Ángel Di María scores a free kick and assists for Benfica in 2-0 win vs. FC Arouca


Ángel Di María scored a free kick and had an assist for Benfica in their 2-0 win vs. FC Arouca.

Di María continues his great form for Benfica, this time with a goal and an assist. With the score at 0-0, Benfica were awarded a free kick and it was the Argentine who took it and scored to give them the 1-0 lead.

The second half saw Benfica score a second goal which was assisted by Di María. A cross deep from the right side of the pitch towards the penalty area found Arthur Cabral who scored.

The 35 year old was one of six Argentine players recently selected to be on a mural for Benfica.


  1. Soule is so fucking good vs Torino, most closest thing to Messi itw, so creative with the same through balls. 5 chances created as a sub in 33 minutes so far.

  2. Messi should push for a January loan move to Barcelona a good run in Champions League and winning Copa America might give him 9th Ballon dor and to make him haters cry more.

  3. Had Dimaria played in the final of 2014, he could have made the top-3 of the BallonDor contenders. And if we had won it, because of him then He would beat Ronaldo to claim the second spot after Messi! Injuries ruined his career otherwise he could have easily won atleast one Ballon-Dor! Like Benzema won it after Ronaldo left. With Ronaldo Benzema could have never scored so many goals and same thing happened to Dimaria. Ronaldo and Bale took all the lime light away from him even though he was the engine of the Real Madrid team.

  4. Even at this point, Di Maria is better than 95% of talented youngster out there. The fact that he’s never in Ballon conversation proof that a marketablity of a player will always plays role on the votes.

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