Emiliano Martinez comments on winning Copa America with Argentina, Lionel Messi


In a lengthy interview with Ole, Argentina Copa America winning goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez spoke about winning the Cup and having Lionel Messi as captain.

In this two part interview which will be translated here on Mundo Albiceleste, the undisputed number one for Argentina spoke at length about the admiration he has for Lionel Messi and the support which Messi has given the team.

During the interview, Dibu commented on the celebrations of winning the Copa America. When asked that what he lived was like celebrating a World Cup. Winning at the Maracana vs. Brazil. How he perceived it and realized what they

“I started to realize it when the memes. People went crazy over what I said but for me it’s something very normal. The people that know me know how I am as a person, I won’t change for anyone. I’m sick and passionate about what I do and I’m a fighter without limits. And obviously without people, they hear everything you say on a pitch.

“What I said is not something out of this world, I just kept talking to the penalty kick taker. It had never been seen but it’s something that I do, not to neutralize the opponent but to get me excited, to motivate me. But I know that people were crazy about it because I stopped three out of five penalty kicks, four in six with the one vs. Chile.

“But I know that I had played six matches with the Argentina national team or seven. I had won nothing. Going to a final and for it to be a disaster, what is it worth? It’s worth nothing. People felt better because we won the final, in the semi finals I was lucky to have saved three of the five penalty kicks.

“But if I had been a disaster in the final or said “I got it, the entire world know me”, losing the final would serve for nothing. I was really excited that it was just that game. I put aside the press, the people, the memes… everything and I focused on that I had to do what I did at Arsenal, Racing or Aston Villa. And the truth is that I grew a lot mentally and physically and today I feel better and better and I will continue to improve.”

How everyone knows who Emiliano Martinez is:

“It’s normal. People remember the great Argentine goalkeepers for decisive moments. It’s like that for a goalkeeper. The start is always the number nine or number ten. The goalkeeper always goes unnoticed, it’s the truth. A goalkeeper is a goalkeeper for a reason, because he’s not good playing like a number ten.

“But that today people recognize me with a phrase or a shot, or they say my name or that Dibu made a save, it’s like when I would hear about Pato. They would throw themselves and they would say Pato or Goyco. One remember those great goalkeepers for the moments where they achieved something with the Argentina national team.

“Or Mascherano’s phrase to Chiquito (Sergio Romero) that gave him the strength to stop the penalty kicks (Argentina vs. Netherlands, 2014 World Cup semi final).

“Leo gave me a hug and told me “you’ll stop one”. You have a crack that saves you in every match, that does everything for the Argentina national team. The least I could do was to try and help him to get to the final. It’s what I set out
to do.”

If Lionel Messi told him anything else that left a mark on him:

In a match vs. Uruguay he told me “help us in the crosses because they’re brave.” In general, he says more things as a captain, he helps us all. When he scored his penalty, he could have gone straight to the center but he came and told me “You’ll save one” and I saved the next one. That’s what he generates. It’s difficult to explain but he’s a captain and the entire world wants to have him.”

Lionel Messi isn’t too active on his Instagram but on his Instagram, Messi called Martinez a monster. What went through his mind:

“I was speechless when I saw it. They are sentences or pictures that you keep for the rest of your life. Or to have frame that I’m hugging him. Same thing in the semi’s, when he came to hug me, same as the interview or what he put on Instagram, it gave me strength to stop in the final and be even better. It gives me strength.”

On if he got emotional about it:

“That he puts a photo with the caption “he’s a phenomenon”, how can I not perform in a final? I want to give him life, I want to die for him. I said it four or five months ago, I said I prefer that he wins the Copa America before I do. And it’s true. Just like every Argentine. The Brazilians, for me, wanted Argentina to win the Copa just because of Messi.

“And an Argentine isn’t going to want Messi to win it? It (winning Copa America) happened and hopefully we can give him the World Cup.”

About how what surprised De Paul the most was that Leo never loses in training. What surprised Martinez the most about Messi?

“We would play truco (card game), Marchesin, Musso and I against Messi, Paredes and De Paul. Practically 20 or 30 nights, we would play truco. He’s a normal guy, a great guy and someone who really wanted to win something with the Argentina national team, more than anyone in the national team.

“And he transmitted that to us, to the new group, that desire of this animal who wanted to win something. How can we not want to win something ourselves?”

About Lionel Messi and playing alongside him:

“You guys said it: I’m an Argentine fan that achieved my dream. I didn’t stop fighting until I reached my goal. I don’t know how many Copa America’s or World Cup’s Leo will play. Having played one with him already for me… When I made my debut at the Copa America, I said “I reached my dream.”

“And after that we won it, that I could not have thought or imagined. You want to play with the best player in the world and watching him play made me secure and made me better.

“You say “he made the players excited”, me too and I’m a goalkeeper. I wish I had played every match in a league with him. I would be a much better goalkeeper. I was with the national team for 45 days having come off a great season with Aston Villa where I got much better but with the national team, I got better by 10% or 15%. You know when you watch Dragon Ball Z as a kid? I’m Vegeta and when I played with Messi, I turned into Super Say Saiyan.”

Leandro Paredes said that at times he couldn’t believe what Messi did on the pitch. If there was something in particular that Martinez couldn’t believe:

“There’s not a specific play. In the free kicks, it’s halfway being a goal. A dead ball, if he crosses it well, it’s a goal. He grabs it (the ball) and you’re calm, he won’t lose it. We would be winning 1-0, Messi would take it and go to the corner and say alright, the match is done, there’s five minutes left.

“All of these things make you more secure. At Villa, we would lose a lot of matches in the 91st or 92nd minute. We would have the ball in the corner at the 89th minute against Uruguay or Paraguay and that’s it, we would win 1-0. These are things that make you very secure. It’s small things that I’m telling you that made us all better.”

The second part of the translated interview will be up shortly.


  1. “An Instagram photo of Lionel Messi holding the Copa America trophy following Argentina’s win over Brazil has become the most liked sports photo on the social media platform, surpassing a record 20 million likes.

    Messi celebrated his first major title with Argentina as the Albiceleste lifted the Copa America after a 1-0 win over Brazil at the Maracana stadium on July 10.

    – Stream ESPN FC Daily on ESPN+ (U.S. only)
    – Don’t have ESPN? Get instant access

    Messi posted the picture with the caption: “What a beautiful madness! This is unbelievable! Thank you, God! We are the champions!”

    The post broke the previous record of 19.8 million likes that was held by Cristiano Ronaldo after he paid tribute to Diego Maradona following his death.”

    Daaaayum, Now if her majesty wasn’t mad about Messi winning COPA AMERICA, this will certainly piss her off………just don’t messi (Mess) with her image LMAO lololololol

    • Imagine the popularity of Maradona + CR combined, yet Messi + Copa America thropy is even popular lol. Its proof how the entire planet, even a good chunk of Brazillians wants him to win so bad😄

  2. I am pumped for the Olympics and cant wait for football to kickoff, problem is the games start early morning my time but who cares…….LETS Go ARGENTINA

    BTW, the pic above with Martinez hugging Messi so tight and tears in his eyes……….what a moment and it never gets old no matter how many times I say it.


    • Watching the PK shootout above …………….I was watching the game on that same channel and that idiot commentator running his mouth right before Messi took his pk, “the weight of the world on the shoulders of the 5 ft 7 Lionel Messi…….” blah blah bah, I was like, “STFU, you imbecile” and then La Pulga knocks the camera out and it goes Black…..weight that bitch

  3. Gabriel Heinze fired from Atlanta United. Hope he comes to a proper club now. Also one less coach to be worried about poaching players to MLS.

    • These punks fired El Gringo!!! They suck anyway and here I was of thinking of going to one of their games……sorry ass team and MLS.
      They are desperate to make this sorry league into something it will never become no matter how many over the hill players they sign or new billinores create new teams.

      • Heinze is a known bielsista. his velez team was famous for intense training. he tried to bring the same intensity and effort to atlanta and the players said too much hard work and rebelled and management fired him to keep them happy. quite hilarious league/club.

    • I don’t even care that Heinze left, I am pissed off that he had to take with him Ibarra, Alan Franco, and Sosa and they are now abandoned in a sorry club. It’s respectable when managers buy our players but kind of sad when it’s the mls. Hope he finds a meaningful club and the other players find a way out and fast

    • The club was not ready to scale to Heinze’s style. Good for Heinze & hoping he will find his way to Europe in Serie A / La Liga or Ligue1 . Like Bielsa , Heinze needs a club that will believe in the high intensity training approach. He should get a young athletic team & results will be brilliant. Sampaoli also suffered due to this transition. Atleast Sosa & Ibarra should get out of that retirement club in next season.

  4. It’s over a week and I am still celebrating. Watched all the Copa matches again and again, I stopped counting how many times I watched all goals, Messi skills, Penalty shoot-out against Colombia, Di Maria winning goal and all. I am still dreaming.

    Not easy to be an Argentina fan especially after witnessing 8 final loss.

    – Loss in WC 1990 Final
    – Loss in Confederations Cup 1995 Final
    – Loss in Copa 2004 Final
    – Loss in Confederations Cup 2005 Final
    – Loss in Copa 2007 Final
    – Loss in WC 2014 Final
    – Loss in Copa 2015 Final
    – Loss in Copa 2016 Final

    Finally, Redemption at Maracana against the biggest Rival. Plenty of positives to take away from Copa

    – Team played as a Team and showed winning mentality.
    – I have seen Messi, the leader, probably for the first time which made lots of difference. Cheering team, giving instructions, loved him during penalty shoot-out. A different person all-together.
    – We have some very good addition to build a core team with Messi, RDP, Emi, Romero.
    – Di maria stepped up when Messi was not playing well e.g. Uruguay match or final match.
    – With Romero and Otamendi defense looks very solid. Romero on ground and Otamendi on air almost won everything.
    – Kudos to Scaloni, Aimar and Samuel to bring the winning mentality back in the team. They can believe now.
    – Most importantly, we might see a very relax Messi now on and who might be even more dangerous.

    At the same-time now our target should be world cup and for that plenty of work to be done.

    – My biggest concern is fitness. After 90 minutes our players were barely able to walk and unless we improve fitness we will not be able to compete against top European teams.

    – Scaloni did well so far to build this team but he must need to change his mentality of holding 1 goal lead in every match. You cannot win every matches like this way. We cannot take too much risk early but we will not be able to defend entire match like this way especially when our defense is not the finest. We allowed teams like Ecuador, Chile, Colombia to dominate us after early goal. Having said that no one can take the credit away from him for winning us Copa but we might pay big-time for such mentality. Also be brave in selecting team. Can’t believe he was selecting Armani matches after matches, even though we had a beast like Emi. Also I get nervous because of his substitutions. Even in final, had Brazil equalized, there were no chance to bounce back in extra time.

    – Need to build a core team and for that it’s important is to bring good set of players, who are playing at top level. Messi, RDP, Emi, Romero is not enough as we are just an year away from world cup.

    – Romero in defense is very good, what a find! His calmness reminded me Samual in his best years. But we need to find his partner in defense. Otamendi cannot play in 2022 as a starter, Pezulla is too soft. I will look forward for Lisandro Martinez and Lucas Quarta this season.

    – In midfield Lo Celso is unfit. If your main man in midfield can last only 1 half then you cannot trust him for longer time. No doubt about his quality but hope he will improve his fitness level and will have a great season. Also Pardes is too soft as Defensive midfield. I will prefer a Gudio-Pardes-RDP midfield. But they all need to grow a lot to be a part of World Cup winning team.. only RDP is right there. As a backup Palacios is good.

    – Right Back – Molina or Montiel are very young but slow for fullback position and unfortunately not even close to Zabaleta till now. Although Montiel played like a beast in the final and hope he will only grow for here. Also we cannot throw-away Juan Foyth after Colombia match. He is better than Molina or Montiel IMO and I remember his performance in Europa final, outstanding.

    – In Left back Tagliafico is really disappointing. I had high hope on him but he failed after 1 or 2 good season. Also Acuna is make-shift left back and we need genuine one. I want Scaloni to try to few more options like Facundo Medina.

    – In attack, Lautaro will definitely will lead the line with Messi but we need another striker who is very good in air. As of now I can think of Alario only [I don’t think Icardi has any place in the team]. Any other option?

    – Messi/Di Maria will hold right wing position but we need an upgrade over Nico. Ocampos started promising but losing his way. Unfortunately we have to many quality players in right Messi/Di Maria/Angel Correa but not many in left. We need a Lavezzi kind of player in that position, I had high hope on Pavon but he failed to prove his worth. Papu played his part well in Copa but I don’t think he will be part of WC 2022. Hope Nico will find his form soon and will find the net frequently.

    Finally, I believe Dybala should be included now. If Kun can why not Dybala? After suffering from Covid twice then injuries marred his season but he was Seria A Player of the season even a season back. Messi will be 35+ in 2022, World Cup will be in Katar, how he will be able to play for 90 minutes? We must rest Messi and who is better than Dybala to play his his position? Even when we are chasing we need quality and I am sure Dybala will be able to add something there.

    Comments, opinions welcome.

  5. Did you guys hear about the rule changes Fifa is submitting tomorrow for a vote?
    They are proposing some rule changes to make the game more exciting yet I think these changes sound very stupid:

    1. They want to make two 30 minute half’s. With no stoppage time at the end but any time there is a foul or stop in the game the the clock will also stop like in other sports. Stupid
    2. They want unlimited substitutions. Instead of 3 or five changes a game, you can change as many times as you want. And they are also proposing that if u sub someone out, then you can sub him back in later. This sounds pretty stupid too.
    3. Instead of throw in they want kick ins. Very stupid.
    4. If you receive a yellow card then you have to sit on sideline for 5 minutes of the game, similar to ice hockey . Another stupid idea.

    Anyways, I thought I would share this because alot of people here like to speak about stupid shit and I thought many would appreciate these stupid ideas.

    • Yes, all are subject to change. One day they will say no goalkeeper needed so fans can enjoy more goals like basketball.

    • If that happens.. anything. Ill only watch classic rules games, even if i have to see then locally. Keep it the same, there sre zero reasons to change the beautiful game. Even 5 subs is stupid. Endurance and tactics matter. Go watch hockey or basketball if you want 90 goal games!

    • Number 1 and 2 copy Basketball rules. It might be good that it would be weird knowing futbol no longer 2 x 45 mins.

      It is good because it is fair and should be more exciting. Think abt it, if there is around 1-2 second to go, the players would shoot the ball from anywhere hoping for a miracle. It sounds fun but again it would be funny changing it that way.

    • Meh, if it ain’t broke….don’t break it by trying to fix it! Now regarding the rules:

      1. Don’t mess with the times, 45 min halves are perfect just the way they are. On the other hand stopping the time when the game stops might discourage time wasting, so there is something there.

      2. Silly. 5 subs seems to have worked just fine so I wouldn’t be against keeping it instead of going back to 3, but once you get unlimited subs you get chaos, where some managers constantly subbing and disrupting the rhythm of the game.

      3. Um….why? And would somebody please think about Liverpool’s throw in coach, how’s he gonna feed his family! 😉

      4. Now THAT……might be interesting, it would surely discourage silly needless fouls. Mind you, can you guys imagine what would happen to copa america with that yellow card rule in place? LOL! Argentina’s games against Brazil and Colombia wouldn’t been stopped.

  6. This Copa America exposed Lautaro Martinez that he can not be a starter in striker position with the likes of Dybla,Alario and Mauro Icardi.Even Angel Correa would be better than Lautaro in striker position.
    Lautaro would be good substitute until he finds his form back.

    • You always come up with comments like this…you are speaking against a player who scored in QF and SF. He’s not in form. But still he scored.
      He will be in best shape…when WC arrives…!
      Alario will be suited in sub role for Lautaro.
      Angel Correa and Dybala will be competing for different positions.

      • You can see Lautaro was weakest link in Argentina eleven in this Copa and if we have replacement just use it. Many time Lautaro was outmussled or outrun by CBs look at his performance in final,we need a replacement there.

        • Outrun…so you use..Bolt.
          Out muscled..may be you need Muhammed Ali.
          Lautaro scored 3 goals in last 4 games. You forget one thing. He’s just 23. He has already 14 goals for Argentina from just 29 matches.
          You will see best of him in next years…24-28 age. I really believe he will be in beast mode when WC arrives.

          • Even in Serie A he was getting outmuussled and outrun by decent defenders. Yeah 14 goals 60% of them are in friendlies. OK let’s see what he does in Serie A this season even if he is being carried by Lulaku.I do not think any Central Defender will fear Lautaro Martinez. I want Lulaku,Griezaman,Benzema level of striker. Does not matter if he is 23 just give chance to Dybla,Alario,Aguero,Icardi.

        • 60% of his goals in friendly is a lie.
          He has 5 goals in Copa America plus 2 in WC qualifiers. Total 7 out of 14 is competitive goals. That’s 50%.
          As I said before, he’s just 23. You can see best of Lautaro in coming years. 24-28 age…he will be in peak….

          • Age does not matter,by your logic Dybla,Icardi and Alario already in their peak so why not to choose them. Dybla was Serie A player of the season and that is big achievement and Lautaro is not even in Serie A team of the year. Lautaro lost many good chance even open net Argentina can not afford another Higuain.At 23 look at C. Romero he is more reliable.
            Brazil defender easily handled Lautaro like he is from U20

      • Yea, he needs to go back to espn comment section lol. Lautaro scored more goals than Neymar in this tournament lol. Dybala scored just 2 goals in 28 games for Argentina. He should stick at modelling along with kevin.

  7. Yeah it is true that Emi Martinez looked better in Argentina than in Aston Villa. He was looking like a goalkeeper who can not be beaten.With Argentina he will shine more.
    Best teams to win World Cups are

    • Belgium, Portugal and England…I don’t think they can do it …
      One of the previous winner will do it … again…unless you are a Spain team of 2010 with full of exceptional players playing together for long…

      • Belgium have Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bryune so never underestimate them,England has most wholesome squad injury in any position will not affect them,Portugal has Ronaldo so they are always contender and Renato Sanches is too good and their defence is solid too.

        • Portugal has Ronaldo…2010 last 16, 2014 group stage 2018 last 16…Portugal are never contender in WC, England born loosers, Belgium small team mentality. Hazard is not the same player, KDB is aging, their defense are old and slow. WC only for big boys. Argentina, Brazil, Germany, France im not sure about current Italy and Spain (only 1 final in their history with a team played together whole year long).

          • World Cup is for big boys last WC Belgium knocked out Brazil, Portugal is lot better than previous WC tournament team, KDB is best in EPL, E.Hazard is better in Belgium than in Real Madrid, England are born looser just see their squad they can make 3 teams of competitive quality.Go with present scenario not with past.

    • The list is almost accurate except feel Germany is the odd man out here. We all know how much importance Hansi Flick gives to fitness. But still Germany is in kinda transition especially with Toni Kroos retiring and somewhat they have not synced like Spain. Won’t be a surprise if Germany lift the cup as they are ‘Germany’ but still feel they will fall short. So here’s my pick..

      1. Brazil – they are Brazil and nothing more to say. Eternal favorites.

      2. Argentina – Our eternal favorites. Slowly we are shaping up as a very committed team and Copa success. Messi will play at least 1% pressure less compared to other world cups as he achieved something for us.

      3. Colombia – really they are shaping very dangerously..Very easily they might have ended as Copa winners..players are both physical and tactical..they will give hard fight to any team..

      4. Italy – no pressure for the team and coach..Euro success makes them more and more relaxed..organized midfield..everything they decide themselves..

      5. Spain – they played the most tactical game in Euros..simple but highly structured..most of them are young..

      6. France – they will be more cautious because of all the drama happened against swiss..they will be more cautious and more disciplined and will rectify as much errors happened in Euros on and off the field..they will be more concentrated and prepared mentally..

      7. Belgium – last chance for their golden generation..they are more experienced now as a group..

      8. Portugal – just like all our players are extra motivated to play for Messi, the same applies to Portugal players to play for CR7..highly organized and strong in all positions..Renato Sanches certainly brings something extra special..we may try Luke Romero in that role once if he enters our frame..

      9. England – They were so near for the last two times..like France they will keep the Euro memory and will be more concentrated and confident..

      Nowadays World Cups n Euros are almost like Good Bad ugly movie..only we come to know who is good at the end of the final whistle of the final match of the tournament..but one biggest relief for us is we will be little bit relieved with the Copa success..not much expectation for the next world cup but still hope and wish for our blues as always..

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