Leandro Paredes comments on Argentina national team, Lionel Messi, Copa America, World Cup


Leandro Paredes commented on the Argentina national team, Lionel Messi, winning the Copa America and the World Cup.

Paredes spoke on the Argentina national team and the players. Speaking in an interview with Filo News, here is what he had to say:

“There’s no explanation to describe what we feel when we wear the Argentina national team shirt. It’s a dream come true. I was lucky to be in every youth national team which were the U15, U17, U20 and you already feel what it is to wear this shirt. But wearing the senior shirt is something unique.

“Papu (Gómez) is the one that brings joy to this national team, the one that is in a good mood all day. Dibu is really crazy, nice crazy.

“People feel identified with us but we are always aware that it can be cut short. At any moment, the hit can come and we have to be prepared and stronger than ever because when that happens, hopefully it doesn’t happen, but we are aware that it can happen.”

In regards to winning the Copa America:

“I believe it was more than dreamed. I believe that no dream is as perfect as the one we lived. We lived 45 spectacular days. We lived to see Leo (Messi) champion, which for us was a great prize to be champion with the national team. I think Leo suffered a lot losing finals and having helped him become champion, for us, is a prize.”

Regarding the World Cup:
“For me, there are some very good national teams. I believe France are a favorite. Brazil, England, Spain play very well. Germany, as always, fight to be there at the top. I like to play with the best. Surely it will be very difficult but to be champion of something so important like the World, surely you have to win against everyone.”

On what moment in his life made Leandro Paredes the player:

“I believe the click which I am living and the people I am with and surely having reached the national team the way I reached it and what we are living with the national team. I believe I am just now realizing what we are generating and what we are living. That they thank you for bringing joy to a country. I believe that it’s after the Copa America that I started to realize what we are winning. These days, as I just said, they thank you, they encourage you, they give you strength to continue facing everything in the best way.”


  1. foyth improved a lot, defensively he is obstacle for any opponent in that right side, he has pace too. if he learn that way of chemsitry of attack or if he improve in one two three passes bettwen team mate without loosing ball he is surely a asset for arg.. last time i praise montiel before copa bcs i thought he is good,but he was average in whole copa except final.. where he gives his all specially for defence. he always put eyes on the attack of brazil in that right side, but he has nothing speacility in attack. if anyone saw his play he is little above then average in attack, his crosses is not good, his pace is also not that strong, he has potential for genuine right back,,but his short in structure or lack in physicality don’t give him that more extra energy to be good right back, if montiel and foyth is compare , foyth is beast in one on one situation, he has also that pace, if he can improve his ability move like a attacker then he is perfect right back

    i don’t see montiel is a right choice in this wc, if scaloni choose both montiel and foyth together then one spot will be wasted

    • Foyth was the first choice of Scaloni up until the friendlies before Copa America 2021. Molina was a new comer back then. Montiel was Foyth back up. Everything changed when Foyth had a terrible game in a friendly. He was out of Copa. Molina jumped first and Montiel remained second.

      Now Foyth is trying to go up higher I think in pecking order. The problem is Scaloni already found a solid 23 squad. I am fine with Foyth honestly. But I think Molina fits the team the most.

      • Foyth made an awful error in a qualifier – not a friendly. I believe it was against Columbia where he tried to dribble the ball out of the back instead of clearing the ball with less than a minute of ET left. We lost two points from a very dumb error.

        That and a multitude of prior errors. He’s not national team material.

    • Foyth can make any opposition player’s day bad he won mostly against world class winger Luis Diaz, if anyone doubts him now then he should go to elementary football school.

  2. I want to analyze the 2 strongest teams in the world at the moment Argentina and Brazil in their head to head match up.

    Meeting number one.
    1. Copa America final 2019:
    Argentina: Armani; Foyth, Otamendi, Pezzella, Tagliafico; Paredes, De Paul, Acuna; Messi, Lautaro, Aguero

    Brazil: Allisson; Alves, Marquinhos, Thiago, Sandro; Casemiro, Arthur; Everton, Coutinho, Jesus; Firmino

    With the exception of Neymar, it is the strongest Brazil line up at that moment. Yes we were robbed because of the bad refereeing, but it was too hard to beat this team.

    Meeting number 2.
    2. Copa America 2021:
    Argentina: EMI; MONTIEL, CUTI, Acuna; Paredes, De Paul, LO CELSO; DI MARIA, Messi, Lautaro.

    Brazil: EDERSON; DANILO, Marquinhos, Thiago, LODI; Casemiro, FRED, PAQUETA; NEYMAR, RiCHARLISON, Everton.

    Argentina with 5 changes compared to the previous ones and ALL those 5 are superior to the 2019 ones. Emi, Cuti, Montiel, Lo Celso, and Di Maria are better than Armani, Pezzella, Foyth, Tagliafico, and Aguero. With the new 5 additions, Argentina definitely upgrades the team strength.

    Brazil made 6 changes to their winning team and the changes they made made the team worse not stronger. The only addition that was an upgrade was Neymar. The other 5 pretty much were downgrades.

    The result is we won.

    Meeting number 3:
    World Cup Qualifying match in Argentina

    Argentina: Emi; MOLINA, Cuti, Otamendi, Acuna; Paredes, Lo Celso, De Paul; Di Maria, Messi, Lautaro.


    Argentina with just one change. Brazil made 7 changes, those 7 changes made them stronger. The result was 0-0. Both teams were great defensively.

    Next match is in September. While Argentina has found their best line up, like the one who started in the last match and Italy Finalissima. Brazil have yet to field their best line up against us due to injury/suspension. I believe their best current line up is: Allisson; Danilo, Marqunhos, Militao, Sandro; Casemiro, Fred, Paqueta; Neymar, Vinicious, Raphinha.

    What I am saying is Argentina has found their best 11, but don’t underestimate Brazil, the ones playing us in the last Copa Final was not their best line up. They will come to us again using their best line up. It seems like Tite is learning that Allisson, Militao, Sandro, Vinicious, Raphinha are better than Ederson, Thiago, Lodi, Richarlison, and Everton.

    If both teams using their strongest line up, the whole Europe have to see that match as these two countries are currently stronger than any of them.

    • Brazil 2006 was the most stacked, yet they got dominated by France. You can also compare the individual talents between Spain and Russia, on paper Spain would roll over Russia with ease but it doesnt work like that in reality.

    • Thiago Silva is best defender of Brazil, Militao was bad in UCL,Marquinose is hell overrated, Thiago Silva and Gabriel are best pair.

    • Brazil are nodoubt strong and since they have been playing under the same coacj for quite a while, their team also has good chemistry and is also well oiled machine. However they haven’t been tested outside South America and their group is the toughest out of all the groups with 2 solid European teams. Any hiccups then they might endup in France’s bracket or even get eliminated in first round. Its about time a strong Brazilian team crash out from the group stage.

    • Brazil is too strong. I would love to evade Brazil in the wc. Hope they will be eliminated in quarters where they will face either spain or Germany. I only fear 3 teams
      Others we will manage.

  3. Individual differences are there you can not force someone to react a certain way,by the way Dibu is whole different beast.They all fight well in the pitch.

  4. I agree with you on this one. Everyone is always commenting on Messi this Messi that but no one except Dibu is talking about their own responsibility or Scaloni’s work. It’s somehow boring to hear about comments about Messi at this point

      • Not true. This Argentina is not dependent on Messi, Messi is just comimg to enhance even more a well oiled machine. They are refering to Messi because he went to three consecutive finals, including the 2014 wc final in Brazil where Argentina was unlucky not to win while Brazil managed the most humiliating record, 10 goals in just 2 games.

  5. These argentine players should stop talking about messi all the time messi has become an obsession for them too much emotion. And Farias and zeballos doing really well recently exiting kinds we didn’t have any right footed left winger now zeballos farias and garnacho it is exiting.

    • I think Zeballos can be the revelation of this league season in Argentina. The Farías sale turned out to be false and he’s not been sold yet, but at least it’s been indicated that they want a move to Europe which is good.

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