Mario Kempes comments on Argentina national team, Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala


Argentina national team legend Mario Kempes spoke about the national team, Lionel Messi and Paulo Dybala.

Mario Kempes was part of the Argentina team which won the 1978 FIFA World Cup. A legendary striker not only for Argentina but for Valencia, he spoke with Fuera de Control about the national team. Here is what he had to say:

“Scaloni has formed a very good Argentina national team with practically all new faces with a lot of skill and with people coming from abroad and from big teams. I see a very good Argentina national team with a lot of enthusiasm and with very clear ideas. This makes me very confident. I believe in the national team, we will see what happens.”

Kempes also commented on Lionel Messi:

“This national team and Scaloni showed that without Messi, the players have their own personalities. But with Messi, it’s always a more than important help.

“Messi will always be Messi, he will never be down or lack morale. He is very competitive and even more so with Argentina.”

Regarding Paulo Dybala with the national team:

“Hopefully Dybala will be at the World Cup because he deserves it, he has to be more confident. At Juventus, I see him more loose and with the national team he appears a little tied up. He has to believe that he is a great player and show it on the pitch.”


  1. I feel bad for Dybala because he’s either playing second fiddle to her highness or playing on a less-talented/weaker and older JUVE from few years ago before the Ape came to town.
    I don’t know what club would fit him best, I heard Barcelona are very interested!! I guess that 500million cash infusion did them a lot of good, all of a sudden Barcelona is shining with their new signees.

  2. Frankly, i do not see Dybala contribution for N/T,.No doubt, he is a good player and deserved a call up. However, Scaloni need to find a solution for his role and the next 2 qualifiers will be a good momentum to insert him into starting XI. His long shot outside penalty area, penetration, scoring ability need to be polish at n/t. So far not yet proven.

    We have A. Correa, Alario, Alvarez, Ocampos; not all the players can be brought. Althugh Dybala can be a good back up for the attacking and playmaker. I will leave to Scaloni decision in selecting the best 🙂

    • I took you seriously until you mentioned Alario and Ocampos. It will be absurd to drop dybala for those two mentioned players. Alaria has been out injured for more than 4 months. He has only managed one goal. Ocampos is a big No. Nick Gonzalez is ahead of him in pecking order. As dybala scaloni should not dare drop him. He can play in multiple positions.

      • Very true, it will be foolish to leave Dybala for the sake of Ocampos and Alario, who are average at best.
        It would also be an injustice to his talent, to keep him apart from the World cup squad.
        However, Scaloni should reconsider that Messi can’t play at high level for 7 straight matches (if we go through) for the whole 90′ & due to this reason, Dybala is a must and I’m very sure, he has the Calibre to light up the tournament.

        Also Scaloni has to keep an eye on the likes of Foyth & Rulli, who are both doing a tremendous job for their respective clubs.

        • Ocampos deserves much more than a big no and i totally disagree that he is average at his best. He is a very good player, with skills, pace, stamina, hardworking and he is very versatile too. I agree that Nico is ahead of him and that Ocampos’ form has been dropped significantly, but players like him could be key plsyers for a team.

          It is a priviledge to have him as well and for me it would have been good to be included in the team.

  3. Well said kempes. Dybala really needs to be at the world cup.. and messi will always be messi and our rest of players are very worthy.. well said he ain’t bash no players .. give credit where credit is due

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