Papu Gomez, Marcos Acuña and Sevilla play Manuel Lanzini and West Ham in Europa League


Alejandro Papu Gomez, Marcos Acuña, Gonzalo Montiel, Lucas Ocampos and Erik Lamela will play West Ham in the Europa League.

There are 13 Argentine players remaining in the Europa League with at least one getting eliminated. Of the eight matches for the Round of 16, two of them will pit Argentine against Argentine.

From those 13 players, only one of them has lifted the Europa League trophy. Lucas Ocampos won it with Sevilla back in the 2019-2020 season. Here are the matches for the Round of 16 which begins next month:

Rangers vs. Red Star Belgrade

Braga vs. Monaco

FC Porto (Agustín Marchesín) vs. Lyon

Atalanta (Juan Musso, José Luis Palomino) vs. Bayer Leverkusen (Exequiel Palacios, Lucas Alario)

Sevilla (Marcos Acuña, Gonzalo Montiel, Alejandro Papu Gómez, Lucas Ocampos, Erik Lamela) vs. West Ham United (Manuel Lanzini)

FC Barcelona vs. Galatasaray

RB Leipzig vs. Spartak Moscow

Real Betis (German Pezzella, Guido Rodríguez) vs. Eintracht Frankfurt

The first and second leg will take place on March 10 and March 17, before the South American World Cup qualifiers.


  1. I’m a bit worried that bayern Munich,, man city,, ac milan,, real Madrid who are on top of their respective leagues has no Argentine player in their squad.. this makes me sad that they don’t need our players to have an impact…

  2. Alario gets a rare start & scores. His scoring frequency is simply among the best for a sub in Europe. If not injured, he shld be in a 26man squad as a pure CF backup.

  3. Cuti played 90 minutes and put another masterclass display. No mistake, very composed, and his team won comfortably 4-0. He deserves an 8 for his performance.

    As I watch him closely, here is his match report after he is back from injury:
    1. FA cup vs Brighton 3-1 (W) my rating for him 8
    2. Vs. Southampton 2-3 (L) my rating 7.5
    3. Vs. Wolves 0-2 (L) my rating 7
    4. Vs. City 3-2 (W) my rating 8.5
    5. Vs. Burnley 0-1 (L) my rating 6
    6. Vs. Leeds 4-0 (W) my rating 8

    So his average rating in 6 games is quite high.

    Note that this rating is more accurate than Why? because will still give u high rating even if u got beaten by your man (like Cuti vs. Ben Mee Burnley). According to whoscored, Cuti was the Spurs MOM vs Burnley, but I did watch the match. Nope because of that moment Cuti got a 6 for me only.

    I give a fair rating. If he plays bad, I will say so.

    In all 6 matches, he only committed one major error against Burnley, where he got beaten by his man, Ben Mee in Burnley only goal.

    The other matches, against Southampton and Wolves it was Davinson Sanchez, Ben Davies, and Lloris fault that they lost which was good because when the whole team (especially the defenders and goalie who were next to him) played shitty, he was the only one who played good.

    Against City it was his best performance in England. Against Brighton and Leeds today he was also excellent.

    So PLEASE this is the reality, stop saying that Lisandro Martinez and Otamendi are in a good form and Cuti is in a bad form. The truth is all 3 of them are in a good form!

    Btw Bielsa should be fired soon.

  4. What happened to Bielsa, his team have a tendency of losing 0-3 at half time. He have no good selection players and doesn’t want to recruit Arg players. Tough times for Bielsa. Without Bamford and Kalvin the team is toothless

  5. I’m hearing that the trash coach for Brazil Tite will retire after this cup.
    He is the best example of a coach who is good only because he has a vast talent base to rely on. It’s hard to lose with multiple top players in almost all areas of the field . Anyways he has trashy tendencies whether he loses or wins. We still have to admit that Brazil has alot of very good players, yet most of them are trashy.

    • Tite is a good coach even in world cup match vs Belgium, Brazil dominated Belgium and should have won that match.2018 Brazil was good but this Brazil is better than 2018.

      • @Kevin – Belgium won that game in the 1st half with 3 players going forward after the counter-attack (DeBruyne, Hazard, Lukaku).

        Belgium sat back and then countered when the opportunity arose.

      • Kevin, Tite is jus a another moron who has unfortunatly plenty from which to choose, and as Wisdom allready explained clearly to you is a good example from Belgium how to beat this moron coach Tite even he has a lot from which to choose…as since they got heavily beaten by German’s at 2014 they have never even been close to winning anything else than the last Olympics as it is allready 20 year’s back that they won their last WC, OK Arg has to go back to all the way since 1986, though 1990 and specially 2014 Arg should have clearly won, but in football nothing is never guaranteed so offcourse even with this moron coach Tite Brazil do have a chance to win, though i think they would need again FIFA’s FAMOUS FAVORS to help them out, but who knows i might be wrong with my prediction’s, but hopefully not ! As i’m not saying that Arg will win the WC as it is way too early to comment on that and as being only supporting Arg since 1978 i’m also a bit supersticious seeing and witnessing many different kind scenario’s and moments not only with Arg, but in general in world football so i rather not speak about this topic more as i don’t kind of like prediction’s or making certain team’s being favorite’s to win to WC, even there clearly might be at least few which will come to my Mind, but i won’t comment more about it, only i think Tite is not that great instead he has huge nation from which to choose from etc.,, as there are also others maybe equipped with same luxury as having plenty of players from which to choose from etc.., Also Arg has had this luxury before and also having now, maybe not that much as in the past where many previous Arg coaches chose favored certain players over anothers, because of different reasons, some did not cut their hair as they were asked to do by their coach or some just ignored others and chose kind of more weaker players or players with less quality or even injured players were preferred etc… this list of habbit of past and previous Arg’s final Squad who been chosen by the previous coaches of Arg NT is neverending as obviously there has been and will be some good players left out of the final squad who deserved a spot to WC team of Arg’s, in the past more or less unfortunatly the more quality players were left out instead of some less quality players were chosen etc..
        But, this time with Scaloni i think and truly hope that this situation will be different this time comparing to the previous team’s exept maybe the cursed 2002 team who just did not make it out group stage even being the most superior team for the whole competition etc…and last time i remember when the Squad selection went pretty right til’ the end with subs and the whole team was at 2006 as only i can’t remember if there were a better option’s avalaible for the goalkeeping section as blody Klose injured Abbondazieri against German’s where also the Coach Pekerman who had pick a very competive team made a misstake by subbing Riquelme off way too early and not giving any playing time to Messi or Saviola&Aimar etc…

        But, looking back to that squad at 2006 i have admit that there were quite amazing players and mainly very many of them included in the same team, but in the end it went how it went and that is that ….

        But, comparing the quality from the bench to for example to Sabella’s bench and Sabella’s team which was heavily injured also before and during the tournament and went all the to the final and should have clearly won that final too, well i Still have to admit that the bench from 2006 comparing to 2014 was way superior as they were allmost respectively from every aspect just like totally from different dimensions or solarsystems, galaxys or whatsoever as i Still loved equally both of this too teams as every Arg team that i seen representing Arg at WC since 1978, though offcourse 1978 and 1986 team’s won the 2 preccious WC’s for Arg, but Still i allways liked every team more or less as i could say that 1990 team was also heavily injured before tournament even started and even more players were dropping out during the tournament, but Still they reached the Final against German’s who unfortunatly got their revenge from the previous WC final or at least this is the way the German’s think as they hardly ever admit that Arg been more superior to them only, maybe 1978, 1986, 1998, 2006 so far there has been previous German’s players asfor example Philip Lahm admitting that the 2006 team was way superior to the German team who Still u fortunatly managed to beat Arg and i’m pretty sure that one day there will be a German player admitting that also 2014 Arg was more better in the final etc.,,but offcourse this will not allways be the case as Germany and Arg has crossed path’s in the past and met in Finals etc…but, if we would compare Brazilian’s to German’s i won’t see the thing happening or them saying that Arg was way superior to their team, maybe some certain individual players, Yes, but in general oppinion including’s Tite’s Oppinion’s i don’t think this will be the case unfortunatly as i see only more and more cheat’s from the Brazilian football as this was not the case during 1980’s when Tele Santana was their coach as their playing style was also much different to nowdays Brazil as comparing to Arg instead even football has changed so much since 1980’s Still somehow Arg has allways managed to kept loyal to their own identity or style of playing football which for me personally since 1978 has been the best style ever seen, thoughbi have admit that Tele Santana’s Brazil was and played very attractive football too, but Arg allways somehow had more passion and intensitivity in their way of playing the game as i belive this is also the case with many different sports with Arg and not only in football and not only in sports either as more rather in everything in life at general !

    • Yes, forsure that will be a great game for a final of the Europa League as Barca under Xavi have risen more quicker than, maybe expected+they got a very competive squad now, though as much i loved to watch Xavi playing with Messi and Iniesta, Still ihave admit after how Barca treated Leo and specially his hole family was totally unacceptable and a bit similar things have happened to many Argentine players since Diego’s day with Barca as they allways has treated Argentine players very badly etc…

      So Yes, i saw Barca trashing Napoli in a good fashion way and credit’s to Xavi and his team, but Still with no Argentina players on broad i do not wish them any glory until they have an Argentine player in their starting eleven as regular starter so i will go deffinetly for Sevilla and Betis too as also Bayern Leverkusen can be a option for final as i’m hoping Alario getting more minutes and scoring more goals for good of La Selection, if and only if, maybe this will Still bring Alario back in to race for a spot to ARG’s WC team, as though only if 26 players are aloud by FIFA for brought by every nation to WC at Qatar… etc,,,j, but unfortunatly Sevilla got Westham as i think maybe only Barca, Betis, Atalanta/Leverkusen would have been more trickier opponents as also Porto can be dangerous too with Concecaio or however his name is spellen being as their coach so i think the final 8 teams will most propably be Barca, Rangers, Porto, Leipzig, Betis and hopefully Sevilla will beat Westham as Atalanta vs Leverkusen and Braga vs Monaco are a bit more harder to figure out etc…, but Yes Sevilla deffinetly my no1. favorite and then Betis, Leverkusen or Atatalanta, but if Lanzini will play in every single game a fully 90 minutes and score goals too, well then Westham as kind of ultimatum, but only if Lanzini fully pulling the strings as i really can’t unfortunatly see that happening knowing his injury prone background as a bit similar as in Lamela’s case, but it would be intresting to see if both will be fit to play from start of the game against each other, but i don’t Lamela’s current situation as i’m not sure of Lanzini’s either, but Acuna, Papu, Montiel and Ocampos or even 2 of those 4 on the field will be great as offcourse i’m wishing for all of 4 and for Lamela too ! Vamos Sevilla and all their Argentine players !

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