Expected changes for Argentina vs. Poland at the World Cup


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni still has a few decisions to make in the starting eleven.

Lionel Scaloni spoke at a press conference on Tuesday about the team against Poland and everyone is fit for the game. Scaloni made a few changes vs. Mexico to the team which started against Saudi Arabia and there could be some changes against Poland.

Lisandro Martínez started the win vs. Mexico in place of Cristian Romero. According to Gastón Edul, Lisandro will not be in the eleven as Scaloni is going to decide between Romero and Germán Pezzella.

Marcos Acuña was in the eleven in place of Nicolás Tagliafico vs. Mexico, as was Gonzalo Montiel for Nahuel Molina. Alexis Mac Allister and Guido Rodríguez started with Rodrigo De Paul in place of Papu Gómez and Leandro Paredes.

Per the report, Guido is not expected to start as one of Paredes or Enzo would be in his place. According to TyC Sports, this is the rumored eleven, not taking into considering the report by Gastón which states that Lisandro will not start:

Emiliano Martínez; Gonzalo Montiel or Nahuel Molina, Nicolás Otamendi, Lisandro Martínez or Cristian Romero, Marcos Acuña; Rodrigo De Paul, Enzo Fernández or Leandro Paredes, Alexis Mac Allister; Ángel Di María, Lautaro Martínez and Lionel Messi


  1. Dybala, Enzo, Acuna are attacking players, pressing players. Enzo and Acuna also get back quickly to defend. Since joining Roma Dybala too. Shouldn’t Scaloni keep all three in starting line up? Guido did better defending than Paredes. But above all we should be sharper and tricky with our setpieces. Scaloni’s time to show his strategy calibre. I doubt if he is a very flexible coach.

    • True, we need to practice freekicks and corners.
      And I am always in favor of playing Dybala.

      Dybala=========Messi=======Di Maria[sub:Gomez or Almada]
      =====Enzo==========De Paul======[sub:Guido or Paredes]
      ============= Emi =============

      If not Dybala, then play either Papu or Almada in that position.

  2. The line up should be:
    …….. Emi Martinez ……..
    … Foyth … Cuti Romero … Otamendi … Acuna …
    …De Paul…Paredes/Mac Allister…Enzo Farnandez…
    ……………. Di Maria…… Messi…………..
    ………………. Lautaro Martinez……………

    • Mac Allister is a baller but he is not suitable for attacking. It’s better to play him as a CDM and Enzo should be tried as a Left Midfielder because he has similarities with Lo Celso and a good dribbler too with good key passing abilities.

  3. All i now is that one thing is for sure as i been awake allready more less 3 hours ago as felt a sleep, but woke up after 4 hours and now it is little bit less than 15 hours or something like that before Arg’s game will start as it is more than obvious that i won’t be able to sleep before the game also i might not be dare to watch too all the time during the game as sometimes in the past like WC final at 2014 i had to TaKe breaks during the game and go to have some fresh air as the pressure and passion getting way over maximum limit, lol !

    I can see the very same from my son now as when Uruguay pkayed against Portugal he alllready could not watch all the time also specially when Arg played against Mexico it was very hard for him until MESSI’s goal and ENZO’s goal took the pressure off, but i could see that very same from him as he is obviously thinking about Arg at alkready yesterday at my daughters practicing session from my son who will be nominated on friday even he don’t know that yet by his club the player of the year for his age which are all borned as 2013 as they have a pool of 50 players from which 25 is more or less involded with first team as i would say any player of half from 25 could had been nominated, though most of them have been playing more longer as i wanted my son and daughter to start first from very young age with gymnastics and also they learned to ride with horses from very young age too and then, when i wanted them to start with football in the club that they are playing now, then blody Covid arrived and everything was more less shut down obviously as were the schools so we had to delay with more than one year, but now in 2 year’s they both have catched up with those who started allraedy at age of 4 or 5 as way before school etc as my father started once with myself at age of 3, but that was back at 73 so as my father once was a player and loved football more than anything and only mostly intrested about technique and how to kick the ball with different ways and how to read the game as he was an middfielder or more less an playmaker or creative playmaking player, but did not hesitate to try fro long range as that was his tradenark with passing forward so back at 70’s obviously my father wanted me to learn quick about theese same attributions to the game as obviously back then the game was more slower and though there were some speedy players with great technique, Still everything was very different to the present that every player has to be fast enough or more than that equipped with skill and obviously great football IQ, so even total football was borned at 70’s, Still i would say that from 1998-2002 were the very first steps to this modern football as obviously the game radically started to change from 70’a era after Italy’s way of winning at 1982 and then slowly with obviously some great coaches from the past started to make their mark on football until 1998-2002, which i think were very first steps to this modern way of playing, though offcourse there were obviously some great coaches who could Still figure their way allmost to this very present WC as ’ El Maestro” Oscar Tabarez was borned at 1947 if i’m correct…? But, as Uruguay nearly missed out of this WC they needed to change their coach who until yesterday’s game had not let in many goals at all as i think if i heard the number right was the exact same as blody Portugal scored yesterday, though obviously Uruguay’s coach had only 4 WCQ’s to win and he won them all to secure Uruguay’s spot for this WC as now it obviously not look so great, though by winning Ghana could Still make them Qualify as Ghana’s goal diffence is 5 goals scored and 5 goals let in so i quess Uruguay need to win with 3 goal’s margin etc.,.and against Ghana i think that will be unlikely,but offcourse not impossible, but Darwin will seriously have to step up with support from the old guard, as Valverde and Betancur are at the very top of their game as Toni Kroos recently said Valverde allraedy amongst the 3 best middfielders, Ok Real Madrid’s old player talking positive about their new top middfielder, but also stats are showing that Valverde at the moment from all the middfielders from playing in Europe has the most shot’s on goal, but he is much more than that as he can defend and attack and create the play too, so also i consider him alkready like Toni Kroos said a 3 top middfielder at the present playing in Europe, but Still i don’t know or think that only him and Betancur can make Uruguay to Qualify as obviously others will need to step up their game, so in the end we will see as offcourse i’m more intrested about Arg’s future and the very present, but like my father i also have respect for Uruguay too with only population of 3 million or so on and even Brazil has won so many more WC’s than Arg and Uruguay, Still for me word football will only bring these 2 (who allmost or even once were the same country if i’m correct ?) to my Mind as the same was for my father too, offcourse this also due the history of WC and COPA, which i consider more equal competition than for example Euro’s as before Euro’s too were very competive before UEFA decided make the competition more bigger, which is also good for another so called smaller football countries in Europe to be able maybe to reach the Euro’s etc…as i wish ENZO to continue his progress and becoming obviously as good Valverde ia now or even more better, but time will tell that as allready now i think he is way underrated by Scaloni as others are obviously thinking different and now he scored that very second goal too with not that many minutes pkayed for Arg Nt and in the WC., well that should be more than enough of statement to let him start every game from now on, period !

  4. You cannot play pezzela and otamendi as CB pair, they are too slow. That will put us in danger in counter attack. I think poland is going to play a very defensive game today as they only need a draw to qualify. We need to attack from start and take an early lead which will force poland to come out from defensive shell. Mac allister is not a good option for this match, he has almost zero creativity, I haven’t seen him creating any big chances or deliver a line breaking pass during his argentina career. We need enzo and paredes, paredes is very good in creating big chances with his passing. I just hope scaloni doesn’t get his selection wrong and cost us the match.

  5. ________Dibu
    _______Licha Ota_______

    ADM. MacAllister. Enzo

    ____Messi Lautaro ______

    1. 10 cm less height for licha shouldn’t be a factor considering he is dealing with that in EPL
    2. Guido Ota Mcallister has similar or greater height than Lewandowski… they can deal with set pieces
    3. Favorite player vs inform player comparison should be considered.. RDP and cuti canbe subs. They will need to boost up confidence before they can be starter..
    4. Molina/ADM is a better combination for me. Montiel may not be able help ADM. Messi will look more effective if molina/ADM keeps thru the ball in the center

  6. Argentina qualification scenarios. @Roy would be nice if you can create a post with this info so we can look it up easily as the two games evolve dynamically.

    Argentina: Guaranteed to qualify with a win vs. Poland, and will do so as group winners if Saudi Arabia draw/lose.

    If both Argentina and Saudi Arabia win:
    – Top spot will be decided on group goal difference and then goals scored; Argentina currently have the goal-difference advantage by two goals.
    – If the scoring record is identical, Saudi Arabia win the group on head to head.

    If Argentina draw, they are guaranteed to qualify if Saudi Arabia-Mexico draw.

    If Argentina draw and Saudi Arabia win, Argentina are out (Saudi Arabia and Poland qualify.)

    If Argentina draw and Mexico win:
    – Poland win the group with five points, Argentina and Mexico both have four points; and
    — If Mexico win by one or two goals, Argentina finish second on group goal difference with Mexico third.
    — If Mexico win by three goals it will be decided by group goals scored; if records are identical, Argentina finish second on head to head.
    — If Mexico win by four goals, Mexico are second on group goal difference and Argentina third.

    Argentina cannot qualify with a defeat.

    • Australia (we) aren’t going to park the bus. Also, Socceroos dont have the players to park the bus effectively. It would be a fun game. I am going to have a busy night cheering Socceroos and then Argentina.

    • As Denmark clearly the favourite it is Still the one and only last group game in WC so therefore i won’t count Australia(Soccerroos) out as they got it over Peru and also won against Tunisia as Denmark could only draw against Tunisia, though i did not see that game as i saw them playing against France even France might had been better a draw as result for the Danes would had been fair enough as their defence screwed up with France’s both goal’s and their attack missed great opportunities to score more as France was kind of defending and again relying on their quick counter attacks a bit like 2018 as Griezmann playing in between line’s and looking for a pass to Mbabbe and Tchouameni taking a bit of Pogba’s role, but Still even France will have to play better in KO’s as they have done so far even they most likely will end up up winning all their games, Still it does not put their whole game in right perspective until we will see them play in KO’s, though i think they have more than good chance to go far again, but sometimes surprises does happen specially in history of WC everything is allways possible and if Arg wins their own group it is more than obvious, that Arg fan’s will rather play against Australia (with all my respect towards Socceroos) instead of Denmark, so i quess we could call it as pure Arg mathematic’s in the end , lol !

  7. Don’t underestimate Cuti. Other than the Saudi game, all his games with Argentina was always at least 7-8 rating wise. He is that good. Licha came and Argentina stopped conceding against Saudi? Of course because they stopped attacking us completely. Even if Rojo playing there instead, he would also look good when Saudi completely stopped attacking.

    I am not saying Licha is not good but Cuti has been superior when it comes to playing for the seleccion. The guy just has too good to be true number defensively (interceptions, clearance, battles won, headers, etc) for our team. It is not easy to earn huge praise from Messi and De Paul about his importance to the team. For me I feel calmer anytime I see Cuti starting. Hope he starts today though. Not some funny name like Pezzella.

    • The height factor might influence Scaloni to start Cuti. He and Otamendi are both six feet tall. Guido and Pezzella are the tallest being 6.1+. Scaloni picked J.Correa over A.Correa because of height. Both Cuti and Otamendi will be defending and attempting to score on corners. If Cuti plays it could be Depaul, MacAllister and Enzo in the midfield and if Licha plays then it could be Depaul, Guido Enzo/MacAllister like last match. Hopefully, Scaloni doesn’t bench Enzo!! We need his creativity and fearless attitude.

      I would prefer to play safe with 5 in the back with Enzo and Depaul in the midfield but it might be too risky to pull that off at this stage.

    • Pezzella will deffenetly start, maybe Cuti over Licha will be better against Lewa and Milik, but i will start with 3 at the back as Cuti Ota Licha and with wingbacks as Molina and Acuna and with midfield as ADM ENZO RDP and up front with MESSI LAUTARO/ALVAREZ

  8. I dont care what starting XI is put up, we are going to win at the end of the game. But, I hope its as close to this as possible

    Molina Ota Licha Acuna
    RDP Enzo/ Paredes
    Mc Allister/ Enzo

  9. All I want is for us to score an early goal and preferably 2 goals before the half time. I can’t go through the pressure situation we all had to go through last match!! It was brutal!! Just fcuking get the pre-world cup form back and end this group stage fcuked up soap opera thriller!!

  10. While, I am going all out supporting our cool dudes in sky blue and white. I will also be hoping if we dont put across a goal or two, Mexico does so by half time against KSA. Nothing like squashing the threat of group round exit.

  11. I would love to see Licha in the lineup. There were only 2 players who did not show any nerves when they came onto the pitch in a WC match and they were Enzo n Licha. All others were literally frozen by the occassion and the Saudi’s second goal.
    I would like to see them both on the pitch against Poland.

    Licha has handled tall attackers in EPL. He is a butcher he will perform well. Nothing against Cuti, but i l feel his lack of match fitness was factor against SA that contributed towards their firat goal.

  12. Guys, what do you think about Foyth?
    Shouldn’t he get some chance?
    He makes good tackles.
    He also makes costly mistakes and mispasses, but he has probably learnt by now.

    And Dybala should play in place of Papu Gomez in the first game and MacAllister in the second game.
    He can create, he can score and he even sometimes defends.
    The main argument I have heard is that he does not play in the left side. But he actually started his career playing in the left side. One can look at Copa 2019 3rd place match. He mostly played in left and center and played quite well.

    And Scaloni’s Argentina is dynamic. Messi, Di Maria and Dybala will keep switching positions to confuse opponents.

    • Yeah wasn’t impressed with Foyth. He struggled with UAE. I was excited to watch him bc people rave about him but yeahhhh.

      Dybala should get some playing time. He’s just not good at defending and high pressure. Unfortunately, you can’t have Messi and dybala same time. Only way I see both on is if we’re losing and there’s 20 min left and we need to win.

      Whats hard to accept is we don’t have a starting 11. We have top 3 and goalie that are definite and possibly RDP and Otamendi. The rest Scaloni is still experimenting, which sucks to do at a World Cup.

      Again, let’s hope we don’t play with 2 DM. Although Montiel really killed di maria capability so starting Molina will be better than Mexicos start if he does play guido and McAllister

      • I agree with you in 2 dms. I hope that’s not the case, and I also hope pezzela isn’t starting.
        I disagree with playing Dybala and Messi together.
        I’m not speaking PlayStation.
        Why can’t Dybala come in for di maria?

        • I could be wrong but dimaria runs down the right side all game both offensively and defensively. Could dybala do the same ? Honestly not sure so really is a question

          • When there’s 15 min left in a match he can.
            He picks the pockets of midfielders.
            What separates him from other players is his mind, which is one of messi’s many attributes.

  13. As long as Montiel and Paredes does not play, we should be good. Romero over Lisandro makes sense considering the height factor.

    Hope we come flying off the blocks, score early and most importantly score another one or two to make the game safe rather than sit back.

  14. Sergio Aguero saying we shouldn’t worry too much about headers and that height isn’t a huge factor in defending these.

    Kun seems like a good analyst. Never knew he had so much personality.

      • Since COVID he has become an extremely popular live streamer chatting with his friends and sometimes calls other players up. Today he called up Chicharito from Mexico. Of course he’s more comfortable in his native language and his watchers are from Latin America.

    • Kun got Saudis tactics spot on. Trust.in.kun…but anything can happen so they still need to be prepared.

      Both Poland’s goals were not from headers. Some wild cross in the box and the other a CB error.

      Kun is very active on social media now, he’s showing up with Arg sports commentators in Qatar. He’s never been shy in front of the camera. i think he’s hilarious. Check out his twitch channel.

  15. Reading comments from @ el_principe and @ maxilopez830 likening De Paul to a car “Engine” and “Axis”, got me thinking about the entire squad. It was a fun quick exercise that took my mind off tomorrow’s anxiety inducing game. What do you y’all think? I’m struggling with Di Maria and had no clue with some others lol.
    Chassis – Scaloni. Aimar, Samuel, Atala
    The chassis is the frame of the vehicle which houses and supports everything else of a car. If the engine is the heart of the vehicle, the chassis is the skeleton.

    Engine – Messi
    The heart and soul of your vehicle is the internal combustion engine.

    Transmission – Lo Celso, Enzo
    The transmission is a gearbox filled with gears and gear trains that makes effective use of the engine’s torque to change the gears and power the vehicle.

    Battery – De Paul
    The battery delivers the electricity needed to run your vehicle’s electrical components. Without a battery, your car won’t run.

    Shock Absorbers – Paredes
    The suspension system in your car helps stabilize it while you drive. This way, you get a smooth ride and you’re not bouncing around every time you hit a bump or dip

    Radiator – Papu
    The radiator is responsible for helping the engine keep cool by removing heat from coolant before it is pumped back through the engine.

    Front Axle – Toro, Alvarez, Dybala
    Part of the suspension system, the front axle is where the front wheel hubs are attached.

    Front Steering and Suspension – Mac A
    Helps improve the ride and handling of the vehicle.

    Brakes – Emi, Otamendi, Romero, Licha
    Found on all four wheels, your brakes are one of the most important safety systems on your vehicle.

    Catalytic Converter – Di Maria??
    A device that controls emissions from your vehicle, the catalytic converter transforms harmful gases and pollutants into less harmful emissions before they leave the car’s exhaust system.

    Muffler – Guido
    Keeps the exhaust system quiet through the use of baffles or other materials that reduce or muffle the sound.

    Tailpipe – Acuna, Tagliafico, Molina, Foyth
    Carries exhaust fumes from the muffler to outside of the vehicle.

    Fuel Tank – ?
    Typically located before the rear axle, the fuel tank holds the gasoline that powers your vehicle. The placement is important to avoid areas that could crumple in a crash.

    Rear Axle – ?
    Key part of the suspension system to which the rear wheels are mounted.

    Rear Suspension – ?
    As with the front suspension, the rear suspension contributes to the handling and ride quality of the vehicle.

    Alternator – ?
    Part of the electrical system, the alternator charges the battery and powers the electrical system while your car is running.

  16. I said this was my ideal formation:
    Dybala=========Messi=======Di Maria[sub:Gomez or Almada]
    =====Enzo==========De Paul======[sub:Guido or Paredes]
    Acuna===Otamendi====Lisandro===Molina[sub:C.romero or Foyth]
    ============= Emi =============

    but may be Foyth can also be given chance and C.Romero can come in as a substite

    Dybala=========Messi=======Di Maria
    =====Enzo==========De Paul======
    ============= Emi ============

    If we take a big lead and want to be defensive, we can use Acuna as MF and introduce another defender in place of either Di Maria or Dybala or De Paul:
    ==Dybala/Di Maria============Messi==
    ===Acuna======Enzo======De Paul===
    ============= Emi =============

  17. In my opinion Netherlands will play with alot of defenders … And pkay physically. They will want to muscle us because of their lack of quality in comparison to us.
    We need to hold our cool and composure.

  18. Poland manager commented having more than one person marking him, so we’ll need others to take advantage.

    ‘He is able to avoid everyone. So I need to put players on him to make it difficult because if it is easy he will score. You need more than one person to stop him.’

  19. Poland is def going to park the bus since they just need to tie and Argentina needs to win.

    We can’t risk the game like Mexico going in with 2 def midfields. I hope we get it together.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow ! Although, I guess I kinda can bc I don’t want it to be last game if we lose.

    We’re def going to need some Messi brilliance.

  20. Poland has not shown any intensity in pressing up to this point, nor they particularly like to have the ball and attack, they kind of sit in their defensive block. Does it make sense for them to do it now? They would hope for counters and set pieces and hence Scaloni worry in terms of aerial battles. Has Licha lost many aerial duels though in the EPL? I don’t think so.

    I expect a nervy and frustrating game because Poland are better organized defensively, although us winning our last game should give us a boost.

    • Mexico’s bus parking was really good and they had better players and their team is better. If Poland tries to play exactly like Mexico then we will beat them easily.

          • Yes, maybe TATA decided to do his last favour for Arg as they truly opened up more for to be able to score, but again with no ADM’s pass to MESSI and for his brilliant shot and another brilliant shot from ENZO there were not that many positive’s Still about Arg’s attacking game, though offcourse every team in the world will allways struggle against teams Parking a bus so for those kind games, Yes the another team trying to break or move that parked bus will need mostly individual magic in the end….

    • Bus parking team is good because our midfield is our problem. Our midfield apart from enzo noone in our midfield is press resistance. So if Poland doesn’t press it will be comfortable for us in the midfield and we have enough firepower in forward to break their bus just don’t concede. Goal will come. This match can be like 2014 iran match difference is that iran didn’t have Lewandowski milik zelensky so their counter attack could be deadly and without lisandro we will susceptible to counter attacks

    • Licha is needed to keep the ball flowing from the back as he could end up even giving sone very important passes from the back or at least he can easily adapt to start to move the ball around with hpefulky likes of ENZO and RDP as this has to be fast also as Poland will sit at the back comfortably and wait for some counters and setpieces as frrekicks and corners etc…Arg must keep the ball and move it around quickly also quick and fast players will needed, but in the quick decission making like LICHA’s and ENZO’s will be key and hopefully from RDP and ADM too, but i’m affraid of the line up Scaloni will field as there is no time to wait this time anymore 60 min’s or more and only by then try to be more attacking as this will just bring more pressure fir Arg players as i hope Scaloni understand’a this and that he will set Arg very attacking staraight from beginning also subs need to be done quickly if some players chemistry on the pitch just won’t work offcourse depending of the starting 11 Scaloni will pick as he must understand that Saudi’s are capable to beat Mexico or regardless of Saudi va Mexico game he should only think of Arg’s game and how to win it !

  21. Remember that Sabella also rotated CB line back in 2014. Federico Fernandez was dropped later in the KO stage. I’m fine with minor rotation, because Scaloni hasn’t figured out our best formation yet. Some players are born for WC, while some are never ready for this big stage.

    As long as we keep Almada and Montiel on the bench or hotel (or even send them back), we will be fine. These two are proved frauds.

    My gut feeling tells me that 5-3-2 is most suitable for our squad.

    Molina — Cuti — Otamendi — Lisandro — Acuna
    ——- DePaul —-Enzo —–Di Maria (Palacios)
    ——Messi ———Lautaro——-

  22. Netherlands- United states and England- Senegal is the 2 games so far for next round.
    my predictions for the rest is France-Poland, Argentina- Australia, Spain- Croatia, Morocco- Germany, Brasil- Ghana and Portugal- Switzerland.

    • I hope u are right my friend as in this case i quess we need one last favor from TATA’s Mexico, right? But, also to top the group Arg must win right?
      As if Mexico end up drawing with Saudi’s, then Saudi’s and Poland will both have 4 points, right ? Or if Mexico wins Saudi’s then both Poland and Mexico will have 4 points if Arg and hopefully will win as it is kind of must for Arg as if Arg will draw with Poland, Arg will end up poland then they better do that with more goals scored in the game and then allaolevaan Mexico needs to win Saudi’s as in this case Poland will end up top of the group with 5 points and Arg and Mexico will have both 4 points so i quess they will then decide by goal difference, right ?

  23. So far the World Cup have no major surprises.
    Group A: Netherlands, Senegal
    Group B: England, USA

    4 of the strongest there. Senegal/Ecuador about the same. France, Brazil, Spain also should top their group as expected. Hope there will be nor surprise in our group too.

    • Whichever teams are taking the initiative and trying to win are winning. Teams that are trying not to lose are losing so far. I don’t think Scaloni will want a draw, so we will win.

  24. How is current Argentina youth generation?? Do we have any chance getting to the elite semifinals or finals in upcoming U20 WC??

      • Romero, Lisandro, Foyth and Molina are all 24, Medina is 23, Senesi is 25. Our defense is in good shape for 2 more world cups unless these guys have some career threatening injuries or something. In midfield we will have Lo Celso, De Paul and Enzo in 2026 for sure if they are in form and fit. Mac Alister will be there too if he keeps playing well in EPL.

        Now who’s our new wingers and forwards?

        LW: Garnacho? Are we even sure he will play for us? 2nd option is Nico, who is a decent player but Di Maria have been our LW since 2010 and compared to Di Maria he’s poverty. I guess if Nico is not fit and we HAVE to, we can play Alvarez on the left?

        ST: Lautaro is 25, and Julian Alvarez is 22. Both will be fighting for 1 spot and it’s unfortunate.

        RW: who am I missing? Don’t tell me its Dybala or Angel Correa.

        • DePaul, Locelso for 2026 😂😂😂. They will be 32 and 30 years respectively. Wakeup. A top coach would definitely drop likes of DePaul, Locelso, Guido,Paredes and start grooming likes of Allan Varella, Enzo Fernandez for the future.

          • He’s right. Few players are top class after 30. Only the legends. RDP relies so much on energy that I don’t see him cutting it for the 26′ team. He isn’t even playing this one well.

        • I am making this based on real Scaloni’s real list. After the World Cup we will have:

          After the World Cup:
          GK: Emi Martinez, Geronimo Rulli, Juan Musso
          DF: Nahuel Molina, Cristian Romero, Licha Martinez, Marcos Acuna, Gonzalo Montiel, Nehuen Perez, Marcos Senesi, Facundo Medina, Juan Foyth
          MF: Leandro Paredes, Giovani Lo Celso, Rodrigo De Paul, Enzo Fernandez, Exequiel Palacios, Guido Rodriguez, Alexis MacAllister
          F: Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martinez, Nico Gonzales, Paulo Dybala, Alejandro Garnacho, Julian Alvarez, Angel Correa, Thiago Almada

          GK: Jeremian Ledesma
          DF: Leonardo Balerdi, German Pezzella
          MF: Roberto Perreyra, Luka Romero
          F: Giovani Simeone, Emiliano Buendia, Joaquin Correa, Matias Soule

          Of course there will be new comers too but I am talking about 1-2 months after the World Cup.

          • I was also thinking in terms of “real” Scaloni’s “real” list.

            “ Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martinez, Nico Gonzales, Paulo Dybala, Alejandro Garnacho, Julian Alvarez, Angel Correa, Thiago Almada” is your list.

            Messi and Di Maria will surely not make it to the 2026 WC. Let’s see if Garnacho chooses Argentina or not. And, there is no winger in your list as there is none like I was saying.

          • No this is not the list for the WC 2026. It is impossible to predict. It is the most likely list right after the WC is over. Probably in March 2023 we will have a friendly right. Then there is the most likely list. Probably Otamendi, Papu, Di Maria, and Armani will have retired by then.

            To guess the players for WC 2026 is impossible. This WC for example we have what? 19 new players who taste the WC for the first time right? In WC 2018, we would think the likes of Pavon, Meza would be young enough to make it to WC 2022. Well not even close. The same as our players today. There is no guarantee they will keep representing Argentina. It will depend on their forms, club career level, injuries, etc.

        • Including players past 32 years will be dragging team backwards. Perhaps you are too quick to forget how badly Papu Gomez was exposed. In 2018 Sampaoli stuck with those aged midfielders and team paid dearly. Unless likes of DePaul, Paredes, Locelso magically become next modric, Rakitic, Iniesta ECT, including them for 2026 will be atrocious.

          • So based on your thoughts the following players should not have selected by their team:

            Van Dijk (31)
            Trippier (32)
            Kyle Walker (32)
            Henderson (32)
            Messi (35, come on throw him out already)
            Di Maria (34, same, through him out already)
            Otamendi (34, same, get him out)
            Lewandowski (34, why are we afraid of him again?)
            Benzema (34)
            Griezmann (31)
            Jodri Alba (33)
            Busquets (34)
            Gundogan (32)
            Muller (33)
            Neuer (36)
            Modric (37)
            De Bruyne (31)
            Neymar (30)
            Casemiro (30)
            Thiago Silva (38)

            I’m not even going to write the underwearboy’s name.

            Yes, all the above players are useless pieces of shits and need to retire tomorrow and their teams are absolutely fucked because they are in them.

          • No look at the list of players who were pretty much done by age 32. Much longer list and includes extremely good players like Fabregas and Iniesta.

          • > Perhaps you are too quick to forget how badly Papu Gomez was exposed.

            We would have been up 3 or 4 to 0 against Saudis if our players timed their runs properly. You would be praising him right now.

  25. Getting anxious for tomorrow. I want to be able to just win and get it over with.

    I pray we win the World Cup, but it would just be disappointing if we got out in group stage. Anything else, I guess I’ll have to be somewhat okay.

    I don’t really judge Scaloni hashes human and the coach but if he started Pezzela, I might have to fly to Qatar and respectfully ask if he’s on drugs.

    I hope midfield will be Enzo, macalisster/guido, RDP. I know RDP has been playing bad but we can’t change all of our midfield. I think it’s been tough bc no one else really asks for the ball so it’s all him. Enzo is the opposite always wanting the ball so it gives him space.

    Toro should not be changed. He’s our 9

  26. Hope, Enzo starts finally not from the bench. Could have been better with Guaido and Enzo with DePaul to use Guidao’s height (and stop the height fuzz about Pazella over Lisandro)

    Our success in the Copa was largely due to the stability and chemistry among the players. We basically played a very similar or the same team for a long time, which was instrumental building the trust and connection between players. Our midfield was basically DePaul, Parades, LoCelso and to a lesser extent Guaido and Palacios.

    Now, that setup has been broken not just because of LoCelso’s injury but also of parades’s off form. Scaloni needs to stop his experimentation right from the Poland game and find his midfield ASAP.

    We will not suffer for LoCelso’s absence but will suffer for not finding his replacement sooner to allow the new midfield click.

    Scaloni has been trying different mix for the midfield trio during the group stage as well as in trainings. He is taking one game at a time, which is a good tactic when you already have a setup for the starting eleven. If our ultimate goal is to be the champion, we also need to use all available game time to let Enzo integrate into the team.

    Sadly, Scaloni is giving less time to Enzo. He is putting most of his chips for McAllister while Palacios has been sidelined. Given the off form of parades and DePaul, Enzo should have been prioritized.

  27. As for 2018 everybody is talking about the starting the problem is the mentality the control of the ball the presence of teemates the creation of chances are you blind ?? Is it normal that Argentina just created 5 chances in 2 games versus two shit teams ? Nobody tell me the bus cause it aint right they still going back to find messi 13 years later and still the same thing. Nobody tried to shoot or something i don t want to see an argentina team playing with fear it s a shame they re not playing for the second round they should play for the title.
    Dybala 0 mn played it s a shame first they drop tevez in 14 and now Dybala that s weird i m not saying that he will score 3 goals but at least we should see him on the pitch for 20 mn la pulga seems dead let the youngsters have there chance paulo is almost 30 now at least 20 mn not as they did vs croatia whem the game was over

    • Yes, if US can play with speed and Pulisic will be fine then i could see them at least to match up with Netherlands as Netherlands were also wery lucky to qualifiy as the first game against Senegal should had been a draw at least as i thought Senegal was the better side, but 2 ERRORS from Mendy allmost costed Senegal, but Coulibaly’a goal was massive fir thenåm, though i Still have no clue what Ecuador was thinking about as they screwed themselfs badly with their tactics against Senegal, also Ecuador should had won against Netherlands as Evuador was clearly the better side, as so far only Gapko has made the real difference for Netherlands, but now thinks might change as their spirit will be lifted so some players will improve as De Jong Van Dijk and Berghuis as i’m not sure if Depay will be able to improve as well as obviously this is what Netherlands are after, but so far has not worked, yet either for Memphis or Netherlands , but as KO’s are completly different aet up to group game’s as even u lost one group game u Still have hope or if u start with a draw etc..,one player i’m expect to make the difference is offcourse George Weah’s son as i think he been the most impressive with Pulisic amongst the US team, though knowing Netherlands and their history with KO’s with all my respect towards US i Still think Netherlands will beat them, but i would not Mind for US upset as i said before so far Netherlands been a bit lucky to Qualify or at least top their group etc…

  28. When you have a fit Cuti and Licha at your disposal, mentioning Pezzella’s name is a real crime. Height factor? That’s a useless excuse. Both Cuti and Licha can do better in the air than that slow defender who lacks confidence. I watched many Betis games this season and I can say Scaloni was even wrong bringing him to the WC in the first place, let alone playing him in a ‘do or die’ game.

  29. Watching England at stadium…This team is nothing compared to France, Brazil, Spain etc.
    Boring until now…Wales is zero…still England struggling..
    Somebody told this England to Final… really..?

  30. Edul says that the team wants to focus on winning the aerial duels too. That’s why Licha will not start. Cuti or Pezzella. But Pezzella really? Hope it is Cuti. As for the right back, Montiel is guaranteed not to start. but Molina has yet to be confirmed. Will it be Foyth instead? Foyth would add size to the team.

    There will be a lot of changes at least. It is good.

    • i observe the fact that Edul is something like holy book for some people here and i fall to floor from laughing. anyway. he is just a journalist which trying to do his job. Scaloni is just doing his.well enough from 2019 if you want my opinion.

      • Yes he is just a journalist, but whatever he reports have been 100% correct and he almost always have the quickest updates compared to other journalists. Edul is a tier 1 source.

        You can say the same to Fabrizio Romano. He is just a journalist too, but everyone always look up to him when they want the newest transfer updates because he only says something when it is “happening” not just a false rumour.

        • 100% correct? come on man. give me a brake. he just have to full plenty of time to cover for his media and spread whatever exist and not exist. if i was in his place and i don t have something to say and i have to say something for cover the time for my channel i could do exactly the same. will play the one CB or the second CB or exist possibility for the 3rd CB !!!yeah 26 players exist sure i will find the most of them. if you want to learn the starting 11 then just wait tomorrow some hours before match. Scaloni is not idiot. Edul and every Edul just gamble and guess. nobody knows days before. all the journalists learning some hours before game. so please.

      • Cox, I am curious, do you have a favorite relator to watch the seleccion games? Over here I only get what comes with my streaming service and it is never a full 100% Argentinian relator, I can’t deal with commentators yelling the other team’s goals and I want to feel the passion of a true Argentino. I want to find a way to connect the audio to a good relator. From what I’ve seen my favorite is Giralt because of his passion, not sure if you share the same opinion

        • 🙂 i asked cox the same question few days ago. Especially after the mex game. i’m so tired of hearing the bias and lack of passion. He recommended TYC sports if you access via VPN. Opera doesn’t work for Arg. Looking for others.

          An argie reddit sub gave me this link -futbolparatodos.online/es/mundial-ch2/
          i might use it but first looking for 1080p if avail.

          I’m using Fubo and pissed max option of 720p.

          • Great website, I’ll bookmark it. I like to coordinate the audio from another device to my better quality streaming on the TV, so basically I’ll have a phone playing audio loudly with the TV silenced and I’ll pause/skip forward to get it on point, this link allows me to pause unlike most “fishy” websites. I would recommend peacock, much cheaper than Fubo (5 bucks) and they show all the games. The first 12 games are free when you sign up, not sure if that refers to the first 12 games of the tournament or the first 12 upon signing up, but I would try that to get 1080p.

            Throwbacks to why I like Giralt 🙂

          • Using audio from one source and video from another is brilliant. I’m definitely going to try it but i hope it doesn’t get annoying constantly trying to sync.

            I can’t stand futbol TV rights right now. It feels 10x worse than cable and becoming much more expensive. Some networks have cup games while others have league. The whole thing is a disaster and these greedy cunts wonder and complain why people pirate. I currently have the following but i feel like killing it all –

            ESPN – La Liga, Prem Cup games
            FuboTV – Prem, Ligue 1, Champions League, World Cup
            Peacock – Prem, World Cup
            Paramount+ – Serie A
            Fanatiz – Arg Primera

          • Sounds like u are lucky my friend to have that advantage as i’m happy to hear that and i hope that the same advantage will come and work also for Arg while playing against Poland and also that Australia will draw at least against Denmark so by with all my respect towards Soccerroos that could buy some important (even KO’s are alkways KO’s and first one must get there etc..,) time for Scaloni as i think he may need that or at least welcome that with more than Open heart as i’m not saying everything is down to Scaloni as he only picks the starting 11 and decides the subs , but all that too has a big role in football specially in WC as one can never realky know who will make the difference in the end as one can obviously has his taughts about everything as for example i do, lol !
            And i quess many others too and offcourse included Scaloni as he is the coach so he must have his taughts obviously, otherwise he will not be there at all, so obviously every player selected is expected to make that very difference, but sometimes others can and others can’t etc.,why ? I think is first down to mental strengt and to players own focus on the game, but sometimes there are other factors as bad luck etc..,so it is never guaranteed offcourse as in life in general too, but the more games any team will play in any tournament, but specially in WC it will automatically grow every team’s confidence who can play more and more games and after 3 games and if qualified to KO’s most teams will know their best starting 11 from their roster at WC available as some may know alkready after 2 games etc…so until seeing the starting 11 picked by Scaloni against Poland, i quess and hope i will be wrong about that Still needing more time, obviously part to lack of LO CELSO…, but so far only after changes or subs been introduced, things have brightned up a bit for Arg as i want them to be shining more than ever, but if not i will not put all the blame to Scaloni, though Still i think he is obviously responsible for his selections, but players selected are also equally or even more responsible for the result, though i won’t blame them either as if things are ment to be so they will and in this case i truly hope this time as before that things are ment to be fir Arg all the way to the end !

  31. I think if Cuti starts and Montiel won’t that means it is Molina for sure. So that means Scaloni is back to the basic again which for me is good news. If he starts with Emi; Molina, Cuti, Otamendi, Acuna; Paredes/Enzo, De Paul, MacAllister; Di Maria, Lautaro, Messi.

    That’s as close as it gets to our original winning team. The only one who is not is MacAllister who will replace Lo Celso. Let’s see if there is anymore change tho. For me the best is Paredes is back and Enzo instead of MacAllister. That’s it.

    • Mac A did show flashes of attacking balls and quality in the 2nd half but not sure if he’ll continue to shine or if he’ll revert back to being more conservative.

  32. Montiel starts! It is confirmed by Edul. Licha will not.

    Cuti should be the one. Scaloni will be crazy if it is Pezzella-Otamendi.

    Then one of the Paredes or Enzo instead of Guido.

    I am happy at least there are changes, not remain the same.

      • Oh man you are right. I just saw the picture of Montiel in his twitter, I thought he will start. I didn’t read it. Yes Montiel won’t start. Thanks for the correction.

    • Pezzella-Otamendi feels like we are reverting back to when he basically had no center backs and thought that Balerdi was promising. I mean we are defending against Lewandowski and Milik, I really hope we are careful

      • Remember Licha debut for MU? I think against Brighton if I am not mistaken. Their coach said after the victory that they targeted Licha for his height. And he was right, Licha had a poor debut due to his inability to win an aerial duel which resulted in Brighton goal. Maybe Poland coach remembers that and he is trying to do the same because he assumes that Licha would start. That’s why he likely will put Lewa and Milik.

        Maybe that’s also why Licha will not play tomorrow. If this is the reason, then I would say Scaloni is wise.

        • That was his 1st match with manu in complete different league. He was rock since then and he tackled many tall strikers after that. Plus Brighton may targeted him bt brighton didn’t score a single header goal or set piece goal in that match. Plus none of the goal was his fault

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