Marcos Acuña suffers injury, a doubt for Argentina’s October World Cup qualifiers


Marcos Acuña suffered an injury while playing for Sevilla and is a doubt for Argentina’s October World Cup qualifiers.

Acuña suffered an ankle injury during Sevilla’s Champions League match and could miss the October matches. While he is not yet discarded for the World Cup qualifying matches, coach Lionel Scaloni decided to call-up Facundo Medina to the squad.


  1. No one is talking about Juan Foyth great form looks like they just come to criticise him. For the last 7 or 8 games he is been great for Villarreal.

    • “Yeah that was an extraordinary luck. Foyth had a solid game, esp. in the second half, but this Rulli doesn’t convince me at all. Both of the goals were savable in my opinion.”

      Boy, this comment was just after the end of the match and I gave him credit for his great performance. Do you want everyone to talk about Foyth like there is no other things to discus about? Look, no one is ignoring Foyth’s potential, he will be criticized when he does wrong and will be praised when he does good. That is it. Would you ever understand that? That is what Rahman was telling you all the time.

      • “Things you can find in Foyths pocket – His phone, his car’s key, Red cards, Yellow cards, and Sancho.”

        And this is Chori’s hilarious comment praising Foyth how he kept Sancho at bay. It seems you are the one criticizing other people without reading what is written in the blog.

    • Before Copa America Foyth was also great. He was Scaloni’s first choice for the right back but he had 2 bad games that costed us the game. Foyth deserve another chance, I agree but I disagree if he will be an automatic starter because both Molina and Montiel have been good for Argentina.

    • Juandito put in a master class in defending and he comfortably pocketed both Sancho and Bruno but he still tends to linger on the ball and I always get the feeling that he’s 2 seconds away from being dispossessed in a very sensitive area. A legit talent but to me he’s still behind Molina and Montiel.

    • I am being patient with Foyth. Right before this he was on a insane streak of like five games with errors so I want to see how long he can hold out. Of course his defending against these players and teams is a great sign. If he keeps doing this well and fixes his discipline I will be more inclined to want him be played.

      Let me tell what a reasonable person is. A reasonable person modifies their beliefs or opinions based on facts or that challenge them or prove them wrong. When Foyth was outright costing games for us you insisted and insisted, despite how shaky he was and even when he carried the streak into Villareal’s preseason. If he keeps pocketing defenders and stops with high profile errors or mistakes throughout the season, plus in a few games with Argentina (since that seems to be more nerve racking to him) then I will be more than happy to have him played. I know he has a lot of potential and talent. Nobody is denying that

      • “Let me tell what a reasonable person is. A reasonable person modifies their beliefs or opinions based on facts or that challenge them or prove them wrong.” – well said

        Now that some of the most revered mundo members commented on Foyth, a see a good sleep coming. Gzzzzzz….

  2. Gio .Always looks world beater against 2nd rate teams he got bundles of ability but we rarely see it in PL , he has been at Tottenham for a while.

    Btw tJuan Foyth has been the best Argentine player in UCL so far.

    • Disagree completely, watch Celso’s first season at Spurs, he started out slow and Mourinho didn’t trust him initially but then he put in the work and was Spurs’s best player in the absence of Son and it’s mainly because he played in the midfield (mostly central and sometimes attacking) where he belonged. But if Nuno doesn’t get his head out of his proverbial a** and continues to miss use him, then ofcourse we won’t see Gio at his best in the most overrated league in the world.

  3. It seems like Scaloni is trying Medina for the third left back. Let’s see if he looks good in training, he could be our third left back permanently, or else we will need someone else.

    RB: Molina, Montiel, Foyth
    LB: Acuna, Tagliafico, Medina (?)

    Tagliafico situation is not good this year for Ajax. The coach prefers Daley Blind as left back and Nico is a back up now. He needs to go somewhere this January.

  4. Barca needs a club legend that have a vision and long term project to be their manager. Xavi is the best choice; he will get the support from management and fans plus the players. Otherwise Rikjaard will be recall

    • No, not at all. At PSG Celso played in his natural position i.e. CM. At Betis Celso played multiple position including attack, but most of the time there he played as a CM.
      That idiot Nuno is miss-using him and Spurs don’t deserve him, I really hope he does what Foyth and Lamela did and get the hell out of dodge.

  5. I watched Spurs Mura 5-1. Lo Celso had one assist and one goal and a pass that leads to assist. Lo Celso was the MOM along with the sub Harry Kane who had a hattrick.

    First half Lo Celso was played out of position as a right winger (Di Maria’s position in Argentina). But he still scored a beautiful goal. Second half, Nuno got serious by playing all his starters. Lo Celso played as number 10 behind Kane in the middle along with 2 wingers in Moura and Son. That’s where he is at his best.

    Cuti also had a great game. He did not make any mistake at all and he won all duels. Hope this game shows Nuno that Lo Celso and Cuti deserve to start. My rating today. Lo Celso 9. Cuti 8.

    Sunday vs. Emi Martinez Villa. Both are my favorite team.

    • Nuno must be either stupid or stoned because he has seen that RFW isn’t Gio’s position, yet he STILL persists with playing him there! Sure Celso apparently did well today but it was against a nothing opposition in an embarrassing tournament.

      @el princpe, listen mate, I know you’re happy with today’s performance but mark my words, Celso and Cuti ain’t going anywhere as long as they remain in this crappy club, which is being coached by an even crappier coach. If Celso is to thrive he needs to play in his natural position as an attack minded CM in a midfield 3, the same position he plays in for Argentina and I don’t see that happening. Nuno apparently is gonna keep playing him out of position and some of those stupid Spurs fans will continue to use Celso as a scapegoat.
      You wished (for some odd reason) for Cuti to come to this s**ty club and your wishes were answered, now I hope you start wishing that either Nuno gets replaced by a competent coach or that Celso leaves while Cuti’s deal doesn’t get finalized.
      Celso and Cuti are vital, core players for Argentina and no growth Spurs will end up destroying their confidence.

      • Nuno will be gone sooner than later! Levi is very impatient man and will not take the risk of missing out of the champions league by persisting with Nuno. Next 3 epl matches will decide his future.

      • Lol man it is too early to say for Cuti. The truth is I am a huge Cuti fan. If he had gone to a club named Como or Piacenza or Burnley or Elche or whatever that is, I would be their fan. I would never wish him doing bad in his new club.

        Secondly, as for Lo Celso, the reason why Lo Celso often played as right winger is not only because of the coach mistake. It is because of the management mistake. They don’t have depths at all. They have only one right wing, Moura who was half injured. They were about to buy Adama Traore but it did not get materialized. They paid the price now as Moura injured and they have no one as right winger.

        (Last week because of the emergency even Emerson the right back had to play right winger as there was 0 option)

        Gil cal play right wing but he said he prefers left winger. Bergwjin can play right wing too but he is injured. Son is a left winger as well. So because of this, Nuno put Lo Celso there as there is no one else available.

        However I believe against Villa the Spurs will play 4-2-3-1. The Pochettino formation that made them look really good in the past. With Lo Celso just as their number 10 with Moura, Son, and Kane.

        • I really don’t need time to know that Nuno is out of his depth and history has shown clearly that this club is a burial ground for our Argentine boys.

          With all due respect el principe but playing Celso out of position because they don’t have anyone to play RFW is just silly and re-enforces my original statement that Nuno is clueless.
          Bryan Gil is still a kid and has room to learn and grow in a different position especially since he’s new and has something to prove, as opposed to playing Celso out of position when he’s brilliant in his regular one. Also if Nuno didn’t have anyone to fit into the RFW position, then why not adjust his formation? Try Del Alli as a 10 behind Kane and Son while putting Celso in midfield where he belongs, it shouldn’t be 4-3-3 or bust because such rigidity in tactics doesn’t bode well for Nuno or the club. Also if he really wanted to try Celso in the attacking role then why not put him in the no.10 behind Kane and Son? Since Gio has shown in the past (at Betis and his 1st season with Spurs) that he’s more than capable of playing at that position.
          Sorry man but I’m not buying this whole “Nuno is short on options” excuse.

    • I think it’s not the right time Gallardo can move to Barcelona. Barca are in absolute shambles for the time being and it takes a few years to make the situation stable. A very difficult period is ahead of the Blaugrana and the impatience of Barca’s management could worsen the situation.

      • I think Xavi is Laporta’s favourite. Clubs tend to give more time and respect to their legends when they coach their teams. Look at Solskjaer and Pirlo. Both are given enough time, if Pirlo managed a different club he would’ve lost his job in the first two months. Gallardo isn’t a Barca legend, so Laporta won’t be patient with him as much as he will be with Xavi.

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