Angel Correa scores from midfield line for Atletico Madrid in 2-2 draw vs. Villarreal


Angel Correa scored from midfield for Atletico Madrid in their 2-2 draw vs. Villarreal.

Correa continued his great form for Atletico Madrid as he scored their opening goal of the match. Correa would intercept a pass in midfield, shoot and score on Geronimo Rulli.

The Argentine is now on seven goals this season, scoring three in the new year. Correa scored twice in their first match of 2022 against Rayo and the first goal in this match.

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  1. Napoli are considering Alvarez as a replacement for Insigne. Im assuming this would mean they try to take him this summer since that’s when he leaves. I really like Napoli as a club and if they had so much as one Argentinian I’d watch them regularly. Senesi is far better than Tuanzebe so I hope he eventually goes as well

    • i like Napoli because Diego of course but if is one European club that i am atracted most of all that club is Inter. from early 90 s. Inter always was warm and welcome home for Argentines. That is why for me personally Inter is the most loved club in Europe.

  2. @el_principe

    80% of the players will be from your list however I don’t think Scaloni will go to the World Cup with one no-9 only! So far , Aguero and Alario were selected as a backup for Lautaro but both are out of the picture now. No player who is happy being a sub should be selected in the national team and on top of that zero goals in almost a year should automatically disqualify Alario unless he magically hits top form. I was quite happy when both Messi and Dimaria were going to play together with Icardi but he also seem to be also done. His biggest strength was his positioning and even that is quite poor nowadays and on top of that he has been missing a lot of chances ! I don’t give a flying fcuk about a personal life of a player as long as he can perform on the field but this man is declining rapidly! On current form my pick is Simione, this man has been consistently scoring goals and good goals from all kinds of ranges. Selecting Simione should be a no-brainer as he will maintain pressure on Lautaro to be more clinical.

    Another position we need a proper backup is for Lo-celso, he has been quite poor for spurs. Yes we can always blame the playing out of position being the prime reason for his poor run of form but if he happens to bring that same mediocre play to the national team them we will be in huge trouble and add to that his fragile body! Lanzini seems to be in quite good form but again his glass body has break any-moment. In my opinion he should be picked in the squad but as a rotation player just because of his long list of injuries. Also, the more creative midfielders with goal scoring abilities are on the field the more chances we will create and score , Lanzini is one of those kind of players. Papu Gomez, Loceslo they get the job done but are not consistent and their inconsistency could incapacitate our team’s flow.

    Defense wise I have no issues, as long as Pezella is the fourth choice after Romero, L.Martinez, Otamendi. He is quite experienced and he could be used to close out matches. Yes ,he is slow and will get a lot of cards if he needs to catchup and tackle the opposition but in the box or just outside where he doesn’t need to run , his experience can be quite useful.

    Our two defensive-mids Paredes and Guido both quite inconsistent and also going through a rough patch, might be the weakest link in the team. If no-5s are out of rhythm then not only the defense will suffer but the attack won’t be able to function accordingly. Palacios if not so fragile is the perfect player to replace both these inconsistent players but so far Scaloni seems to prefer them over him!

    • Paredes is best for no. 5 role even if he does not gets minutes in PSG we know he is great for Argentina just like Pogba for France. Paredes’s millimeter precise passing and grit is what Argentina needs.

  3. The World Cup is about 10 months from now. So far they say it is a 23 players squad, but the latest covid news should increase the chance to make it to 26 players (like Euro 2020 cup) or 28 players (like Copa America 2021).

    I do the list based on the current situation.

    If 23 players:

    GK: Emiliano Martinez, Franco Armani, Juan Musso
    DF: Nicolas Otamendi, Nahuel Molina, Cristian Romero, Marcos Acuna, Lisandro Martinez, Nicolas Tagliafico, German Pezzella, Gonzalo Montiel
    MF: Leandro Paredes, Rodrigo De Paul, Giovani Lo Celso, Exequiel Palacios, Guido Rodriguez, Papu Gomez, Angel Di Maria, Angel Correa
    F: Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martinez, Nicolas Gonzales, Joaquin Correa

    If more than 23
    1. Julian Alvarez
    2. Paulo Dybala
    3. Lucas Martinez Quarta
    4. Nicolas Dominguez
    5. One of the goalies: Andrada or Rulli.

    Other players such as Lanzini, Foyth, Simeone, Medina, Almada, Buendia etc realistically are behind them in the pecking order.

    In Copa America 2021, Argentina had 4 goalies. So if it is 28, be sure one of the addition is a goalie. If 26 like Euro squad then the 3 additions won’t include a goalie.

    • For me Nico D is a must. He is our most important left wide player. He balances our attack wirh Dimaria in the right. The kid is young, puts in soooo much heart and hustle defending and in attack he is dangerous, especially with his pace which Messi can ping as he likes to from rhe center right ala Gordi Alba.

      I like Papu, Ocampos, etc.. but Nico is on another level. That position suits him and fits our style. Id take him there than out of position locelso too.

    • Do not panic too early my friend. Line ups suggestion December tournament will matter in December. A lotta Argentine or South American players are going to rise their game to have a chance to be selected for the WC. What matters is that who is fitness and form of our players. There’s a room for improvement in a few areas. Paredes, DePaul LoCelso won us the Copa but we need see what Nico Dominguez, Exequil Palacios, Julian Alvarez, Licha Martinez, Senesi, Musso, Lamela (who I think is playing better than Papu atm) and Ocampos can add to team. We’re not going to win a WC because of Messi magic or Di Maria heroism but because of the team is hungry and ready to sacrifice. So we need to see how fringe players will do.

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