Emanuel Mammana wants River Plate return


Emanuel Mammana wants a return to River Plate.

Mammana, still only 25 years old, wants to return to Argentina. According to César Luis Merlo, the defender spoke to River Plate coach Marcelo Gallardo and expressed his desire to return to the club.

The Argentine left River Plate back in 2016 for Lyon where he spent one year at the club. From there, he joined Zenit Saint Petersburg in Russia but spent most of his time on loan at Sochi.

He still has six months remaining on his contract.


        • I think it’s it’s just rumours but it will be very good move for him. For me gio has to do more, people getting fed up with him now. He must sort out his fitness can you imagine he missed 47 games through injuries since he moved spurs that isn’t good and I understand why spurs fans so frustrated with him . For him is now or he will be another Gago or pastore.

  1. Hi All,

    The Battle of the Argie RBs survey has run dry so here are the results. 29 votes casted but some missed answering one of the questions.

    Montiel vs Foyth

    1) National Team Starter – Montiel 57% vs Foyth 43%
    2) Future Real Madrid Star – Foyth 69% vs Montiel 31%

    Thanks Engache and Kevin for the inspiration! More to come if ya’ll want.

      • Hahaha that is possible but the winner of both votes coincides with what I voted. I think both the Montiel and Foyth rumors are BS but if they were true I see Foyth as being more likely to make the move to Madrid simply because he has been playing in Europe longer and is more of a known quantity as opposed to Montiel who only just moved to Sevilla

        I am humorously imagining Kevin backing out of his driveway at full speed after casting a vote at his house in order to go to his relatives, friends, and local library in order to cast numerous Foyth votes with different IP addresses, or if not furiously hacking into the system through the night on his computer to do the same

  2. Him and Masche were the only Argentines who represented Argentina senior team before playing professionally for River Plate. The guy is still young but wasted his talent in France and Russia. Though injuries ruined him, I think he could also be blamed for his bad career decions. Wish him good luck wherever he goes.

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