Former Argentina U20 and FC Barcelona B player Maxi Rolón passes away


Former Argentina U20 and FC Barcelona B player Maxi Rolón has passed away.

Maxi Rolón has tragically passed away following a car accident. The 27 year old was a in a vehicle with his brother when the car hit a tree.

Rolón was part of the Argentina U20 team which won the 2015 Sudamericano along with Ángel Correa and Giovanni Simeone.

May they both rest in peace.


  1. Regarding Scaloni’s list of players for Finalissima.

    I know many of you are sad or mad that Scaloni called Armani again and wasted a spot. Maybe Enzo Fernandes could have slotted in.

    My 2 cents:
    It really does not matter. Even if Scaloni did not have called Armani there is no guarantee that the extra midfielder would slot into the final 26. At the end of the day we would have a strong 26 with only 3 keepers. And ofcourse a potent XI.
    Even if Armani is our 3rd keeper Its unlikely that he would stand between the sticks in WC at all. Emi and Musso looks set. Hopefully Musso would not even stand between the sticks in WC. Hopefully we dont have to get in that situation.
    Plus Scaloni is our coach and this team belongs to him. Every coach has their preferrences and I ll take an Armani over a Jose Sosa, an Enzo Perez or a whoever Sampaoli used to favor. Thank God Armani is a 3rd choice Keeper, not a mid fielder, defender or an attacker. I ll give this one to Scaloni. He deserves his choice.
    Lets talk about Montiel, LMQ and Pezella. I understand your frustration. Their club performance has been low or may have lost the starting spot but they have not done anything wrong yet in National team to sack them. They just won a copa and it is a luxury that its hard for the coach to decide. But Scaloni did the right thing. He brought Foyth and Senesi on the back of a good club form and give them a fair chance to compete for the national shirt. May the best survive. We cant just sack a player without a fight. And we have this problem at the very right time we should be happy. We are working on our back ups not the starting XI. What a luxury. Never had it before.
    The mid field looks very good to me. GLC-Paredes-DePaul are set. With A very group of young and experience back up players.
    Messi and DiMaria is set. Nico Gonzales is coming to form on the right side. Lautaro is on the moon i hope he has not completely peaked yet. If he peaks further in the WC then it is over for the rest.
    Lets talk about Lautaro Back up. I really feel we should see Alario again because he seems like an out an out striker and we need that. Dybala should fight for his spot but not as a Lautaro Back up. Dybala can still bring something different to the mix. Maybe this WC Dybala can show it in National Team Shirt. He deserve a shot. If not than its too bad. And I like Alvarez. Lets see what happens.
    But we should all be happy and excited. I have been watching and supporting Albiceleste for about 35 years since 86. And I have never been this ready to go into a WC. Bring it on. I am very confident. And I have a feeling Di Maria and Messi would tear it up. Watch out. Vamos Albiceleste.

      • If you have a concern about our midfield than I have no option but to prescribe a large dose of: watch Palacios, Guido, Papu, and Dominguez play live for the first time. That should fix it. Oh yes and also our 3-0 against Uruguay to see what our starting midfield is capable of.

    • I’d rather take a risk of starting Foyth than mediocre player like Pezzella. He’s like our next Biglia aka mr. passanger. We still need a proper back up for Cuti and Licha and Foyth should be given a chance since Montiel hasnt been consistent this season despite having a good game at Copa final.

    • I am more concerned that he called Rulli after his disastrous performance against Liverpool. Yesterday to he gave away the advantage by his poor judgement and relegated Villarreal to Conference league. Had they beaten Sociedad they would have good chance to make it to UEFA cup. I would take Armani over Rulli any day and it’s too late to bring in a new goalkeeper anyways!

      • Its ok to have personal concerns. Everyone has their own preferences, And I respect that. Sometimes you can have big names but when it comes to the tournament, things dont work out or does not go your way. Sometimes there is no chemistry. Take a look at Belgium’s golden generation or our own 2002 Bielsa team. What really matters is, when the players put on the National Shirt, they deliver together. And I can say for the first time we have that going. What really goes on in club level does not matter to me if these players deliver it with National team. GLC-Paredes-DePaul trio becomes a different Beast when they put on the National Shirt. Back ups? Whenever Guido came in he delivered for National Team. Palacios is very talented, Domnigues is amazing to have as a sub. Many teams would have him as a starter. And Papu has been tested and delivered in National Colors. Now am I concerened? No. Because we are set with our starting midfield trio and we are working with back ups now. Eventhough the back ups has already been tested and now we have some more time to tweek a little. We are not in a position of urgency. There is nothing more left to do for the upcoming WC maybe for post WC. This is the team and it looks ready. And I dont think any team has a better chemistry in the middle than ours. The team has a role and identity already which is the most important thing before a WC. I think we are ahead in that department than rest of the World. We have talents and Chemistry and we have a set goal. All we need now is a little luck. We already have a great WC draw. Lets hope luck keeps shining on us.
        About Full backs. For the WC we have Acuna and Molina as starters I believe. Tagliafico is a good back up and he does his job for national team. Montiel does it too but at club level he lost his starting place. As I said before if a player performs better for national team that matters. But Scaloni did not stop their he brought in Foyth on the back of good club form to give Montiel and to some extent Molina some competition. This is very healthy for our WC preparation. How many team can do that right now? May the better player suvive the test. And it is fair. Montiel should not be sacked for doing nothing wrong. We would go to the WC well prepared and with the best 26 Available. We have a set keeper with a back up Musso, We have Romero, Otamendi, Licha, Acuna, Molina and Tagliafico set with – Foyth, Montiel, Senesi, Pezella, LQM fightng for the rest of the spots. For the WC prep there is nothing more we can do at the moment. Maybe after the WC we can look beyond Acuna, Tagliafico, Otamendi, etc. etc.

  2. Lautaro surpassed 20 goals mark in serie A this season, 25 in all competition. He also passed 100 club goals mark in his career.

    Less than 2 months ago , Gio has 16 and Lautaro 14, but now Gio is still at 16.

    • 25 goals in all competitions for Inter + 5 goals in WCQ for Argentina = 30 goals

      21 goals in Serie A
      1 goal in Champions League
      2 goals in Coppa Italia
      1 goal in Supercoppa Italiana

      16 goals for club and country in 2022

      Lautaro & Dybala strike partnership at Inter next season will be fun to watch

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