Sergio Aguero, several changes expected for Argentina vs. Paraguay


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni is expected to make several changes for Monday’s match vs. Paraguay at the Copa America.

Nahuel Molina, who had a good match vs. Uruguay, could start on Monday or Scaloni could revert back to using Gonzalo Montiel. That spot remains undecided. In midfield and attack is where the big doubts are for Scaloni.

Per a report by TyC Sports, Gio Lo Celso, who was substituted off for Exequiel Palacios in the 1-0 win vs. Uruguay, has a swollen left ankle and is bandaged. He is set to miss the match on Monday and could be replaced by either Exequiel Palacios or Leandro Paredes.

The other issue in midfield is that of Leandro Paredes. The PSG was replaced by Guido Rodriguez, who scored the match winner for Argentina and brought more defensive stability to the team. We could see Guido replacing Paredes and Paredes replacing Lo Celso or Guido replacing Paredes and Palacios replacing Lo Celso.

Nicolas Gonzalez is not fully fit after having received a knock vs. Uruguay and is set to be replaced by Angel Di Maria on the wing. Up front, Lautaro Martinez could lose his starting spot for Sergio Aguero. This is the rumored eleven, if taking into considering the doubts:

Emiliano Martinez; Molina/Montiel, Romero, Otamendi, Acuna/Tagliafico; De Paul, Guido/Paredes, Palacios/Paredes; Messi, Lautaro/Aguero, Di Maria


  1. Why not Messi, Lautaro/Correa and Aguero instead of Di Maria? If Aguero is there he needs to play a pressing game. Paraguay plays pressing game. We have seen that. If Aguero is not planning for a pressing game, let either of the Correas be on the starting line up. Angel Correa had a much better club season compared to Aguero and Joaquin Correa is young to keep chasing the ball on Paraguay’s half. He can be replaced after 70 mins of a toiling game. Anyway, Lautaro is not going to play the pressing game he used to play earlier. He is a star on papers now. Irrespective of the misses by Nicholas against Chile, he takes more initiatives to penetrate compared to Lautaro and he would be missed against Paraguay.

    Anyway, there were few positives against Uruguay. It was a big match which we won and stuck to a plan to defend 1-0 like we did against Belgium in 2014.

  2. I’m very concerned if Lo Celso is not playing…

    It’s always very hard for us to win without Lo Celso… Not that he always performs awesome but he’s very present and creates a lot of chances…

    idk what is better to play Paredes or Palacios maybe Paredes in a more advanced role could be pretty good…
    I’m still not as enthusiastic as most of you guys about Palacios… I just think he is decent and nothing special so far for NT

    I just really hope we can win against Paraguay and Bolivia


    • I don’t know why you people don’t see talent in palacios. In my views, if he stays injury free he will become one of the best midfielders in the world. Yes, he is not lo celso type, but he has some other qualities like excellent stamina, good passer and I personally think when he is in the final third he has better vision than de Paul.
      If I remember correctly I was the first one who wanted Nico Gonzalez in the national team 2-3 years ago because of his pace and energy.

  3. Can we play messi Aguero di Maria together ? It will be tougher for defense . Messi and Aguero will walk around … Better go with Messi lautaro Aguero. Messi and LW Lautaro at RW. and Aguero as sole striker

  4. aguero finishing is good but he can’t press and move like lautaro, argentina needs new blood of number 9… aguero should retire after copa if his form not in the level of 2018 world cup anymore.. i think aguero go to barca only reason he want to play world cup but he should give somethings to team.. argentina forward almost similar don’t brings any variation or options for coach

  5. Changes are welcome and necessary as our front line is ineffective. Goals came from set pieces. We created (Messi) chances, but Nico and Lautaro are simply no Batigoal, Crespo or Claudio Lopez. Aguero and even Alvarez deserve a chance.

  6. LoCelso and Nico are not fully fit to play.
    IMO, they will be replaced by Paredes and Aguero.

    I don’t expect many changes in the team as the Paraguay match is very important in deciding first place in the group.


    I expect this lineup.

  7. Marcos Senesi and F. Medina should come in place of Quarta Martinez and Pezella.They both are good LCB. This Argentina team needs them and Emi Buendai.
    Mollina Romero. Senesi Acuna
    Foyth. Romero. Medina. Acuna
    Sarvia. Romero. Medina. Tagliafico
    Foyth. Romero. Otamendi. Tagliafico

    • quarta is a good CB . he is lacking in confidence one should wait till Dec to see his form. senesi can be called in next wcq as Romero is suspended

      • Quarta is not good no speed, no physicality, weak in air, no marking of opponent.His form has been in downhill in Serie A he rarely starts for Fiorentina.

        • what is the guarantee that Senesi or medina will work? in football, it takes time to integrate a player into a team. one can not change players like one changes in FIFA. changes have to be gradual. otherwise, we will have the same circus as was the case with sampaoli.

          • See how quickly Emi Martinez, C. Romero and Guido Rodriguez integrated. There is chance ,there are no guarantee but have to take risk for betterment. They are professional they know how system works and they must have played in various system. Last year Senesi was defender of year in Eredevise.

  8. Emi;
    Molina, Romero, Otamendi, Acuna;
    Kun & Latauro

    I will vote for this against Paraguay. Back will be secured, Midfield Solid, and Good attack.

    • I think we should try FACUNDO MEDINA also. Acuna is a beast in ground play. But MEDINA is good in both Ariel and ground play. PEZZELLA should be dropped . And one of FACUNDO MEDINA, MARCUS SENSI AND NAHUEN PEREZ should be given chance to the team.

  9. I think this is the current Scaloni’s pecking order (NOT MY pecking order):

    GK: Emi Martinez -> Armani -> Marchesin -> Musso
    No debate here!

    DR: Molina -> Montiel
    Whoever starts against Paraguay is Scaloni’s current first choice

    DL: Acuna -> Tagliafico
    This one should be close, maybe they both are “starters” and Scaloni just rotates them. If Acuna starts again against Paraguay then he surely wins his spot.

    DC: Cuti Romero -> Otamendi -> Pezzella -> LM Quarta -> Licha Martinez
    This is realistically Scaloni’s current pecking order. I am sure it is 100% correct. Why? Because Pezzella was the first defender coming off the bench when we needed to defend against Uruguay that means he is third in the pecking order. Why Licha Martinez last? Because he was NOT among the unused substitutes against Uruguay unlike LM Quarta.

    DM: Paredes -> Guido Rodriguez
    One good match is it enough to take the starting spot from Paredes, one of the key players of Scaloni? I am not sure about that but Guido for sure gains more trust now.

    MC: Rodrigo De Paul -> Lo Celso -> Palacios -> Papu Gomez -> Nico Dominguez

    Palacios is the main back up for both midfielder. Papu never played but is always among the sub unlike Nico Dominguez who was among the unused subs. So Nico is the last back up here.

    Number 10: Messi -> No one
    I don’t think he has a back up. He will play 90 minutes every match no matter what. He will NOT rest. He even refused the team doctor to check him out against Uruguay.

    AM: Nico Gonzales -> Angel Di Maria -> Angel Correa (and even Joaquin Correa)
    With that being said unfortunately, this position has MANY back ups. Too many I should say. Now u understand why Ocampos is left out as we have too many players here for just ONE position.

    F: Lautaro Martinez -> Sergio Aguero -> Joaquin Correa -> Julian Alvarez
    If Aguero starts and perform well against Paraguay then Lautaro spot is in danger. Joaquin is a multi function player. It is mostly used for tactical subs only: in case we do not need to score and need a defensive forward then Joaquin is in. Julian Alvarez holds the last spot I think.

    This is also the reason why Dybala is left out. Maybe some argues that it should be him instead of Alvarez but well Dybala is too good to be the 3rd back ups of Lautaro or Aguero.

    So those of u who wish to start your current favorite player such as Papu Gomez or Licha Martinez or J. Alvarez, please check out the pecking order. If they are not even the main back ups, then quite impossible that they would start or even play.

  10. We r defenitely up against Brazil.Bcz in last Copa against Brazil we r dominated. Unluck and bad referrying gives advantage to Brazil. I think Scaloni learned what error we have from that match.I think Occampos is an interesting choice against Brazil. we need fast tall technically& physically good forward than d Maria against Brazil. That gives def cause some presur on Brazil . Silmilarly in DM role Guido in foam. we dnt need Paredes ..Paredes can’t pay attention on attacking when he is DM role.itsnot good on tech wise.proper DM must against Brazil.Arg. must try always panic brz by using our available fast wingers. and stay away brz forwards from our defnc..And concentrate to stop counter from brz..We have advantage all the way. All of a concentration needed to defeat brz. We must pay attention on using half chances..

  11. We need to rest some of the players now for the remaining Group matches. More or less we will qualify. Messi should be completely rested from atleast 1 match. We need the full strength 11 for the knockout stages.

    Test players like Papu gomez and Angel Correa etc. If they clicks they can add further options for us. Problem with Papu and A.Correa is they both are mainly second strikers. Scaloni dont use 2 sticker formation. While Papu can play in midfield who will he replace? because of his non defencive display. Where as Di Maria can directly replace Nico Gonzalez. May be thats why Papu and A. Correa are not been played.

  12. I have a feeling we will scores multiple goals in next 2 games. Other than Brazil… Chile ,Uruguay and Colombia has always been toughest opponents in Copa.

    We got 4 points from Chile and Uruguay in a game where it should have been a thrashing win, so I suppose the players has finally overcome the “mental preasure”. Bolivia had lost 2 games which mean we’re almost guarenteed to qualify unless we draw the remaining games.

    If Bolivia lose again, then we qualify before even playing them.

    • We need to be first in the group…to get worst team of other group in the QF. That will be helpful in SF and Final as we don’t want to burn our full energy against that worst team(probably Venezuela).

  13. We are doing well and improving a lot. Defense looks good now.

    We need Lautaro and Nico to wear scoring boots or sub them with players who can do it.

    Another important change we need to make is, being still defensive we need to have more players running at the opposition box when we counter attack. Messi should have a few options at front to unleash the killer pass or play 1-2 which will definitely result in more goals.

    Nico, Lautaro, Lo Celso & DePaul should always be running to the opposition box when we have the ball. 5 players including Messi running for goal will terrify every defense. 6 at the back (incl GK) are more than enough to halt the quick counter attack of opposition by the time these players get back to help defense.

    • Messi has zero connection on the pitch with Nico and Lautaro in all recent games. They all looked like they’re playing seperately. They both needs to open their goalscoring account as soon as possible , or they’ll never get their confidence back in this tournament.

      A forward needs a goal to keep their confidence, it doesnt matter if its fluke , penalty, deflection or whatever.

      Messi needs to be fully rested in last group game. I’d also rest Romero cause you dont want to risk him from injury and suspension.

      • Saying Messi doesnt have connection with these players is a lie. Messi doesnt have connection while counter attack its true bcoz these players are not seen.. When we attack, they do connect.. Both got assists on plate from Messi.. Remember the header Nico wasted against Chile.. You cant ask find a better connection that.. It was pure magic how Messi’s pass connected with Nico’s head..

  14. Need to rotate the players and the subs are among the best . Why delay to optimize the team selection. I would love to see Papu got the chance ; hopefully it’s not too late , at least play him as a subs as Scaloni did to Di Maria. Kun is more experience and Lautoro is not in his fire form right now, he needs the break to regain his form. As Paraguay will play defensively with their counter attack, so we need a lethal #9 striker. Papu, Angel Correa or Di Maria can be the provider from the winger. Messi need a space and give him

  15. This is what I’m thinking…
    Being realistic….
    We are NOT the favorites against Brasil.
    We will not have as much possession as Brasil will…
    We are the beat team other than Brasil
    If we get to the Final.. We will probably play Brasil….
    We will only score on Brasil either on a set piece or a counter!!
    Agreed so far everyone?!

    The best counter attacking team has dimaria, Messi and aguero up front…

    Not Lautaro “bad touch” Martinez
    Not Nico “miss a sitter” Gonzalez
    And if I was to take out Dimaria my choice would be Gomez on the left and then sub in dimaria in minute 65…

    Thinking ahead which I shouldn’t but these players need to be on the pitch together to get down their chemistry and rhythm together … also thinking of having guido at the #5 and parcedes playing a more attacking midfield position.. with depaul

    • I agree with what your saying… But I think we can score on opportunities other than only counters and set pieces. I think we should stay with last game lineup but start aguero and paredes in for lo celso if he’s hurt.

  16. Gomez is with the selection ! Why he dont play at all ?

    Di Maria is good as a sub ! Put Angel Correa for Nico Gonzalez if he cant play

    I have rewatched the game and i have a problem with De Paul. Yes he work a lot for the defense, but offensively its terrible … he never try nothing, he hided himself all the game ! Many time Messi tried to find a connection and Depaul changed his position to not be a option anymore. He was all the time behind Messi. Never tried to be “a socio”. As i said he is a big help for Molina but he is the main reason if the midfield of Argentina cannot control the game during the second half

    Honestly im sure un team

    ———-Lo Celso–Guido

    Could be a real option to win a World Cup in 18 months.

  17. I am super relieved and happy about the win. I will take a win any day. I don’t know if I would call it a defensive master class. But surely there is a definite plan. I like the idea, defense wins you tournaments. But seems like a very risky business. I mean defending for 80 mins.

    Sabella had a young Messi, Pipita, Dimaria and Ken. They were fast and they were top of the world players. We don’t have that now. This will be an interesting tournament.

    I have a feeling we might play much up the pitch against Paraguay. Kun cannot run like Lautaro. If that happens it will be good to see how we are going to play.

    • Uruguay was pressing the whole game and ARG absorbed the pressure well, Cavani had zero chances and Suarez had that one out of place bicycle kick and that was it. A win was needed at any cost, even if they had to play ugly but who cares.
      I finally got to see Romero in action, I hope and pray that he grows into the spot well so it could be put to rest once and for all. I loved Acuna, the guy doesn’t smile, laugh or chat, he does what is asked of him and that’s it.
      Though I was shocked to see Muslera and Godin, I thought their time was done and I was like, here we go again as if the pressure was not enough.

      • We really did well in terms of soaking in the pressure. Cristian Romero was outstanding. Romero and Emi provides amazing confidence.

        A big question I have in mind is what will happen if the opponent scores first. Need to see our strategy

  18. I often called Kun an 80’s supercar, expensive, pretty, flamboyant, fast and very very unreliable……….I love Kun and often fantasied about him and Messi tearing it up and I’m still waiting.
    Can you please be healthy and fit for this tournament from start to finish!

    • Scaloni cautios approach with Kun maybe to have him fit for rest of the tournament. Same goes to Lo Celso and Nico. I like the rotation. Players keep healthy

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