Lionel Messi provides great assist for Neymar in 3-1 PSG loss


Lionel Messi provided a great assist for Neymar in PSG’s 3-1 loss vs. Nantes.

Messi started PSG’s match on Saturday while Ángel Di María and Mauro Icardi started the match on the bench. Messi did not score, he did provide a great assist for Neymar on PSG’s only goal of the match. A pass which broke through the back line found Neymar who scored PSG’s only goal of the match.

Ángel Di María was brought on as a substitute while Mauro Icardi did not play. Leandro Paredes was out with an adductor injury.


  1. I am not overtly worried on Messi in PSG. As long as he is fit & out of injuries he will be in a different zone in NT colors. I always rate Pochettino as a good coach. He took a avg Spurs side with shoe string budget to a CL final. Maybe managing multiple superstar players in 1 locker room is something he will have to learn. But how many coaches have had to manage players of stature of Messi, Mbappe , Neymar in same locker room. Mbappe wants to leave ; Neymar has had enough issues in Paris & their fans. He is also on & off as far as his commitment to PSG is concerned; Also PSG was a compromise movement for Messi who at heart didnt want to leave Barca. So its not one bit easy for Pochettino. I feel with time Poch will settle in – though PSG management may not be that generous if CL campaign ends before final. I really wish to see Poch succeed in PSG

  2. No matter what we said on Messi, he tried his best in this context. If you watch the games, his teammates and him have always behaved in a professional way. It’s totally stupid to try to imagine any ego war between stars in order to find some explanation as some people doing here.

        • I’m not talking about penalties but general play, that being said, if you remember, Mbappe missed 2 penalties one in euro and other in Ligue 1.

          This was time when Messi had only 1 goal or no goal in Ligue 1. Over Messi’s career, one example is where he gives Ibrahimovic a chance to take penalty when he missed 3 clear chances for Barca.

  3. Messi’s scoring form is a worry. Psg didn’t buy him for making passes or playmaking roles. Mbappe leaving and pochettino leaving will help him otherwise it is setup as Neymar or mbappe team

    • PSG has, is and will always be flawed club unless management changes its way and I doubt that will happen anytime soon. They think assembling a team of super stars will be an answer to all their problems which is a possibility but definitely not with POCH who has yet to show anybody that he can manage this team properly
      PSG wants to get Ronaldo and have this dream FIFA 22 team with him and Messi and Neymar and if Mbappe decides to stay which he wont, will be even better.
      The funniest was how Tuchel left the team midseason only to win the Champions League with none other than Chelsea.
      Poch will leave and go to ManU who are Obviously desperate just for the fact that he picked him and he hasn’t done much and Mbappe will hit the exit door nonmatter how much money they offer him/week….500K 1Million…..etc
      Maybe Zidane is the answer who knows but they wont win a damn thing the way things are……Mbappe only looking for glory and recognition, Neymar is STILL acting like a CHILD, will he ever mature! and Messi stuck in the middle of this soap opera.

    • If he is going to play that second striker position then needs to score….2-3 good passes or runs won’t do any favour to him.
      And what happen to him btw, under Mourinho he used to work harder off the ball, however now his attitude off the ball is not good. May be he is not feeling physica

    • I wouldn’t say ‘reborn’, he’s playing well but he is still playing out of position! What is it with managers and playing Gio out of position? I mean that fool Nuno played him as a ‘5’ and now Emery (who is supposed to know Celso well from his time at PSG) is playing him as a 2nd striker. Lo Celso is an attack minded CM aka a b-2-b midfielder, which is the position he plays for the NT, hence why he does so well for the NT, come on coaches, get with the program!

      In any case, anywhere Celso plays is better than that s**t club he just left.

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