Juventus interested in Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez of Aston Villa


Juventus are interested in Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez of Aston Villa.

Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez is apparently a wanted goalkeeper. Per a report by TyC Sports, Juventus are keeping an eye on the Aston Villa goalkeeper with coach Massimiliano Allegri specifically asking about the Argentine.

The 29 year old has a contract with the club until the 2026-2027 season.


  1. I think it’s good news if true, Juve (under Allegri) aren’t fun to watch but they are defesively solid and Emi would get a lot of protection, which is something he definitely isn’t getting with Villa and their joke of a defense. Also the best players need to be playing at the best tournaments and Emi isn’t getting anywhere near the CL with Villa, so I really hope that he moves on from Villa and goes to a CL playing team like Juve or Inter (they’ve been meaning to replaces Handovic for a while now but I don’t think they have the budget to buy Emi) or even Atletico (Simeone’s defensive style would help Emi alot especially with Oblak’s poor form this season).

    [Aston is perfect for him. Aston is bogus in defense so emi needs to save much more so that makes his reflex remain sharp which will help us in wc plus premier League has quality attackers]

    @Anuparno, that’s not how things work unfortunately, when a GK gets exposed due to a weak defense, he starts eating goals by the bulk and this leads to a loss of confidence. This is exactly what happened to Rulli with Sociedad and luckily he’s been able to come back at Villareal and I really don’t want this happening to Dibu, who is the best Argentine GK since….Goygochea, maybe.

    • Yes i want to move him to better club but only if he is the regular starter there. Otherwise no point in moving to a club like atm and rotting in the bench. If juve buy emi and eventually dont play him as a starter thn it will be bad i don’t want another Romero situation

  2. This is what I have been waiting for. Emi needs CL futbol in his career. He loves Aston Villa but Villa will never make it to CL futbol. We know that for sure. Emi is one of the world best, there is no way Juventus would bench him. He needs to be where Rulli is currently at in club level. Emi just signed a new contract with Villa in the beginning of the season. Juventus will need to pay a lot for him.

    Hope this is real. As for Argentina moving to other clubs next season. I hope Di Maria (out of contract), De Paul, A Correa will move. Molina also should move to a bigger club. Lautaro will likely move as Inter need money. Dybala for sure will go.

  3. Montaigu Tournament :

    It’s tough to compete against Brazilian African preto/pardo genes at this age level. Still we did well. We will get our rematch…We were without our most important player – Enganche Claudio ‘El Diablito’ Echeverri. Hope we manage to do better as a team with him pulling the strings at Sudamericano next year!!

  4. Aston is perfect for him. Aston is bogus in defense so emi needs to save much more so that makes his reflex remain sharp which will help us in wc plus premier League has quality attackers

  5. WC is just 6 months away. And our player are moving in this transfer window…. Not looking good.
    parades– milan/juv
    Molina– juv
    Alvarez– city
    Lautaro– atletico/tott

      • Lautaro clarified he ain’t moving. Don’t believe everything about the rumours.

        1. What’s the problem of Molina moving to Juve? He is not that sound defensively as he is offensively and Allergi will make sure he works on that part.

        2. Apart from Molina, it’s better for Paredes to move to a new club where he’ll be respected. These French hooligans never pay the respect he deserves despite the fact that he is one of the best in his position. And the match against Madrid transperantly demonstrated that.

        3.Finally, there’s nothing wrong about changing the clubs, core Brazilians like Paqueta, Rapinha, Antony are seeking a move this summer.
        The most important thing is that the players need to be mentally and physically healthy.

        Lastly if you can’t remain optimistic,keep that pessimistic thoughts in your mind and don’t aimlessly throw your vague bogus comments in this forum.
        Hope this helps

  6. Musso is hit and miss this season.. Don’t know if atlanta defending badly. Or he giving too much goals…. He saves few good in last match. But opposition hit post twice too….

  7. City will sign haaland. Next 6 months important for Arg player. As alvarez joining in july too… 4 months before WC. hope he play not a bench warmer… If Enzo also go to city. I think its too little time for him to improve under pep..

    • The good thing is that in City almost nobody is a “starter” and Pep rotates all the time, plus Haaland has some injury problems and can be out for a few weeks here and there, so while I still want Alvarez to be the only striker I don’t think it’s doomed

      • They will have to sell players..
        Maybe jusus too… They spend 100million on Grealish and he often on the bench….

  8. Juve is not is the same Juve from just few years ago, let him stay where he is until the WC and then he can think about moving……besides, didn’t he just renew his contract??

    • I agree epl is more competitive in this era. But not a vast difference. Maybe he should be in a better club than aston tho. But also not important as long as he is always playing.

  9. Argentina ‘calls’ Senesi

    According to Doble Amarilla, Walter Samuel, one of Scaloni’s coaching staff assistants, called the Feyenoord player to show him that he is on Argentina’s radar due to rumors of a possible call from Italy

    • Walter Samuel was the one who followed cuti Romero before , he was always following marcos senesi aswell so it’s good that they let him know he is in the consideration. Surely they must drop lmq since he lost his place to the Brazilian igor and not so good milenkovic.

    • If i can choose the wc squad i would have selected 4 cb 1.lisandro 2.romero 3.otamendi and 4.either senesi or medina i would drop both pezella and quarta

  10. As I said earlier, Barcelona’s form was not sustainable. Pique, Alba, Ter Stegen and Brusquets are the same player that conceded 8-2 and 4-0.

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