Four Argentina players rank in the top 20 for the Ballon d’Or


Four Argentine players were ranked in the top 20 for the Ballon d’Or.

Lionel Messi was the star of the ceremony on Monday as he won his eighth Ballon d’Or award. Emiliano Martinez won the Yashin award for the best goalkeeper and they were joined by more Argentine players.

Lautaro Martínez finished in 20th place in the rankings for last season where he made the final of the UEFA Champions League with Inter. Emiliano Martinez finished in 15th place in the rankings.

Julián Álvarez made the top 10 as he finished in seventh place for his treble winning season with Manchester City.

Congratulations to all four Argentine players!


  1. We have so many rivalries now…

    Brazil, England, Germany, Netherlands – no need to comment on these..

    Now we can add France to the list due to the last two WCs and Messi’s PSG experience…

    Probably we can also include Portugal due to Messi vs. CR7 rivalry.

  2. Alexis , Cuti , Enzo should have been in top 20 aswell.

    Would be funny if somehow Inter wins CL next season & Lautaro wins the Ballon. I mean they’re very close last season. Argentina haters , particularly France supporters would have an epileptic seizure all at once.

  3. Peace to Didier drogba who told the French fans to “be quiet and show some respect” as Martinez accepted his award.
    Who would have thought we would have the best goal keeper award. My uncle used to always say, if Argentina is going to win a cup with Messi then they need the best defense and a good keeper. We had the best keeper and defense and won.

    • French and Ronaldo fans can keep crying! We were better than them and not only we won the final we outplayed them for 75mins. If it wasn’t for the monetary lapse of concentration from Otamendi’s tired body , we would have convincingly won the game.

      Also, Julian Alvarez can keep up his form and out perform Haaland not in number of goals but important goals in big matches and win the EPL and Champions league then he can win the BallonDor under the nose of Mbappe and Belingham. Mbappe yesterday must be thinking all his and Hakimi’s efforts to make Messi look like a clown at PSG couldn’t stop him from winning the 8th BallonDor!

      • Well, Brazil of 70s conceided 7 goals in just 6 matches. They only had one clean sheet the whole tournament. Yet they’re always reffered as perfect team.

    • It’s crazy to think that till 1995, the Ballon D’or didn’t cut across the Latin American continents. Imagine the tears that would have flown in the 60s, 70s or 80s. Pretty sure, Diego and Pele would have swept the golden ball in their respective decades.

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