Lionel Messi benched for Argentina, Papu Gomez, Lisandro Martinez to start


Lionel Messi could be rested for Argentina as Alejandro Papu Gomez could start in his place.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni is expected to make several changes for tonight’s Copa America clash. As we reported earlier, both Gio Lo Celso and Rodrigo De Paul are not expected to start. In addition to those two, Lionel Messi and Nicolas Otamendi will likely also start from the bench.

The attack would be one which Scaloni has not yet played. The front three would consist of Alejandro Papu Gomez, Sergio Aguero and Angel Di Maria. And a midfield two of Guido Rodriguez and Leandro Paredes. Here is what we are being told is the XI which will start the match:

Emi Martinez; Molina, Pezzella, Cristian Romero, Lisandro Martinez, Tagliafico; Guido Rodriguez, Paredes; Papu Gomez, Aguero, Di Maria


  1. Don’t compare south American Football with European football… They have better refere which allows good game.. better pitches…

  2. If you live in the U.S. or ever seen Alexi Lalas on ESPN or FOX then you know what I’m about to say, Alexi, you’re a F***ING Idiot. he doesn’t know shit from shinola.

    LETS GO ARGENTINA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Official xi

    Martinez , pezella and Romero CBS , molina rb and tagliafico lb , in the middle paredes , Guido and Papu Gomez , with Messi , di maria and aguero upfront .

  4. Just watching Uruguay vs Chile Match

    Uruguay are Terriable again if they play like that They won’t score in an other 5000 Minutes

    I posted that we weren’t that great When we beat them in our last Match everyone was going mental but it was Uruguay who made us look good .

    Point is Uruguay have been in dereadful forum recently,we still need to improve so much to win the Copa

  5. team needs to continuous improvement if teams don’t improve in right measurement argentina will not going to win anything, football is not game of individual talents,, football is game 11 players talents altogether and best of best.. if football is game of individual talents then both messi and ronaldo would won world cup ++++ and i think france won 2018 world cup so easily bcs in each position there players brings somethings good quality

  6. i want to see luka romero playing in 2022 world cup.. he is something similar to messi… if he plays in midfield messi won’t need to drop down.. and even in middle i can see he can bring the danger or able to do what messi able to do and he has pace which messi lost with his age,, only things is problem is his experience and chemistry with messi ,, i don’t know why batitsta don’t select him for Olympique his experience could be huge achievment for argentina national team.. i hope next season he plays more than 20+ games for mallorca and scaloni should select him in some friendly matches to give him some motivation, romero and messi playing together it would be much attractive to see ….

    • Still a long way to go for him because he has played very little top flight / first team football, but good thing is Mallorca got promoted maybe we will see some of him this season.

  7. I don’t mind Messi rested. We should be able to beat Paraguay, with or without Messi. If others are so good, they should do it easily. May be give him 20 mins if needed.

    Having said that, it will be a pity if Scaloni starts with 0-0 as a target right from the beginning. At least we should have the intention to win. I have a feeling Scaloni might also look at the results of the Uruguay vs. Chile game

  8. Hope to see A Correa today. Not sure why hes blacklisted. Coming off great season, can defend, great dribbler and poses a goal threat.

  9. in current situation argentina has lackings in quality player: argentina needs to level up with new talent or faces in this position

    wing backs = at least two player (acuna,molina current best) = barnebei, ?
    center backs = at least two player(romero,lisandro,otamendi) = ?
    defensive midfield = at least two player( guido,) = fasto vera,capaldo,sforza?
    leftmidfield = atleast two player(locelso,paredes) = ?
    striker = atleast two player (aguero,lautaro) = girotti,ponce,gaich
    before 2022 worldcup argentina should improve its squad and also look for the backup currently best already have…

    only position argentina don’t need to worry right wings, right midfields and central or attacking midfields.. argentina have better one after another better player in those position such as messi,dybala,dimaria,a.correa can occupy in the right wings and attacking midfields … in right midfields Rdp,baundia is enough quality of assurance,

    Argentina needs to invent new talents in those position which is lackings..

    unfortunalty argentina talents in attacking midfielding and right wings in terms of worldclass keep growing growing such as with luka romero, thiago almada, zebalas,sarmiento, etc but not in the other position..

    i think before world cup scaloni should invent better talents in wingbacks postion at least two player in both wings… and one player in defensive midfield .. and one more in left midfield ,, one striker and one alternative of nico gonzales .. and also should level up whatever the best currently have

    • till worldcup argentina should play some extra friendly match with europe based country such as italy, wales, denmark,belgium etc .. argentina lacks in matches is big hamper identify the depth of strength whatever they have, argentina should play some more friendly before world cup

      • good point – i am jealous of Mexico and USA – they are able to continue their competitive practice with a series of games against tough opponents – i am sure plenty of tough ASIAN and European teams would love the opportunity to play against Argentina and the GOAT… AFA lacks the preparatory planning…. frankly they should hire a good sporting director who can make these things happen.

      • I agree about the friendlies. We can not be scared to do difficult friendlies even if we fear we will lose. They can be very helpful

  10. 1st or 2nd in group A doesn’t matter much so don’t mind resting players. We’ll either play group B 3rd or 4th so looks like Colombia, Peru or Venezuela. it would be ideal to play Vinotinto but all can be tough teams to beat anyway.

  11. I’m not understanding Scaloni plan. We don’t want to lose 1 or 2 spot. If anything, start Messi and sub him second half.

    I’m confused. Oh well, still happy to see them play.

    • Messi will be on bench … If needed he will come in 2nd half… I am expecting goal less draw… Because argentina have to many defensive minded player in 11… Let see how old guns performs.. ADM AGUERO PAPU

  12. this is where he needed buendia to be in the squad…nico domiguez and even palacios don’t create chances like buendia…i don’t know whats up with scaloni for not selecting buendia

  13. The truth is 10 are confirmed: Emi Martinez: Romero, Pezzella, Licha Martinez; Molina, Guido, Paredes, Tagliafico; Di Maria, Aguero.

    The one that has yet to be confirmed is Messi or Papu Gomez.

    I really don’t like the 4 in midfield: Molina, Tagliafico, Paredes, and Guido. With the exception of Molina, all others are very defensive minded.

  14. I really don’t understand what Scaloni is doing. This is not the time for experimenting, rather a time for consolidation. The team needs playing time, confidence and adaptation. We can’t find that in changing the team at every match. The changes should come after killing the game but not at the beginning. I like Licha at the back, Guido in the middle and Aguero In front but please it’s too early for that….. God save us….

    • Messi will be available to sub if needed. Messi and De Paul have played four games in two weeks and were looking at playing w/in 72 hours of the last match. Messi needs rest or we may lose him for the tournament. It was reported that Scaloni and Messi met privately after the team dinner and it is likely Messi told him he’d like to rest.

      It’s been Scaloni’s game plan to score and then defend the rest of the game. He is hoping this is what happens here

      • Score and defend rest of the game is bad plan IMO and i dont think it is Scaloni’s plan – it is a problem with depth – honestly we need a squad where at-least half the players are straight swaps of the other – exceptions would be C.Romero, L.Messi, DePaul.
        For example LoCelso-Buendia, L.Martinez-Aguero, Ocampo-DiMaria.
        This will make sure we can play to one offensive plan and one defensive plan per game depending on opponent. If opponent surprises us we would have the quality to strengthen certain areas. Squads with depth can do that – so we need that first. For example, no one to replace Otamendi or Tagliafico, our right-back is still not settled and leftback is aging..with an Otamendi sized hole in CD in 2022. also unless Lautaro can find consistency, that is also a problem. injuries are another concern on top of that.

  15. Good, hopefully the team uses this as an opportunity to practice playing without Messi and learn to lessen dependence. I am also very excited to see Licha and Romero play together. Vamos Argentina!

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