Emiliano Martínez negotiating with Aston Villa to go to Olympics with Argentina


Emiliano Martínez is negotiating with Aston Villa to go to the Olympics Argentina.

Martínez has already spoken about possibly going to the Olympics and that could be happening. According to Fernando Czyz, Martinez is speaking with Aston Villa for them to allow him to be with the Argentina team at the Olympics in France.

The 31 year old would occupy one of three over age spots in the team and could be the first overage player confirmed.


  1. We should send the 3 Martinez as there are the holes in the u23 team.

    Goalkeeper, center back and finisher

    Dibu Martinez
    Lisandro Martinez
    Lautaro Martinez

    • Big No! Why does Lisandro Martinez deserves that spot whereas likes of Senesi, Facundo Medina, Leandro Balerdi are having a better season. As for the forwards I would prefer Messi or Dimaria.

  2. Both CBs & GK should be the 3 overage players.
    Balerdi, Senesi, LMQ , Medina , N Perez – at best only 1 of these 5 will make it to Copa squad.
    Fantastic if Dibu makes it. But else we have Sergio Romero , Gazzaniga, Ledesma ( 2020 Tokyo participant) who could all raise our defense.

  3. I think Dibu also loves Paris Nd Mbappe J/K lol
    If Licha cannot get fit by Copa he should go to Olympics too. Our U23 Defence would be bolstered by Dibu and Licha

    • There are better defenders our there this season. His selection won’t make any sense at all. LMQ, Senesi, Balerdi, Medina, N Perez are much better options.

      • They are good and having a good season. Licha did not play much this season for injury but I believe Licha is the most talented of them all. But I ll be happy with any of them making it though.

        • That will be a selfish move and demoralizing to more deserving players. I hope mascherano will be bold and fair in his selection. I said only Messi and Dimaria deserves to be in Olympics. I had included Dibu but I changed my mind. In GK options there is Gazzaniga, and Ledesma. Enzo Fernandez is having bad season at Chelsea. He should first of all show commitment to improve at club level. I have always insisted bad club form, most of the time spill over and affect performance at international level.

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