Argentina rumored eleven against Bolivia, Lionel Messi to start


With the four Premier League players and Franco Armani out of the squad for the World Cup qualifying match against Brazil, coach Lionel Scaloni will make some changes to the eleven.

Lionel Scaloni will have to make three changes from the eleven which started against Brazil. We know that Emiliano Martinez, Cristian Romero, Gio Lo Celso, Emiliano Buendia and Franco Armani are all out, with the first three having started the last match.

With both Emiliano Martienz and Franco Armani out, as we reported earlier, it will be Juan Musso who would start. Per a report by TyC Sports, Pezzella would start for Romero with Palacios or Nicolas Gonzalez starting for Lo Celso. According to the report, this is the rumored eleven:

Juan Musso; Gonzalo Montiel, Germán Pezzella, Nicolás Otamendi, Marcos Acuña; Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes; Ángel Di María, Lionel Messi, Nicolás González and Lautaro Martínez.


  1. If Brazil and Argentina are both penalized, Argentina suffers more because of their precarious situation in the group. Brazil is way ahead of others in terms of points. However, I am more worried about impact of all these on the Bolivia match. Scaloni and officials should try to keep the team’s calm. Dybala and Angel Correa should get a chance to start. They have started their club campaign very well. In the Venezuela match Dybala for the first time looked interested to contribute something with the national jersey on.

  2. Fifa media has confirmed that a disciplinary proceeding has been opened with members of both association. Both association will submit further information.

    This type of investigation takes time. So please be patient. You won’t get the verdict in 2/3 days. It may take month.

    A lot of people here are listening to Brazilian propaganda. Please stop.

    Fifa law and Brazilian law are different and independent. Here Fifa is investigating the suspension of the match, this is confirmed by FIFA.

    They are not investigating immigration status of Argentine players or whether their clubs willingly released or not. Don’t you guys have basic understanding of how court and law works? Here the parties involved are the Argentina and Brazil association and the match officials, not players.

    FIFA will investigate who is to blame for match suspension and will give verdict for that. According to match official’s report it is likely Argentina will get 3 points. Because referee has mentioned that match was stopped by external force, for which host is held responsible.

    • Thank you for the latest report. I don’t know why people on Munro think Argentina is the culprit. If Brazilian authorities and the government had acted professionally from day one, all this nonsense could have been avoided. Now the whole fiasco is about Brazil exacting revenge on England over Coronavirus regulations. They could have told AFA that the players will not be allowed entry before hand. Argentina was never in the wrong to start with. Secondly , they could have requested the players to be tested upon arrival. Argentina players went to Venezuela and Brazilians went to Chile. Is this not hypocrisy of the highest order?

    • @Mafioso “Don’t you guys have basic understanding of how court and law works?”

      Clearly this has nothing to do with “court” and “law”. FIFA is a private organization that can enforce its own rules and regulation. People on Mundo have reason to be slightly concern as FIFA, UEFA, FA, etc never show “COMMON SENSE when dealing with issues. Examples: Cavani gets suspended by FA for saying “Negro” in a loving way, yet countless actual racism chants and incidents go unpunished.

      Additionally, Argentina has been historically treated like the unwanted stepchild in FIFA. Since 1940s-1950s it has been “US against the world”.

      If you are following the news, FIFA has opened a disciplinary committee for both Argentina & Brazil. The fact that there is enough information to know that our UK-based players have indicated that they would take part in the qualifiers, and the fact that they tested negative for Covid should be enough for FIFA to not even open disciplinary proceedings against Argentina FA.

      These organizations tend not to use “COMMON SENSE” and usually try to appease everyone, and if that can’t be done, then no one will be satisfied by their decision. I think the former will be taken and they will say neither Brazil nor Argentina FA is at fault. So who gets the 3 points is the million-dollar question.

      • What is the fault of Argentina? If they had a problem with the 4 EPL based players entering Brazil, the immigration of Brazil shouldn’t have let them entered Brazil at the airport when they just arrived. NOT 5 minutes during the match after 4 days being around in Brazil.

    • Yes, good update once again ! Keep on doing even it is hard maybe for many to understand how this works or should I say how it suppose to work, no ! I better not go on that as is nothing that can be done to that what ever i was thinking off… as i forgot it allready !

      Yes for sure it will TaKe time and maybe a lot of time too, so in a meanwhile better to try concentrate on other matters and subjects as by this i do not deffenetly mean that i’m not waiting any news from this anymore, instead i do really appreacite every data available on this matter and what i most apreciate is your work rate on this matter and how u write and post about it as this is very important job done by u as things won’t blew away any further than this ! Thanx so much for everything and keep on that great work of your’s that for sure without any doubt’s is very important for the whole world and i really do mean it !

  3. Looking at all the news sources, I’m fearing Argentina will be penalized along with Brazil.
    The case will be made that the Premier League did not allow players to leave and that Tottenham did not authorize LoCelso or Cuti Romero to depart. These players left against the will of their club.

    Hopefully, FIFA see puts into account common sense, and ONLY Brazil gets penalized since they were the host.

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