FC Barcelona to play Boca Juniors in Maradona Cup in Saudi Arabia


FC Barcelona will play Boca Juniors in the Maradona Cup in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Two of the biggest football teams in the world will play each other in a friendly match on December 14 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in a friendly match. It will be a tribute to Diego Maradona, as he played for both teams.

Maradona initially played for Boca Juniors in Argentina prior to joining FC Barcelona.


  1. Claudio Echeverri has just been called by the argentina U17 team at the age of 16. I don’t know if you guys remember him or not but i do quite vividly. He was destroying many big european teams at a world club youth tournament a couple of years back scoring wonderful goals and dribbling past players like as if they were made of paper with holes in it. If i’m not mistaken he was named the player of the tournament as well.

    Here’s him destroying Juventus : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9i4wgnNq6Y

  2. Jose Lopez with his first brace. he has scored in 10 games the most in the league. He could be even more productive if not for Sand, who not only eats up his space but also wastes countless chances.
    Luciano Gondou with another goal, scoring the winner against Newell’s. 6th of the season for the 189 cm tall 20 year old CF.
    Alvarez with a goal and an assist. While Alvarez is rightfully getting all the plaudits, young Santiago Simon is quietly establishing himself in this River side.
    Enzo Fernandez and Palavechino are 2 other guys, who are finally coming alive.

    • I think we are rebuilding the era of 2011 were messi, aguero, higuin, tevez all conquered europe now we have exciting young strikers growing again with consistency

    • very good match again from our team my friend. if we continue play like this i can t see how we can lose this championship.
      7 games left and we are in front 9 points ahead of Talleres 11 of Velez and Lanus and 12 of Bosteros.

      • Yes I watched the game too. The game was not as entertaining as the Talleres game because of how Argentinos play but still had 1 more goal. If we keep this form up I agree there is no way we can lose, unless some extraordinary robbery happens like in early 2020 (although that was the last day and I doubt it will go to the last day). All of our players are playing well and we have Alvarez who is still on fire

        • I was happy to see Gabi Militio coaching. I loved the Militio brothers and always wished that Diego would get more national starts even if he was old .
          Alvarezz was looking cool and collected. He seemed to be more than a striker lately, alot of crossed coming from him.
          It’s good that River get it this year, blood needs to change always in my opinion for this league to get better..

          • Yes I was thinking of the same thing actually, a few weeks ago I would have told you that “Alvarez is not a real striker” but at this point he is looking more like a striker considering many of the positions from where he scores goals and makes runs. The best answer I can give you for his position is an “everything”

        • Not being seeing these games. But Romero has also been scoring well atleast as per stats. Would anyone here want to see him atleast getting a chance as a sub in NT ?
          Hoping to see Girotti getting more minutes- but guess with Alvarez & Romero is hot form its a nice problem of many for Gallardo .

  3. Who is this Jose Lopez guy? Best young centre forward in the league with 11 goals, his partner the more than veteran 41 years old Jose Sand even with 11 goals, but with penalties. This duo scored more goals than most teams.

    • While Sand is joint for 11 goals with him he is also with the second most big chances missed in the league, so I would say Lopez is competing with Alvarez for top scorer but I doubt he will surpass top goal contributions in total. I am interested to see what his future is, maybe he should do an Alario career move by coming to River and then go to Europe. He is a relatively new player as he only made his debut this year.

        • our starting 11 tonight is Armani, Casco, Paulo Díaz, David Martínez, Angileri, Santiago Simón, Enzo Fernández, Zuculini, Palavecino, Braian Romero and Julián Álvarez.
          De la Cruz and Enzo Perez are out tonight.

        • i don t remember they won 5 but even so we won international cups and other domestic trophys exept the many many dream nights against them that their fans was always leave with heads down. so i am not jelous them honestly.
          in same time you are right that we should have won more championships too. we lost in Gallardo era 1 Libertadores and 2 championships from inside our hands but…. life is like this we can t change that. anyway i am not jelous Bosteros in any case.

  4. El jefe betrays his loyalties in this post by calling Boca and Barcelona two of the biggest teams in the world, hehe…I’m sure nobody would disagree with that, right?

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