Gio Simeone scores twice for Napoli in 3-0 win vs. Rangers


Gio Simeone scored twice for Napoli in their 3-0 win vs. Rangers.

Simeone has scored four goals in the Champions League this season for Napoli. The 27 year old started for Napoli and scored to give them the 1-0 lead.

A ball into the penalty area found Simeone and a right footed strike would get the better of the goalkeeper as Simeone would score.

The Argentine would make it 2-0 just minutes after the goal. A cross into the penalty area and Simeone with a header would score to give Napoli the 2-0 lead.

@mundoalbiceleste Gio Simeone scores for Napoli. #GioSimeone #Simeone #Napoli #ChampionsLeague #fyp #foryou #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ original sound – Mundo Albiceleste

@mundoalbiceleste Gio Simeone scores for Napoli. #GioSimeone #Simeone #Napoli #ChampionsLeague #fyp #foryou #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ original sound – Mundo Albiceleste


  1. I don’t understand the hate over Tucu/J.Correa here. The guy is technical, physical, a better dribbler than N.Gonzalez, can run his socks off and perfectly capable of holding the ball and retain possession while also having the ariel ability that most of our players lack. He’s not that highly rated in the goals per game category but for me, his profile is similar to Ocampos on the right. Both these players can give a diff. dimension when paired with Lautaro upfront with a possession-based or a counter-attacking midfield regardless.

    If at all, despite his talent, A.Correa is the one who may lose out joining the WC roster if both Dybala and Di Maria are fit and ready. I think a couple games with the right 11 prior to the WC and this team should be ready.

  2. If form matters Gio over Tucu Correa at them moment. Frankly, Tucu has done very little to deserve a call up. He is just there.
    For those saying we should bring Enzo before Palacios, you are not only wrong, you are missing the point. If you bring Enzo, basically Paredes, Guido, MacAllister, and Enzo all play the exact same position; holding midfielder. You really need four holding midfielders? Palacios is an attacking midfielder option. He has been called up at virtually every game if not injured. He will not be dropped. The choice really is who doesn’t go amongst those four. I think the answer is clear. The only other option is to go with eight defenders instead of nine which is risky.

  3. Granted, these are all just theories, looking at their profiles, pros and cons and the season they are having. Remains to be seen what Scaloni is going to go with and it’s better not to expect last minute surprises.

  4. Foyth’s versatility (mainly because he’s a makeshift CB) could also come in handy if either the RB or Otamendi is having a bad game as his 1v1 proficiency is top-notch (not to downplay Pezzella, just looking at the options).

  5. If the midfield is struggling Lisandro could be subbed in for Paredes while Enzo replaces one of the other two, without having to compromise the formation (also increasing defensive security and composure on ball).

  6. Sometimes it feels like the tools are right there. If Álvarez proves to be comfortable with drifting left (he has already shown positive signs), Scaloni can easily take Gio instead of Joaquin to Qatar and we have a very VERY reliable back-up.

    • Are you kidding? J correa and Simeone getting almost same minutes for their clubs. Advantage of Simeone is only those 3- 4 goals he scored this season. J correa is in the scalonis side from the starting of the qualifiers. As a 3rd striker j correa would be enough than a new comer. Both lautaro and Julian have good link with Messi. J correa can also be tried in the left wing if needed.

  7. I am neutral on the inclusion of Gio Simeone. However realistically speaking it is quite unlikely. Why?
    1. Scaloni has clearly made Alvarez as his official back up 9. Although Simeone outshines Alvarez lately but it is quite unlikely for Scaloni to just remove Alvarez, a player that he praised highly, and replace him with Simeone just like that.
    2. Simeone over J Correa seems like a good idea but J Correa is quite high in Scaloni’s pecking order and is playing quite regularly for Inter now (not injured/not bench warmer). So again it is unlikely.

    As for Dybala replacement if he can’t make it. Then A Correa is the first option. If not him then Scaloni will likely call up 8 midfielders instead of 7.

    So Simeone is a long shot but again I am fine if he is included. He can be useful I agree.

  8. Bunch of f’ng trolls trying to give insane takes and get a rise out of the readers. If this is not being done deliberately by the site hosts to increase traffic and simply stupidity on the part of some nincompoops, god damn…it’s sick trying to look for decent/insightful opinions (from fellow readers who’re true Argentina fans) out of a possible 100 whacky comments.

    Ricky, learn to freaking write your stuff concisely, man. Every comment from you is a fng article dude.

  9. 🗣️ – Ian Wright

    “Buendia is someone waiting to explode.”

    “He needs somebody to grab him by the shoulders and say: ‘Come here look at me, you’ve got more and I want more!”
    “He’s got something about him where he can get games by the scruff of the neck. He can make your team win.”

    I’m glad legends like Ian Wright have same opinion as me about emi Buendia

    • Yeah buendia looks promising. But only against average opponents. Against top opponents he can’t dribble past the players. As a no 10 it should be his primary weapon. A team like city or liverpool who press consistently would be hard for buendia currently. City players easily dispossessed him in that famous last match in which buendia played almost full match. Even last season he performed good against mid table teams with weak defense such as everton. Also in a 3 men midfield he can’t make any considerable effect due to his average defensive skills and less physicality. One thing I like in his play is his great through balls from no where. But yeah he has to improve a lot.

      • -Let me make myself clear to you my follow fan
        I’m not saying he should go world Cup and I don’t think he deserves either in form wise but I do rate him, I believe under unai Emery he will flourish.
        – man City and Liverpool will dominat teams , opposite teams will hardly have sufficient possession in oder their star or attack players to shine .
        – in my opinion emi Buendia can in play three men midfielder easily that won’t be problem as he is hard working player off the ball plus he is physically strong.

  10. RDP scores a stunner, but off course Cholo never starts him.

    That ridiculous penalty fail at 99th minute is a proof that universe itself has had enough of Cholo.

  11. If Sxaloni took Gio in WC squad surely it’s a big advantage for Scaloni. Bcz coach need a fuuly fit and foam player as a backup for Lautaro. gio is the perfect answer I think. He is in tremendous foam. .

      • They ain’t going anywhere. McAllister doesn’t have the capability to control the run of play and Garnacho ain’t who you freaks think he is. Would be pleasantly surprised if they do better than anticipated.

  12. two nice goal, may be slower version of van parsie, he needs to feed ball to score goal similar to icardi but i doubt he will be fit on scaloni system where messi is the main man, where messi likes to dribble and nurture and break the opponent defense, i think right footed creative player do better alongside of messi, we all know lautaro works like horse in order to help messi, he not only gives goal thread he also try to accompany messi, simeone will not adapt in scaloni system, this is similar to icardi case, so let it be alone.

    macallister wasn’t a mainstay he plays rotation football in the national team, but he plays regular for his club, we don’t need macallister a sit back type of player, we need an aggressive and strong-minded player both enzo and palacios

    • Ok, but he has proven himself now equally as Enzo for example has at UCL by scoring 4 in his first 4 UCL games as he equals his fathers record as those are only players so far in UCL’s history to be able to score 4 goals at their 4 first UCL games and only those and no one else ! Also he is the answer as Direct back up to Lautaro as he can score many different kind of goals and also can work hard as Lautaro as we not even seen the best edition of him yet as he like Enzo are proving them directly now in UCL only difference is that Enzo made it straight to the team, but he also dont have to compete with so many players as Giovanni does in Napoli as Napoli have very goid strikers amongst them, also i think he could be a game changer like Enzo as sub those 2 at the same time and let Enzo find him the opportunity to score and make the difference when it is needed in WC as many and most opponent’s will know more of duo/combo as Lautaro and Messi for example, as obviously they have more data available from those 2 at Arg NT, so also this would give advantage to Arg in the end. Well, belive it or not he is our currently best so far after Lautaro and he is what Arg will need, belive it or not as i’m not here to judge your oppinion as i do understand your point very well indeed, but i belive in him as WC could even release more of his potential out as he is Cholo’s son, but i don’t think he will be the one like spoiling the hole thing and Arg’s fine locker room as every player know that any potential injury or big drop in form lately can maybe ruin their chance to get amongst the 26th as Scaloni said only Messi is guaranteed, well we all know that ain’t the truth as there are others any most propably most of them allready guarentees if and hopefully they can stay fit and do not drop their current form more as that is also questionable as it is only 24 days and+ so i would pick Giovanni Simeone instead of Tucu Correa at any circumstances as i’m thinking of goals which Tucu can’t deliver, though he can be maybe usefull in other way as so far Scaloni has kept on picking him, but i think Arg has others also who can do Tucu’s job, but not really one who can at least be Direct back up to Lautaro who will offcourse be Arg’s main striker etc.

      So i would go for 3 goalies
      8 defenders Ota, Cuti, Licha, Acuna, Tagliafigo, Molina, Foyth/Montiel and maybe the last one between Perez/Senesi/Pezzella/Medina
      7 middfielders as RDP, Lo Celso, Papu, Enzo, Paredes, Guido and Pala
      8 more attacking minded players as Messi, Lautaro, Di Maria, Nico G., Alvarez, A.Correa and Simeone

      • lautaro do a lot of work, he did n’t sit back, he works like a horse his dribble and holding onto ball very good, he always try to make space for messi where simeone holding onto ball is very poor, he got the lethal finishing but people needs to feed him ball, he definitely won’t work with messi, a similar case of icardi , icardi got much better finishing then him, we need a player alongside of messi who is creative who’s dribble is decent who can hold ball, locelso type of player could be great if he got that finishing, we got gomes in there we can use him if we needed, if gomes was little bit long builds then it could so perfect

    • Respectfully, I disagree, Simeone is more agile and hardworking than Icardi, he can pass, he can dribble, he creates space. Yes, he’s more of a poacher than Lautaro but he’s more than just a poacher. One of the first goals he scored for Napoli was long pass to the wing to the left back, then he ran into the box, received the ball back and scored. Looked like an elaborate one-two, beautifully executed. As Lautaro’s sub he would do just fine.

      • Scaloni has done a great job with our worst talent in decades. But at least in the last 2 copas our players came in healthy and in good form. Now we have tons of injuries and our of form players. Plus they are all older. The team relied on heart and energy. Don’t think we will pass the group stages. I’d we so, Denmark will easily knock us out.

        • WTF are you talking about…lo celso is 26, McCallister is 23, Enzo is 21, guido, de paul and parades are in their prime 28, montiel is 25, molina and foyth 24, licha 23, simeone 27, lautaro 25, dybala 28, nico gonzalez 24…2021 copa winning team has become more matured and are now playing in top clubs

          • Our offense relies on Messi, Di Maria, Papu, and Lautaro. Nico has been bad for awhile. Only one key attacker is young.

            You’re right about the mids but Paredes and De Paul are not even starters. Lo Celso is an average player for a mediocre club. He’s regressed. And they’re all injured recently.

            Our defense and GK are solid.

            Suplentes are a minor factor. Only get talked about cause we don’t know who will be the last man to join.

      • i also disagree with you, simeone might be hardworking but he is not as agile as icardi, he can’t hold the ball and he often fall into offside trap

      • Fully agreed with @EnganChe as i have watched every single Napoli’s game so far this season with Simeone or without Simeone as Napoli have very good options up front and there is a lot competition between those upfront at Napoli therefore i would say that he has done even more better than expected and that Napoli’s coach Spaletti can easily rotate his upfront as it is luxury for him and also therefore Napoli clearly been the best so far in Europe too, but Spalletti like’s play very attacking football and that is his way and he won’t change that much as it will be intresting to see how far can this Napoli team reach at UCL and also hopefully they can finally win Scudetto ! Btw also i think Simeone has the right kind of set of Mind and we have not seen the best edition yet !

      • I agree. Id take him over Dybala (out of form), Alario, or either of the Correas. He is the closest true 9 we got other than Lautaro. The kid is hungry like his dad was.


  13. I believe Alex Macalister will make it to the team 100% … Not just because he is a favourite of Scaloni but also because few of our important players are injured and Alex has been a mainstay in this group for quite a while. So that means he gets a ticket no matter what. We will have to live with this fact.

    With Gio in form, maybe it might be a good option to take him to the world cup instead of J Correa. But since J Correa has been tried and tested, he gets an automatic nod.

    Scary with injuries to Di Maria, Dybala, Nico, etc.

    Praying all goes well.

    Enzo is a must.

    I prefer a surprise young selection between Alex Garnacho and Thiago Almayda to the final list. Young legs and full of surprises will deter any opponent.

      • So funny to consider Garnacho. In 2006 a 19 year old Messi who was already a star in Spain was the last in the attacking pecking order. We had Crespo, Saviola, Tevez, Palacios, Maxi, Cruz all in their prime. Now we have Garnacho. Hahaha

        Not to mention the midfield: Riquelme, Lucho, Cambiasso, Mascherano. Aimar was on the bench!!

        Our drop-off in talent is dramatic.

  14. Cuti played great against Sporting. He was everywhere and full of energy. He had a poor marking once in the first half but luckily Sporting could not score.

    But I am worried about Cuti’s energy. He plays every game as if it is World Cup final. Today he played like “box to box center back”. I mean he was both in the back and upfront most of the time. He should take it easy especially he also gets injured quite easily.

  15. Two quality goals from Simione again. He has scored 4 goals in Champions league and 2 in Serie A in 10 matches while getting very few minutes on the field. With Alvarez’s club form in shambles, Tucu’s poor finishing and no proper backup to Lautaro, picking Simeone should be a no-brainer for Scaloni.

    • Don’t know if it is too late or not but Simeone needs to be considered for sure. He is a pure 9 similar to Icardi. His game reminds me of Luciano Figueroa, our number 9 in the past who was pretty much unknown but he was always scoring goals for the seleccion.

      I think Simeone is the wild card here. If Scaloni will give a surprise of the final 26, it could be him or Almada.

      • Giovanni Simeone 4 goals in 4 first UCL games of his career, absolutly he should be brought as Direct back up to Lautaro who had also a very good game, though was unable to score or just unlucky would sound more right or correct, perhaps, but Still very involded in Inter’s game as usual and gave one great assit to Dzeko to score as did also Tucu Correa as he gave a pass for Lukaku to score, but missed again more than golden opportunity once more as usual Tucu!

        So the last time a player who scored 4 goals in his first 4 UCL games, was surprise, surprise no one else than Giovanni’s father EL Cholo as that is a kind of family record and ATM was very unlucky not beat Lecerkusen as RDP scored allmost soon as he came on a wonderfull strike to back at leftside of the net from the keeper as he was shooting with his right foot from the corner of the box on the leftside as he placed that shot so well that no goalkeeper in the world would have save that ! As A.Correa was unlucky to loose the ball from Griezmann’s horrible pass from the left side to the center a little above ATM’s box and A.Correa tried turn with that ball as at same time the Leverkusen player went also directly for the ball with full speed as A.Correa had just got hold of that Griezzman’s horrible blind man’s pass so in that position even Angel lost the ball everything happened so quickly and mainly, because Griezzman’s horrible blind man’s pass as he could just kept playing up the side he was at the ball or even just kicked it out as giving just a thrown in for the opposition as there was not much time also left on the clock at the first half, anyhow Griezmann and others should have scored as RDP soon as he came on was clearly the game changer as it was maybe the best i seen from his in ATM as he was completly above others on the second half when he came on, but typical ATM as even Cholo was allredy walking away as referee had kind of Whistled first for the game to end, but at same time got information from VAR that there was a clear handball for Leverkusen from ATM’s last corner so in the end they actually awarded super Late penalty for ATM onlyy for blody Carrasco to blew it away as i feel so sorry for ATM and specially for A.Correa who Cholo took of at the break as RDP came on, but even Molina’s game was nothing that special he did at least try to play with RDP for just Griezmann and blody others to blow up ATM chances as if i would been Cholo i would had taken out blody Griezzman who gave that horrible pass to A.Correa, but i think money talks at Wanda too like it does everywhere else too so A.Correa who had a great first half until that loss of the ball from Griezzman’s horrible pass as he once battled with 4 keverkusen players around him at EDGE of the box and was able to get the ball and also got a decent shot against leverkusen goal which was denied by leverkusen’s goalkeeper as Carrasco blasted that Late penalty also in such away that it was not that difficult save fir the leverkusen Goalie even he rescued them a point or i would rather say Carrasco blew with Griezzman ATM’s chances as at one ocassion he went for Direct shot as instead RDP was screaming at him for a pass as he would scored another goal to an empty net, but Carrasco chose differently so i’m sure Cholo won)t be happy with him either, though he did pass RDP’s equalizer, but made 2 super crucial misstakes which coated the game more than A.Correa’s loss of the ball from Griezzman’s horrible pass, god damn!

        Well, i hope Cholo will finalky learn after WC who to trust as it’s so obvious that RDP and A.Correa with Molina should be guaranteed starters, but now i just hopeAngel can get over his loss of the ball and actually i do not wish them all 3 to play so much at all as let the other wankers as Griezzman, Carrasco and Felix and Cunha to fight it out between them as i think this 3 players will be very important for Arg in the WC at Qatar as it is clear that Tucu must be left out and Giovanni Simeone has to be picked aihe can score all kind of goals and run and press and work hard for team which offcourse maybe Tucu can too, but how many chances there has to given more for Tucu to Score ? Well, i think none, because he can’t simply score and please anyone don’t come defending him with his other abbilities of the game as i’m ware of those too !

        Messi, Lautaro, Di Maria, Nico.G, Dybala, Alvarez, A.Correa and Giovanni Simeone should be Arg’s 8 attacking minded optionswith the help from our regular middfielders as RDP, Lo Celso, Papu, Enzo and Pala who can also cover for Paredes and Guido if needed, period !

        So 3 goalies and 8 defenders with 7 middfielders who have some versatile one’s as RDP, Lo Celso, Papu, Enzo and Pala as i see Paredes and Guido more as holding middfielders and controlling the tempo which Enzo and Pala can do too even Licha if needeed ! And 8 more advanced players as if Giovanni who is a must for me at least is the answer for LAUTARO’s straight back up and even if all fit, but maybe lacking some game time, Still i will go with this kind of setup of Players as hopefully those who are currently injured will be fine and are not carrying anything more serious than expected as this could very well be the winning formula as i’m sure Giovanni won’t great any problems amongst the team chemistry as i see him very human and humble, but for sure he has got at least some of his Dad’s Dna in him which we gåhave not even seen yet as is the first time really for him now at big stage with Napoli and so far he has done exactly the same with UCL as his father did and those 2 are the only one’s so far who have scored 4 UCL goals at their first UCL games as that is a freakin’ record to proove anyone, so please Mr. Scaloni i hope u are paying attention as now is the time to release Arg’s last secret and ultimate weapon as Giovanni Simeone AKA Cholo’s son who captained once Arg’s NT La Selection !

      • Deffently more than right as 4 goals at his first 4 UCL games equals exactly his father’s AKA Cholo’s record too as those as father and son are the only ones so far in UCL’s history to score 4 goals in their first 4 UCL games ! As for Tucu again another golden opportunity missed, though he did pass Lukaku’s goal, but how many chances he Still needs to score ? Well, in my point of view easy answer as NONE !

        Lautaro and RDP were absolutly on top their game too as Lautaro was just unlucky to score, but pkayed great game against, well not that tuff opposition, but it is clear as more than obvious that Inter can drive well when Lautaro and Barella&Di Marco are at their best as when it is not LAUTARO’s day at Office as that can very well sometimes to happen even to the very best as i consider Lautaro nowdays at amongst the top strikers in Europe as he is getting more and more complete striker and not only scoring goals which he is good at also, but if not we finally at least for now has his Direct back up as Giovanni Simeone as for me him and Enzo can be game changer’s for Arg ! RDP had maybe his best 45 minutes at the second half at Wanda with wonderful goal completly bossing the game much more like Arg’s RDP it was now for ATM as he should had scored an easy second goal only as Carrasco would have pass the ball to him as he was screaming for it as it would had been allmost as empty net goal, but blody Carrasco went forhimself as he missed the penalty too and Griezmann is done for me as he just can’t also score for i dont what reason also gave an terrible pass to A.Correa straight to middle as blind man’s pass just above ATM own box as A.Correa tried to rescue it , but got caught instead in Griezzman’s blind man’s pass web and maybe that is why he was taken out as i would have taken out Griezzman instead and hopefully Angel can get over that one as it was not teally his fault at all as Cholo should blame Griezzman and Carrasco for not winning that game, but i quess money talks also at Wanda like everywhere else too !

      • Exactly A WILD CARD that at least he should be as for me he clearly deserves his spot amongst the 26 as i would swap Tucu Correa at any time to him for example as 3 goalies 8 defenders 7 middfielders 8 up front and on the both sides up and hopefully also helping down wise too as i think even Messi will be eager to defend at some point when Arg is leading and give an hell of a fight out him as will hopefully all the others too as i trust in this team, but this is the last piece that been missing as Giovanni Simeone !

        So my pick will be 3 goalies as Dibu, Rulli etc…
        8 defenders as Ota, Cuti, Licha, Acuna, Tagliafigo, Molina, Foyth/Montiel and the last one between maybe Perez, Senesi, Pezzella and Medina as i’m not really sure about Foyth’s situation as obviously that might change things as they stand or might stand at least in my Mind, lol !
        7 middfielders RDP, Lo Celso, Papu, Enzo, Paredes, Guido and Pala
        8 up more front and on the both sides running up and down…Messi, Lautaro, Di Maria, Nico G., Dybala, Alvarez, A.Correa and Cholo’s son Giovanni !

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