Alejandro Garnacho scores for Manchester United in 2-1 win vs. Fulham


Alejandro Garnacho scored for Manchester United in their 2-1 win vs. Fulham.

Garnacho was brought on as a substite for Manchester United and scored in injury time to give them the win. It was a pass into the penalty area and Garnacho accelerated to get to the ball and he would score.

He now has two goals and two assists in his last four games for the club.

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  1. A potential side effect is that English clubs will buy talented teenagers from Argentina. Cash for clubs but less chances to win copa Libertadores or SudAmericana.

  2. If there are any questions about Nico’s fitness, by Scaloni’s own statement, he should be decisive and replace him with Correa, Almada or Garnacho. Today is the last day for submission.

    I had my issues with Nico during Copa America, but he has won me over with his incredible performances with Fiorentina last year. However for whatever reason he has rarely featured in Fiorentina squad this year. If there is some recurrent fitness issue, Scaloni should take no chances.

    • They are waiting. He is important. There is a provision that one country can replace anyone from their submitted list due to injury 24 hours before world cup starts. So not much pressure. They will evaluate

  3. I like Garnacho but he ain’t going to the WC now. We have Nico and Alvarez who play in his position. He has not started a game for Albiceleste but now he can go to the WC? This WC is about a group that he is not part of. Angel Correa is more deserving of a call up. My Mundo brothers, forget about the Garnacho fantasy and let’s focus on the WC reality in our face. He’ll be ready for 2026 WC. He is not like Messi who was a starter in UCL champions team at 19.

  4. Superstar in the making:

    United Zone
    Garnacho’s integration to the first-team has been helped by a close friendship with Facundo Pellistri, while Lisandro Martinez has taken on the role of older brother to guide Alejandro

    United Zone
    Garnacho is nearly fluent in English after taking regular language lessons

    United Zone
    Nov 12, 2022
    Garnacho requested a personalised gym programme from United’s fitness staff to build muscle mass in the hope that this would be his breakthrough season at the club [@ChrisWheelerDM]

    United Zone
    Sources say his physique has developed impressively since he arrived at the club, and the coaches are delighted with his commitment in the gym [@ChrisWheelerDM]

    United Zone
    Erik Ten Hag is trying to keep a lid on the hype surrounding Garnacho, for instance, Garnacho still hasn’t been allowed to move into the first-team dressing-room at Carrington. [@ChrisWheelerDM]

    United Zone
    Nov 12, 2022
    There has been a significant change in Garnacho’s attitude since pre-season and he is now among the first to train at Carrington. [@ChrisWheelerDM]

    United Zone
    Those familiar with Garnacho insist there has never been a serious problem. They describe him as a shy person off the pitch, very different from the confident player on the pitch

    -He seems to be a very hard worker like CR7.

  5. Imo Gianluca Prestianni is even bigger talent than Garnacho in that left winger/forward position. We are going to be fully stacked there.

    • Hope it will be the case of Messi and Aguero. I remember when we discovered Messi at Barca and then he won the U20 that year. He was huge and then Independiente had the younger Aguero who also looked just as talented as Messi and also won the WC u20 being the best player just like Messi 2 years after Messi.

      Then some people said Messi was better, some said Aguero. In the end they both turn into wonderful friends and great players.

      Garnacho is a very direct winger, that’s how MU fans describe him. He always run at his defenders, challenge them, rarely make back passes and just play is safe. Being direct winger is already rare. Only superstars usually were/direct wingers at their best such as Messi, CR7, Mbappe, Robben, Di Maria, Neymar, etc.

    • Real Madrid keeping tabs on him. Rolando Zarate his agent has already had informal talks with the club. The only question mark is his Velez background.

  6. A kid is transforming into a lethal power…day by by game..
    Lovely speed and finishing 👌 is so fine…he has passion, craziness and hunger,,,, Garnacho is dreaming to play a wc for Blue-white doubt..

  7. Those who doubt Garnacho is an Argentina and WILL represent Argentina should take it easy.

    I have 0 doubt that he will represent Argentina. I follow his IG. I know whatever he posted. He posted how Licha celebrated with him and calls him “hermanito” with an Argentina flag. No player would post that if he is not an Argentine. He also posted some pics of him holding the trophy covered with an Argentine flag. Also some pics with Messi.

    Choosing a country is not like transferring from a club to another club. U can’t just choose Argentina today and in 3 years u choose Spain. It doesn’t work that way. The fact that Licha is an Argentina and trying to guide his hermanito Garnacho under his wing also means a lot.

    Without doubt Garnacho will team up with Messi in the near future and will take the superstardom from him. 4 MOM in his last 5 games with MU in such limited minutes in insane for an 18 year old playing for arguably the world most famous club.

    With Argentina one day, he will be one of those guys, who just like CR7, will get angry if not started. But that’s OK. ONLY athletes with winner attitude acts that way especially he knows that he will be better than all our left wingers available. Without such attitude, u can’t be the best.

    He will lead Argentina in WC u20 in 6 months. Everything starts from there now.

  8. I don’t know why people want players from opposite team to get injured!!! If we are not good enough to beat opponents full strength team than we don’t deserve to win the WC. what’s the point to win against a weak opponent, where’s the glory in there! I believe in our team, we can beat any team with their full strength. IMO last WC wasn’t good, as there were many better team than Croatia even we were better than them too. In 2014 2 best team played final but not in 2018.

    • I don’t care. I just want to see Argentina winning world cup even if we play weak teams doesn’t matter. After not winning a world cup for 36 years we should not have that ego that we r Argentina we don’t fear anyone. There is no point having this ego playing weak teams r better

  9. 10 years ago today (11/14/2012), Argentina played a freindly match with Saudi Arabia at King Fahd International Stadium.

    The match ended 0-0.

    ARG Lineup:

    1 Sergio Romero
    4 Pablo Zabaleta
    6 Federico Fernández
    2 Fabricio Coloccini
    3 Marcos Rojo
    14 Javier Mascherano
    20 Tino Costa
    7 Ángel Di María
    19 Eduardo Salvio
    16 Sergio Agüero
    10 Lionel Messi

  10. Hunger for goal it’s a blessing for Scaloni when seeing dybla coming back his best.Surely his shot on goal is perfect.Always getting near target. Dybla needs to play more minutes with NT.Now he is in tremendous foam. if Dmaria also in perfect rhythm everything in front line absolutely strong

  11. Enzo Fernández tonight:

    96/109 accurate passes (most)
    4 chances created (most)
    4 key passes (most)
    11/15 accurate long balls (most)
    4/5 tackles won (most)
    7 recoveries
    8/9 duels won (most)
    Clearly enzo is not as defensive as people here think he is

    • Compare this with the statistics Mafisso shared for McAllister:

      “Mac Allister is a good player. He makes 3 tackles and 2 interceptions per game. That is 5 defensive actions per game.”

      “He makes 2 shots and one key pass per game”

      By these standards, Enzo is way ahead of McAllister. However, I believe the statistics Mafisso shared are mean values, averaged across many games.

  12. In my opinion, Garnacho should be in the reserves, not Almada. The kid is already showing World Class skills, is very fast (look at that goal), and has character (maybe too much… Like young Neymar).

    He could have also been called to the first team as a backup. When was the last time we had a speedy, natural left winger??? Claudio Caniggia.

    I thought weeks ago, he was not ready but I cannot deny what my eyes see. Just like Enzo, 1st two games and I was convinced he is a world beater.

  13. If dumbfries injured there is a chance Netherlands weaken and doesn’t top the group thn we can avoid Netherlands in the quarterfinals no fan of Argentina can forget the quarter final exit of 1998 and that wonderful Bergkamp goal. This year also they look strong. Specially their defense looks formidable

  14. Cristiano Ronaldo steal the show from Garnacho after he came out and said mu betrayed him so selfish all the back pags headlines would have been Garnacho, I’m afraid will be Ronaldo again after his interview came out righ after Fulham win. what pity

    • This is why I’m HER biggest hater around here…….

      Maybe I missed something, but didn’t he want to GO HOME and play for his beloved MU cough cough and in doing so screwed up whatever chemistry they had accumulated up to that point with the young talent?
      Taking PKs, FKs, look for him to score on every play and cried like a school girl when he didn’t have his way.
      Decided to leave MU when they failed to qualify for the Champions League even though he’s under contract, they said NO plus the fact nobody wanted a 37 year old footballer and sat his ass on the bench….very bad MU and poor senorita cried foul play.
      He is was and will always Be a conceited Ape

      • @Dfox I totally understand why you don’t like the guy. Look what he said about Rooney
        Ronaldo is coward have no respect anyone who disagrees with him, feel sorry for Rooney though

  15. “Until he starts in a competitive match for Argentina, I am not convinced he is an Argentine player. He is fickle minded” good point by mafioso

  16. Could someone please provide some insight on Garnacho’s attitude problem? May be I haven’t followed him closely enough to be aware of the issues but on field he looks great and professional also did the Messi shirt celebration after the goal today. Regarding him being a CR7 fan, I don’t see anything wrong in idolizing Ronaldo who is without double one of the greats when it comes to scoring goals!! Garnacho will no doubt will be our star player next world cup and as long as the attitude doesn’t create toxicity in the dressing room, minor attitude problems are normal with teenagers!!

  17. Olive did you see the friendly against Betis? it was nice and emotional.
    Pinola announce his retire from football too. Gallardo era is officially over from today.
    Lux and Pinola will be in the staff and will work together with Demichelis.
    after world cup wait us one interesting period of time.

    • Yes I did, I missed the game against Colo Colo but this was a great friendly especially to do a goleada against a European team. Even though it’s a friendly and Betis were not at 100% it left me with some good sensations. One of those is I think Borja has the potential for a very good year with Demichelis. I am also happy to hear that it’s not a complete goodbye to Pinola and he will bring his experience into the next era. I’m glad we represented Gallardo well today and won by a big margin. Really interesting to see some players like Fekir in Mendoza haha.

  18. To be fair Messi set such a standard so every time we see a kid we feel like he should be humble as Messi was. Maybe next Copa he will get his chance for now he is still raw for NT material.

  19. Hope he keeps his focus and feet on ground. As a youngster he will have somany things to divert his attention. If he does that then remember the name Garnacho. If all goes well he could be the next one whome we can enjoy and celebrate.

    This world cup break will be tricky for him. The form may vary after the break. May be he should have been in the reserves atleast to get a hang of the WC.

    • Nowhere near a NT material. IMO, Soule will play for the senior side way before him. Soule needs to get strong and have some experience. Technically he is very gifted.

      • my friend if you have time to waste you can find pure gold in 2018 posts !!!
        the romance king era was a “golden era” that is imposible to be repeated.
        you will start cry from laughing reading again some posts.

        • Don’t honour that troll with a mention or else he might come out of woodwork and jefe would have more work on his hands 🙂

          During the WC, I expect a few unsavory characters to rear their ugly heads… stay alert lol

          • ok my friend i will follow your advice. just i am more than sure that what you said is inevitable. i expect and i am ready for those new characters that will definetly come ha ha ha and for the old charecters too that will return from the shadows he he he

          • I thought Romance King’s soul took over you for a second haha. Part of me wonders if it is even possible for him to come back since he ran out of IP Addresses or emails to use haha. He made like seven returns since his banning and I think he somehow got a hand of other devices to use. Part of me is glad I missed the “golden era” and only started reading comments in 2019
            And yes, I think kid for example may be waiting to pounce if something bad happens during the WC, can’t rule out a sudden return of a few people

  20. Garnacho has mamba mentality. His attitude can be annoying but in order to be great, u need such mentality. He is just getting better and better. I am sure he is ahead of Elanga now ot maybe Martial too in pecking order.

    As for taking him well it is not realistic anyway unless someone suddenly gets injured before the WC starts. Even if that’s the case, Almada is the reserve. After the WC though, I will be his number one supporter here. I will want him to be included as soon as possible especially Di Maria will have been retired by that time.

    He, Almada, Lautaro, Enzo, Cuti, Licha, Emi Martinez, and the captain De Paul should be our pillars in 4 years.

  21. Earlier this week Chalz reminded us of the mistake Pekerman made in 2006 by bringing on Cruz in stead of Messi.

    In 4 or 8 years we could be talking about leaving Garnacho at home in 2022.

    • Oh come on now, please Richard, really? A team that has Messi, Di Maria, Dybala, Lautaro and Alvarez has to hypothetically regret not bringing Garnacho? If those don’t help us win, 7 Garnachos cannot either.

      • True, but our left flank could use him. Di Maria is still a bit rusty, Nico is injured (?) and J. Correa is a bit predictable. In case of new injuries it would be great to have him on the bench.

          • If Uruguay went for Facundo pellistri, I believe Garnacho is even a more realistic option should Nico Gonzalez fail to recover. Joaquin Correa is one big wasted spot. I hope am proved wrong.

          • Uruguay have far less options and depth than us and Pellistri has been capped by them several times and proven himself for Uruguay. If one of Nico Gonzalez or Correa gets injured enough to be dropped, I still don’t even think Garnacho can be called up if he wasn’t in the preliminary list (unless I’m totally wrong) so no point dwelling on it. Let’s hope he grows well enough to be a part of the team post Qatar

        • Agree. Garnacho is like Nico Gonzalez who provided pace, linkup on the left side. Nico better in pressing and more physical but Garnacho better at scoring.

          Dybala doesn’t fit and I’m afraid Alvarez might not either. Both are better players at this point but it’s all about team dynamics.

        • Again, that doesn’t mean Nico won’t make it to the WC or is totally unfit. Obviously we know he’s capable of making it because otherwise Scaloni wouldn’t have capped him. “Nobody will go that can’t play the first game” remember that? I sound like a broken record but Gonzalez made it to the Copa America after not playing football for three months, and this is a much better situation than that. I understand if some people wish Garnacho was over J Correa because he is very exciting and definitely more talented than Joaquin, but there’s no going back now and Scaloni went with the less risky choices. It wouldn’t be a disaster if Scaloni included Garnacho but it also won’t be a cosmic disaster that we didn’t take him. I don’t even think that in a larger squad the 7th attacker will even play much anyway

        • Di Maria and Garnacho splitting the 90 minutes for the left side would be killer.

          Anyway, too late. Argentina traditionally has been too slow to give new players chances. Even Maradona was played too late.

      • Garnacho is going to be our true world class star player in the next world cup but this world cup he is not ready at all. Comparing Garnacho to 2006 Messi is madness. Leo was already one of the best winger/finisher in 2006 and Pekermen failed to see that and used Tevez who missed an easy one-on-one against the Germans and Julio cruz who has nothing but a statue on the field. Garnacho even with his assists and goals is very raw. His decision making , positioning is not mature enough to replace anyone in the team. One full season of EPL will surely accelerate his development and Scaloni should integrate him in the team after the world cup but right now there is no one in the team he can replace.

    • Oh come on now please. Give me a brake man. i can say to you then go to mundo posts from April 2018 till world cup begin and read to cry or laugh the dozens of comments that was demanding from Sampaoli to leave in bench the “old guard” or “the friends club” and put “fresh blood” in squad. the young players the next stars !!! yes i am speaking about ……(don t jump from your balcony if you are close) ….. i am speaking about MEZA, PAVON and the rest !!!
      oh please man give me a brake.

      • Those fresh blood were not from competitive league but MLS. Garnacho is from EPL and just a singular case. Secondly if Sampaoli tried likes of Paredes, Locelso and dybala instead useless players like Meza, case would have been different.

    • Garnacho time will come. First of all, without any injuries, all the 26 are confirmed. Second even if there is 1 injury to any of the forwards, the one who is the number 1 option of all back ups is Angel Correa which is very reasonable.

      If there are 2 injuries let’s say Nico Gonzales and Dybala suddenly has aggravated his injury, the next back up is Thiago Almada.

      So Garnacho’s chance is quite close to none. He is exciting. He has plenty to offer but we are stacked. We have too many options. We are Argentina. As much as we would like to have him, it is just not realistic as Scaloni already announced the squad.

  22. Garnacho is only 18, you guys should give him a break about his attitude. So, he is a bit arrogant, big deal. A lot of players at that age have that bravado. If he wants to represent Argentina, you should welcome him with open arms. And again, who cares if he is arrogant or is a fan of Cristiano.

    • No it is a big deal. just i agree about his age and that is why we should give him time to develop his mentality too. we will see. But if he arrive few years after to be arrogant in Ronaldo sense of the word then NO.
      national team is not red house. it is HOLY.
      He can be fan of Ronaldo. i don t care or speak about that.
      i speak for don t be Ronaldo s character “fan”. that is not acceptable.
      But as you said and i agree for now he is only 18 and he is excused.

    • too or two. both fit in case he he he
      but we should not fly in sky. he should be humble.
      step by step we will arrive to the top.
      By the way since i mention two and too the world cup years with end with 2 is not to say it kindly our best.
      2002 we went as favorites to win the cup and we had group phase exit !!!
      in 1982 we went as world champions to play football in Spain when back home he had war !!! what worst can be i wonder. if i go further back we will arrive in 1962. group exit again !!!nothing else to say.

  23. Until he starts in a competitive match for Argentina, I am not convinced he is an Argentine player. He is fickle minded.

    But it was a good idea to put him through youth system, rather calling him to senior side just to make sure he plays for Argentina. Attitude is everything. It appears lisandro has taken him under his wing. So we are more likely to have him rather than Spain.

    Mac Allister is a good player. He makes 3 tackles and 2 interceptions per game. That is 5 defensive actions per game. His positioning and pressing sense is very good. He holds the ball quite well under pressure. He makes 2 shots and one key pass per game. He is a good penalty taker and good fk taker.

    If you see his heat map, he has equal presence in own and opponent half.

    He is not flashy but he does all the basics well in the most competitive and demanding league against world class players. He already scored 5 PL goals, he will most likely score atleast 10 goals by the end of the season. A midfielder who scores 10 league goals is not average. Name one Argentine midfielder who is capable of scoring 10 league goals in Europe.

    Regarding his performance with Argentina, you can’t expect all the players to perform immediately. It took lisandro a while to earn trust and perform in Argentina jersey. I think we need to be patient with macca. We should not dismiss him before any real test.

    • i agree with you about Garnacho. in same time in near future we will see his character development. for me it is very important exept the quality of a player his character too. if he is Ronaldo or Icardi type of character i prefer he stay out of our national team. He can play for Spain or wherever else he wants. But if he desire to be one of the family then he is happily

      • True.

        Garnacho should voluntarily choose Argentina, not the other way around. You must feel the shirt, history and emotion.

        He has attitude issue but tan hag is taking care of it. Footballing wise, he is very very good. Great feet, confident mind – someone who wants to win.

    • I’m not sure he’s fickle minded. He’s half spanish and argentine. So far, he’s been vocal about his intentions and desire to play for Argentina.

  24. Enzo Farhandez’s slide tackles are pretty good seems like. Watching some
    Minutes of the benfica match.

    Before copa 2021 romero didn’t play much with Argentina but was a star and the best defender in copa. I hope Enzo jells fast and does something similar in this wc.

  25. Honestly an insane level of output for an 18 year old. Don’t let him slip by our hands. I hope we include him next chance we get and give him a debut. Hope that Soule gets healthy minutes today and with Luka starting, we’re starting to see the first glimpses of our potential big three.

  26. The future looks bright, talent on defense and offense plus the younger Vets.
    Understandably, the kid is on top of the world now, he’s 18 playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world along side her Majesty who he obviously adores…….. hopefully he’ll learn from her work ethic and not all the other bullshit.

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