Enzo Fernández to go to the 2022 World Cup with Argentina


Enzo Fernández will go to the 2022 World Cup with the Argentina national team.

Fernández is confirmed to go to Qatar. According to Gastón Edul, he will be one of the 26 players.

The 21-year-old made his debut with the Argentina national team in September. He came on as a substitute in the 3-0 win vs. Honduras and the 3-0 win vs. Jamaica.


  1. I think either Lo Celso or Dybala are important in Scaloni plans. I still have doubt in Palacios fitness and he might be dropped and replace by Mc Allister. This would be the only way for Mc Allister to be in the Squad. Im not sure that J Correa will make it also. Its a great news to have Enzo in the Team for the WC

    • It was reported many times, the last midfield position was between, Enzo vs Palacios. Now They made their decision. Enzo going.

      Now it’s LoCelso(injured) vs Palacios.

      LoCelso (injured), Paredes(still in recovery period), Guido(There was a recent injury), DePaul (currently not in form), Papu (Ageing and currently not at his best, can’t play all the matches), Palacios (just back from injury). This is the scenario of our midfield options. A complete mess.

      In that condition, Enzo and MacAllister should be sure going players as they are the only players currently fit and in form.

  2. As per the report, Palacios is also in doubt categories. Final 2 position depends up on LoCelso’s and Dybala’s inclusion..also, Coaching staff’s final decision on 9th defender.

    A.Correa vs Foyth vs Palacios vs J.Correa.

    If LoCelso (very less chance) and Dybala (They are sure he will be fit) makes it…any of the 2 from the above 4 will be dropped.

  3. I’m glad he’s in, because he is so talented and hardworking.

    I’m also glad that Giovani Simeone and Almada is out:
    – Giovani’s dad is a Brazilian spy, so his entire family should be punished.
    – Almada plays for MLS in his 20s, which is totally unacceptable. We shouldn’t even consider him.

  4. Enzo is a must in this squad especially with Locelso being a doubt. He has integrated himself into Benfica and Argentina almost seamlessly. Enzo is 21 and seems ready to put on a show in Qatar.

  5. i don’t think a player who plays in the mls should go to the world cup it convinces players to go to mls.i thought most of u were against players selected from Argentina local league now people want a player selected from mls its funny.mls is such a poor league argentine league is 10X a better league.and angel correa don’t deserve to be in the squad in his postion we have messi angel and pablo where will he play and he have a poor career in atletico always on the bench

  6. I am feeling sad for those mundo members who was constantly fighting with other members and praying to god so that Enzo somehow doesn’t go to qatar 😂😹😹. They even call me idiot now call scaloni whatever you want 😂😂😂😂

    • Enzo is playing in the highest stage against toughest opposition and he proved himself. Where parades is struggling in Juventus 11. So Enzo should start if Parades is out of his old form in starting eleven. In a team where Armani is included there leaving Enzo is a crime. Look in Brazil Bruno Guimaraes is highly rated and here we are not sure about Enzo!!!

    • Yup ONLY 2 remains for the 26th/last spot. A Correa or Foyth.

      As much as we would like Almada or Medina to be included, it is not going to happen. I wish it was J Correa vs Foyth for the last spot though. But it is Angel vs Foyth.

      What do u guys think? who would u pick? Foyth or A Correa? I pick A Correa.

      • Foyth anyday. But i preferred both foyth and angel because apart from nico we simply don’t have any proper left winger in our squad and seeing nico’s injury record its very risky not to pick angel. Joaquin will play as a lautaro sub bt we have alvarez, Dybala who can easily replace lautaro if he is not available so no point picking j. Correa

      • el_principe, I think the 9th defender argument you had for Copa can’t be applied unequivocally in world cup not just because the rigor and competitiveness is different but also that you are more likely to face a situation where Montiel isn’t performing as much as he did against Brazil in Copa final (Molina the same).

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