Serie A to not release players for September’s World Cup qualifiers


With the Premier League and La Liga both announcing that they will not be releasing players for September’s World Cup qualifiers, Serie A has now released a statement.

To go along with the other two leagues, Serie A will not be allowing their players to travel to countries which are red listed. This coming after FIFA president Infantino urged the leagues to release the players.

For Argentina, it would mean they would be without Juan Musso, Nahuel Molina, Martinez Quarta, Nico Dominguez, J. Correa, Nicolas Gonzalez, Lautaro Martinez and Paulo Dybala as they play in Serie A. This would be in addition to Gerónimo Rulli, Gonzalo Montiel, Germán Pezzella, Juan Foyth, Marcos Acuña, Rodrigo De Paul, Guido Rodríguez, Papu Gómez and Ángel Correa, who play in La Liga. Furthermore, Emiliano Martinez, Cristian Romero, Gio Lo Celso and Emiliano Buendia play in the Premier League.


  1. What the fuck?

    This is literally our entire lineup lol. They HAVE to try and either postpone or move match to European grounds.

    We are screwed, this is such an unfair handicap.

  2. I hope like many of us here CONMEBOL is not considering playing 3rd string players for these qualifiers! If they bow down to UEFA like their bitch FIFA then South American countries will not win any world cup for foreseeable future. CONMEBOL should take a stand and not conduct any games until all the European based players are released!

  3. For RB position, Bustos and Saravia are options. Bustos is in good form, Saravia has returned from injury, playing regular football. Balerdi can be added for cb position.

    For midfield, we can call back Banega. Ascacibar is an option too. Then there is another midfielder playing for RB Salzburg. Nicolas Capaldo.

  4. Just build a team around Messi – get local players or MLS or players in middle east or out of contract..

    it is that simple…if FIFA is not able to control things..

    • And waste the whole WCQ series to improve our A team and build chemistry (Covid will be much worse in Europe, so they wont let our players come henceforward), while european powerhouses play 10+ matches. Zero chance to win WC with such handicap.

  5. Imagine if this happen again in last few rounds of qualifier … So unless we qualify, we will ended up playing with players that most likely will not be in WC itlself!

    So it would be like a different players doing the job for the main team but the main team would still be the one that makes it to the WC , which ridiculous & unfair.

    This isnt about health or anything, other than showing us that the goverment has TOTAL CONTROL over anything.

    • Ding ding. Its all a waste of time and effort. This only helps politicians and power hungry executives using the man made crisis to their benefit. If Fifa does not step in, workd footy is fracked

  6. Hardly surprising and the fact that it came after the FIFA president made his statement shows what the european clubs think of his “request of solidarity”.
    Honestly I was certain serie A would follow suit but if bundesliga and other leagues (League 1, Dutch, Portoguese) don’t follow suit Argentina could still have a really solid squad:





    possible Subs: Benitez; Balerdi, Medina, Senesi; A.Morino, Ascacibar, C.Medina, Almada, Velasco, M.Suarez (not my choice but he will be there for sure)

    • J. Alvarez is part of Copa America squad. He might even start. Then Kannemann, Andrada, Gaich, Barco, De La Vega, And Rojo were called at least once by Scaloni.

      Still stronger than Brazil. Brazil will only rely on Neymar, Dani Alves and all players from their local league.

      • Oh that’s right J.Alvarez is there also and he will likely get some good minutes to show what he’s got.
        I can see Kannemann, Andrada and Casco being called up, but I’m not sure about the rest. Regarding Barco, apparently he’s on fire during the last few matches but I’m not sure if MLS has the same quarantine rules that europe has.
        Balerdi and Medina have already been called up before and I can see it happening again, especially since they’re both starters at their respective clubs. Benitez might get a call out of sheer necessity and to be all honest I still for the life of me don’t understand why Scaloni doesn’t give this guy a look, he’s consistently excellent, which is more impressive when you consider how inconsistent Nice is.

        Right now if we look at Brazil’s squad:





        on paper, I think Argentina and Brazil are about even, both teams are missing starters in attack (Jesus/Richarldson vs Lautaro/N.Gonzalez), midfield (Casermiro/Fred vs De Paul/Celso), defense (Silva/Lodi/Danilo vs Acuna/Molina/Montiel/Romero) and GK (Ederson/Allison vs Dibu).
        In saying that though, both teams still have some decent options from their local league even though Brazil’s clubs are doing much better right now.
        I’m just hoping that France, Germany and Holland’s clubs don’t block their players from going because that would be damaging for both teams and more so for Argentina because Brazil has more local players integrated into their teams than Argentina does.

  7. Yeah………….Argentina can call me up, I’m ready to play!! what a joke
    Like I said in the previous post, EPL started this BS and the rest of the leagues will follow and as expected……its happening.

  8. The best solution would be to change fixtures on the available dates, Brazil Argentina Uruguay Colombia have most of their players in Europe so they’d rather play matches amongst themselves right now in Europe.

    And the other teams in South America with most of their squads down there can have matches amongst them.

    It can get messy though the logistics because its literally next week but I don’t think the big teams would want to play without their best players and its better than cancelling anyway

    • Arg has starting 11 and Subs in Europe but Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia have more local players. Even if the locals hop on a flight tomorrow, they would need to isolate for 10 days, without training or practice right before 1st game. If they do play in Europe, perhaps games need to be pushed few days.

      Actually the 10 day thing might only apply to England. Fuck em, play else where

  9. They should play qualifiers in Europe. Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Columbia won’t have any issue with moving there. However it is clear that FiFa is UEFA’s bitch!!

  10. Three options left.
    1. A squad consisting of players in SA
    2. Moving the games to Europe
    3. Cancel the games. Conmebol will be forced to abandon the 18 game formula and change to 2 groups of five or appoint the top 4 of the last Copa plus a playoff for 5th place.

    • 1. The worst case Messi and his PSG teammates will still make it as it is written in Messi’s new contract that national team is above PSG. So it can be 3 PSG plus all the locals in worst case. Also Portuguese and German and Dutch league have yet to say anything.
      2. The big teams would be happy but the likes of Bolivia or Ecuador who have few players in Europe would be against this.
      3. Sounds interesting but never heard anything about this rumor before.

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