Nicolas Tagliafico to start for Argentina, rumored eleven for Copa America


Nicolas Tagliafico is set to start for Argentina ahead of Marcos Acuña for Monday’s Copa America match.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni made one change in Sunday’s training. While Emiliano Martinez kept his place in goal, the change came in the back line. Gonzalo Montiel, Martinez Quarta and Otamendi will make up part of the back four with Tagliafico in place of Acuna.

Tagliafico was selected ahead of Acuña on Sunday and it does look like the Ajax man will be starting for Argentina. Per a report by Ole, here is the rumored XI vs. Chile on Monday.

Emiliano Martínez; Montiel, Martínez Quarta, Otamendi, Tagliafico; De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso; Messi; Lautaro Martínez and Nicolas González


  1. If shaky Otamendi stay perfect
    If Pardes not forget his great passing abilites with No.5 role
    If locelso not low lazy
    If Messi enjoying today’s play..
    there is chance…

  2. Good tagliafico is much better defender than acuña, well done scaloni. So maybe we will see lisandro come in as a sub, i like it. Good line up vs chile. Vamos carajo!

  3. To be fair, the inclusion of Tagliafico does make our defense better than having Acuna, I am not sure about Acuna’s defensive abilities, there is no doubt about his attacking abilities which is far better than of Tagliafico, but at this stage without Cristan Romaro starting our defense need more attention than attack. Apart from Tagliafico the other above defenders looks like a ticking time bomb. Lead by Otamendi.

    • In fairness – i think Otamendi may do well😁. His blunders do happen at a frequency. So with the Colombia WCQ penalty blunder already done, i guess he may average out with some good performances for most of Copa 😉. He has been pretty decent in first 4 WCQ matches. Before Colombia WCQ penalty , i remember the Copa 2019 Paraguay penalty ( the one Armani saved ) where Otamendi was so bad. #jushoping

    • It was a Venezuela B team . They had only 6 players in bench & first 11 was depleted . So a bit early to crown VARsil. Arthur has played little this season & in patchy form. He , Coutinho , Alves are misses for Tite compared to Copa 19 success.

    • Really? I thought Brazil should have won 5-0 against Venezuela B Team. I think 3-0 is short.
      If they play like this against us we will beat them.

    • Oh ya. Almost all Venezuelan players went to home. And we are crowning brazil, after they defeat the mighty opponents decisively.

      Thanks for that 1% chance given for rest of the poor Latin American teams

  4. King of the back pass!!! Fuuuuck!! Tagliafucko will have space to dribble to the flag and cross it but he will stop 40 yards from goal and pass it back!! Uuuuugggggghhh! Facts

  5. Again tagliafico?? I just don’t like him from the France game. He was destroyed that day and i don’t think improve much to go with it he has close to zero attacking ability

  6. Brazil is attacking Depleted Venezuela like a pack of Hyenas. If they play like this against us we will utilise the spaces. I hope we have a fit Romero and Emi if we face Brazil. Only we can beat them.
    Plus we have the Lion. el

  7. Apart from back line all are quite good..
    If they play as a team i hope something good will be happen…
    And the kick is.. This is not the best team in the world but quit enough to celebrate cup.
    Problem is our very own scaloni, yes scaloni..
    This team will win the cup if scaloni maintain minimum average level of a top 10National team coach

  8. 3 CB is the best formation for Argentina right now as we do not have proper WB. But Scaling needs to staring use 3 CB as soon as after Copa. Otherwise, team will face same fate as Sampaoli era. Scalony should try 3 CBS as we have very good CBS. Romero, Palomino, Lisandro, Medina, Belardi, Otamendi, Senesi, LMQ, Nehuan Perez, Foyth, there will be 2/3 more CBs will be available in coming seasons I hope. So we should try 3 CBs at the back. At least 7/8 match before WC.

  9. Apart from the defensive combo, the team looks good…could’ve kept buendia though 🙁 Hope montiel adapts to the pace of the competition soon and praying for a faster return of romero

  10. This will weaken our attack. The chemistry of our first half against Columbia is now broken.

    I guess since Romero is not playing, Scaloni is opting for more defense. Even Scaloni knows Otamendi and Quarta are not good enough. lol

  11. After copa i hope Scaloni will work on RB and LB…my opinion for RB is Molina and LB is Angileri will be fit for NT…they are attacking in fullback…in CB romero senesi licha would be get more chance if we want solid our defence…and midfield cdm peredes is telented but more vulnerable….i think guido or licha get some chance….hope scaloni know me better his player and he will fix the issue promtly…
    love for Argentina….

    • Aa we don’t have proper RB/LB who can defend and attack with a great balance…after Copa I can see…3CB coming…! Molina, Acuna, Montiel, Tagliafico(if he get back to his form)..can be used in wing back role in 352..a 532 when defending..!

      For 3 man back..we have many options…!

      Buendia at right and N.Ginzalez at left also an option if we go more attacking..!

  12. whatever the team plan just pray for the team of Argentina we want to see the beauty of football….best wishes for Argentina football team in copa….

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