Lionel Messi, Angel Di María, Lautaro start Finalissima for Argentina


Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria and Lautaro Martínez all start the Finalissima for Argentina.

Coach Lionel Scaloni is starting all three attacking players against Italy in the Finalissima. Gio Lo Celso starts the match after a false report by UEFA stating that Paulo Dybala would start.

Scaloni has went with the following elven:

Dibu Martínez; Molina, Romero, Otamendi, Tagliafico; De Paul, Guido Rodríguez, Lo Celso; Messi, Lautaro and Di María


  1. number 4th central defender pezella is confirmed scaloni won’t take any other defender in world cup. molina wasn’t too much involved in the attack he may be asked to stay back.. tagliafico was decent today.
    i want some player gives physicality .. messi, locelso, dimaria, gonzales, alvarez , dybala, etc all don’t give physicality. which depauls gives and covers for them..
    i want intead of enzo in this team

  2. What I learned from this game:

    1. I’m becoming more confident that club form doesn’t matter with this team. In the past, they played better for club than country. Now it’s the other way around – Even for Messi!

    2. DiMaria – someone said here: he had 5 good games, then 5 bad games in the past. Now, he is a veteran and class is permanent – no more bad games (although I did not like him dribbling
    in front of his own box near 80th minute lol – maybe displaying a little too much confidence). This is why Riquelme shouldn’t have retired too soon. DiMaria even new he had more to give this team.

    3. LoCelso still scared and pretty average to me. He is in front of the goal and he doesn’t take a real chance/shot on goal. I will admit he does enough – I guess (we always have a midfield player like that every world cup: Lucas Biglia among others). Perhaps he gets a Cambiasso goal in WC 2022.

    4. Messi has a team that truly supports him.. Maybe even too much at times lol I need to see a little more selfishness, a bit of Tevez. One thing though: after the 80th minute, Messi held the ball a little too long. He should have released the ball quickly to the players substituted with no touch on the ball. In particular, Julian Alvarez made quick-thinking run (Messi held ball and try to nutmeg but lost possession. He needed to play a quick no look Debruyne through ball over the top to Alvarez in 85/86 minute) Alvarez didn’t get the through ball he needed except once where Bastoni did a last ditch sliding tackle – ball ended up a goal kick as Alvarez tried to regain control. Messi should play DeBruyne or Zidane’s 2006 WC role and no longer worry about scoring except when it comes to him. You can see Messi really wanted a goal and should have passed the ball earlier when he got the accidental assist to Dybala. The irony of life: He “can’t play with Messi because they occupy the same space”. Well, in less than 5 minutes with Messi, Dybala scores a goal as shadowing him. Dybala is almost automatic in the box. Image if we had someone like him in 2014 instead of Palacios. Dybala is our Mario Gotze.

    5. This team has grit. Romero & DePaul in particular our favorites on Mundial even though DePaul doesn’t score often. Unlike LoCelso, if he had those chances to score, we all know he would score. Right before he’s subbed, he is chancing 4-5 players and causes lost of possession. I loved it! We never had a player like this. Even the players I love: Riquelme, Pastore, Redondo, Veron, etc were primadonnas that refused to run and defend. That’s why they were part of team that lost 3-0 Brazil, 4-0 Germany, 6-0 Bolivia. DePaul does it all and so does this whole team. They will never leak goals!

    6. I once said this team is an anomaly and that I’m not sure how good they truly are. But I also said I hope they turn things up in WC. Today looked like something better than what I saw in all of Copa and qualifying. Even though this was a friendly with a weaker Italy, something is brewing and it’s steaming. The way we beat Italy says a ton. We toyed with them. It almost looked like we didn’t want to score too much or reveal too much.
    I’ve been looking for a game that tells me this team is ready for WC and this is it!

    • 1)Spot on about messi, he just slowed the game he should have passed the ball to alverz he seemz to come with a golden touch from the bench needs to support the youngster

      2)molina runs to very good attacking positions but nobody passing to him same to lo celso if we can sort that too then we are beast

  3. Okay Mr. Brown. Where are you now ?? Mr Scaloni a Mr nobody won against Euro Champions.
    I know Italy is not that strong but the way we played, we completely dominated.

  4. Man, as much as I am happy we won, I felt Messi lost his sharpness because of PSG situation. We need to not miss a lot of good chances like this

  5. Argentina schooled Italy, always said Dybla has become more precise in final touch. Dybla is needed in world cup. Otamendi, Di Maria,Messi ,Romero ,Lo celso played well, Rodriguez is very good in recovering the ball.

  6. i want to see perfect replacement for de paul.. de paul is most important player in the middle.. he gives a lot of physical presence and strength.. i want similar player in the middle who can compose the same strength.. if there is need for de paul replacement .. after palacious coming into the middle italy almost got one clear chance. enzo is perfect substitute for depaul.
    today MOTM is messi

  7. How beautiful those fast one touch passing and making it effortlessly easy and going forward. It’s the game I want to see from Argentina. Those pressing even at the end shows how scaloni developed this team enthusiasm and hunger,,🔥🔥
    Extraordinary stuff. And yeah this Italian side is not a test for our defense.

  8. Ladies and gentlemen, LA SCALONETA

    Random note, doesn’t Scaloni’s son look identical to Dybala? Thought Paulo had a kid for a second

  9. For those in HERE who doubted our beloved ARGENTINA …………………..HAVE FAITH

    GOD BLESS on to the next game and as ALWAYS LETS GO ARGENTINA lets go

  10. Lo Celos’s chances:
    The first one, he had time to control the ball and pass it into the net, goalkeeper was on laying the ground. He hit it straight to the side net.
    Second chance, keeper and defenders were catching up to him, instead of hitting it directly, he decided to control the ball and hit to a defender.
    Hope he learns from this. He Gad an amazing game otherwise, specially first half.

    • I guess you love football, but not played in the pitch.. it’s not that too easy nor too difficult too..
      That one moment player take that quick decision..
      First one, he want to push the ball in first touch unfortunately side netted,, if he receive or hold the ball then defenders or goal keeper will get recovery time..
      The second one he got time to think, bcoz already 3 players surrounded in 6 yard box..
      He curl it on the top right corner, but that was a poor strike over the ball…
      Lo celso is brilliant today.. but he got two bad finishes too,😄😁

  11. Commentator praises Argentina full match.what a team,what a combination. Argentina’s pressing similar like liverpool.dybala send a messege that he is ready for nt.

  12. Am I the only one thinking this game is much easier than SA qualifier. Argentina can’t outplay this much against any team in SA.

  13. two clear chance for lo celso. i’m not a fan of palacious.. when he came in place of de paul.. i feel argentina lose some physically strength from the middle .. de paul was all around in middle

  14. No body mentioned Molina. He is solid. Our RBs are not big name, but they almost never fail us in big games. Remember Scaloni was a RB….

  15. What a pass from the back by Otamendi!!! He is great at times, solid at other times but on rare occassions he asks for the red card which would be a worry in those critical knockout matches.

  16. Messi, DePaul, Romero & Emi are our 4 most important players. Non-negotiable! We need all of them healthy and in form by the time world cup starts.

    Everyone else who played today are also needed to win the world cup, but without any of the above 4, our balance will be lost.

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  18. everyone is good.. molina and guido and lo celso is little bit not upto their best.. i’m not saying anything bad .. but they are little bit behind from the best .. romero is a beast .. messi is back in the form.. i hope scaloni give 20-30 minute today to lisandro.. romero,lisandro,ota one more quality defe

  19. Great game so far. Solid defense. Superb moves. Nice passes.

    Messi, Lautaro, DiMaria, Emi & the man Romero in superb form..

    DePaul, LoCelso & Tagli solid..

    Paredes for Guido
    Licha for Otamendi (red card)

    Vamos Argentinaaa…

  20. One dangerous give away by Guido, one time Tagliafico was out of position, one time Dibu did not know his positioning. Other than those, perfect game by everyone.

  21. I told u Di Maria’s consistency improves dramatically. The younger Di Maria used to have 5 bad games and 5 good games for Argentina. Now he has like 8 good games at least in 10 games for Argentina.

    Yeah right someone else better as a starter right? He made us vulnerable in defense right? Yeah right. Argentina attack from the right side is the strongest in the world. Remember that!

  22. This first half is as perfect as you can ask for.. against Euro champion Italy.. Everyone is playing great and get 10/10. No complaints and criticisms. Now it’s time to see if Scaloni can hold up the lead.

  23. I’m not a Lautaro fan but what a sublime assist from him. And the lob from Di Maria – simply breathtaking.
    Vamos Argentina.

      • You’re missing the point. I’m not comfortable with some aspects of his game. For instance his touches, most of the time, leave a lot to be desired.
        I offer constructive criticism and I want what is best for Argentina. I want the players to be at the top of their game.

        • He is at the top of his game. Also his goal scoring instinct and the ability to perform under pressure is all that matter. So far he has done it all and then some

          • We’re all on the same side. Once he’s scoring his little shortcomings will be forgiven. He should just help Argentina and Messi to win the world cup.

  24. C Romero is our most reliable CB in the past 30 years. If we still have prime Mascherano, this Argentina defense will be perfect.

  25. If Messi wasn’t pulled by Italian defender he could have scored himself. Anyway I love to enjoy that Jorginho’s crying face at the end. Vamoss!!

  26. Incredible moves leading to the goal.
    Tagliafico stole the ball from the Italian defender, then great pass from Lo Celso to Messi, great run by Messi and great pass, then a smooth finish by Lautaro.

  27. Tagliafico is a liability. We need a better option. That piece of shit Simeone has done plenty of damage to DePaul. DePaul needs to show up. And that cunt Simeone needs to turn in his Argentina citizenship for destroying so many of our players


    More options

  29. This feels like an actual knock out game of wc unbelievable feeling. Im nervous i know this Italian side is not their best side but still they are italy champions of europe 4 times wc champion

  30. Excited seeing line up, but now I am getting nervous after watching the trophy..
    Hope we play well & lift the trophy..
    Vamos albiceleste

    • yeah it was an error. Lo Celso starts, now it is our strongest line up. Phew so relieved. Was not sure how the regular starters plus Dybala might work.

    • Error by UEFA, nothing to do with Argentina NT. Trying to BREAK THE NEWS by actually BREAKING IT.

  31. Very confused on the lineup. Only thing I can think of he plays in Italy ? Any ways just pointing the obvious..

    Not sure how this is going to work unless guido and DePaul do all the defensive work in the midfields and Molina and tiag in the wings.

    Maybe up top


    Dybala. Messi. Di María

    De Paul. Guido

  32. What an attacking lineup!! 😳
    But, need to be very careful in defense.
    Anyway, so excited for the match..Vamos!! 🇦🇷🇦🇷💪💪

  33. Dybala starting must a statement from Scaloni, it’s now or never again for him. Prove yourself once and for all or arriverderci/adios.

  34. Not sure if Dybala is a good replacement of Lo celso. Would be interesting to see, may be Di maria would be the replacement and Dybala would play upfront. But Scaloni trying different combinations, interesting.

  35. It’s 3-4-1-2 formation wtf 😶
    Di Maria is playing as a left wing 🤷…why Scaloni?? I hope Scaloni don’t mess anything before the WC 🤞✌️🇦🇷

  36. That is a strange line up. Who will be playing on the left? Messi and Dybala can’t play there. Di Maria is much more effective being right winger? Well it seems like Di Maria as left winger then. That doesn’t sound good. It is a fantastic four tactic but Scaloni rarely plays this way.

    Or Di Maria will play as left midfielder like he did for Sabella and Ancelotti. Then it might work.

  37. Tagliafico and Guido are worse in attacking than Acuna and Paredes, but better defensively, so Scaloni wants an upgrade in attack. I hope this wont destroy the balance. Dybala has to defend a lot. This could be a broken team.

    • Let’s see. I would have still go with 4-3-3 but scaloni trying to integrate dybala that’s a very interesting thing can he defend i have a doubt

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