Argentina back 5 with Lisandro Martinez vs. Uruguay, doubts, possible XI


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni does not yet appear to have selected a starting XI for the team’s Copa America clash on Friday.

There are at least four doubts for tonight’s match, including a possible change of formation, this per a report by TyC Sports. In comparison with the starting XI which started vs. Chile, Lisandro Martínez, Cristian Romero, Marcos Acuña, Guido Rodríguez, Exequiel Palacios, and Ángel Di María could be in, while Martínez Quarta, Nicolás Tagliafico, Leandro Paredes, Giovani Lo Celso, and Nicolás González could be out.

In case Scaloni chooses to play with a 4-3-3 formation vs. Uruguay, this would be the lineup:

Should Scaloni decide to play with a 5-3-2 formation vs. Uruguay, this would be the lineup:

Following TyC Sports’ report, Marcos Acuña currently has more of a chance to be a starter than Nicolás Tagliafico, while we are almost sure that Guido Rodríguez will begin in the place of injured Leandro Paredes.

Who will start between Nicolás González and Ángel Di María is still uncertain. Even though Fiorentina’s recent signing had a good game in Argentina’s Copa America opener vs. Chile, the experienced PSG player came off the bench and saw a lot of the ball. On the other hand, Giovani Lo Celso appears to have a better chance of starting than Exequiel Palacios.

The reason why there are so many doubts regarding Argentina’s lineup has to do with the fact that coach Lionel Scaloni took the decision, since the beginning of Copa America, to not confirm the starting XI before each game until an hour or two before the kick-off.

Here is what he said during Thursday’s press conference:

“The team is almost confirmed, I will not give it, but it will be similar to the one from the other day (vs. Chile). There will be one or two modifications thinking about the number of matches ahead.”

It looks like there may be a few more changes than the ones Scaloni mentioned yesterday. The Argentina coach got upset when, prior to the last World Cup qualifying match vs. Colombia, the press found out about Argentina’s lineup before he announced it. This is something that has always happened in Argentine football during the last 20 years.


  1. Kun scored twice against Uruguay, both headers. First glorious play between Messi > Pastore > Zabaleta > Aguero in 2015 and the other from Messi free kick. KUN has their number. UNLEASH HIM pls

  2. Night of hope again! Let’s turn the tide. Let’s hope for a good game. A good win.

    Come on brothers!! We are all together! VAMOS!!!

  3. El Clásico del Río de la Plata vs Uruguay is always tough. They will be kicking and tackling. We have to be careful with the set pieces and of course watch Cavani and Suarez closely. But for Uruguay too we are not an easy opponent.

    Vamos Argentina carajo!

    • We suck at set pieces. El Mongol commented few days about the lack of training. I know Otamendi is on everyone’s hate list but the guy does well in the air. I don’t watch Romero enough but i’m assuming Otamendi is still the best right now. (i hope i didnt just curse him!!)

      • Yes Otamendi is good in the air but very true about the set pieces. Even defending a rebound in a penalty seems to be a hard ask. You have to get as close as possible and the second you can LAUNCH yourself forward for any rebound. Especially against Uruguay there will be free kicks and maybe pens for whichever side

  4. Apart from coming out for crosses and the single penalty Emi was never really tested. Today he certainly will be with Suarez and Cavani. I am glad he got to ease into the team without having to face any serious shots his three games. It is also crucial we have Romero back today and having Guido, especially against Uruguay, will make us better at defending and more physical (with Guido playing and potentially dropping in sure Lisandro’s height would be less of a problem right? I hope he comes off the bench). But today is a big test and surely we must win one game out of four right?

  5. While I always want the best 11 fit, if Scaloni is forced to rest locelso and Paredes, its a great evaluation.

    We need to see how our mid functions without them, most notably Paredes as he has had very little competition in that role. Personally I hope Guido kills it, gobles up the field and makes our defense rock solid. This will hopefully encourage Scaloni to play Paredes as a #10, not a #5. Pushing Messi further upfield to accompany our #9 so they are not as isolated.

    Its also a good tactical test for Scaloni.

    Vamos Argentina!

  6. Watched all 90 minutes of Eng-Sco. English team with all players from the “best league” in the world, in the biggest clubs, a squad of hundreds of millions of euros, yet no penetration and finishing. While the Scots coming very close to getting 3 points on their own.

    As usual as some of us say, international football is lot more than who plays where.

    • Exactly. How much time do the national team coaches have to build chemistry? Not much. I think sticking with basics can be more practical than trying to be fancy.

      In that regard Uruguay and Tabarez have been together for a really long time. One the advantages they have over us.

    • Yes I watched the whole game as well. I am proud of Scotland for fighting through because I don’t want England to win but for all the hype on the players and premier league you’d expect them to be more effective. They are playing like less than the sum of their parts. Our goal as Argentina should be to play by more than the sum of our parts

    • The hype and bias of English media over their players is disgusting! Harry Kane, Grealish, Phoden it’s just cringing.

      It’s like OMG Harry Kane standing on two feet! It’s world class standing on foot

  7. Enganche, looks like Guido might start after all 🙂 Do you have some sort of Paredes voodoo or what? Can you quickly do one for Suarez and Cavani please?? lol

    • Ha! In all seriousness, I hope if he starts he helps us in the midfield battle. Uruguay are a tough nut to crack, both their defense and also containing Suarez and Cavani.

    • I worry about our central midfield bench depth in this game. especially if one of them get early yellow or small knock who can come in to cover who is not injured. it is going to be a boxing match in the middle against them.

        • he is someone better further up, in mostly attacking roles. I am talking of someone who is comfortable much deeper and injury free. An 8 or a 5, or somewhere in between that. Maybe dominguez is recovered now as @Enganche says. we don’t know for sure because he has not been on the bench recently.

      • the worry is warranted but i supposed A Correa could go deeper since Simeone has his entire team come back behind the 50 to defend. Dominguez as Enganche pointed out and Lisandro can play deep for Guido if needed.

  8. Look at the England … Just to avoid PORTUGAL/GERMANY/FRANCE AT RO 16. they draw with Scotland… And will draw or lose to Czech

  9. In another sad news India’s “flying sikh” Shri milkha singh ji has passed away due to covid at the age of 91 years. Not only india 🇮🇳but whole world has lost a legendary player in the world of track and field. May his soul rest in peace!!

  10. I have the feeling that the pitch is too small for our beloved NT…. I feel there is no space for us they always close us down with two, three players….. I am watching the Euro, the players have plenty of space but not us ……

      • I will go with 4,4,2 against Uruguay.
        Their midfield is crowded, physical and decent. We need to win the midfield battle and secure the backline.
        I will keep Tagliafico n Acuna both in the expense of Lo Celso’s creativity. I know it’s unpopular, but I feel that’s the way to crush Uruguay kind of Shithousery matches.

  11. Finally a logical decision. Dont announce the squad way before the match. There is no need for disclosing the formation which we will be playing before the start ot the match. Which inturn helps the opposition to prepare according to our line up.Let the opponent be in doubt.

    If its 5-3-2 start with Molina and Acuna in the flanks that will create more width and both are attacking Full backs too.I think Scaloni will go ultra defencive because of Cavani- Suarez combo. Its gonna test our entire backline players. Which is what we need.

  12. TYC Sports now reporting:

    Emiliano Martínez; Nahuel Molina, Cristian Romero, Nicolás Otamendi, Marcos Acuña; Rodrigo De Paul, Guido Rodríguez, Giovani Lo Celso; Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martínez y Nicolás González

    I like this lineup a lot. Hopefully Guido will play more forward than Peredes and his obsession with the back pass. Admittedly I have not seen Guido play with Betis but I have heard good things

    • Tyc just guessing. With otamendi Argentina defense will always be shaky. Im not so sure about molina’s defensive capabilities bt atleast he is an upgrade over montiel

    • In 433; with Molina and Acuna as wingers.. Guido will act as third CB. His long ball superb. Otamendi and Romero too good in that.
      It will provide strength in the backline.. together with arieal domination from these 3.

  13. a.correa, dimaria, baundia, dybala, even messi similar type of positional player they are good in middle and right ,, dimaria should only use on the right side

  14. Arg is in trouble if Lo Celso does not play. Palacios is no where near Lo Celso’s level no matter how much Scaloni thinks he is

  15. no way dimaria in left wing again.. it should be j.correa .. scaloni should use j. correa full 90 minute if nico is uncomfortable… j.correa is not bad i’m sure he will develop his worth with time.. last maches j.correa had very little time to impose the danger he can brings for the opponent, he is very ball in his feet

  16. Uff gonna miss lo celso his quick passes backheel passes all were awesome bacheel passes makes quick counter attacking moves something france players are exceptional we see that how they manage to counter attack and make the opposition players go defrent direction for ball with these passes in eurocup 2016 and worldcup 2018

  17. wth otamendi is not dropped. ffs please drop him, he isn’t the same as before and he has the potential to lose games for the nt. and Molina should be given a chance

  18. In previous threads, there has been a lot of fear regarding Brazil. All teams go through ups and downs. Brazil had almost same players under Dunga. How did they perform in copa 15 and 16?

    When we were flying with Sabella how did Mano Menzes/Scolari’s Brazil did?

    You guys quiver over Brazil’s good run? I say it’s pathetic.

  19. There is no doubts.

    We have 7 hours before match, unless there is an unfortunate injury in warm up, the XI has been decided.

    The XI has been decided on match fitness. One thing that everybody misses is squad has fitness issue. Lo Celso, Nico Gonzalez are fitness concern. Paredes is out, because of old issue.

    Then who has the doubts? Press. They don’t know the XI , so they are playing with the fans with imaginary doubts. Scaloni knows whether Lo Celso is match fit or not, but press does not know. That is what killing them. Press has always been a problem for seleccion, 2018 WC was the peak. Watch Dutch press conference… there is a huge difference between question and attitude of Dutch press than we see in case of Argentina. Dutch journalists challenge De Boer on formation and player selection. Here journalists tries to leak formation and create stories.

    Remember Messi and co. boycotted press when they cooked up a story about Lavezzi?

    • Yes true…
      In the press conference scaloni said that there will be 1 or 2 change …. So don’t expect so many changes untill injury problem

    • I liked it this way, whatever stupid reasons they tell, let’s not mind it.
      It’s good that line up won’t be out much before match.
      I used to think Argentina NT start doing blunders even before the match starts, with announcing squad in PCs

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