Quilmes’ touching Copa America ad: “It is the first cup with God in heaven.”


Argentine beer brand Quilmes has been characterized over time by its excellent ads. This last one, which was released this Monday, is no different, with it being titled: “Free kick.”

In the advertisement, Brazil and Argentina are drawing 2-2, when a Brazilian player is about to shoot a last-minute free kick. The Argentine fans, with a Quilmes beer in hand, are desperately watching how the ball from that free kick is slowly going to enter Argentina goal… but it does not. With no one even touching it, the ball abruptly changes direction and flies out of the box.

There, the ball itself starts dribbling passed the Brazilian players, with everyone in attendance gazed in amazement. Finally, the ball gets to an Argentine player, who is in front of the Brazilian goalkeeper and shoots. The ball takes a strange curve and, after passing the goalkeeper, it stays rolling on the line. At that point, a Brazilian player runs towards the goal to clear the ball, when the following text is shown:

“It is the first cup with God in heaven.”

Followed by that, the ball moves by itself to the goal and crosses the line just before being cleared by the Brazilian player. The Argentine fans wildly celebrate the goal, with the last one, a woman, thanking the sky. There, another allusion to Maradona:

“If he did what he did on the field, imagine from heaven.”


  1. Last copa we had Matias saurez … This copa we have Alvarez.. with no buendia . AFA should sack him or messi should stop playing for argentina

  2. I am done with scaloni…. Picking 4 GK ? and removing 2 CB ??? When PEZZELA LMQ OTAMANDI NOT GOOD and Romero Injured ?

  3. If Ocampos is out its a shocker, Foyth too would be a strange omission. Both are not in form. But we had given chances to the likes of Di Maria and Otamendi bigglion times. Even after playing horrible matches. Lets wait for the official list of Scaloni

    Off the topic. Was just haveing a look at Euro cup groups. France, Germany & Portugal in one group. OMG. The death group. Anybody gonna watch Euro?

      • Yup the Euro Cup grouping is like that. 4 more teams(4 best 3rd placed teams) will qualify for the round of 16 along with the 12.Its gonna be a firey tournament for sure.

    • Ocampos i agree the only chance he got was in midfield. But foyth! Drop him and dont call him back. The mistakes with chile i let it go it happens. But what foyth did in the last minute vs colombia is just disgusting. Not acceptable foyth should go !

  4. OFFICIAL : The 5 out of the Copa America are :

    Alario, Buendia, Palomilo, Foyth and Ocampos !

    For Alario its not a surprise, he was injury
    For Buendia its a big Mistake Buendia was much more effective than many other players for the team.
    For Palomino not a surprise
    For Foyth its logic, he was terrible as DC and have no impact as RB. He killed himself with his 2 poor last game. The question now is : will Kevin survive ?
    For Ocampos its a very big surprise ! His season is not good like the last one and his game against Chile was ridiculous but to help the team at the end of a game with his stamina he was nice.

    The most incredible news is : to save Armani, Scaloni sacrificed a player ! What is the deal to have 4 goalkeeper ? 3 of them will never play ! We destroy another player option just because Scaloni have a secret relation with Armani. Ridiculous

    • Alario – Injured.
      Ocampos – Not same after interview.
      Foyth – Error prone.
      Palomino – Not tested yet
      Buendia – Not tested yet.

      I think it’s an okay exclusion except Buendia. He’s our one of the most in form player. Can score, can assist, can defend, can do hardwork for the team.

      IMO Armani IN and Buendia out would have been the best decision.
      It was a great chance to remove Armani (as he’s still positive) and give Emi the first spot. When including Armani…it will create unnecessary problems in selecting GK…there will be local media pressure for Armani. That may cost our chances of winning Copa.

    • 4 GK because of covid, did u see what happened to river plate? Scaloni is just being safe. I like it look we can complain all we want but scaloni has put together a better argentina. Still havent lost in qualifying. & the team looks really good at moments. The team looks happy & scaloni has great assistants!!

  5. Argentina just needs to play 4 3 3 formation and start Aguero or Dybla,give rest to Lautaro,No Ocampus in midfield or in wings, Acuna and Molina as Fullbacks Foyth and Angilleri as substitute Fullbacks,do not start Quarta Martinez and Montiel in defence,Emi Martinez No.1 for Argentina,Buendai,J.Correa,Papu,Palacios in 60 to 80 minutes this Argentina will do good

  6. I think differently than some of the fans here, I think Argentina should really focus on finding the right tactics and team building during this copa in order to be qualified for the next world cup. According to what I have seen during the last 2 matches, Argentina has no more edge over other teams. Especially during the last match vs Colombia, after the penalty, I had feeling that they would come back to score, which finally happened.

    Scaloni should give up his past 3 years of work and rebuild again. For example, he should try to understand why the 3 men defense formation never worked during the past 4-5 years. Why some of his key players always disappointed, will there be any better system to fit them in, …etc.

  7. Guys lets Enjoy messi as he is only with us till 2022 wc.
    Only 1 and a half year left .
    And he has only signed contracts until 2023 with barca.
    So couple of years more.

  8. @Rahman
    From previous post about Otamendi. I think it was penalty. He deliberately did that. It was ok before now VAR era it is tough to avoid such a incident. He could have avoided it. Other then he was solid alongside Romero. I push and kundged all the time in DM lol. Sometimes you gotta play dirty

  9. yeah i think girotti is more talented than giach. gaich improvement didn’t happen as much as it should be..

  10. We have to win the Copa this time for Diego Maradona and for the Argentina Football Fans around the world who all are suffering during this pandemic one way or the other (Not only fans but everybody is suffering by the way), If they win it will bring joy in a small way for everyone of us during these hard stressful times. Hope they put on a good show and Win it in Brazil.

  11. As I said foyth is going to feel the lava in his arsehole until Copa begins. As, I mean, we can perfectly see how people here are still cursing him.

    I’m not a foyth fan but he’s really good so I’ll wait a bit and see how he changes himself from this huge debilitating setback. Not easy for you when you’re coming off a brilliant season and then falters in big crucial games for minor errors.

  12. Never gave a proper thought about it but I must say if we sacrifice one of the two correas and bring in a tall and well-built striker it would do a lot good.

    In this respect i think I’ll probably go with Federico girotti. I know it’s crazy and some of you’ll ask like, why not gaich over girotti ?
    The Analysis here is very simple, comparing the two players both are physically perfect but when it comes to clinical decision making girotti overdo gaich. It’s that simple.

    He is young, tenacious, gritty and is extremely fast and brutal. Perfect player for matches against like Colombia, Ecuador and Uruguay.

  13. angileri has real talent,, i think he needs to move on premier leage or serie A… his cross is excellent and pace is natural like nico gonzalo but he needs to improve his short pass link up play one,two,three movement and experienced in europe based play.. only one season can bring drastically improvement in his play

  14. tagliafico is not impactful in squad as right back.. i don’t see he will bring any.. acuna though his performance wan’t very good in colombia but not bad either,, acuna will be very effectful if there is tall striker,, he is simply very necessary quality in the team will bring or fullfill something new necessary requirment anytime anymoment ..

    if scaloni want to improve his squad he needs bring quality wingback.. team with pace, good in short pass, and quality play.. for me pace and short pass link up play is very important, in left back i see two players very much talented , one is angieleri another is bernabei,, angileri has two aspect which is very good,,
    one is the pace another is his crosses,, but his linkup play or short pass play how it is i haven’t no idea,, if he improve in this section and defence… then argentina got another world class player..
    i think tagliafico should be dropped.. but he is co-captain .. and scaloni surely won’t do it now, but it was necessity and good for the team

    now about right back foyth clearly don’t fulfill necessary requirement when team needs to offensive.. but in that colombia match he should n’t be introduce as right center backs..
    argentina needs a quality right back at this moment i don’t see world class talent in there .. hernan de la fuente seems to be good but world class it is unpredictable

    argentina needs another center backs in this copa,, as a sweeper or solid defence or stregnth palomino will be good but ball in his feed ,, i think he is not good in this section as like as other

    laotaro is not overrated, his workforce always effective or not ignorable if you have game plan in ur head

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