Bayer Leverkusen linked to Argentine Matías Zaracho of Atletico Mineiro


Bayer Leverkusen have been linked with the Argentine Matías Zaracho of Atletico Mineiro.

Matías Zaracho could be joining Lucas Alario and Exequiel Palacios at the club. According to Jorge Nicola, the German club would be interested in signing him in the next transfer window.

Zaracho joined Mineiro back in 2020 and has since won four trophies with the club. He won the 2021 Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A, a Copa do Brasil in 2021, a Campeonato Mineiro in 2021 and the 2022 Supercopa do Brasil.

Atletico Mineiro own 50% of his rights with his former club Racing owning the other 50% of his rights. The transfer fee is a reported $19 million.


  1. Not a fan of our boys going to Germany, it just hardly works out for them.
    Leverkusen is doing much better this year with a more competent coach and Palacios has benefitted from it. Unfortunately it’s his recurring injuries that are hampering his progress, especially now with the fallout of his spinal fracture starting to rear it’s head, but truth be told when he’s fit Palacios has the trust of the coach and he starts (did so last match).
    Alario is a different case, I think he’s been mistreated by the club but it’s also his fault for not moving to another club where he could get playing time because last season he was top 5 in bundesliga for goals per minute ratio. The kid is talented but lacks ambition.
    As for Zaracho, well I’ve watched him at Atletico (first time ever for me watching the Brazilian liga) and the kid is the real deal, a true b-2-b player with versatility to boot. He played on the right wing alot and he did decent work but his best position obviously is CM.
    I personally would love to see Zaracho at Ajax, Sevilla/Villareal in la liga or Atalanta/inter in serie A. Those teams in particular play a style that would suit Zaracho well.
    If this Leverkusen move pans out, it wouldn’t be a disaster because, like I said, the club is doing well and plays a good attacking style of football and Zaracho could do well if he stays injury free.

    • Well said Mamoun
      I watched Leverkusen last Saturday palacios had decent game and he improved a lot it looks real deal to me only if he stays fit. I agreed Leverkusen not bad club Probably it’s the only club I would want for Argentine players to go if they were move to bundesliga. I also agreed with you all the clubs you have mentioned, I will add in the list for fiorentina they got serious project going on out there and probably will qualify in europ next season plus they have linked a lot of Arg players likes senesi, medina and dominguez cuze of Nico Burdisso been thier technical sports manager.

    • As Amit said, a reunion with Coudet at Celta would also be a good move. I’m just happy that after years of only producing 10s and 5s we now have a bunch of talented central midfielders.

      • Thanks for the kind words Godin.

        You’re absolutely right, Argentina is producing a decent batch of CMs and defenders. I mean I look at the pair Licha/Cuti, they have world class potential and they’re only 23, not to mention other solid defenders like Medina, Nehuen Perez, Senesi, Foyth and right backs like Montiel and Molina.
        Then you have the midfield with the likes of Nico Dominguez (my favorite), the aformentioned Zaracho and the likes of Palacios (if only he stays fit), Alexis MacAllister (adapting well to english football) and possibly Luka Romero.
        When Lio and this current generation (Paredes, Celso, Guido, Papu, DePaul, Dybala, Maria, Otamendi etc….) hang up their boots, I feel the next gen can pick up the slack, as long as they have a good manager guiding them.

  2. 14 year old Mixime Carizzo has signed a pro deal with MLS team New York fc. youngest to do so.
    Though, he was born in the US, his parents are from Argentina and hence he is also eligible to play for us.

  3. Watch Middlesbrough vs Spurs in FA Cup. Cuti played all 120 minutes. He played average this time. They lost 0-1 but it was not due to Cuti mistake. They need to focus on the EPL now. My rating for him: 6.

      • I am a fan of Cuti man, anytime he plays, I watch him. Anytime he does not play, I don’t bother watching them.

        Unlike Lo Celso, Conte treats Cuti like Harry Kane, his most important player, but he uses Cuti way too much already. Cuti does not get rest at all since his injury. Last night he looked very exhausted.

        I remember during Copa America, I kept refreshing my page 24 hours before the final every 15 minutes or so hoping there would be breaking news that Cuti is recovered and will start against Brazil. I was super happy when that was really the case.

        • Respect for your passion. From what I saw so far in this 343 of Tottemham, the defense and the midfield is promising. Many players like Hjobjerg and Davies can put intensity and are good on the ball but the winger backs are average, which are supposed to be the critical players in a 343. From the few games I saw of them, Cuti and Davies suffered a lot from the wrong defensive positions of the winger backs.

          • yeah Conte’s tactic relies heavily on wing backs. He had a good one in Hakimi in the past, but Emerson is one of the worst RB Brazil ever produced. Next year they should go after a better wing back.

            I would be happy if Cuti can help them reaching top 4 this season because reaching top 4 in England when they have the likes of Chelsea, City, MU, Arsenal, and Liverpool is quite an achievement. And don’t worry Cuti will come to the World Cup in his best form.

  4. If u want to build a side that can attack and defend as a unit this is my choice.. emi Martinez.. foyth.. lisandro. Romero.. acuna. Guido.. parades.. de Paul.. di Maria.. lataro and Nico Gonzales.. to me this is balance..

    • Not balanced at all.

      First, I know you dislike Messi but he still has gas in the tank.
      Second, only Toro and ADM score, need another clinical player up front and Nico is hit or miss.
      Third, Guido + Paredes = DEAD MIDFIELD. For me, it’s one or the other.

      Edit, just noticed we’re able to edit comments again. Thank you Roy!!

      • I don’t dislike messi tbh. I prefer him coming on as a second half substitute.. against tiring defense.. y I pick di Maria in starting 11 cause he’s good at direct free kicks as well

        • The idea to use Messi as a sub is a good idea. Messi can turn on his magic against tired defenders. He is no longer capable of running 90 minutes, but we still see glimpses of his brilliance. Let’s use his energy wisely.

          • “The idea to use Messi as a sub is a good idea.” Messi barely runs and presses , you know why because he only sprints when he needs to. Nobody in this world has better passing accuracy than him and he might not be the same time of goal scorer but he is still the best when it comes to creating abnormal chances and you want to use that skill only for 30 to 45 mins!!! SMH

          • The messi dependency for some people here will never end. I tell u when he retires people another country. I’m referring to SULA V COMMENT

        • So starting Messi is now part of “Messi dependency”?
          I know u are not a Messi fan but to start di Maria over him is just dumb. And to have a Paredes – Guido partnership would be like having a better version of the mascherano – biglia (solid but not creative enough).
          And btw who the hell is going to score goals in this team apart from lautaro?
          For the first time we have a team that isn’t reliant on Messi and now all of a sudden u think it would be better to not include him in the lineup. SMH

        • Dude u are probably the dumbest person I have met.
          So for u Messi has to score in every single match he plays? Just because he didn’t score in the final, u would rather have di Maria?
          Anyways I don’t need to argue with u cause we have a great coach who knows more than u and would definitely start Messi over ADM.
          But if u think otherwise then no one can help u

          • I don’t want no help.. is just my opinion.. and this is not your site so I can say what I want.. open your own platform and ban who u want. U are the biggest dumbass on this site

        • Lol who said I want to ban u. I guess your dumbass can’t even handle an argument.
          But in case u felt bad ……
          I really don’t give a f*ck
          Keep crying

          • I.can handle an argument.. and I don’t want u give a fuck. U watch only highlights of football and feel u know everything.. you knows nothing about anything including football..

          • Messi played every second of our finals and we lost. Di Maria played in 1 and we won. He even scored the winner. So choosing di Maria over messi to start is a no brainer.. but wait u have absolutely no fucking brain

        • Haha u seem like the biggest dumbfuck on the planet.
          1. FYI you have to play several matches to reach a final and if u think Argentina would have reached any of those finals without Messi, then u are just a dumbass.
          2. Lewandowski has been to 2 UCL finals and never scored, so does this mean Kingsley Coman should start over him?
          You are the one who looks only at the stats and not the whole match.
          I would love to explain more to u but I guess your dumb brain won’t be able to handle it.
          Keep crying kid

          • It seems to me like u have alot to explain.. as I said start your own forum or you tube channel or whatever and u can give how much fucking explanation!!!!!

          • All u stated was dumb fucks not facts. U sound like a little child though.. u presuming I’m.crying and u love it? Man or child or whatever u are u seriously need to.grow the fuck.up

        • That was probably the worst comeback I have ever heard
          But don’t worry kid, u will grow up one day and learn
          Until then keep crying u dumbass

        • I mean seriously kid, that’s the best u can come up with?
          dw I’m not interested in making friends, especially not with a dumbfuck like yourself

  5. Santiago Simon is being targeted by Barcelona. River players are back as hot properties as they once used to be. You might have read about Enzo Fernandez being in Real’s radar.
    Speaking of Fernandez, Ezequiel Fernandez, Boca player on loan at Tigre looks a fine player and one to keep an eye on. Zeballos is also being monitored by Ajax and Monaco

      • Almendra has had a run in with the coach for not being given playing time. he has been banned from the squad. You can sympathize with Almendra cos he performed well towards the end of the last tournament and would rightly expect to play.
        Luiz Vasquez scored 9 goals and has been dropped to the bench after they signed Benedetto. He and other youngsters are feeling disgruntled for lack of opportunities.

        • Gaston Avila and Alan Varela are others, who are also unhappy with their situation at Boca. Gaston Avila has returned from loan at Central, where he performed very well. In the case of Medina, Villareal came for him in the winter transfer, but Boca refused to negotiate. Riquelme is running a circus at Boca. Sad, this bunch of Boca youth products have so much potential, but just being wasted when at an age they need proper grooming. Vasquez, zeballos, Medina, Varela, Avila and a few more.

          • Well explained. I’m not a full on expert on Boca due to putting most of my focus on River but from what I’ve seen you are correct to call it a circus. According to rumor battaglia doesn’t even select the team, Riquelme does. I fear Varela and Almendra’s first offers (as is somewhat predictable) will be from Mexico or the MLS and they’ll go there. They have enough talent to go at least to some lower Spain or Italian team. They claim that Varela is out for indiscipline meanwhile they continue to play Colombian Villa as a starter despite being accused of domestic abuse and falling out with the board. Really poor handling of our talents.

  6. Not a fan of this club after what’s been happening to Palacios and Alario but Zaracho’s move to Europe is long overdue. He’s an excellent box-to-box player.

      • Yeah I think Celta Vigo would be a great move. My first reaction to seeing him linked to Leverkusen (or anyone in that matter) is positive because in theory it is a great club and league for young players to develop in. But one second later my thoughts about Alario and Palacios take over and I would really hate for Zaracho to be the third consecutive failure. Better not risk it

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