Juan Foyth, Lucas Ocampos rumored to be dropped from Argentina Copa team


Juan Foyth and Lucas Ocampos could miss out on the Copa America as a report has them being dropped from the Argentina team. Per Ole, Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has already decided on which players will be dropped from the squad.

It had been reported by several news outlets that both Emiliano Buendia and Jose Palomino would be two names that wouldn’t make the Copa America squad. However, as mentioned, Ole are reporting two more names.

The first being that of Juan Foyth. The defender could be dropped from the squad, despite playing in Argentina’s last two World Cup qualifying matches. It is worth mentioning that a lapse in concentration by Foyth led to Colombia’s second goal of the match vs. Argentina. It remains to be seen if that could have played a part in Scaloni’s decision.

Lucas Ocampos is the other name being mentioned. The Sevilla winger was used as a midfielder for Argentina vs. Chile and did not perform to his best. He did not play in Argentina’s second World Cup qualifying match of the month.


  1. what a great decision by scaloni i didn’t expect him to be this strong I am confident now that he will remove otamendi after copa. he just removed ocampos think about what a great decision that is ,headless ocampos and foyth are not in the team .think about how furious we would have been if he removed j.correa after the season he had the only negative is buendia and alvarez not being in the team alvarez could play as a number 9 in case aguero got injured.why are u so angry about armani inclusion he is coming as one of the four goalkeepers musso and martinez is still there .
    don’t blame the local media for wanting their players to be included think how the Madrid fans are furious that none of their players are included in the Spanish team don’t say argentina league is weaker the only thing the fans know is their love for their team every time they see a young kid they think he is going to be the next big thing and will hope for him to be included in the national team i would have liked if one or two midfielders was to be included like enzo fernandez almendra or varela even lucas romero but it didn’t happen

  2. The travesty is Buendía! We need another midfielder… only 7 compared to 9 defenders !! Foyth isn’t ready, hopefully he will be in a year or two. Molina should start on the right with acuna on the left.
    Also L. Martínez should not start @ #9 if there is a one striker formation. It should be el Kun in that situation.

  3. in every tournament it was 23 players list. 3 had to be GK.
    In the covid era we are passing this is the first time that we will have 28 players.
    So every serious professional coach should add the 5 more wise to cover all lines with more players in case of covid. so one more GK is the most normal thing.
    Scaloni is doing wonderful job. he is one smart person with people beside him with knowledge about football. well done.

  4. Unfortunately Foyth has a track record of mind-numbing errors. He’s not NT material. Perhaps he’ll have comeback like Otamendi who was not chosen for severals years after making the 2010 WC team at a very young age

  5. What a shame, if this is true. There are biases in this world, but it should not get down to this level.

    An old, under performing, fundamentally poor, COVID affected, surplus goal keeper getting selected over any other professional. People have to understand because of this dirty shameful politics another professional is getting sacked. Another player’s hard work, blood and sweat, sacrifices are getting punished to accommodate dirty local politics.

    You cannot help but start thinking about conspiracy and ugly side of Argentine football. Is River paying for coaching staff salary? Was Emi forcefully taken out the other day by the medical staff? Was Emi forced to give a statement that his injury was bad? Will medical staff give fit certificate to Emi?

    Media and common people are shameful. Media is corrupt anyway, but I am surprised by common people. There are several social platforms to raise a voice. Its looks like there is deep rotten politics, beyond our imagination.

    Sad and worried. There is Karma.

    • Exactly mate!! If these things going on every year, our beloved team must remain trophyless for another 280 yrs! 🤭🤣
      We r so helpless actually. Our support is our curse!

  6. 1)I think palomino Should be in squad in place of otamendi because palomino has good understanding with Romero. They play together in same club. Otamendi time is over for NT
    2)4 gk is unnecessary. Instead scaloni should take buendia or ocampos
    3)Thank god Molina is selected. Should play him from the first match

  7. Will Kevin survive this news? No Foyth…

    4 GKs is strange indeed…but to say that Scaloni, Ayala, Samuel and Aimar deserve a sack is not to understand that there is still nobody else to take over that would be a significant upgrade. I don’t think AFA can already afford a world class coach nor at least somebody like Berizzo, Coudet, Heinze or Almeyda.

    • are you crazy my friend? of course here we have fans with knowledge about football more than Scaloni, Ayala, Samuel and Aimar ALL TOGETHER. ha ha we should speak to Tapia 🙂

      • Yes, I am crazy indeed 🙂 Look, in all seriousness it’s probably unrealistic to expect the fan choices to be the same as the coach’s. Yes, politics do play role, as almost anywhere but when I take a careful look at the players who were left out, I only feel sorry for Buendia who could have been useful at the expense of Fideo. Hopefully his time will come though…

  8. Also, I wish.. Palomino selected in place of Quarta.
    Quarta still not ready for a tournament.
    Palomino has Champions league experience and he’s a pair of Romero

  9. I wish Argentine coaching staff and media could respect and support Sergio Romero the way they are supporting Armani now.

    It was only because of Romero, we advanced to QF in copa 2011. 3rd best GK of wc’14, 3 finals, 2 penalty shootout winner. He was dropped at first chance even though he could make recovery. He has not been even mentioned since in any press conference.

    Weird and shameful.

    • Yes..Sergio Romero was removed from the squad because of injury. He requested coach to consider him aand he will be ready in time for the WC. But nobody listened. We know what happened in WC..!
      I still believe he could have done better against France..!!
      He is still a good GK but he is happy to sit as second choice GK at club level for so many years now. A kind of lazy person.
      But NT coaches has disrespected him. They never mentioned him or recalled.. better treatment was needed. Here some get that..!

    • @Mafioso
      Totally agree with your both posts. It is getting to a state where it is really shameful and I am ashamed at the dirty politics of my beloved soccer nation. Ashamed of the coaching team, AFA, players, media and above all common people.

  10. If Scaloni selects 4 GK, he deserves a sack. Armani is being tested covid positive for a month now. This means he can’t travel and play. It is not about footballing ability anymore.

    I would understand if Scaloni selected Maradona as the 28th player. Maradona would not be able to play just like Armani, but you could explain it as a spiritual move. And I can guarantee it would produce tangible results for the team and fans than adding a covid ridden player to the roster.

    • He deserves a sack anyway. Our team not progressed an inch. Our team lost the goal scoring ability creativity everything. We r seeing lautaro not scoring goal bt how many goal scoring opportunity we create?? A striker needs good amount of goal scoring opportunity to score constantly. Our defense is also very shaky he still could not solve our fullback problems. Lisandro and Romero played so well and next game he dropped lisandro altogether.

  11. I hope he only takes 3 GKs as opposed to 4. Armani is a local hero so maybe he needs to be in but apart from that, I would say it’s pretty ok. A lot of members here are gung ho about Buendia but the fact of the matter is he has not played in the top flight of English football and Norwich is not a top club either, so let him prove his worth and then get back to the NT. Playing a tournament is about experience and form, I think there are more players with top-flight experience who can play in that role instead of Buendia. Ocompos is a surprise but he had a great opportunity in the game against Chile and he wasted it. Di Maria made one crucial pass that gave us the goal in the first game, so Nico or Di Maria or J Correa would be prefered to Ocompos on that left side. Foyth also wasted his chance, he is not a natuarl RB and could have been a waste on the bench. Scaloni may go for 3 in the back and may not even need the RB but Monitel was decent against Colombia, how may attacks happen from that side? Hardly any, so he may not have done great as everyone wants but didnt do bad either. Palomino never played and given that Pezzela and LMQ are there he may not even get that chance. So it is a correct decision. BTW Molina did ok when he got an opportunity.

      • Yes..
        Buendia played in top flight. The last season(19/20) he was playing in premier league at the age of 23 and he was 4th place in most chances created.

        • Nothing in 20-21 (previous season), others are playing top-level league in Europe or S America. I am sure he will be ready and included if he keeps performing in the same manner. Look at Emi Martinez, no one would question his selection this time and he proved it when given an opportunity same for Romero.

          • Last three seasons Buendia is playing well. And he’s improving every year. Still 24. He should be added to the squad. More deserving than some in the list.

    • Other selection is ok. But i don’t agree with montiel. Montiel didn’t play decent against Colombia match. Intact he is playing shit for last 5 matches. So many attack came from the right side. Worst RB ever. Romero played brilliant football in that match and saved us.
      Montiel can not pass. Can not tackle. Can not run overlap.No aggressiveness. Nothing.

  12. Everyone has still doubt Armani will be allowed to play or not. That’s why 4 GKs. They can’t keep him out..!

    Local reservation quota EXIST…you know it from the list.

    How can you drop an in form player like Buendia? A player who can score, assist, defend, attack and do hard work for the team..!

    • Maybe because he is yet to play for Argentina also playing in 2nd division. Scaloni has no balls. He is playing it safe. He is succumbing to local press pressure

  13. Does armani give bribe or something to coaching staff?? Armani is not Lionel Messi that he is absolutely essential. This points out to the fact that in near future also armani will keep getting the starting position and martinez is just a backup. I know foyth made a mistake bt we don’t have good rb at least foyth could have been a solid defensive rb if we play Brazil molina or montiel can get absolutely destroyed

  14. Why 4 gk in the squad?unnecessary.
    Otamendi in palomino out? Why?
    Is molina selected?
    Ocampos out only because of one match?
    Montiel playing poor for last 5 match. Still got selected?

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