Argentina national team reaches 1000 matches, statistics and numbers


Friday’s 1-0 win vs. Uruguay at the Copa America was Argentina’s 1000th game played, counting matches against senior teams only and excluding matches vs. B teams (like Catalunya) or clubs.

Incredibly, Argentina’s first match was also against Uruguay and also a victory. On May 16, 1901, the Albiceleste beat La Celeste 3-2 in Uruguay’s capital Montevideo.

Match number 500 for Argentina was a well-remembered one too. It was the 6-0 win vs. Peru during World Cup 1978 played in Argentina. On that occasion, the national team had to win by four clear goals to reach the final.

In the middle of the Argentine dictatorship, which was filled with suspicion and controversy, it saw Argentina’s dictator Rafael Videla visiting Peru’s locker room. What was on the line for that match as the national team, with Mario Kempes as the star, making it to the World Cup final.

Here, Argentina’s record against some of its rivals:
+25 vs. Uruguay (187 matches played, 84 wins, 44 draws, 59 losses)
-2 vs. Brazil (107 matches played, 40 wins, 25 draws, 42 losses)
+51 vs. Chile (87 matches played, 57 wins, 24 draws, 6 losses)
+11 vs. Mexico (30 matches played, 15 wins, 11 draws, 4 losses)
+3 vs. Germany (23 matches played, 10 wins, 6 draws, 7 losses)
-3 vs. England (15 matches played, 3 wins, 6 draws, 6 losses)
0 vs. Spain (14 matches played, 6 wins, 2 draws, 6 losses)
+3 vs. France (12 matches played, 6 wins, 3 draws, 3 losses)
-3 vs. Netherlands (9 matches played, 1* win, 4 draws, 4 losses)
-2 vs. Italy (15 matches played, 4 wins, 5 draws, 6 losses)

*Argentina’s only victory vs. the Netherlands was at the 1978 World Cup final. Argentina’s memorable win on penalties in the Semifinals of the 2014 World Cup is considered a draw.


  1. Great Coach this that.. let’s jus keep calm and support Argentina..
    Guss hinddink was a grt Coach for me.. though he didn’t win the world cup..
    Italy jus played tier B teams in Europe like of Switzerland wales and tier C teams like turkey..
    I will see how Roberto Mancini will move ahead in this euro..italy didn’t face big guns till now..
    Why not scaloni try Thiago almada?as he gave chance to Julian Alvarez why not almada

  2. Midfielder hold the fate of a game. Look at the midfield of Italy. They’re far better than us. Jorginho, barella, veratti, crystante, locateli all of them are playing great. We lack a midfield of the calibre of Italy. We lack depth in defensive midfield. That’s why I think FAUSTO VERA may turn out to be great addition for Argentina.

    • Let him move to Europe and play some good football for a period. May be after 2022, an option, if he continues to grow. Now not in a position to come into our squad.
      Maradona tried 100 names n finally settled with most obvious names minus a few. Names doesn’t matter, the only good thing happened under scaloni is selection and sticking with almost same names, atleast the core, for 2 years. He didn’t do much of a favoritism unlike his predecessors.
      Let them play together and form an incredible chemistry, these bunch are themselves capable of becoming world beaters by 2022 (Capable of). Chemistry and stability of call matters.

    • Italy has very experienced coach R. Mancini is former man city, inter Milan,Lazio coach and had signnificant time with them.

  3. Scaloni should keep more than 2 names for every position. Because unfortunately Argentine players are prone to injury. And the possibility of getting injured becomes more just infront of an important tournament. Lo celso got injured again. I don’t think palacios or any other midfielder can fill up the place of lo celso. Apart from lo celso there has not been any other creative midfielder in this team. Right now Di Maria won’t be able to perform the way Nicolas Gonzales is performing. Scaloni should try to find out at least 2 young and energetic players keeping it mind that lo celso and Nicolas Gonzales are playing with injury and they are really vulnerable to injury. And we need atleast 1 more defensive midfielder because apart from Guido , there’s no one to break opponents attack. For this Scaloni should give chance to FAUSTO VERA.

    • Exactly my words about Lo Celso… He is giving so much to the team even if he hasn’t had the best Game against Uruguay… He’s very creative and plays a lot of forward Passes…

      I’m still not that enthusiastic about Palacios. He didn’t show up in Nt.. I think he’s decent but still needs to learn a lot…

      I was very impressed by Guido. He should be starter from now on.

      The defense was the best we have right now. Molina is still improving but was good Romero again he is great… Otamendi had a good Game too, although almost made errors that could have been costly…

      Front three was not good again… Nico looked tired and Lautaro is not clicking right now. Messi wasn’t good in the second have, he looked tired too and some horrible decision making…

      We really miss Dybala and another great Striker or at least let Aguero get some real time now

      let’s hope for the best vamoooos

    • Fausto Vera playing in under 23 team. He’s still not ready for senior NT.
      He has great future. Hope he will grow and reach his potential. We lack depth in DM position. Very few young talents there.

  4. England, Netherlands, Italy and Brazil….we have to make it +++

    Can’t believe we just won once against Netherlands in 9 matches..!

    How it became too hard to beat Bethe and England..!!

    • Doesnt matter. Argentina has more WC titles than England & Netherlands combined lol

      Im sure Germany dont care about their head to head against Argentina since they got more WC.

      Head to head counts friendlies and doesnt count shootout win , so it could be misleading .

      It should be noted that with Diego as a captain, Argentina had victories over Brazil, England, Germany, Uruguay, Belgium & Italy at World cup knockout stage (1986 &1990)

      As much as I love Messi , he’d never match Diego’s leadership.

      • Under messi we beat mexico, Netherlands, belgium, Switzerland in wc knockouts. Maradona had a better team yes Maradona was little better bt not a big difference we struggled against top team because we lack the quality and the mentality

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