take over as new coach of Olympique Marseille.

Jorge Sampaoli, currently coaching Atletico Mineiro in Brazil, is close to becoming the new coach of Marseille but there appears to be one problem. Per a report by AS in Spain, Marseille are looking to bring in the Argentine after former coach Andre Villas-Boas left the position.

Sampaoli has reportedly reached an agreement with Marseille but the situation appears to be with Atletico Mineiro. The former Argentina coach still has four matches left to manage in the Brazilian championship with the last match being on February 26, in three weeks.


  1. All the best Sampaoli and huge respect for the attitude he showed, when duty came calling. He valued NT over his own professional glory, for no money at all. Yes, he failed in his execution, but he will always have my respect. Turn a page, learn from the mistakes and have a great career Sampa!

  2. We should respect Sampaoli. At that time we were going through very bad phase. And it all happened because of bauza. He should have given chances to some young players. But he stuck to some idiots who did not have any clue about how to play. Except Sampaoli no one was bothered to take the responsibility of that team. And Sampaoli was the coach of Sevilla. He left Sevilla to serve his country. I have only praise to shower on him because of that decision.

  3. Nicolas Gonzales with an injury (sub in 22th mins), Ocampos suffered a seemingly serious ankle injury after a horror fault, maybe even a broken leg Acuna with muscle tear too.

  4. Elche CF is quickly becoming a pretty Argentine team! Coached by Argentine Jorge Almiron it has 5 Argentine players: Gazzaniga, Marcone, Rigoni, Carillo and Boyé.

    • If they stay in La Liga and improve we will probably see higher level Argentines playing there, same with what I expect with Celta next season. Hopefully these two teams plus Marsielle with Sampaoli become clubs that bring in more of our talent from local clubs

    • @ Godin shut up , he was shit , it had nothing to do with timing , timing lol . If scaloni was in charge he would of took some young guns to the World Cup . Sampaoli started meza, pavon , biglia who is dogshit in 2018 . Come on man . We got thrashed 6 from Spain when he was in charge . He’s the worst and most overrated coach I have ever seen even though he has titles and they speak for themselves, but with Argentina wow , I don’t think there was a worst coach for us in since batista after maradona . Even under maradona we played nice football .

      • Also don’t blame it on the players , he was responsible for calling them and he had other options and if anyone is gonna say they were too young to be called , well the World Cup ended July 2018 and scaloni took charge august / September I think and deleted that team where deletes had to happen and adjusted .

    • IMO Papu and Messi would fit perfectly together behind the striker in a 4-3-2-1 or 3-4-2-1 system. However with these formations we either lose out on other important players or we are forced to play them out of position…

      For example against Paraguay we used 3-4-2-1 with De Paul and Gonzalez as wingbacks and Ocampos next to Messi. All important players but all out of position. While De Paul and Gonzalez are very versatile and could fill these positions, it’s probably not ideal in the long run as the system is very dependent on the wingbacks. Then we have the question if it’s worth sacrificing them for Acuña/Tagliafico and Montiel… For me at least, De Paul plays a really important part in our squad and should be selected with Lo Celso and Paredes in midfield. A 3-4-2-1 might be better to switch to after halftime rather than starting with.

      In a 4-3-2-1 we could accommodate Papu and Messi behind the striker while still having Lo Celso-Paredes-De Paul midfield, as well as fullbacks. We miss out on Gonzalez and Ocampos but I think Nico would be an epic sub for Papu in this system with his speed, dribbling and goal threat against tired defenders.
      Just my 2 cents on how to best use Papu and Messi together

      • And if we play Gomez ahead of Ocampos with Messi at the same time we lose a lot of physicality and defensive contribution, so playing them together depends on the situation and the other team

  5. Quarta had another good game vs excellent inter side. F. Medina has been platforming very good M. Senesi has been superb
    Cuti Romero has been great last two seasons. The question is will scaloni take brave decision to drop dead woods like otamendi even pezzella who is incredibly slow

    • Only youngsters with less experience would be catashtrophe, the most important thing in defending is experience, 2 older (Pezzella-Otamendi) and 2 younger centre backs are ideal.

      • Senesi is a lot fast than you think
        I don’t count otamendi as experience defender he himself is hothead
        maybe I can make case for pezzella come on cuti Romero is well established defender and he had experienced playing dogfight
        Relegation matchs and now he plays elite football i mean champions league
        It will be catastrophe if we continue to play otamendi when better young athletic defenders available.

    • I think Otamendi should be completely dropped, but Pezzella definitely kept because he provides leadership and experience. The amount of experience Otamendi can provide alongside pezzella absolutely does not outweigh the benefit of having another younger center back. I would maybe do Romero-Pezzella or Romero-Martinez Quarta, not Senesi-Pezzella because both are slow and it is crucial that a slow center back is paired with a faster one to offset the disadvantage. Maybe Senesi-Quarta could be another option or Senesi-Romero if Romero is able to play on the right

  6. Well this news was fast felt this guy could lead us to glory but couldn’t do that with his right team selection.selected better team for friendlies and took crap players for the tournament and all his tactics were clueless.He could have used locelso at midfield,mascherano at defense. All the best for him

  7. Our coaches who have gone to brazil seem to be getting a faster move to europe. Coudet to celta & now hopefully sampoali to Marseille. Sampaoli deserves a 2nd chance to redeem himself after russia18.

    • I would probably think so, and yes hopeful Sampaoli brings Zaracho to Europe, it would be about time. There’s nothing wrong with the Brazilian league if he does not stay there forever

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