Alexis Mac Allister misses and scores a penalty for Brighton in 3-0 win vs. Wolves


Alexis Mac Allister missed and scored a penalty for Brighton in their 3-0 win vs. Wolves.

Mac Allister had a match which started off not well but ended great. Brighton were awarded a penalty and it was Mac Allister who stepped up to take it as the goalkeeper guessed the right way and his effort hit the post.

Brighton were awarded a second penalty and once more int was Mac Allister to take it. The Argentine went to the same side but higher and scored.

The 23 year old is now on five league goals this season.


  1. Waited for the spurs match but the match broadcasted was Everton vs Chelsea. Anyway I saw that match and was supporting Chelsea to knock out that Everton and that arrogant richarlison from the premier league. But some how he scored the goal from Chelsea’s mistake. Even a draw would have made evertons life in big trouble. It’s been frustrating to see a player like richarlison getting a whole ovation from the crowd and a player like buendia has been sidelined. I wish if it was other way around.

  2. The midfield range is crazy for Argentina
    1 De Paul
    2 Lo Celso
    3 Paredes
    4 Papu Gomez
    5 Guido Rodriguez
    6 Emi Buendia
    7 Mac Allister
    8 Enzo Fernandez
    9 Manu Lanzini
    Forward range is crazy for Argentina
    1 Messi
    2 Lautaro Martinez
    3 Angel Di Maria
    4 Dybla
    5 Julian Alvarez
    6 Angel Correa
    7 Nicolas Gonzalez
    8 J.Correa
    Defender range is also crazy
    1 C. Romero
    2 Otamendi
    3 Pezella
    4 Lisandro Martinez
    5 Acuna
    6 Juan Foyth
    7 Mollina
    8 Tagliafico
    9 Montiel
    10 Medina

  3. Spurs vs. Leicester. Another man of the match from Cuti Romero. 2 times in a row. This time he is absolutely outstanding. The second goal of the Spurs was due to his amazing tackle. Defensively he was perfect.

    So after February, it is his 4th MOM for the Spurs and he is also nominated for the English Premier League team of the season. Anyone wants to argue that Cuti has been “average” for the Spurs?

    My rating for him: 9.

    Note: According to whoscored Cuti only got a 7.5. That’s a bullshit. Go to every forum or Spurs official forum on Monday, they will show you that Cuti is the MOM.

      • because football london or evening standard watched the match. Whoscored only gives rating based on how many successful passes u have, how many tackles, how many dribbles or shoot of goals, how many bad passes, how many assists/goals and so on.

        So if someone makes 20 back passes with the accuracy of 99%, whoscored would give them the rating of 9.

    • Cuti Romero is a beast 🔥🔥🔥🔥…very lucky and happy to have him in the NT….Hope he continues his form 🤞✌️….He will be one of the greatest defender of all time…vamos 🇦🇷

    • If scaloni shows some courage and play Romero and lisandro cb pair and foyth in rb maybe our backline will be close to impregnable

    • Yes Mcallister not a NT material atleast for now. I think buendia is much more creative than him. Buendia as lo celso sub would be ideal. No need of Dominguez Macallister palacios or Lanzini. They all either injury prone or just a normal player. Guido Paredes DePaul lo celso papu buendia. These players in mid field means there would be creativity attacking Instinct defensive stability and most of all unity.
      We can try even without our main players like lo celso and de Paul. In a 4 2 3 1 we can be like
      Molina Romero otamendi Acuna
      Paredes Guido
      Di Maria Messi Buendia

      • Exactly I wonder what some if the few fans see in McAllister. He is below average player who has had more than enough chances but flopped. Emi Buendia is still a big No for me. Yes he is creative but looses the ball too much. We need a player good at retaining ball against high pressing team.

      • Paredes + Guido = slow agonizing death. Don’t care to see those 2 again, even is we’re defending a lead. Actually, maybe in the dying minutes, that might be the only acceptable time.

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