Emiliano Martínez to the Colombian players during the penalties: “I’m sorry but I’ll eat you, bro.”


Emiliano Martínez was by far the man of the match in Argentina’s win on penalties against Colombia. In addition to providing security in between the three posts during the 90 minutes, Martínez saved three penalties in the shootout while distracting and putting pressure on the Colombian shooters by talking to them.

Here is the “Dibu” Martínez show in the penalty shootout vs. Colombia:

Emiliano Martínez didn’t say anything to Colombia’s first shooter, Juan Cuadrado, who’s kick went in. The talking from Argentina’s goalkeeper started with Colombia’s second shooter, Davinson Sánchez:

“I’ll eat you, bro. I’m sorry but I’ll eat you, bro. I’m sorry but I’ll eat you, bro!”

Those were Martinez’s words when Sánchez was running towards hitting the ball. Emiliano saved that penalty by jumping to his left.

On Colombia’s third penalty, Martínez would repeat his tactic. This time, it was Yerry Mina who went to grab the ball to place it in the penalty spot when “Dibu” started talking to him.

Martínez: “You are not going to celebrate in my face, are you?”

Mina: “No, no. Don’t worry.”

Martínez: “You look nervous, huh? You’re laughing but you’re nervous.”

Mina: “Yes”

Martínez: “You are nervous. You are nervous… Look, the ball is a little ahead (from the penalty spot). The ball is ahead!”

Mina: “No, it is on the white spot.”

Martínez: “Yes, play the fool. I know you. You like to be brag… Look, if you cross it, I’ll save it. I’ll eat you, bro. I’ll eat you, bro!”

Emiliano saved that penalty by throwing himself again to his left and celebrated euphorically. Both, the Argentina goalkeeper and the Colombian defender had previously collided in the World Cup Qualifiers game, which ended with Martínez injured.

“Dibu” repeated the same strategy with Miguel Borja, who’s penalty went in:

“Where is it going? I know you, huh. Look at me! Look at my face!”

With Colombia’s last penalty, Martínez didn’t say a word. He had just received a warning from the referee. Still, we can listen to someone, behind the goal, shouting at Edwin Cardona. Martínez saved it once more, throwing himself to the same post, qualifying Argentina to the Copa America final.


  1. That video of trash talk and Locker room is one of the better moments I’ve had with a lifetime of this team. Gotta love Martinez . What did I know … I thought he had no chance vs Ospina . Dudes got balls .

  2. Hey, what do you guys think of Argentina trying Erik Lamela in the right-back position??
    I think of him being effective like Cuadrado.

  3. Finally, we have a goalkeeper with confidence. He knew he was good and made sure he didn’t play back up but forced his way to a club where he can be the starter.

    Willy Caballero: was trash. Often making the first save, but deflecting the ball in the middle of the box. Always slow to react to a rebound and falling on his butt. Very clumsy.

    Armani: never looked confident. His eyes always expressing, “when will I be found out.”

    Sergio Romero – in the beginning, was not reliable but became one we had to accept (no other choice). He was reliable in the 2014 knockout rounds of the WC but jumped in the opposite direction in the WC final (although I blame Demichelis for not man-marking closer). In the end, Romero should have forced his way for first-team football.

    Now we need a real right-back, left-back, Lamela (in the midfield – heck let’s try him as a right-back as we have nothing to lose), Buendia, Mammana (if he can stay healthy), Senesi, & Icardi

    • Certainly interesting. Lamela never lived up to his potential in the over-crowded Tottenham bench, but he continues to show glimpses of brilliance every season. I wonder how players like he and Dybala would have done had they the wisdom to move to smaller clubs where they would not have been dropped so frequently and had teams built around them. He might flourish in a Cuadrado like role. However for right back, keep an eye on Montiel, who is a rising star.

      Team selection has always been a big problem for Argentina. They always let things other than footballing ability interfer. Rejecting players who play in italy, or players who keep long hair, pressuring managers to prefer mediocre players from the Argentine league ahead of better ones from European leagues etc. Even in this one Scaloni keeps making horrendous mistakes when it comes to team selection.

  4. “eat” is the most literal translation from “como” which is when he tells him he will “eat” him. “Eat” is not used like that in the English language but I like that this translation shows “eat” because that is the way it is used in Spanish.

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