Lionel Messi provides two assists to Kylian Mbappe for PSG, leads Ligue 1 with 10 assists


Lionel Messi provided two assists to Kylian Mbappe in PSG’s 3-1 win vs. Saint-Etienne as he reached 10 assists in Ligue 1 for the season.

Messi now leads Ligue 1 in assists as the Argentine has provided 10 of them. Going into PSG’s league match against Saint-Etienne, he was on eight assists.

With the score at 0-0, Messi provided a through ball which found Mbappe as he would score to give PSG the 1-0 lead. The seconnd one was a vintage Messi dribble.

The world’s greatest player received the ball and dribbled through Saint-Etienne players as if they weren’t even there before passing it on to Mbappe who scored. That brought Lionel Messi to 10 assists as he leads the league.

Angel Di Maria and Mauro Icardi would both be brought on as substitutes.

@mundoalbiceleste Lionel Messi assist for Kylian Mbappe’s goal for PSG! #LionelMessi #Messi #KylianMbappe #Mbappe #PSG #Paris #FCB #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ son original – psg

@mundoalbiceleste Lionel Messi assist for Kylian Mbappe’s goal for PSG! #LionelMessi #Messi #KylianMbappe #Mbappe #PSG #Paris #FCB #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ son original – psg


  1. Top perf of Messi, the pair Messi Mbappe surprises me everyday, need to highlight that he played without Verratti and Paredes which means he really dropped deep to get the ball and to control tempo. I think once he doesn’t care about his stats and gives no importance to the number of goals, he will lead psg and argentina to win the champions league and world cup. I said that because I believe that his intelligence and understanding about the game may be above his dribbling skill and his finishing.

    • Spot on @canadienroyal with your post and words about Leo !
      – I think once he doesn’t care about his stats and gives no importance to the number of goals, he will lead psg and argentina to win the champions league and world cup. I said that because I believe that his intelligence and understanding about the game may be above his dribbling skill and his finishing.

      Yes, absolute correct as this is deffenetly THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT LEO MESSI, PERIOD ! amongst with so many different qualities and skills, technique, ballcontrol, passing and scoring etc, the list is neverending, but u are deffenetly right about that LEO’s intelligence and understanding of the game has alkways been his best asset or should i rather say the thing which has made him so much superior with all his amazing skills as that list is neverending, but, Yes i totally agree with u that his intelligence, vision and gameunderstanding are the most important from all of his amazing skills which kind of makes all his other amazing skills available or to be possible in the first place as there may have been others who also had or were very intelligent and had a verygood gameunderstanding as mostly i’m talking about middfielders, but there might have been also defenders or even strikers in the past who were ver intelligent and had a unique gameunderstanding, but the difference to Messi is that besides this most important skill of his as being supervintelligent and no doubtly with the greatest gameunderstanding from his era or maybe from even since football being played etc… is that the others who were also very intelligent and had a great gameunderstanding over others in the past, Still even with that unique set of Mind and which made them great players indeed over others with their unique vusion and intelligence+gameunderstanding, Still being as greatest players in football history for me personally as this is the most important part of the game for me personally and which for ne make’s others slightly above others, because of their intelligence and great gameunderstanding and vision, Still even being the greatest of greatest of all time none of them has ir had those other amazing skills as Messi has in every aspect of the game as being totally unique player and fully totally complete player equipped with every skill of the game and that makes him way above the rest even Still as obviously aging, but Still the far superior player because of his super intelligence and totally unique gameunderstanding that none have had before or maybe only one and that Person is/was obviously Diego Armando Maradona, R.I.P EL DIEGO ! As they are luckily both Argentine’s, but in such a weird way never seen 2 players so identical to each other as there are many who always reminds of some from the past or is very similar player to an another, but no one will ever match these 2 as Messi and Diego and no one will never be so similar to another player than Messi and Diego ! It is allmost like they are twins or somehow related to each other, which offcourse is not the case only both happen to be Argentine, but with different character and different individuals human beings, who just somehow remind of each other so much in terms of playing football as it is allmost like impossible to happen in life and in football’s history as both are and were just way beyond anything with playing football, and offcourse also very respected and loved by so many, though Messi’s humbleness and kindness are also something that no one has not seen in football terms as at some point way back at his career i was affraid that theese his good values, manners and very good general morale of life in general, which make’s him so humble and kind Person as he is might be an obstacle that will stand on his way to finf ultimate glory as football player as i’m talking about now him being with Arg NT, but he prooved me wrong once again and once again made me so, so happy that he has done so,so many times allready at club level, but this year’s Copa finally brought that great glory to him and others around Arg Nt as players and also supporters for life !God bless him and god bless Diego too ! And if he wins the WC with Arg, well then the never ending global debate is over once fir good, but for me personally the Copa Victory from Maracana was allready the icing on the cake as i don’t thinknhe has to proove none or anyone nothing or anything at all no more as for me he is the most inteligent player of all time and that is what respect the most in the game and why i follow this game and even Menotti did not pick young Diego yet at 1978 as he should have in my oppinion, well also Kempes was very inteligent player and Person as he Still is and even i knew about young Diego Still in the end it was Kempes in Valencia making me falling love with Argentina and offcourse the dream came true at 1978 and ever since i could not support any other team in such a fashion and with so much passion than Argentina, though i like or should i say prefer Denmark from Europe, but if they will playbagainstvArgvor anyone against Arg i just can’t support anyone else than Arg only, but ofcourse sometimes when the luck has not favored Arg or there been other issues that stand on Arg’s path to glory, well sometimes i kept watching even without no Arg innthe competition, but depending very much who were left as kind of Italy is the only one that had stand a goid chance and also won as at 2006 for example and offcourse Denmark’s European succes has made me glad too as they were Champions once and nearly gotvtobthe Final against Italy were iwould had hard times to choose which one to support and if that would have been the case, well i would have watched and wished that the better team wins in the end, but with Arg i don’t care how they will win as only victory counts for me and no matter how Arg will do it or get it done and that innlife is all that matters to me in football !

    • Spot on ! May i add Alario, maybe perhaps in your list, though only if 26 men squad are aloud for WC and offcourse if he get’s more playing time and even more goals created when Leverkusen is giving him the chance, which unfortunatly is quite rarely etc.. but at least his finishing stats must be quite high comparing to the minutes he has played, though i don’t have any offical data to give more on this matter etc…

  2. Also, does anyone familiar with Walter Benitez? appearently he has the most clean sheet in ligue 1 with 10 games, and Nice sitting at 2nd place behind PSG and they’ve been conceiding the least goal among 20 teams.

    • Yes, u are absolutly right ! Wasn’t he the one who made some shouts about not get selected yet, which is most propably the reason that he has not been select yet and i’m affraid that he won’t as he has also french passport and i think there has been discussions, maybe between him and the french, though nothing serious yet or at least he has not REPRESENT France yet etc..

    • Although we have Martinez but letting Benitez be with France national team is a dumb decision. Lloris is old and anytime I watch the Spurs, the reason why they can’t consistently win unlike Argentina is because of Cuti’s poor quality teammates in the back and their poor goalie.

      I mean Lloris is such a downgrade compared to Emi Martinez. And Lloris is France number 1 goalie and captain. They do need to replace him after the WC and Benitez would be a perfect replacement.

      In my eyes Benitez is better than all Argentina back up goalies including Musso, Armani, and Rulli/Andrada.

      Another news, De Paul also played just 20 mins or so for Atletico. Seems like Simeone doesn’t know how to use him.

      • Lloris is kinda overrated anyway. He conceided 5 goals at WC knockout stage. I mean , Sampe terrible team managed to put 3 pass him. France goalscoring prowes saved his ass. Not to mention that silly blunder on Croatia second goal in final. He also conceided multiple goals in in recent Euro group stage.

        Although we have a good back up in Musso, I still think it would be a big misopportunity if Walter ended up playing for France.

        Dont forget they already have an Argentine scoring winning goal for them in Euro final 2000.

        • Yes spot on @Ratlehead by yourcwise words that Still hurts me in a way a bit or at least reminds me of this Benitez situation as i would love him playing for Arg instead of maybe ending with France as like u mentioned by wise words once allready happened etc… @rattlehead : Dont forget they already have an Argentine scoring winning goal for them in Euro final 2000.

          Never forget that final as Italy were so, so close to win, but offcourse it had to be an an great Argentine, though only playing for France, LOL !

          Come on Scaloni and give at least Benitez a game even if u are not redy to pick for WC, which i would do if only i was in place of Scaloni, LOL !

          And i’m not dissing Scaloni now btw, just saying my thoughts with letters that i wrote simple as that so, Yes offcourse i rate Scaloni very high indeed, but Still i do not agree about Benitez not being picked yet !

          • Well, you forgot Italy also had Argentine when they won 2006 WC .

            “I feel Argentine but I have worthily defended the colours of Italy. I think that nobody can say otherwise” , Camoranesi after winning the WC.

            He didnt even sing Italian anthem before the game because he didnt know the words lol

      • Argentina gave Trezeguet to France in the past, should not repeat the same mistake. people can talk badly about Ligue 1 but the truth is he has been consistently in the top3 GK of this championship.

        For De Paul, I think he doesn’t have the same freedom on the pitch like with NT and Udinese. He stays always in the same zone with Atletico which is probably wanted by Simeone. Maybe in a 433 he will feel better(with Koke/Kondogbia and Lemar, just like the NT.

        • Yes, this misstake should not be repeated indeed !
          He is awesome Goalie and i rank him personally much higher than Musso and Rulli and i don’t care where or in which league he plays only stats are mote than obvious for a call up to Arg Nt, period,

          And about De Paul, u are right again that Cholo has given him similar ordered as he often does to A.Correa too, unfortunatly this orfders of Cholo even i do understand Cholo or at least i try as i respect him as great coach, maybe a bit stuborn at once in while like he was on the pitch too allways fighting til’ the end and never giving up etc…,but for development of specially A,Correa it has been a bit of sad to watch at sometimes, though Angel Correa alkways managed to somehow to perform well under Cholo even i know there is many that won’t agree and offcourse if A.Correa had played in more advance position either for ATM as all the time or for another team surely i do agree with others that we would have seen more goals of him, but Still under Cholo’s strict orders he is capable to score and most importantly perform for his team and that i wish to see more from De Paul too, but i understand that it ain’t alkways that easy when u are playing with Cholo’s mindset for the game, but somehow Cholo should play him a bit more in advance position on the middfield and hopefully we will see this also soon, but RDP is such a great player that he can play and in to so many different formations or mindset of the game and play all over the pitch and mostly perform allways at the top level, but i think KOKE is not getting back anymore to what he used to be and RDP is right now facing CHOLO’s DILEMMA to find outvthe best possible strating eleven to be available for ATM and this mightvtake even more time that it has allraedy taken etc.., but hopefully they and Cholo will figure it out sooner tha later..,

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