Lucas Alario out of the Argentina Olympic team due to injury


Lucas Alario is out of the Argentina Olympic team due to injury.

Alario, who was initially selected for the Copa America squad by coach Lionel Scaloni, had to be dropped from the squad because of an injury. After being dropped from the squad, Argentina U23 coach Fernando Batista selected the 28 year old for the Olympics.

Initially one of three overage players in that team, the official Argentina Twitter account have stated that he is out of the team due to an injury.


  1. MU is close to signing Raphael Varane. That means Cristian Romero will not go to MU.

    Liverpool, MU, and Hotspur are interested in Romero. Don’t think Liverpool is a good place for him as many of their main central defenders will be fit to play by next season. Hotspur won’t even be in the champions league. Atalanta is better than all of those teams I think.

    If Romero has to move to a bigger club, the only club I can think of that will hive him a starting spot and a chance to flourish is Barcelona or Madrid (replacing Varane and/or Ramos). Although I am not sure if Barcelona have the money to sign him.

    • I am with you here. I don’t want him to go a club like Spurs. There is no point. Better to stay and have another stellar year at Atalanta. In a recent interview he mentioned about how he didn’t like it at Juve but liked the settings of Atalanta.

      Eventually its better to move to Real Madrid. I would like Madrid move with Ancelotti. Not sure it will happen though

      • Cristian Romero is severely underrated, even after winning the serie A defender of the year, none of any media/websites rank him among top 50 top defender of 2020/2021 season.

        He is already one of the best in the world. But I won’t mind him staying at Atalanta for one more year and prove that his last season was not a fluke.

        This season he already beats the likes of inter duo of De Vrij and Skriniar or his senior Chiellini or Bonucci or Romagnoli to win the best defender of serie A. The funny thing is all those other defenders are always listed among top 50 best defenders in the world but not Romero.

        • The PR campaign is very poor. The agents are horrible. I remember Di Maria at Benfica was under super agent Jorge Mendes. No wonder he went to Madrid etc. I don’t know why the super agents are not with our players anymore. Look at Danilo, he is always at top clubs. I have many Madrid based friends and they used to tell me they don’t understand how Danilo is a Real Madrid player.

          If Romero was Brazilian or Spaniard, media and clubs would be salivating.

      • Yes agreed but perhaps the NT serves as a vehicle to market players to clubs. Alvarez inclusion could be signal to Euro teams “BUY THIS KID THAT PLAYS FOR NT FOR $$$”. Otherwise, if its based on skill alone, doesn’t make any sense why he would be prefered over Dybala.

  2. Select aguero if barca give permission the kids will enjoy playing with a legend like aguero the experience and confidence those kids gonna get is immense

  3. According to footystats, Argentina has high chances of scoring while Ecuador has medium chances of scoring. Even though, Ecuador has not been in good form lately, they have scored in most of their matches. A 2-0 win will be a very good result and a proof of improvement match by match.

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