Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni tests negative for COVID, players available


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has tested negative for COVID through a rapid PCR test.

Lionel Scaloni has recovered from COVID but had tested positive and was unable to travel with the team for the 2-1 win vs. Chile on Thursday. According to TNT Sports, Scaloni has tested negative through a rapid PCR test.

Scaloni isn’t the only one who tested positive from the Argentina team. As we reported, Alexis Mac Allister, who previously tested positive, has now tested negative. Emiliano Buendia of Aston Villa was in close contact with someone who had COVID and the team will wait to see if he will be available. Here is the updated names of those available for Argentina:

Franco Armani (River Plate)
Esteban Andrada (Monterrey)
Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa)
Juan Musso (Atalanta)

Nahuel Molina (Udinese)
Gonzalo Montiel (Sevilla)
Lucas Martinez Quarta (Fiorentina)
Germán Pezzella (Real Betis)
Nicolas Otamendi (Benfica) – Suspended vs. Colombia
Lisandro Martinez (Ajax)
Nicolas Tagliafico (Ajax) – Suspended vs. Colombia
Marcos Acuna (Sevilla)
Nehuén Pérez (Udinese)

Nicolas Gonzalez (Fiorentina)
Lucas Ocampos (Sevilla) – Ankle injury, could miss Colombia match
Leandro Paredes (PSG) – Suspended vs. Colombia
Guido Rodriguez (Real Betis) – Out due to COVID
Rodrigo De Paul (Atletico Madrid) – Suspended vs. Colombia
Giovani Lo Celso (Tottenham Hotspur)
Alejandro Gomez (Sevilla)
Alexis Mac Allister (Brighton)
Emiliano Buendia (Aston Villa) – Out due to COVID close contact

Angel Di Maria (PSG)
Angel Correa (Atletico Madrid)
Julian Alvarez (River Plate)
Lautaro Martinez (Inter)
Joaquin Correa (Inter) – Out injured
Paulo Dybala (Juventus)
Maxi Meza (Monterrey)


  1. I noticed that Argentina are suffering badly in last 30 that time they can’t pass the ball rightly or can’t do quick counter attack.this is huge problem.European team are really good in counter attack and if Argentina face European team they will suffer.that’s why this problem need to solve.

    • Argentina football team has many problem however it showed how to win copa after 28 years…it shows how to keep unbeaten till 28 games…I have watched this nation football game when I undeestood this football game, it has been since 1998…my favourite team was in 2006 but after too many years I have seen a different team who are willing to win either its beautiful or not….they are focused on result…in this team has a confidence to beat any nation without legend (messi). As far I have seen its my personal opinion if our players fit then they beat any european team whichever it is.
      All european team make fear our latin american team so dont need more concern about it…

  2. Latest news: Ocampos and Meza are in doubt, both have corona symptoms although in rapid test it was negative.

    Papu Gomez will wait until the last moment whether to play or not due to his slight ankle injury.

    As for the Colombia match. I prefer a more defensive minded Montiel as Colombia best player, Luis Diaz, a new signing of Liverpool is a deadly left winger. Montiel has the reputation of being a left winger stopper.

    • Yes, Montiel would most propably be Arg’s best option for the left and not only because he is known by left winger stopper, but also it is good to give him a game and also i see maybe a slight swift in Molina’s form though nothing too serious, but maybe good to give him a rest and let Montiel handle that Luis Diaz guy for good !

    • About Ocampos i’m sad if he can’t olay at all, but about Meza i would not care at all just that he get’s back to so called normal life from Corona sympthoms, but Still i do not want him around the team simply because he is just not up for it in my oppinion, but instead intrested to hear some news about Buendia, Mac Allister and Dybala !

  3. Wow ! Well done Lisandro as he totally deserved to be MOM ! Though i kind knew/had a feeling since the start of the game that he will be THE ONE=MOM for this game which was pretty ruff N’ tuff game all around so very happy for Argentina to win at high altitude in Chile where the accomodation was completly horrible !

    According to players performance, well Dibu and Otamendi were rock solid allmost the entire game and i’m sure on the other day Dibu would have saved hat header which Molina lost unfortunatly etc…and also i think Molina did not have his best game so maybe time try Montiel against Colombia, perhaps ?

    There is no need to talk about Lisandro anymore and no one should questioning his abbilities no longer as for me personally he is been the player i have waited so long for break through to Arg NT and thanx god they gave him the opportunity and, well the way he took it was just something totally in full control of everything on the pitch as he has so much to offer for going forwards etc,,,no doubt the MOM with all standards according to the game !

    Also Tagliafigo seemed to got his confidence back when playing next left from Lisandro, as those 2 obviously know each others from Ajax etc..,,but would have been intrested to see how Lisandro or should i rather say Acuna would have played along side Lisandro, but i’m pretty sure we will see that in the future at some point etc…

    Middfield combined by Paredes, RDP and Papu seemed to work well at first half where Papu was far more looking better than maybe in previous games, perhaps Messsi’s absence gave him a bit more of something i have no clue of what, LOL ! But he seemed to be more determined than before also defended very well etc..,RDP was RDP as he is so vital player for Arg and Paredes had a good game too !

    Di Maria was pure class again and i’m so happy for him that he got another great and very important goal too against those (exuse me) bloody Chileno’s !

    Maybe Arg could have given more minutes to Angel Correa and subbed Di Maria earlier off as same for Alvarez who deffenetly needs much more minutes under his belt as he could have come in allready for the whole second half, though at sometimes he looked a bit confused which is completly understandable according how little has he played etc…

    So i’m hoping for those who have not played yet that much minutes yet for Arg as Dybala, Alvarez, A.Correa, Buendia, Mac Allister, N.Perez and Ocampos if he is fit to play or any of theese players are fit to play, well then they should play as game time is running fast and there won’t be many opportunities with this freakin’ Covid pandemia around etc,,,

    And my last phrase is that Arg should get rid of Armani and maybe also Andrada and Bring either Benitez or Rulli in to the team as there is absolutly no need for 4 goalies and if 2 of them in my personal oppinion are way down better than Armani And Andrada then why keep on stickin with 4 goalies from where 2 of them are Armani and Andrada ? Any how i hope Arg will beat the shit out of Colombians and that Bolivia will beat Chileno’s and Uruguay will win against Venuzuela as for Peru vs Ecuador maybe a draw would be best result for Uruguay’s wise or even Ecuador’s win, perhaps ?
    Well those rest of SA teams will have to fight for it til’ the end i quess and just hope that Uruguay will make it and that Arg will win rest of their games by using as many players who have notbpalyed that much yet ! Saludos Ricky

  4. Guido Rodriguez is available. That is a huge boost. So the best line up should be:
    Emi Martinez; Molina/Montiel, German Pezzella, Lisandro Lopez, Acuna; Guido Rodriguez, Lo Celso, Papu; Dybala/Nico Gonzales, Lautaro, Di Maria.

    Available bench:
    GK: Armani, Andrada, Musso
    DF: Montiel, Nehuen Perez, LM Quarta
    MF: MacAllister, Meza, Angel Correa
    F: Nico Gonzales, Julian Alvarez

    Bench is pretty thin. Only Nico Gonzales, Julian Alvarez, Angel Correa, Montiel are the usual back ups.

    • In my oppinion maybe would be better to start A.Correa and Alvarez too as game time is running fast and there won’t be many opportunities left with this freakin’ Covid pandemia etc., also Dybala and if Buendia and Mac Allister can play tney should be also considered and tried out and not only for 5-10 min at end of game etc.,,

      As for Di Maria we all have known allready what he can deliver for Arg so why not try or give chance for others who are very competive players too, right ?

  5. Villareal is interested in Cristian Medina, but Boca have told Villareal they are are not willing to talk.
    Medina, Varela, Mancuso, Avila, Vasquez, Zeballos are all genuine talents yet Riquelme is turning a blind eye to these youngsters and buying mediocre overseas players.

  6. We may have already qualified for the WC. But we must not break the streak, we must not lose.
    My XI according to availabilty, for Columbia match would be-

    Dybala——-—El Toro——Dimaria

  7. Need Acuna against Columbia who is good in counter attack especially winger penetration, mid field will be commando by Papu Gomez alongside ADM and Lautoro in front. Maybe Dybala will got the chance to play at home soil.

  8. “Lyon and Tottenham have an agreement in place for Gio Lo Celso on loan deal. Players side still needs to agree however. Villarreal also interested.

    My opinion on this lo celso should go villarreal and play under unai Emery who coached him before.

    • Absolutely, it shouldn’t even be a choice. Lyon have an excellent squad but an idiot for a coach (Peter Bosz) and apparently Celso is supposed to replace Guimarães who happens to be a no.5 *face palm*.
      Villareal on the other hand is a good team with 2 Argentines in it (one of whom actually left s***spurs and got his career back on tract) and a coach who worked with Celso and gave him a chance to shine at PSG.
      If Celso ends up choosing Lyon then he’s a 1st class idiot and deserves to have his career ruined, I really hope he’ll make the right choice.

      • It’s no brainer he should choose to play under unai Emery.
        I saw a twitter that saying the only thing stopping lo celso to join villarreal is his wages which means lo celso himself favouring to go villareal.

  9. Guido Rodriguez has shown a negative test and been called up. This means we can play Lisandro in defense again. Mac Allister showing negative is also really helpful

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