Rodrigo De Paul set to be benched, possible 5-3-2, 4-3-3 for Argentina


Rodrigo De Paul is set to be benched for Argentina as coach Lionel Scaloni is expected to make several changes.

Argentina got their first win after three draws and once more, due to injury, Scaloni will be making some changes. Per a report by TyC Sports, Rodrigo De Paul is expected to be rested in midfield.

This would mean that in addition to Gio Lo Celso who won’t start, Scaloni won’t be using two of his regular starters in midfield. With De Paul and Lo Celso out, Guido Rodriguez would maintain his spot with Leandro Paredes back after missing the 1-0 win. Exequiel Palacios would be the third man in midfield.

The other change would be up front as Sergio Agüero would be replacing Lautaro Martinez, who has struggled to score lately.

Per the report, it would be either a 5-3-2 or 4-3-3 which Scaloni would be starting. This would be the rumored eleven should it be a 4-3-3 formation:

Emiliano Martínez; Gonzalo Montiel or Nahuel Molina, Cristian Romero, Nicolás Otamendi or Germán Pezzella, Nicolás Tagliafico; Leandro Paredes, Guido Rodríguez, Exequiel Palacios; Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero, Lautaro Martínez or Ángel Di María

In a 3-5-2 formation, it would be the following:

Emiliano Martínez; Gonzalo Montiel or Nahuel Molina, Cristian Romero, Nicolás Otamendi or Germán Pezzella, Nicolás Tagliafico, Marcos Acuña; Leandro Paredes, Guido Rodríguez, Exequiel Palacios; Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero


  1. Argentina don’t need to try to dominate anyone. We dominated Chile and still ended up in a draw. Players need rest… messi is tired.. we have players sitting on the bench is time to show what they are capable of

  2. The latest probable starting line up based on TYC reports. It is 3-4-3 or it even looks 5-2-3

    —Romero—-Ota/Pezzella—L. Martinez
    ———Messi/Papu—————Di Maria

    The 5 confirmed by Scaloni are: Emi Martinez, Romero, Tagliafico, Paredes, and Aguero.

    The other 6 are still not confirmed yet. I am not sure about this line up, Tagliafico role as an attacking wing back? Can he do that? Acuna fit this role more. Also double DM of Guido and Paredes. They both are not that mobile going forward, it will be hard to score relying on the 3 upfronts only: Messi/Papu, Di Maria, Aguero.

    I think Messi will start, don’t believe he will rest.

    TYC don’t give fake line up, they give quite the most updated/most recent line up, it is just Scaloni refuses to reveal his team before the match that made the TYC or Ole guess the starting line up based on the realistic the latest training of the team.

    So these 11 have pretty good chance to start. The last game, for example, TYC reported the starting line up 100% correct around 24 hours before the game.

  3. I’m a fan of Messi, Di Maria, Aquero and the other great players of his generation, this is why I came back here, it has nothing to do with ”caring” about Argentina. I don’t even know who the other players are, and I wouldn’t care to go see them if they were playing in the USA. I’ve been following these guys since the U20’s, one of the main reasons I got into the whole soccer thing. The same for Sevilla, since Banega left the club I barely watch that team. Just remember this, most global fans are only interested in Argentina because of Messi, I’m one of those football fans..

    • I think you don’t have a clue about the fan base of Argentina has in Asian Countries. Mainly in India & Bangladesh. Most of us loved Batistuita, Aimar, Ortega, Crespo, Riquelmi, Saviola.. naming a few. Nothing is going to stop that one way admiration we all keep on having on Albiceleste. Most of us started to Like Messi, Kun,Di Maria, Only because of the color of the shirt that wear.

      Either you are ignorant of these facts. Or you may be not considering us as part of your World. No hard feelings, it’s ok to be that part of the world where “Football ” means some other game using some weird shaped ball.

      Btw, why do you call it as football, even though u rarely kick it with your foot.

      • It’s a generational thing why you start loving Argentina. People older than you love Argentina because of Maradona, not because of the excellent crop of players in late nineties or early 2000. The same goes for Kid, who is perhaps, younger than you to follow Argentina because of Messi. This is entirely natural. People follow icons, and Argentina keeps producing football icons.

        So, no difference between you and kid, or most of us who start loving Argentina because is this or that icon.

      • I don’t know if you are referring to me or kidulthood about this but just so that you know I am fully aware that there are many people that there are Asian based fans of Argentina and I have no problem with that (might I mention Kidulthood is a cafetero not from any Asian country). It is great to see people from other countries that are attracted to our team because of the many great players we have and have had. It makes me proud. The problem I have with kidulthood is that he comes here to complain or bash on the team and disrespect it, while claiming that he only here for Messi and Di Maria. If he is so against Argentina that he doesn’t even know half the team why doesn’t he support their clubs instead? I did not see him for one second after the Uruguay game (and neither many of the other complainers) and now he shows up again.

    • Kid
      I remember you back in Sabella era, you were one of the most genuine and optimistic posters, whose comments were very interesting to read, at least for me. Then all of a sudden, if i remember correctly, just because someone told you that some Nazis tried to escape in Argentina after WW2 and just because Argentina didn’t have African originated black people in their squads (even though they always had south american indian originated players, still not white), you reached to the absurd to say the least conclusion that Argentines are racists! Correct me if i am wrong, but if i am not, what kind of absurd, paranoid thinking is that?

      Let me ask you something: With respect to everyone in here who is from US, my intention here is not to insult US or any other country.
      You are from US right? Did you know that after the end of WW2, half of the Nazi scientists who used to work for the ballistic missile programs for Germany, such as the first ballistic missile V-2, went on to work for US space programs and the rest for the USSR respective space programs? Correct me if i am wrong, but if i am not, that makes americans racists as well, according to your thinking?
      And if you think that Argentines have this mindset, how come you admire and follow some of them while contradicting yourself by quitting on supporting the national team that represent them as well?

      My intention is not to attack or insult you. It just doesn’t make any sense at least to me and is way too dissapointing, how come a genuine and passionate Argentina supporter all of a sudden quits on supporting Argentina for the above reasons and now supporting Colombia instead.

      • Waveride, u r very correct. I used to read Kidulthood’s comment. He used to have goid contents in his writing. Suddenly, the racist issue came. I don’t know, he said it deliberately or just because of anger. But, I admire his knowledge on football.

        Another thing- passion cannot be changed. If he was passionate about Argentina, he will be. The great movie “El secreto desus ojos” taught me that…

  4. Hopefully it is fake news and Scaloni has finally learnt to keep his line ups secret and fool media, opponents and fans as well.

    However it must be said DePaul has pretty much played full 90 minutes in four tough international games over like 15 days (only once subbed at 89th minute). That is a lot of work. We have mentioned how he should have been give 10 minutes or so off in every game and how his bench depth for central midfield has always looked thin. Why even invite a partly fit Dominguez if you’re not not going to put him in the final 23?

    Plus now with locelso and nico in even greater need of rest and recovery giving depaul a break also would mean greater changes in chemistry and rhythm in an important match so there is a risk there. It will be interesting to see how Scaloni handles this. Tournament management is not just 90 minutes on pitch but also man management, media management, squad rotation etc so we will see how to judge him now.

  5. Its totally fake.. This is possible 11

    Emiliano Martínez; Gonzalo Montiel o Nahuel Molina, Cristian Romero, Nicolás Otamendi, Nicolás Tagliafico o Marcos Acuña; Rodrigo De Paul, Guido Rodríguez o Leandro Paredes, Exequiel Palacios o Paredes; Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero y Ángel Di María o Ángel Correa.

  6. After each step forward, Scaloni makes two steps back. Why in the world would u change that team after only one victory. After tonight game we will play in a week with a very weak opponent, the changes should be made in that game but in the game against Paraguay. We need to consolidate the team. The last time we beat Paraguay was in Copa in Chile, it can be a tricky game.

  7. Forget this 3-5-2 bullshit when Scaloni tried it first and last time Venezuela beat ARG 3:1, when Sampaoli experimented with this CRO beat us 3:0.

    • a three man back line doesn’t mean a team is defensive Atlanta use it and they are the best attacking team in Europe certainly in Italy conte use it he creates the most organized teams in the world tuchel used it to great effect Germany is using it too.the only thing that matters is how scaloni use it against teams like Paraguay u can use it with three strikers for example messi papu and lautaro against stronger teams u can use three midfielders like inter uses it .it will be a great setup to integrate lisandro to the team

  8. This is odd. Why would DePaul sit out for this match? I’m not against any of the decisions… But it would def be unorthodox to take out a mainstay player especially one that works as hard as Rodrigo. I like the idea of starting aguero and then subbing him off once he is winded.
    Also I must say, don’t underestimate Paraguay. They have some talent.
    This is south America, this is not Europe where u can qualify against Belarus and isreal and then land a group with Macedonia in a major tournament. This isn’t an easy cup.

  9. Based on reports of 3-5-2 in last instances and how they proved to be fake, I believe this one is fake too. There is no reason to go such defensive against Paraguay.

    I am not sure about Guido-Paredes-Palacios midfield too. This setup is ultra defensive too. Is group champion confirmed? No. So I don’t think it is logical to bench RDP for this match. After this match there are 7 days of rest.

    Whatever formation and XI media reported in recent matches proved to be fake.

  10. 1-1 vs Paraguay at the 2019 Copa America and 1-1 against Paraguay a few months ago in a 2022 WCQ game. So Argentina haven’t beaten Paraguay in the last two competitive games, now we will see if Scaloni is a real tactical coach. Did he learn anything from those two previous encounters against Paraguay? I mean, a tie would be a bad result in terms of the team’s overall progress and a narrow one goal win will still be seen as barely progress. If Argentina can’t score a minimum of 3-4 goals against Paraguay and Bolivia respectively then where will the goals come from in the knockout rounds when teams will be basically playing for penalty shootouts given there will be no extra time until the final. Give Gomez an opportunity, he is a world class player who can dribble past his opponents and also shoot on goal from outside the 18 yard box.

  11. We should now start playing with some real balls,
    The World cup is almost a year away. The champion always play like dominators from a couple of years before going into the world cup. We should be scoring goals because that is what we need to win the word cup
    ,Just see Germany and france, They play very organized and also score goals, We should focus on winning this Copa because that would boost our morale going into the wc next year as south American champions.

  12. Is Scolani tries to pull’s a “Pep in CL final”? by going into panic mode? makes radical change on what’s already working in previous game?

  13. It’s again Scaloni just confusing the opponents. It’s not good a 3 man CB lineup without Lisandro. He deserves there.

    Who’s gonna create? Long pass from someone..? Messi and Aguero to score those long balls. A defensive strategy against Paraguay? I don’t believe this.

  14. As I said once Guido Rodriguez starts playing in team Paredes would find difficult to take back his spot but Argentina need both of them both of them are great player with different skills same gonna happen again when Emi Buendai will play in team Palacios and Dominguez will have hard time to get into team.
    Yeah rest can be given to main players

  15. This is super defensive, I agree. We should have tried to dominate this game. And see how good are we at it. Would have liked to see how we approach if we have to score more than one goal.

  16. Its too defencive lineup against a team like Paraguay. If Guido and Paredes is gonna start together then it could have been better to start a creative player like Papu. Palacios is more of a Box to Box player. The above rumoured both line up is again gonna put all the burden on Messi to create.

    Good thing is if Aguero starts and find form our goal scoring problem will be solved. But whoes gonna create?Its such an irony that Argentina where its the birth place of an Enganche now dont have a top quality player of that type. Lo Celso have become more of a rounded Midfileder which is great but we still would have benefitted from a player like Aimar or Riquelme anyday. Problem is every young Argentine player now want to be New Messi. Cant blame them too.

  17. Papu should also be in playing 11 he is one of the most creative player and till now no chance for him.

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