Rodrigo De Paul scores for Atletico Madrid in 2-1 win vs. Cadiz


Rodrigo De Paul scored for Atletico Madrid in their 2-1 win vs. Cadiz.

De Paul with his first league goal for Atletico Madrid as he now has two goals in the season, his first being in the Champions League. It was Angel Correa with the first shot which was saved by the goalkeeper as the ball fell to the Argentine who scored to give Atletico the 2-1 lead.

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  1. Messi is a sensitive soul and I’m sure he’s hurt by all the unfair treatment he’s received from the French media and fans alike. Going home and playing in front oh his own fans CHEERING him on and calling his name will only do him good and fuel his dormant passion.
    This season is a wash and I cant wait for it to end so we can get down to business and I have no doubt he’ll bounce back when he is most needed and he’ll have plenty of time and gameplay to get back to his Copa America level and goals and freekicks will come back.

  2. I can understand the frustration of PSG fans about their elimination but found that a bit disrespectful to boo Messi each time he touched the ball. Good game of Messi overall, like him in this number 10 position playing closed to Paredes. I think that’s something Scaloni can re-use in the national team.

    • Messi is doing this with NT as well. With Paredes, LoCelso and DePaul. When Lautaro and Dimaria playing.. he’s playing similar to this….but scoring goals as well because other teammates will pass when he’s in good position…in PSG.. nobody cares..

      • PSG and the selection play very different football, Scaloni use super aggressive pressing that allows Messi to stay in the 30m and so easier to score. In PSG, they play transition, Messi has to go deeper, much closer to Paredes and his main job is to break the lines. Argentina has many young strikers who can make the run and score but no playmaker has Messi’s class. I don’t care how many goals he score, as long as he plays good match and make others score and win the games, that’s the most important.

    • Agree Canadienroyal. The whistling and booing is disrespectful. I do understand their anger. According to the PSG fans, Messi is not giving 100% during the matches. He walks around the pitch, hardly defends or presses while earning the highest salary along with Neymar. The Brazilian is guilty of the same things. When the opponent has the ball PSG often plays with 9 men. That makes the fans angry.

      • Not 9 with 8 men….. mbappe being so young can’t press.
        Mbappe is in the good form that’s why he is not getting criticism.
        And to the Messi point, he presses and runs for argentina and that is more than enough for me.
        Like Lo celso works hard for argentina but not for Villarreal or spurs.

        • ??? Lo Celso is good in pressing in club football, better than De Paul. On you can see every player stats with ratings in the last 365 days. Lo Celso 21,79 pressings per 90 minutes, De Paul 19,28.

        • Pressing stats per 90 Palacios 23,06 Buendia 20,45 Paredes 14,52 Guido 23,64 Nico Dominguez 24,45 our best presser. I bet these are pressings on the ball, but not clear, at least you can compare players

      • Mbappe is the worst presser and defender from the 3 statistically. Neymar not that bad, only little bit under average, btw CR is the worst clearly per stats in TOP5 league

  3. PSG winning 3-0 and Messi defending near the Penalty box…and Neymar and Mbappe waiting for the passes in the other side..what a disrespectful it has become for GOAT.
    Messi is used as Xavi of PSG. But he should be the main man…Poch doesn’t have any idea how to use Messi…PSG doesn’t have any player who can do play making….
    BTW how Neymar got better rating than Messi in Whoscored is just unbelievable… Neymar lost ball after balls… Mbappe was silent after first half…Messi is the best player today… along with Paredes….Messi’s pass from deep made all the goals…plus created a penalty that was revoked by VAR…but Messi is still not Messi…it seems he’s playing without happiness…

    • Paredes showed Poch that he has made huge mistake against RM. He’s capable of playing 94 minutes today , yet Poch took him out so early few days ago …

    • who cares about who is the best? they play in the same team. So to you the playmaker is not the main guy? “oh my messi cannot score with those selfish teammates”, “oh they don’t pass the ball to my Messi”, you think he cannot take care of himself? We talk about Messi, he’s above those stats.

    • No goal or assist but directly involved in all 3 goals and made 1 good defensive work inside PSG box near the end of the game to win a goalkick . PSG fans keeps booing him and Neymar.

      Paredes was solid from start to finish, makes you wonder why he gets subbed out early against Real Madrid while he actually can play 90 minutes…

  4. How messi passes the ball,setup for others,assist for others,playmake for the others but never get same and equal result from others team mate,then how he can score many goals?PSG’s all players are selfish at highest level.. Mabpe neymar all are selfish,they played for themself not for the whole team and that is unfortunate for messi…

  5. Messi needs to score goals otherwise there is no reason to watch PSG. PSG will win ligue 1 easily.Messi needs to show his calibre in goals.

    • Man final ball is going to Mbappe always…and Mbappe shoot whenever he gets ball in position. Messi is not even running to penalty box when ball is arriving… and whenever he gets the ball he passes ..
      BTW..the goal was from Messi’s superb pass…but on whoscored..Messi is worst player on the pitch at first half…how they idea…

    • Someone of the hardcore PSG fans said it right: Our players are football icons but not club icons.

      Joint statement from fans: we play like senators (slow). Players are lazy and earn a shitload of money.

      Cleanball is right. Big changes are coming.

  6. The way Foyth handled Vini Jr one of the best talent in Europe I can say say Foyth should be selected in playing 11.Mollina is good but inconsistent,Montiel is good in defending I think all Foyth,Mollina and Montiel should be selected.
    Foyth is looking more mature and Cuti Romero is slightly down.Not a fan of Argentine going to Spurs and Atletico.

    • Paredes to Inter or Juventus would be a great move for Paredes , and those teams also needs to upgrade their midfield to remotely have a chance on winning CL.

  7. OH great, Christina got a hattrick….now we have fans of her here too 🤐
    MU players are always looking for her highness.
    THough she does track back but not to get the ball like Messi does because he won’t sniff it unless he does that and when he’s close to the goal he almost never gets a pass back …initiated or not unless he’s all alone

    YES, Christina hater til the end of day👍👌✌🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  8. With Psg out of champions league. Leo should work on boosting his stats by focusing on scoring more goals. If I were him, I would say fuck Poch, fuck Mbappe, fuck PSG, fuck haters…and do what I feel like. I don’t mean him going crazy just focus on goals more – play more shots and stop doing assists. He should learn how to anticipate when the attack will move and position himself where he will get ball more not playing too deep that he will be far from post. Honestly I hate when he does that. Tommorow I want to see a more aggressive Leo in the front of goals, no more Mr nice guy. He should be more selfish. Because at the end of the day the narrative will be “Messi scored only two goals in Ligue 1, he is flop…bla,bla, nonsense”. I am not saying it is easy, if he can get 10goals more, it should be enough

    • True!
      I don’t want to take anything away from CR7 hattrick but it is easy for him compared to Leo. He lurks around the goal post and scores and doesn’t bother about anything else. Unlike at PSG , CR7 is their main goal scorer at Utd. At PSG , Messi is being asked to play a secondary role and on top of that Messi is 80% of the time far away from the goal, either waiting for a pass or dropping deep or he is on the opposite side of the attack!! His first touch near the goal has been abysmal and hence it is being either saved by the GK or blocked or dispossed by a defender. Stop trying to dribble in the box and just take a shot at the ball!!! Also Leo has been extremely unlucky, hitting the post 9 times. If Messi ever needed help from the national team it is now. Scaloni and co needs to do everything to boost Messi’s all time low confidence in the upcoming two matches. We will need a confident and in-form Messi heading into the world cup !!

      • Gerd Muller has much higher scoring ratio than both Messi and CR, yet people never interested on his stats? off course they dont, he’s not popular among today football fans. If you look at CR career scoring ratio , its much lower than Messi. Messi needs to go about 100 games without scoring to have same goal ratio as CR. That says alot about Messi stats despite being more than 2 years younger.

        Also, people today only care about goal stats, hence Balon has always been about strikers, cause other position aint marketable.

    • And no selection.. for France and save big while mbappe and benzema scoring for fun.. God forbid martinez gets injured lord Armani will save us

    • Only injury will prevent Armani from WC team. Benitez playing for France and stopping Argentina from scoring will be a worse thing can happen…!

      Meanwhile..I really want, Musso to play next 2 games…he needs experience there with NT.. otherwise Armani will be second WC..!!

  9. I watched the whole game. I don’t think Cuti made that mistake in CR7 third goal. After the corner, he saw the tallest guy on the pitch Varane unmarked in the last second so he went after Varane which was correct. Doherty was responsible for CR7 so it was his mistake.

    If Cuti did not go after the unmarked Varane, I would question his defensive awareness.

    Give Cuti credit for the Spurs second goal. It was him starting it, he was involved in the build up.

    CR7 got 3 goals but none of the goals had anything to do with Cuti.

    First goal, Dier late/hesitating marking him
    Second goal, Reguilon was late in setting up the offside trap

    Third goal, Doherty poor marking.

    Cuti overall game was good. I gave him 7.5.

    • Romero is in a wrong Club and a wrong League

      He’s wasting himself in England,
      He won’t succeed there, just like Lamela, Lo Celso

    • Complicated for Tottenham, when I look at the team, very few players of the staring 11 are top players. Lloris, Dier, the 2 winger backs are weak overall. They are not made for 343. As we discussed, Cuti and Davies will suffer a lot in this system.

  10. I think we should be a bit more respectful about CR7 in this forum…….guy keeps showing he is not finished…… a soccer fan something you should respect

      • The guy has 0 goal 0 assist in portugals 9 last do or die matches in international tournaments (WC, Euro, Conf Cup), Messi is better vs english BIG6 with a huge margin, plus vs in TOP3 finished teams with huge margin, CR only better in UCL KO stages (not much) but he is a goal poacher. Messi in international tournaments KO stages delivered 21 G or A (record) CR 7 (zero in WC KO stages)…yes always delivers, a poacher scores goals what a surprise, Messi role is much more complex and more difficult

    • Euro 2016 final , CR didnt play in final

      CL 2014 final, Di Maria provided winning assist, Ramos got the equalizer, Marcello sealed the game.

      CL 2008 final, the only player in his team who missed in shootout. Also missed against Barca in semifinal.

      Btw, why didnt he score in last few games for Portugal? otherwise, they wouldnt fell into playoff.

      What a crucial player.

  11. Mac Allister is over rated. Not national team material… watching tottenham and Romero positioning is poor.. good ting he plays better for argentina

      • Wtf. Romero lost cr7 for him to get his hattrick.. is Romero that poor in the air? Romero is so much younger than Ronaldo and he is getting bullied. What a shame.. I want people here to stop making excuses for messi… age has nothing to do with messi performance..

        • We are seeing this many times…he’s poorly marking..and opponent heading to goal…he needs to improve there…
          BTW Marking Ronaldo is not an easy task at all…

    • Yes Mac Allister is poor in long shots, slow movement and penetration, except his static passing and get the ball back. He needs to develop and improved much. Not representing the great #10 and not the right time to get a call from N/T

  12. What I think about the match is PSG lost mainly due to their centre backs. Yes, Marquinhos and Kimpembe are not reliable. Another concern is about Neymar. Though Messi rarely goes for a solo goal these days, which may be due to his first season at PSG, he compensates it somehow with his assisting capabilities. I think Pochettino needs to be continued, along with addition of champion players in defence and a pure striker lile Kane in place of Neymar.

  13. Alvarez was never going to be the primary hitman at city!! He will need to prove himself first to even be a regular sub there. They have paid peanuts to get him and that is why they are under no pressure to play him. $20 million is a very small sum even for any European midtable club and that is why he should have refrained from offers from big clubs, especially English clubs. Next big thing from Argentina will have to start his European career from FA and carabao cups and if he fails to impress early then he will end up like Locelso. EPL clubs and fans are brutal and they come to conclusion extremely early. Many players were discarded and sold without adequate opportunities only to become world beaters in another club. Only positive thing about signing Haland is all the attention and pressure will be off of Alvarez!!

  14. Haaland has a pre agreement with City, bad news for Alvarez, luckily Julian can play in several positions and Haaland is very injury prone. This duo would be the deadliest pair in the world together. They are xG killers. But still Haaland, Julian, Mahrez, Sterling, Grealish, Foden for 3 positions.

    • And not sure Haaland will be the same world beater in Prem, look at what happened with Sancho, Havertz, Werner there? Their productivity dropped drastically.

    • With Pep, every player in attack is rotation player, even for Mahrez. So with or without Haaland, it changes strictly nothing. Sometimes he may play Bernardo Silva or De Bruyne as false 9 too depending on the opponents.

    • Actually if u manage a world class club, it is always correct to sell superstars when they are around +/- 30 years of age and is still at their peak. That is correct because those players will not improve anymore and in a couple of years will decline. So better sell them now to get as much cash as possible.

      That’s what:
      – Madrid did to Redondo by selling them to Milan and when he was still the best DM in the world
      – Madrid did to Ronaldo the teeth
      – Madrid did to CR7
      – Barca did to Messi
      – Madrid did to Varane
      – and many more examples.

      Thats how you do business. Even if sometimes u get no money by selling them but at least u offload their huge salary.

      Hotspur made a huge mistake by not selling the 28 years old Kane to City for £150 million. Kane is not declining but will not get better. He will be at that level 4 years more at most. So selling him for £150 million was a no brainer.

      Now City will win the lottery by getting a better version of Kane and much younger for cheaper price named Haaland.

  15. Marquinose is really overrated I do not see any great defender in him he is just average, PSG kept wrong Brazilian, Thiago Silva would have been much better, Kimpbane is another shit player. Pochetino made big mistake by not giving continuity to Donnaruma in Ligue 1,Poche was making both player happy by selecting Navas in ligue 1 Donnaruma in CL, cowardly approach.
    Thankfully Scaloni is not that kind of manager.

    • Man one match he made mistakes but who not? Thiago Silva got 6 vs Barca Pique 8 vs Bayern so are they bad defenders? 80% is defending system, 10 luck 10 defending skills

      • Marquinose does not look like C. Romero, VVD, Laporte etc and other top class defender. PSG is big club.

    • It’s complicated to be coach at PSG, the players are above the club and you cannot make any decision. Messi can walk 90 minutes during the match, Neymar can go to fashion week party 1 day before the game, they will still be on the pitch because of their legacy. Even Icardi can be off for sentimental problem. This club has no hope.

  16. I think Argentina can achieve what Spain achieved during 2008- 2012. Two euros and a wc. Their mid field was consistent with Xavi and Iniesta. Yeah our mid field is not upto that level. But now our boys has that world beating mentality. They know they are beatable. This makes our team to face any top team without any worry and take it one at a time mentality helps nicely. But uncontrollable emotions during the wc matches are our graveyard like wc 2014 or 2018 vs France or for Brazil in 2014. Here Europeans play much professionaly. Now we must take those lessons from the past and should make a mentality that only winning that coveted trophy is the limit. Before that any win or anything we should control the emotions like we did in the copa.

  17. Out of topic. I feel that PSG lose to Madrid will reform PSG in the next season. Mbappe will be going to Madrid, Zidane will come in to replace Poche, Neymar, Icardi, Di Maria, Parades future remain uncertain. Messi will be in dilemma; a new chapter at PSG or the end of the story.

    A real blow for everyone not to win while leading in 90+45 minutes with 2-0… re-watched it and a lot of errors that should be avoided especially in second half by the master class players; a lesson to be not forgotten by the coach and players involved

    Yes football is about lucky or unlucky; a day off or a shiny day; in form or out form but overall is about well preparation and vision. A dark week for Poch and Bielsa. Wish them a better success in the future

    • I don’t think Zidane will replace Pochettino, Zidane takes care a lot of his image and he will not step in a mess like PSG if Leonardo still there and he cannot have the control of the dressing room. The players are above the club at PSG because one of their biggest problem is they overpay the players and it’s impossible to sell them. Neymar has still 3 years of contract left and no club will buy a player like that. Leonardo have been trying to trade Icardi and Paredes for other players but the truth is nobody wants them at their current price. Besides they will not renew Di Maria that’s why he didn’t give a shit anymore since few months.

    • Yeah de Paul should get the full minutes. Simeone must change his tactics against United. Go for the kill. His defensive approach is hitting hard against the team this season.

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