Argentina look for dream start at 2020 Olympics vs. Australia, stadium history


Argentina will look for a dream start at the football tournament at the 2020 Olympic games.

Fernando Batista’s team will look to put the less than impressive 2016 showing behind them in their opening match on Thursday. The two time gold medal champions at the Olympic games were eliminated in the group stages five years ago as they will want to try and make the knockout stages this time around.

Batista’s team are in Group C alongside Egypt, Spain and Australia. While Spain are seen as one of the favorites to win the gold medal, Argentina have enough talent win it themselves.

It wouldn’t be the first time Argentina play Australia in the group stages as both teams clashed in 2008 when Argentina went on to win the tournament. It was a goal by Ezequiel Lavezzi who gave Argentina the 1-0 win that night in Shanghai.

The stadium for Thursday’s match could bring back some bad memories for long time Argentina fans. The match will be played at the Sapporo Dome in Sapporo which was also the venue for Argentina’s infamous 1-0 loss vs. England at the 2002 World Cup.

Per a report by TyC Sports, Batista is rumored to go with the following XI:

Jeremías Ledesma; Hernán De La Fuente, Nehuén Pérez, Facundo Medina, Francisco Ortega; Fausto Vera, Santiago Colombatto; Martín Payero, Alexis Mac Allister, Esequiel Barco; Adolfo Gaich


  1. How horrible is Barco?? He was our best young talent and now MLS spoiled his skils ge cant even pass accurate, he is trying to dribble too much and very selfish., cristion pavon could have been a better overage choice than the clueless goalkeeper who even at 90th minute take the ball from our player and throwing it to the player who has a opponent near to him unbelievable

  2. I hope they were just trying to be the predictable team, last 2-3 Olympics being the same. Why would they not attack in first half, AU’s defenders were superior to our attacks all day. Adolfo not in form and McAllister was not given enough room by their mid-def. Then Batista sub taking away our only promising player after half time didn’t do any good. I expected this team to qualify from group and now it seems to be a difficult task at hand. Anyway they have themselves to blame. Last Olympics and u23 WC they lost games which should been won or atleast drawn, so still a long journey ahead.

  3. Olympic Game

    Yes the Double yellow within 2 minutes of each other hurt and the second was wrongfully given yet it must be said….
    Where the fu#% is our midfield!!?? We played like an English team playing long balls with NO build up!
    Also, we really should have sent 3 older players to give balance and composure to the squad.
    Image buendia, icardi and Ocampos on this team…. Food for thought, have a plate

    • They took this Olympic so lightly where there was an opportunity to strengthen our reserve team by throwing a meaningful squad with a coach who atleast knows how to make the most out of it..

  4. First pre season game of Buendia. he played 45 minutes as a right wing (but with free mouvement) and he was estellar ! 2 assists “Messi class type” !

    Watch it on youtube :



    • What through Passes from emi Buendia simply this guy has to be start 11 for arg nt Let it a lone to be in the squad.De pual and lo celso has to work hard otherwise emi Buendia is here to take thier places he can olso play Same righ/ left three men forward.
      He must be in the Simply as that

        • Chori this guy is pure talent I mean he is realy big deal
          He can play several positions 10, 8. Both righ/ left front three. Please watch him the new season under Aston villa. I May sound controversial but I do think he is same level as lo celso if he is not better.

    • I am one of the guys asked for Buendia’s inclusion in Copa squad. But the only problem, I felt that.. Scaloni doesn’t like the guys who lose the possession many times. Buendia has that problem. That’s the only concern about him.

    • No Australia never a weak opponent, rather Egypt is, btw a good omen in our group. 1997 U20 WC Argentina-Australia 3:4!!! then victory, 2004 Olympics Argentina-Australia 1:0 then victory, 2005 Conf Cup Argentina-Australia 4:2 then final, 2008 Olympics Argentina Australia1:0 then victory, not an easy opponent at all, 2 Olympics wins with Australia in the group.

      • Compared to Egypt and Spain they are easy. Egypt has a good team. Argentina will struggle to pass the group of we are unable to beat Australia.

  5. Why Arg. federation always letting these youngsters to play an high-level tournament without 3 lots of overage players Arg. have. Never trying. All of them inexperienced. 3 overage players selected are not upto this tournament level..Anyone knows Our GK. Is he good?

    • GK is Ledesma . He is the Cadiz starting GK. So one season of Laliga experience. Decent GK & good progress considering first season in Laliga. Scaloni has also called him in player camps a couple of time. For Olympics standard he should be ok . But we surely had better options like Ruilli ( who has Europa tournament & even Rio Olympics experience ) or Marchesin. Overall team doesnt have big names like Spain or Brazil Olympics team . But the project has been good bcos coach Batista has focused on team chemistry . Lot of these players have been together for last 2-3 years & also won tournaments .

    • CBs are Perez & Medina ( RC Lens player. had a solid start in Ligue1 this season) . They are promising .. but maybe post Doha. We have good options ahead of them for now. DeLa Fuente is a RB – just average imo.

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