Alexis Mac Allister scores twice for Brighton in 5-1 win vs. Middlesbrough


Alexis Mac Allister scored twice for Brighton in their 5-1 win vs. Middlesbrough.

Mac Allister scored his first goal since scoring against Poland for Argentina at the World Cup. He was brought on as a substitute in their FA Cup match and a back heel flick by Mac Allister found the back of the goal and he gave Brighton the 3-1 lead.

Brighton were also awarded a free kick which Mac Allister took but he hit the post. But he would get another goal.

The Argentine scored a goal similar to the one he scored vs. Poland with Argentina at the World Cup. A pass into the penalty area and he would side foot it and score his second goal of the match.

@mundoalbiceleste Alexis Mac Allister scores for Brighton. #AlexisMacAllister #MacAllister #Brighton #fyp #foryou #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ original sound – Mundo Albiceleste

@mundoalbiceleste Alexis Mac Allister scores for Brighton. #AlexisMacAllister #MacAllister #Brighton #fyp #foryou #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ original sound – Mundo Albiceleste


  1. If anyone remembers, I defended Mac Allister during the first phase of wc.

    He had club performance and numbers with him. He was second best in ball winning in EPL with 124 ball win, only behind Declan Rice. He also scored 5 league goals.

    So he had to transfer his recent club form to nt. This is why I was optimistic. He had some specific qualities despite not being flashy and he is matured player.

    Some players take some time, some do it instantly. It’s normal. Mac Allister began slowly, peaked at wc final.

    This is why trust, patience and process is important.

    He is not like J Correa. Macca was good in club. Correa is neither good in club, nor nt. He adds nothing.

  2. Alexis Mac Allister… without seeing him or hearing his can’t finish the highlights of 2022 WC…! His name is written on the history book..until world ends..!
    Main 3 moments;
    1. When Messi failed to convert penalty against Poland.. when everyone thought the bad luck is coming to our way..Mac Allister scored important goal for the country..his first goal…what a time to score. No one will ever forget that goal.
    2. When Australia tried to do a Saudi, when almost all the defenders were inside the box, Messi scored a brilliant goal, that important pass came from Mac Allister. Yes, Otamendi had a touch, and assist was on his name…but still…
    Messi-Mac Allister -Messsiii,….GOOAALLL…!
    3. Who will forget the assist he made in final..for that superb Di Maria’s goal..!
    Mac Allister -Messi-Alvarez-Mac Allister-Di Maria..GOOOAAAL…!

    BBC had a poll and Alexis Mac Allister was chosen “Man of the match in the final..!”
    Some sites, even put him in the best X1 of the World cup 2022..!

    Mac Allister…no Argentine supporters will ever forget that name…!

    Salute. Love. Thank you Alexis…Mac Allister…!

    • That kind of world class performance in the world cup where he didn’t put a foot wrong and dominated the midfield , if MacAllister was French or English or Spanish Clubs would be bidding 100 million plus for him right now.

  3. I was also critical of Mac Allister before the WC, he simply did not give me reasons to rate him high. In my mind I kept going back to the Ecuador qualifying game away in Quito where Mac Allister played and he did not play well and we really seemed to miss Lo Celso in that game. After that he had average performances for us as well. But boy of boy, did he not shut us all up in the World Cup? Mac Allister was everywhere and he blossomed into a world class modern midfielder who knows how to do it all, pass, defend, score, you name it.

    His father Carlos Mac Allister was a left-back and payed for the NT with Maradona, Redondo and Simeone in the early 1990s. Contrary to what it may seem due to the last name, they are not of Scottish but or Irish descent, some Irish last names also start with Mc or Mac. Some Welsh and Irish immigrants settled in the centre and especially the south of Argentina.

      • MacAllister’s finishing was poor against Ecuador but his positioning and off the ball movement was superb which was what Scaloni was looking for!! We generally tend to judge and respect a person by how much money one has and in terms of players, we looked down on him because he plays for Brighton!!

        Montiel received s lot of unnecessary hate but other than his unfortunately handball he was superb throughout the tournament too. He could have gotten an assist had Lautaro not missed that open header in the dying moments of the match after Emi’s great save and he was the one who initiated a looping ball to the build up to Messi’s 2nd goal!!

        • Yes that looping ball was superb! I always thought that Montiel was better than some of his haters (and incidentally Foyth lovers, that combo is frequent) believed him to be. In important games he plays very well and now we know that he’s a great penalty taker. I mean his penalty was a no-look!

  4. As much as I love Lo Celso, God intervened with his injury otherwise we may have never seen a trio of De Paul, MacAlister and Enzo at the WC and would not have won.
    Same thing happened with Armani catching covid right before Copa allowing Emi to start.
    Hate it or love it, this is God’s plan and we are now world champions

    • And I think WC in November -December also helped us. That helped Enzo and Alexis to earn their place in the WC after performing well at the starting of the season. Especially Enzo..!

    • Both luck and god’s grace is for those who have that courage to take risk. And scaloni has that. He learns from his mistakes. Polite and humble in any interviews or pre match conference. And some even tried to criticise due to his lack of intensity like LVG. May be that is scaloni strength. Even after winning the most difficult competition we rate him as an “improving coach” and not over expecting from him. Why need of such over expectation? Great coaches like pep has not won UCL with city or Bayern and we rate him as one of the greatest coaches. Coaches like tite and LVG goes for almost same tactics and formation in the wc and look what scaloni did in each matches. And my credit goes here fully for scaloni.

  5. It seems like European World Cup stars still have an edge over the Argentina stars.

    European WC stars:
    Gakpo-Liverpool done deal
    Thuram-wanted by Chelsea
    Gvardiol wanted by all the top clubs
    Weghorst wanted by MU

    No news about Emi, MacAllister, Enzo (after the Chelsea scandal).

    Well it is only January 8th, 3 weeks to go until the deadline but the European ones already getting offered.

    • Truth is Argentines are never overhyped by the European media unlike the case for Brazilians, English, Spanish and the French players.
      I was shocked to hear an Argentine (Enzo) was going to break the PL transfer record and then it all fell apart

    • Mac Allister will get his move in the summer. He fits basically any big team.

      Enzo is too expensive at the moment.

      Emi ruined his chances of a winter transfer with his crazy antics after the win. So many people complained about it that clubs will stay away for a while.

  6. Steady progress, this is important. If you look at Thiery Henry and D. Tregeguez in France’98, you never believe that they will be world-class strikers in a few years, top scorers in Europe. WC boosted morality of lots of young players. Zidane only joined France at Euro 96 when he’s young anymore, see how he progressed with steady progress. Not many players are having prodigy in them like Messi, Maradona, Pele and R9.

    Also in France 98, all of Veron, Almeida, Lopez looked no where near top-class players, but look at them in the years of 2000s … The success of other young players in our WC will motivate these players themselves and lots of other youngsters in Argentina.

  7. Let me remind people, MacAllister was super sh…t during the Olympics somehow batista guy who was from Argentinos jounrs same club as MacAllister played before. were baised towards macallister, thaigo almada had good como on Yet he was keep playing macallister who was sh..t at time he was the sole reason Argentina failed to came out of the group stage, come forward since I’m elp man I watched a lot of Brighton matchs macallister started play alright even though I didn’t like him because of the Olympics he continues to improve bit by bit and came my own conclusion saying the guy us alright nothing spectacular then he had great world Cup even it’s fair to say He had better world cup than Rodrigo de Paul which it self is unthinkable in my side, now he must perform better the expectation of pple from him has raised..
    My point is this people who critisise macallister or said they hate him were not wrong based what he was before world Cup even though I don’t like the hate word rather dislike were better, let me tell you now macallister is not a word class no way near world class get that in to your head , maybe he upgraded from decent to good that is my own judgement nevertheless I’m happy he has improved and well done to him

    • He had a bad Olympics thats not mean he will play always bad. Bataista prefer him because he was main man of his team,number 10..Already played epl regularly meanwhile alamada was velez’s nothing guy, still nothing but mls! He was sole reason? Lol totally biased opinion. He was surrounding with wasted players.Even lio messi will failed with that team.moreover football is not a one man
      Before World cup last season he regularly perform great with his club and brings that qatar..
      You are a person who always hate lo celso, macalster. Maybe you have a problem with
      creative midfielders..but love affairs with bundia!
      So Bundia is world class, we get it our head!lol
      Macalster, Alexis Macalester yes Alexis Macalester is Currently world class midfielder, no dout no discussion. Fullstop.

      • Jewel: I don’t want Be disrespectful
        bro before you have go at me which is ok by me, I was complimenting to macallister only if you read my comment well. I don’t know your definition of world class or any other gentlemen in here but my definition of world class is as following
        – player has to be consistent in good period of time, play for big club challenging big titles, uefa champions league Top 5 leagues , Epl, la liga, Seria A bundesliga & Ligue 1
        Those players are kevin de bruyne, toni kroos, modric, Di maria, van Dijk so on obvious messi, Neymar and Mbappe are well above world class those are different level those above
        – you accused me , I was lo celso hater Pls go and check how much I defend and praised lo celso in here from 2019 to 2021 till I came my own realisation that he isn’t what I thought he was and there is evidence for that, I said severally he is decent at times can be very good still stand by that.

        — you stated that I said emi Buendia is world class first emi Buendia is Argentine and follow him as I follow other Argentine players Especially him playing best league in the world
        Now I challenged you if you bring where I said Buendía is world class I promise I will stop commenting in here ever again cus I don’t deserve to write in here since I don’t know what I talking about, having said that I still believe emi Buendia is talent guy good footballer too , I don’t know either if he will flourish under unai Emery.

        • Macalester improving match by match.From last 1 year he played really great football. He is now world champions. And one of five best performer Argentine side at qatar.He consistent performance said he is just world class. according to you he needs big Club, okay wait hope next summer he will going big club.btw
          You give the names player all are legend, so don’t compare with them. I think you called world class who are already legend.but in my book Enzo,Mac,Romero, bellingham,Robin dias,bernado Silva and so so are world class.i don’t think
          You are complimenting mac.its like Ice-cream without milk!lol
          You may like gio before but las one year i saw you like bundia over gio or Mac Sometimes you come with bundia statistics over gio. Its nothing wrong but i just want to say you like bundia over gio, mac. But in my eyes gio,mac are better anyday over bundia.that’s why i said that bundia is world class. read again i never mentioned you told that, i just told so bundia is world class!( compare to Mac).sorry brother if i hurt you…

    • Well put Godin11. That is an extremely fair observation. Before the WC my problem with him was he played a lot of minutes but never played good for Argentina. Similar case to J Correa who earned a lot of minuted but always played below average.

      But now he is seen as a key player for Scaloni. I have no problem with that whatsoever because he helps the team to win. Scaloni seems to bring the best out of him which is good especially offensively. Where the 2 coaches of Brighton seem to make him a defensive minded player, Scaloni makes him an offensive minded player since his defensive instinct is always there. Now he is a good box to box player. Again I see him similar to the prime Dele Alli (NOT Delle Ali today). Alli was also a great box to box player 4-5 years ago.

      As for the World Class tag, well a lot of our players should be world class now especially they just won the tournament. I think Emi, Otamendi, Cuti, Licha, De Paul, Enzo, Di Maria, Messi, Lautaro, Dybala, and Julian are already there (World Class). Molina, MacAllister, Acuna/Tagli, Paredes are not too far from there.

      As for the midfield especially with the huge amount of talents we have, nothing is locked. Enzo seems to be the only one who is safe as you can tell that he is the number one midfielder of Scaloni now. He was never taken out as a starter despite carrying a yellow in the final. He was chosen as the last PK taker of the Netherlands match although he was never considered a good PK taker. That shows the importance of him in Scaloni’s eyes.

    • I didnt like him before WC22 and vs Mexico when people here hate him so much, same as you, but perfectly performed to me for the remaining matches, also last night he was superb….so I believe, he is close to World class player soon…

  8. Argentina central defenders in this particular order
    1 cuti
    2 licha
    3 medina
    4 Perez
    5 foyth
    I know otamendi will be around as long messi and di maria are here , Scaloni must plan and think for the long term.

    • Otamendi has not declined yet but his errors almost cost us the World Cup. Let’s see if he can emulate Thiago Silva being 4 years older than him still look World Class but it is time for Cuti-Licha partnership starting his June at the latest. We need them to play as much as possible before the Copa.

      I would say Medina is prepared for the LB due to our lack or LB talents. Perez is prepared for the CB.

    • I actually have Licha ahead of Cuti. Romero, as good as he is, is showing signs of being injury prone and tends to lose his head on occasion (although he rarely ever makes a vital mistake). Licha just seems to have it all, reading of the game, man marking, ball skills, versatility and a relatively cool head (for an Argentine atleast). Heck even his aerial game is strong despite his lack of height.
      Speaking of Foyth, I watched Villareal’s match and I have to say that Foyth, for the most part, did well. He did concede the Real penalty but right before that he made a vital block that denied Real the goal. After that he took the initiative, stole the ball from Real and earned his team a penalty. But the thing that really impressed me was how to outmatched Vini Jr in the first half, Juan seems to have a knack for 1 vs 1 duels.
      With all that being said the kid is not without problems, he is injury prone and at times seems to ‘nap’ and still has to solidify his game reading ability, but that may have alot to do with the fact that he’s playing fullback and not CB, and I still maintain that he’s NOT a fullback, no matter what way you look at it, even if he is servicable in the role.

      • @mamoun yep, me too rate him over cuti, actly cuti was bad against saudi thats why he got replaced by licha against mexico and licha perform wonderfully yet he gotnreplaced by cuti again

  9. How many of us will be here if Argentina didn’t win world cup I mean this forum, I won’t be but since we are world champion can’t stay away from here that is the winning thing you know.

    • It’s funny I’m the exact opposite, ever since 2019 copa I tended to stay away from this forum during tournaments because the influx of trolls during competition time tends to be enourmous to the point where the board becomes unrecognizable and just plain toxic.
      After so many trophy-less years I kinda came to accept that long, dry spells are part of the game (just ask poor Holland) and that whether Argentina wins or not I’m in for the long haul and as long as the team plays attractive, competitive football e.g. Pekerman era, Sabella era, 2016 copa Cent etc……I’m happy. But man, it feels so good to see Argentina win the world cup, I actually convinced myself that it’s not the be all end all of things but the mundial really IS the be all, end all of anything and everything football! I just pray to god that Argentina doesn’t suffer the same slide that Italy, Spain (and now Germany) have after winning the big prize.

    • Winning the World Cup makes me want to watch all the available games that involve Argentina players honestly. It is like such an energy booster.

      Well as long as this place is not toxic, I am fine this. All the forum of Villa, Hotspur, MU that I have been following they are very good. They praise when they have to praise. They criticize when they have to criticize. Although most of them are english men who have tendency to overrate their own players but surprisingly they don’t do that.

      For example Villa was so proud to have Emi as the WC winning goalie and it is the first time ever in Aston Villa history that they have a WC winning player on their side. But they did criticize Emi if he played bad or made mistake. I like that, that’s a sign of an healthy place.

      2–4 years ago this place was so toxic thanks to that Outlaw dude making it that way where all the youngsters were dubbed Mbappe good (world class/legendary in the making), all the oldies were dubbed good for nothing. I lost interest being here for many years because of that.

      • Yes I am very tired of that guy too. It’s like propagada at its finest. Writing very long posts and seemingly knowledgeable but extremely biased.

      • Great put as always Mamoun.
        “Winning the World Cup makes me want to watch all the available games that involve Argentina players honestly. It is like such an energy booster.”

        I swear feel exactly same bro you couldn’t say any better

    • We lost in 2010 I came back here, We lost in 2014 I still came back here, We played bad in 2018 and next day I was here. Same with Copas.
      We are Argentina fans. Win or lose.

    • hi buddy, I have been for a long time. we never leave since the heart still supports Argentina whether they win or lose. disappointment, despair keeps us abit silent. now we are world Champs and we should officially comment more. lol

    • Me too. A fan since 1990, and been here since 2010. My heart was shattered to pieces after continuous heart breaks till it was mended all over again on 11th July, 2021, and after 18th Dec,2022, I feel like the 7 year old kid again who just knew “Cani”, “Diego” and “Goyco”. I wanted to watch football with a breath of fresh air…without a heavy heart just like a kid does and La Scaloneta has granted my wish finally.

    • Doesn’t he look fat to you? I saw his games during Copa he looked faster thinner and could run all day. Now he looks fat and slow to me like he gained 15-18 pounds

      • He looked not fit for sure. He reacted very slow in that through pass in the extra time which was enough for Dayet to block his shot. However his first touch to Enzo in Messi’s third goal was perfection. That was the beginning of our third goal.

  10. The Kid is quality plain and simple, a very pleasant surprise to say the least and when things looked dim before the WC with all the injuries, he came in all ACES.

  11. I was a MacAllister hater I admit it. I was totally wrong about him and he made me look like a complete fool. I have learned that he does whatever the team needs, and is a complete world class player. I can’t believe how many incredible midfielders we have now. Just unimaginable.
    We need some forwards though because Lautaro was hard to watch this World Cup, and maybe I am wrong but is it just me or does he look fat and slow and out of shape all of a sudden?

    • Same here he has proved me wrong. Actually you can not blame us fans we react to what we see and poor player selection has happened so many times before. Scaloni has been an exceptionally brilliant coach BTW. How could he see Mac would perform like this when he was just a newbie to the NT and was not performing very well and we were against him? How could he see OTA perform as good as being regarded as one of the best defenders in the WC while we doubted him a few years ago? Boggles my mind. Brilliant brilliant coach Scaloni.

  12. I would not have said this before the WC.. but MacAllister is someone who is worth following a team for…and Brighton is one of my new favorites.. besides they play well and can get into the top 6.. if Buonanotte ends up joining and getting regular minutes then I’ll enjoy them even more…
    They definitely have a strong scouting philosophy

    AMA..What a classy player! Was Soooo wrong about him…. respect

  13. He is elite. Miles ahead in technique. Brilliant in creation and defence. He can calmly drink hater tears for a while. Till recently someone compared him to meza and someone to Biglia! Fans will be stupid and champions will be champions !

  14. Glad to see him doing so well, I criticized him before the world cup and I was right to do so because in the 4 or so games he started for the albicelestes he was AWFULL! But I also said that once he learns how to balance his defensive and attacking duties he’ll become an essential player for Argentina. The thing is I thought it would take him a few years before he lives up to the promise that he showed in Argentinos (yeah I’ve been watching him for THAT long) but he proved me WRONG and SHUT.ME.UP! He peaked at EXACTLY the right time, well done Alexis, keep it up!

  15. Great games for every argentina player from soule to garnacho or dimaria to otamendi …
    Except Foyth …. Horrible game … player ranking 5.5/10 with no cards means even a worse performance.

  16. And again foyth did his job well. Pocketed vinicius through out the match. Great. It’s shows the depth of our players that a player who couldn’t start in the playing 11 in the wc made life difficult for a player like vinicius. And its nice to see di Maria playing centrally. Giving free role like Messi. But I don’t think he can dribble well in tight spaces. He is a pure winger.

    • So underrated. Proved many on here wrong! If Enzo is worth 100m, Mac Allister is worth at least 70m.
      That 2nd goal was similar to his goal against Poland.

  17. Potter helped him to improve his defensive skills. Scaloni used him better. Today, Brighton given him more advanced position and he scored twice. Clinical finishing.

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