Villarreal to issue statement on Gio Lo Celso, set to miss World Cup


Villarreal are set to issue a statement on Gio Lo Celso as he is set to miss the World Cup.

Gio Lo Celso is set to miss the 2022 World Cup for Argentina. According to TyC Sports, Villarreal will release a statement on Tuesday regarding Gio Lo Celso.

Lo Celso will not be at the World Cup with reports that he will undergo surgery. He has tried his best to be healthy and go to Qatar with the Argentina national team but he will not be able to participate.


  1. This was almost inevitable so the shock is not as pronounced now for me personally but sad that he won’t be with us. He’s not irreplaceable but he is not that is to replace fully.

    Part of what makes Lo Celso’s absence difficult is our best 11 on the pitch featured an asymmetrical 4-3-3 with Di Maria on the right wing, Messi in the middle behind the striker but with a free role and left-sided central midfielder who had lots of space to cover in that section, shuttling between central midfield and the left wing. Lo Celso was pretty good at that, Papu is second best, not sure if we ever played Di Maria on the right and Palacios in Lo Celso role in the same formation. Can Enzo play in that position? Remains to be seen. He certainly played higher up the pitch at River and his passing and shooting suggests he can contribute in attack but can he simply plug in the whole left by Lo Celso? I am not sure about that. Also, if you judge by what number on the jersey he selected for himself when he played in the friendly, it was 14, Mascherano’s number, an alternative to a 5 (1+4) which is a DM in Argentine numbering tradition. Does this mean he sees himself as a DM?

    • How about DePaul on the usual left and Enzo on the right? This will sacrifice the setup we built on the right side for a long time and will not be easy. DePaul basically supported Molina, Messi in addition to playing as an RM.

  2. “ He has tried his best to be healthy” – clearly not.

    Since the summer transfer window, he’s been stubborn and clueless about his career.

    Now I just hope Enzo will shine in WC. He can play on left side too.

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