Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni and Leandro Paredes comment on team


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni and Leandro Paredes both spoke to the press on Sunday.

This time it was Leandro Paredes who spoke at a press conference. Paredes, who missed Argentina’s 1-0 win vs. Uruguay on Friday, has a strong chance of starting vs. Paraguay on Monday. He was replaced by Guido Rodriguez who ended up scoring the only goal of the match and gave Argentina the 1-0 win. Here’s what Paredes had to say in regards to Guido and the team:

“The truth is that I am very happy for Guido, for the Argentina national team, because it shows that every guy that is here can bring something.”

“We are taking this one match at a time. I believe we have a group of incredible players. We’re on the right path and we’re growing. With the quality of the players we have, I think we can expect a lot.”

Regarding Paraguay:

“Paraguay have top level players. I feel better, I am good to play. In midfield, we have players of good quality, with a lot of dedication and with different playing styles.”

Lionel Scaloni spoke after Paredes and commented on several things. In regards to the opponent on Monday:

“Paraguay are a very uncomfortable team, a very difficult opponent who know how to play. They have a great coach.”

The coach also spoke about Lionel Messi’s leadership:

“I think Messi’s leadership is always the same on the pitch. Off it, he’s a spectacular guy, who leads the group forward as he has always done.”

Sergio Aguero and Lautaro Martinez were also a topic of discussion:

“Sergio Aguero is getting better every day and that for us is an important contribution.

“As long as I am coach, Lautaro is part of the base. I am satisfied with him and he knows what I think.”

And Scaloni commented on the wingbacks:

“In Brazil, the wingbacks chage. Here too. For me, Molina, Montiel, Tagliafico and Acuña are starters.”


  1. Portugal is a mess. They have hands down they’re best generation, handed to a weak defensive-minded coach. Funny thing is, the guy is a legend so he’ll be around for a while. Wasting an entire technical gifted generation with this stupid coach that makes them play for Ronaldo to break all the records, it’s like they’re playing all tied up. It’s funny how they did great without CR in the Nations League, and everyone got excited by they’re game, than the guy returns and it’s the same boring shit from 2008 until today. That’s the problem you have when you have CR, you’re almost forced to play in that shitty way to take the best out of him individually, sacrificing an entire team. It’s a FeelsBad for Bernardo Silva, Bruno Fernandes, Cancelo, Diogo Jota, João Felix, Ruben Dias, Ruben Neves, Pote and so on.
    Funny enough Portugal won the Euro playing like absolute crap, having insane luck that they never had in the generation of Figo and Rui Costa, that reached the Euro Final and lost and a World Cup semi final (playing wayyyy better).

    • Sometimes you just need luck. Argentina won almost every game in Copa 1991 but in Copa 1993, they only won 2 games, one at group stage, one in the final. 2 draw and 2 shootouts in between. Off course we got Bati at the time who scores 3 goals over those 2 finals.

      and who the fck care about Portugal form lol

  2. Some people are not understanding about Lautaro they think if he starts scoring he will be back in form but it is more about his weak link up play, I do not think he can win duels both ground and aerial,he can be easily dispossed,because of height weak in air,he rarely score quality goals or solo goals,his shots does not have much power.

  3. I think this should be line up 4 3 3
    Emi Martinez
    Mollina. Romero. Otamendi. Acuna
    De Paul. G. Rodriguez. Paredes Messi Aguero. J. Correa/Papu Gomez

    Lautaro now needs to be substitute but the sad thing is Scaloni did not choose many strikers. Aguero should stay fit for whole tournament only 5 matches are remaining.

  4. Speaking of the EUROS since many in here are discussing, I have watched every game played by the so-called big countries, Italy, Spain, Germany…………..etc and with all honesty none really impressed me aside from very few.

    Spain, same ole issues, they will kill you with passes but finishing is horrendous.
    Germany, Thank you for beating down Portugal and not allowing the ultimate prima donna to open her mouth, good defense and offense but not really as good as previous squads.
    Dutch, waste of time.
    Belgium, good team but injuries have held them back, Hazard of Chelsea is no more.
    Portugal, good team on both sides but the whole team works for her highness and she pouts when she doesn’t get the ball, their defense is prone to mistakes.
    Italy, impressive BUT I’m waiting for the 2nd shoe to drop……lets see how long it lasts.
    France, with all the talent they have, I expected MORE.
    England, LOL

    • with a team like France, one should have a strong defense, then sit back and do a counterattack. if you don’t allow mbappe to run the attacking threat is neutralised, France’s other forwards are old and average.

  5. Let’s hope Lautaro gets back his form within this tournament. Because at the current stage there is no goal scoring happening from the forward line apart from Messi’s free kicks or penalties. Problem is Lautaro knows that his position is safe even if he don’t score. Which is bad as per me.

    Have to say this, Germany for me is one of the bravest football playing nation out there they play such an open game. The way they play is really good. There is possession but it’s not Tiki-taka, they do counter attacking too. But their defense is vulnerable because of the way they are playing. That’s why they are conceding goals most of the times. They play with so much confidence, which is instilled by Joachim Loew. But against teams like France they may loss. France on the contrary plays only for winning which is what matters.

    • They outplayed France i think but unlucky they lost. Also one penalty wasn’t given. German plays one or two touch football all along once they are in final third of the field. We are lacking that quality hence the reason we cannot unlock some defence. In Argentine league only River used to play this so efficiently untill Palacio moved out. He was vital piece for Gallardo. That’s the reason we wanted and still want Gallardo otherwise Scaloni is ok. Only Gallardo could bring beautiful play with solid defence otherwise you all will complain same about almost anyone else. Like Simione or Pocho

      • True, Germany actually played really well against France. but France defended well with the likes of Kante in their side its really difficult to break them apart.

        Coming to us, at this stage where we have been trophy barrened for 30 years we are in no position to demand that, we have to play beautifully to win, if we play beautifully and win – It’s great, but even if we don’t play beautifully (Like what Scaloni is doing which is something similar to France’s playstyle) but still win its okay with us. We just need to win some tournament to break the curse, and take the monkey of the back. Not Olympic Gold by the way(no disrespect but we all know Olympics is under 23 tournament)

    • Germany in must win situation against Hungary but as they usually does, they’ll progress. France only needs to draw against Portugal. I’m sure France will give their best to avenged their 2016 final defeat.

      It should be noted that Brazil has won 9 Copa, but only 3 of them outside their home soil. They always win it at home but obviously there’s always first time in everything and hopefully we’ll get that done. The title its their to lose based on recent form and its always better for Argentina being an underdog. During 2014-2016, Argentina has always came into tournament as main favorite, thus adding more preasure.

  6. Emi; Montiel, Romero, Otamendi, Acuna; Guido, Paredes, RDP; Messi, Lautaro and Aguero.

    This is my predicted line up.

    I believe that with Molina, Scaloni is not 100% convinced. Molina is not defensively sound.

    Guido will start. He gave defensive solidity without taking away creativity much. Scaloni is defense first.

    Paredes will start. Fitness wise, Palacios just returned from injury. So paredes will get the nod. And he is one of the most important player for Scaloni.

    Scaloni loves Lautaro. Also we do not have much alternatives. So I think he will try to bring Lautaro’s rhythm back rather than dropping him. He will try to partner him with Aguero as Nico is injured. Di Maria as a starter never did well for Scaloni. Angel Correa has not been used even as sub recently . So I don’t see any of them starting.

    Post your predicted lineup rather than favorite lineup. It will be fun if you are correct.

  7. Let’s see if Paredes plays well alongside Guido. He will have a more advanced role I guess.

    I hope for this line up:

    De Paul—————–Paredes

    –Messi—————Di Maria–

    Not sure about Di Maria but since there is no one else to step up for Nico I think we need to give ADM a chance.

  8. “There is no doubt that Lautaro has all the qualities to be the No. 9 of the Argentina team, It depends on him. It depends on being sure of himself — because at Lautaro’s age I had received very little criticism.”

    “Lautaro has a long career ahead of him, and there will be times when he comes in for criticism — there surely will be, because a career is not a bed of roses — and it’s in those moments that he will have to be strong.”

    Martinez already has nine goals in 17 games for his country. He might be thinking international football is easy. But Higuain wants to see how Martinez reacts after his first major mistake on the big stage.

    – Gonzalo Higuain on Lautaro.

    I will, without a second thought, unconditionally keep my faith in Lautaro Martinez. Although he has started the tournament in misfiring mode I would never doubt his qualities.

    Because Lautaro has the most important thing that only elite players possesses, that’s – “MENTALITY.”

    It’s only a matter of time.

    • keep higuian as far away as possibe from lautaro. prefferably back to france as far away from any argentine player. i dont want none of that choking artist shit to rub off on any of our players.

    • Higuain is cold…. Lautaro is hot…
      Higuain is dark…. Lautaro is light….

      Whoever knows football know…the importance of Lautaro in the Scaloni’s 433 system. He provides balance to this team. None of our strikers are able to do that ..Alario comes near.

      I hope Lautaro will continue to play every match. If rest is needed… it should be only against Bolivia. Paraguay match is very important in deciding group winner.

      And… whoever thinks…it’s easy to score against Uruguay, Chile and Colombia…I just quit…!

      • I do not want worst finisher in my team look at Spain their midfield and defence is rock solid but attack is costing them their place in Euro. Same with Argentina Lautaro should be axed ASAP. Lautaro is 23 his shoulders are not strong enough to take the responsibility he needs maturity till then Aguero and Dybla are most suited

        • When maturity comes..? 30s or next year?
          Come on man…he’s in bad form…but still we need him. If Alario was not injured he would have got more minutes.
          Support Lautaro he will comeback stronger..he will make all of us proud. He’s a braveheart player. He’s a person of ‘Never say die’ attitude.
          Lautaro will score in KO…I am confident on that.

        • Dybala? Lllloooll. Dybala can not shoulder the NT pressure, he has had many games to prove himself and he always fell flat. Lautaro exceeded expectations, he is just now going dry. These where all locked games, I am sure he will find his form.

          Besides, as long as Scaloni expects the #9 to defend, as he has been, then Lautaro is well well above lazy dubala and Aguero. Lautaro brings in a tremendous amount of energy and grit to the team.

      • True Lautaro is a bull and realy vital to the team ..For the paraguay game since Nico is not fully fit I think a front two of aguero and lautaro should be great …Messi will play his way ..molina and acuna providing width and overlaps

    • What mentality? you do not know what is mentality. Do not call his bad attitude and arrirange a mentality if you want to see mentality just look at Emiliano Martinez that is what I call mentality.Respecting your opponent and respecting your self and own team

        • Some people just can’t see out of their own box. They are the people you will find most assertive when they talk. It’s not easy to convince them on something, as they will come up with anything to defend.

          Do not try to sell mirrors in the land of blinds.

      • Kevin it is true that you do not know what “balance” means tactically or on a football pitch. Correct me if I’m wrong but I swear you’ve recommended to switch De Paul out for Buendia

  9. ”Portugal with all their stars in Midfield were battered by young Germany with no big names..”

    This is not a true statement, Germany on paper was way superior to overrated Portugal. Portugal had Pereira (who is this?), Carvalho (Betis bench player), overrated EPL player Fernandes, Jota (which team does he play for again?) and Bernard Silva in midfield. The only player you could consider a ”top midfielder” is Bernard Silva. How is this Portugal midfield world class? Fernandes/Penandes haven’t done anything in world football at this stage to be called world class, he is just pure hype by the English/Man United media outlets. I mean, the make up for the rest of the team is veteran Pepe (CB), Dias (CB)(another EPL overrated player), Semedo (Barcelona outcast RB) and Guerreiro (LB) and goalkeeper Rui Patrício. Ronaldo is the only player in this team who you can call world class and nobody else..

    Germany by Contrast has a strong team:

    1.Kai Havertz scored the UCL winning goal for Chelsea in 2021 (UCL winner)
    2.Serge Gnabry (UCL winner)
    3.Joshua Kimmich (UCL winner)
    4.Leon Goretzka ( UCL and Confederation Cup winner)
    5.Thomas Müller ( World Cup and UCL winner)
    6.Toni Kroos (triple back to back UCL winner and World Cup winner)
    7.Ilkay Gündogan ( 2021 EPL winner and arguably Manchester City best player and UCL finalist with Dortmund)
    8. Neuer (World Cup and UCL winner)
    9. Niklas Süle ( UCL winner and 2016 Olympic runner up)
    10. Leroy Sané (EPL Champion with Manchester City)
    11. Mats Hummel ( World Cup winner and UCL runner up)
    Antonio Rüdiger (2021 UCL winner with Chelsea)
    12. Emre Can (Confederation Cup winner)
    13. Timo Werner ( 2021 UCL winner)
    14. Matthias Ginter (World Cup winner, Confederation Cup winner and 2016 Olympic runners up)
    15. Robin Gosens ( this guy is the only new revelation on this Germany team. Given that Havertz made his name with Chelsea I wouldn’t call him a new revelation..

    This German team/roster is far superior to that of Portugal. Portugal is a park bus team with limited players, they got carried away thinking they could go toe to toe with Germany because of the result against Hungary and were made to pay the price. This is a well oiled Germany team. Lowe is not ignorant, he was getting bad results over the last year and he went back for experienced players like Hummels and Muller to be a part of his Euro roster. And if we’re going to be honest, Germany was much better than France the other day and was just unfortunate to lose that game by an own goal.

    Germany national team benefits from Bayern Munich and Dortmund participating in the UCL season after season. So if Germany is going through a rebuilding process they have the luxury of home grown talent making a deep run in the UCL while building up their player profile.

    Argentina’s lack of players in the UCL is hurting them right now and will continue to hurt the team in the long run if things don’t change. Some people like to assume all you need is playing time in whatever small European club. The AFA/local clubs and player agents should prioritize UCL football when negotiating player transfer. This level of competition will go a long way in boosting the Argentina national team. Playing for mid table teams (nothing wrong with mid table clubs) season after season will not make your national team stronger unless we’re talking about small national teams like Gambia, Tunisia, South Korea, Algeria, Slovakia, Finland etc.

    Only Messi, Di Maria and Aguero in this current selection have won the UCL/participated in a UCL final.. When was the last time we had one or two Argentinean in a UCL final? Only Mascherano (Barcelona) and Demechelis ( Bayern Munich)..So it was no surprise these guys ended up playing in a world cup final. Argentina needs more players in the UCL period. The UCL is what revived the Dutch national team, not their overall local league.. Ajax run several years ago and then you have the likes of Virgil van Dijk and Georginio Wijnaldum at Liverpool. The English media pushes for their local players to get more playing time in the top four teams who are participating in the UCL because it will benefit their national team.

    • When was the last time you had one/two Argentinean CB in a UCL final?*

      The Robin Gosens guy is basically a carbon copy of Lukas Podolski..All Germany will need to do is find replacement for veterans Muller, Hummels and Toni Kroos post 2020 Euros.

      Germany’s football system is very good especially when integrating new players because the local clubs correlate with the national team. German players don’t look out of sorts when representing their national team, it’s like they have been playing together for years. Spain did something similar during the Pep/Barcelona era, The Royal Spanish Football Federation implemented Pep playing style across the Spanish first and second division. The current Spanish team is not even that great but their passing ability and ball control is top level stuff. You don’t have this in Argentinean football, the club teams and national team are so far apart.

      • German defense looks shaky. Never seen this shaky defense of germany but their midfield wing attack is top notch they will be a top contender for any trophy

    • Robin Gosens is such a beast …One of the reasons Joachim Low is still persisting with the 3-4-3 is too get the best out of gosens and boy its working..if german didnt take him out at the 60minute(too early) germany would probably have massacred portugal like they did to brazil

  10. Portugal with all their stars in Midfield were battered by young Germany with no big names.. Yes there are good players but not like germany of past years when they used to have stars in every position… Why they played so well?? Because even after losing to France they did not panic or make big out of it.. They sticked to the same team.. Even when gnabry didn’t played well against France ,he continued as a false 9..gnabry is a winger not a striker at all.. They are built as a team which will continue as a same starting 11 even when they will lose.. Not like fans in this forum who always wants new starting 11 with wholesome changes in every match.. So many people here scold sampaoli but they themselves want the team to change every match.. Stick with same team scaloni.. We have found replacement for many weak position now Guido and Paredes.. Acuna and taglifiaco.. Montiel and molina.. Even they are not that good but continuation will give them big confidence in this long tournament.. Vamos Argentina.. We are progressing… Vamos

    • Yes team is already set except CF position, midfield and defence is set no change required. In forward line one or two changes can be made as goals are not coming. Aguero should start.

    • If everyone were fit and in form – Scaloni or others in the forum would not be asking for a change..Scaloni biggest mistake was calling players who are not fit and struggling to put a 11..

      Scaloni’s passion for River players or even calling senior players who struggle with pace is in way acceptable for team composition and seniority…and some managers want certain mix of players..but i will reserve my judgement till Copa finishes..


    Forget 433, Scaloni rolling with the infamous 6211

    —————————-RDP – Guido
    Acuna – Tagliafico – Otamendi – Romero – Montiel – Romero

  12. Scaloni needs to get rid of Lautato Martinez and Montiel.In Center Forward position if Argentina have players like Icardi,Aguero,Dybla,Alario why he is going with Lautaro Martinez he is most overrated player. Scoring goals against Qatar, Venezuela, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru but these teams are not defensively solid he should have scored against Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay they are defensively solid.
    Argentina will miss Dybla this Copa who is far better than this overrated guy.

    • True! just an opinion, Lautoro and Dybala are not in good form at this moment in their club; hopefully Lautoro will regain his form in the next games. A striker need to boost the spirit by scoring. However, i do agree Scaloni should consider Dybala and Icardi replacing J Correa, for me Lamela is in good form recently; he could deliver something on this Copa; unlucky he is overlooked and my biggest curiosity is why Papu and Kun are still on the bench, not being given any chance at all.

    • Brother Kevin, u do not understand football, unfortunately. Nowadays, there are many types of forwards. Some formations suit some forwards. For example: Argentina uses Lautaro as warrior, while Germany uses Havertz as False 9 while FB’s are rampant, France uses Giroud/Benzema to hold ball. Their strength is Mbappe, Griezman playing at both wing much like Argentina. So, Lautaro’s main job is not scoring goal. His main job is to press, fight for every ball. Problem is Nico Gonzalez is no match for Mbappe, but Griezmann is no match for Messi.

      Try to understand football first brother, then comment…

      • Shaan89 can not believe you think a strikers role is not scoring but I think you are a teen kid so every player should do his primary duties first then should go for other activites.

      • > So, Lautaro’s main job is not scoring goal.

        Shaan89, Scaloni uses Toro to press but his job is to still score. that would be insane of Scaloni otherwise. If you want 9 thats job is to defend and press, might as well throw GLC up there like City is doing with KDB. He can press, defend, link up, much better than Toro. The reality is that Toro is out of form right now, its not Scalonis tactics.

    • Kevin, let’s put aside the fact that Toro is untouchable so hell will freeze over before he’s dropped.

      Toro is a key player for the NT, he’s just out of form right now. No need to drop, bench him for a game or 2 and go from there. Quality options anyways with A Correa and Kun, although it sounds like Kun almost done with a fitness issue so maybe thats why he wasnt subbed in before.

      • Toro performs in patches I have seen in Serie A despite playing for best club in Serie A Inter Milan many good players are there and even Serie A is not that tough as compared to La Liga and Premiere league nowadays. In Serie A Insigne,Immobile,Berardi,Muriel all are ahead of him

        • Yes, consistency does seem to be Toros enemy and quite frankly, it could be the reason holding him back from a major “big club” transfer. Talent and Quality wise, i think he could pay for City, Barca, Juve, etc. but when his form took a hit, its understandable that interest has cooled off and Lukaku took the clear lead.

  13. Peru, the team demolished by Brazil 3 days back is ahead against Colombia. I understand, every game is different. But, we are not the strongest, not anymore.


    Paraguay currently has one world ”renown” player who is Miguel Almirón..So Basically this man is already putting Paraguay and Argentina on the same level. With this kind of mindset and approach before an important game the outcome has already written itself during this press conference. No disrespect to Paraguay but come on man. ”Paraguay have top level players?” Really, top level players? Give names already! So in the same sentence Paraguay has top level players and Argentina have players of good quality, this sounds to me that Paraguay is the better team. Where do they get this weak mentality from, oh my gawd, these guys are something else. If Paraguay has top level players then what does that say about the current Brazilian national team? I remember during a press conference before the 2018 world cup when Argentina was going up against Honduras in a friendly encounter, one of the players said during a press conference that Honduras is a ”great team,” no they were not a great

    You could have said, Paraguay is a well organized team who is sometimes hard to break down but Argentina have enough top level players to score against them and win decisively.

    • So you think he should have said Paraguay is nothing. We will beat them with one leg because we are Argentina. We have Messi they have nothing blah blah. What is wrong with you KID. Really disappointed man with you! It’s an excellent press handle. Be humble is the best weapon you would ever get in life.

      • mmh007 In my earlier comment I said ”no disrespect” to Paraguay.” We all need to be humble in life but we’re talking about competitive sports here. I’m not here saying I’m rich and you’re poor or I have a Bentley and you don’t. There was no need to talk like this going into an important game, that’s all I’m saying. It makes the opponent bigger than they’re and in return they show no respect to Argentina on the field. I mean, at the 2015 Copa America Argentina defeated Paraguay by six goals to one, yes the same team that Parades said had top level players. Top level players are the ones playing in the biggest European clubs the last time I checked, this doesn’t mean the Paraguayan players are not professional but to call them top level is a lie in itself. Argentina don’t even have that many top level players yet Parades is in a press conference giving Paraguay a boost in confidence. So is Honduras a ”great” soccer team? I wouldn’t even call England a ”great” soccer team let alone Honduras..

        • But you can’t say in press conference that Paraguay is bellow us or anything. You have to say they are good opponents. KID 2015 and now is totally different situation. Argentina going on full transition here yet I believe we should beat them but as coach or player I don’t think anyone would come out and say we will beat them tomorrow game. Football is changing now alot. It’s unpredictable…look at Hungary vs France. So much for world class players in every position yet they had to settle in draw

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