Argentina staff member tests positive for COVID, players test negative


A member of the Argentina staff has tested positive for COVID while the players tested negative.

All of the Argentina players have tested negative, this per the Argentina account. As we reported earlier, a member of the Argentina staff had tested positive for COVID but everyone else has tested negative.

The person, including someone who was in close contact, are in isolation.


  1. FIFA decides that any players who were NOT allowed to go to the qualifiers in the premier league must not be played for five days. Good job FIFA, finally someone punishing things accordingly and equivalently

  2. FIFA justice should be swift and decisive in this matter and if they, as they SHOULD penalize Brazil by awarding the points to ARGENTINA and not come back few weeks later and reconsider and call it even because it wasn’t.
    I am so glad the fifa president was present for the COPA final.

  3. There is a FIFA rule that says clubs can be punished if they don’t release players but to enforce it, request should come from the country association. CBF will exercise it and epl brazilian players can’t take part in EPL matches in 10-14 September.

    As el principe says Brazil was jealous. There can not be no peace with them.

  4. I read that Raphinha of Leeds rejected the call from Brazil in favor of Leeds United. Then in Colombia, Davinson Sanchez intentionally got a yellow card so he would be suspended against Chile so he could return earlier to England.

    I think Brazil is jealous to us. All 30 Argentina players are dying to play for Argentina. They always choose country over club.

    • Brazil has banned its Epl players from participating in premier league for 5 days. Its targeted towards the rich clubs who went against FIFA rules and forcibly decided not to release players for international matches. Liverpool, Mancity and Chelsea all will play without Brazilian players. Clubs needs to be taught a lesson so that they will not repeat this bullshit next time.

  5. The details of brazil disaster in the link. Summary is Argentina did not abandon the match, it was stopped by Conmebol person.

    AFA did fail to mention for 4 premier league players to Brazilian authority which they explained as involuntary. So they made formal request for premiere league players with informal guarantee that it will be accepted. But brazil denied the request at 11th hour and sent the rejection email to Alejandro Dominguez, the head of Conmobel.

    AFA and CBF will have 6 days to give their information to FIFA.

    In my opinion, it might be a rematch. Because there is a chance that they will see it as misunderstanding and miscommunication. But Argentina has edge because Conmebol and Fifa authorized 4 premiere league players to start. AFA probably broke Brazilian law but not FIFA law. They did as told by FIFA and CONMEBOL.

  6. Are we going to play 4231 ? Musso:Montiel, Pezella, Otamandi,Acuna:parades,DePaul:Nico,Messi,ADM: lautaro. the lineup is great. Still prefer we should give minutes to Dybala at RW. Correa in place of NICO. Need 3 points qualify as soon as possible then give chances to new faces

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